Dress code and packing information


Representational Gifts
Chinese always give gifts to their visitors. Therefore, we recommend that you bring the following
college representational gifts, pre-wrapped (gift wrapped nicely or displayed in a nice gift bag), to
give your host in Beijing and during your campus visits. These items should be easy to pack and
For those of you participating in the post-Beijing Trip, it is recommended to bring the following:
 Total of 5 presidential level gifts (one for each of the institutions to be visited on post-Beijing
 Total of 3-5 mid -range gifts (suitable for other administrators/vice presidents- paper weight, cds,  Total of 3-5 smaller thank you mementos (pens, key chains, etc.)

Helpful Tips on Gift-giving:

1. Gifts not to bring are clocks, anything green, t-shirts. 2. If possible, make sure that the gifts do not say "made in China." 3. Gifts should not be opened during the gift exchange portion of the ceremony. 1. The gift should be indigenous to the area of your college, pictures, or items with your college 2. The Chinese appreciate art, music, and revere children. 3. ALWAYS bring extra gifts and never ship them.  Check with your airlines to find out specific requirements about baggage limits.  Airlines within China have lower baggage limits and you may need to pay extra.  Pack lightweight and practical. Be able to “carry” your bags at times for short distances.  Hotels provide shampoo, hair dryer, a variety of bathroom amenities, irons and ironing boards.  They have shops where you can buy toiletries.  Hotels have a one-day laundry service and sometimes overnight service.
Business Attire for meetings, official events. Men—tie and jacket. Women—dress, skirt and
Casual Clothes for sightseeing and travel.
 Bring a hat, comfortable walking shoes and sunglasses for sightseeing; sweater/light jacket, umbrella. Check the weather forecast before you leave.

Critical Items to Bring
Make copies of passport main page and Chinese visa; also make a copy of your driver’s license,
credit and insurance cards. Leave a copy at home and bring a copy with you.
 Passport
 Driver’s license or another type of photo ID
 Insurance cards
 Cash and/or Travelers Checks
 Credit cards
 Business cards
 Prescription Medications clearly marked in their pharmacy containers
 Stomach medications—Pepto-Bismol, Imodium

Other Items You May Want to Bring
 Maps and Guidebooks
 $1 bills for tipping. Acceptable and much easier than using foreign currency.
 Money belt
 Camera
 Travel alarm clock
 Flashlight
 Calculator
 Converter for electrical outlets
 A “cheat sheet” to figure out currency exchang
 Extra batteries
 Stain remover
 Umbrella
 Sweaters/light jackets
 Fold up tote to bring home gifts

Source: http://www.aacc.nche.edu/Resources/aaccprograms/international/Documents/essentialitems_china2011.pdf


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