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Interoute Management Biographies Photos of the Interoute Management Team are also available for download from the website http://www.interoute.com/about-us/leadership. For additional information, please contact us: Interoute Communications Limited Walbrook Building 195 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG T +44 020 725 9000 E info@interoute.com W www.interoute.com Registered address as above


••••••••Original ArticlesDRD4 and CNR1 not strongly related to alcohol cue-reactivityEsther van den Wildenberg et al. GENETIC STUDY Polymorphisms of the dopamine D4 receptor gene ( DRD4 VNTR) and cannabinoid CB1 receptor gene ( CNR1 ) are not strongly related to cue-reactivity after alcoho

Nl5-art and antidepresssants

Interactions between the ART and antidepressants Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA) possess a small therapeutic range, thus, drug concentration can quickly reach toxic levels. Among others, cardiac arrhythmia, anticholinergic effects, sedation and confusion may occur if the drug concentration is reaching toxic levels. As the HI- virus affects the basal ganglia and cause anticholinergic effec


Innovating Innovation Systems– Workshop, Vienna, 14 May 2012 The aim of the Closing Workshop for EECA NCPs on 14 May 2012 is to offer the place for discussion on innovation and internationalization of Research, Technology and Innovation. Horizon 2020 puts a strong emphasis on innovation and internationalization, especially in the priority of societal challenges. The promise of Horizon 2

Dr dell

Anaesthesia The majority of spinal operations are performed under general anaesthesia, although nerve root blocks and facet joint injections usually take place under sedation, with only a light anaesthetic being administered. In the latter case, it is rare for the patient to lose consciousness. Fitness for anaesthesia is broadly assessed at the initial consultation with Mr. Harding, when a

Ontwerp-tekst folder 2004 eu-burgers – nederlands

VERSIONE: 28 novembre (pagina 1) DEPLIANT 2009 CITTADINI EUROPEI - ITALIANO SERVIZIO PUBBLICO FEDERALE INTERNO CITTADINI EUROPEI IL 7 GIUGNO 2009 PER IL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO (+ LOGO INTERNO) (pagina 2) 7 GIUGNO 2009 ELEZIONI EUROPEE Domenica 7 giugno 2009, nei 27 Stati membri dell’Unione europea, saranno eletti i 736 membri del Parlamento. Coloro che ri


Biologische Wirkungen schwacher HF-Felder und Empfehlungen zur Begrenzung der Expositionen durch FunksendeanlagenDas ECOLOG-Institut hat drei Jahre nach seinem letzten Bericht (Hennies et al. 2000) erneut eine umfassende Auswertung der wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse zu möglichen gesundheitlichen Auswir-kungen und biologischen Effekten hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder vorgenommen (Neitz


Overview Courses at Tertiary non-university level are provided by Public Schools of Tertiary Education and Private Institutions of Tertiary Education. Law 67 (I) of 1996 and its amendments regulate the establishment and operation of these institutions. Public Tertiary Education The public Schools of Tertiary Education operate under various ministries: 1. Forestry College of Cyprus

Allegato x

PROCEDURA APERTA PER LA FORNITURA DI MEDICINALI PER LE AZIENDE SANITARIE DELL’AREA VASTA EMILIA NORD Aggiornato al 19/01/2009 ¾ Chiarimenti al 19/01/2009 Per i prodotti in asta elettronica, dove è prevista, successivamente al 30/01 una registrazione, un invito, etc così come descritto a pag 25 par. "Asta Elettronica", dobbiamo comunque inviare ora un'offerta econom


Usai T, Tshalibe R. S, Nyamunda B. C / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622 www.ijera.com Vol. 3, Issue 4, Jul-Aug 2013, pp.1768-1771 Prevalence of Lactic Acidosis Syndrome in People Taking Antiretroviral Drugs at a Local Health Centre Usai T1, Tshalibe R. S.1, Nyamunda B. C.2 1(Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Midl


SAFETY DATA SHEET Based on Directive 2001/58/EC of the Commission of the European Communities PROGESTERONE Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking 1.1 Identification of the substance or preparation: Synonyms: : 57-83-0 Reference number : EC index No. NFPA code : 0-1-0(*) Molecular weight Formula : 1.2 Use of th


Multidrug efflux pump overexpression inStaphylococcus aureus after single and multiplein vitro exposures to biocides and dyesAure´lie A. Huet,1,3 Jose L. Raygada,2 Kabir Mendiratta,1 Susan M. Seo2and Glenn W. Kaatz1,21John D. Dingell Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Detroit, MI 48201, USA2Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Wayne State University School of3E


668 Okada H1, Sato R1, Kobori Y1, Ashizawa Y1, Yagi H1, Soh S1, Arai G1 1. Department of Urology, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital LOW DOSE OF TADALAFIL CAN FURTHER IMPROVE SYMPTOMS OF LUTS/BPH PATIENTS ALREADY TREATED WITH TAMSULOSIN. Hypothesis / aims of study Although 1 adrenoceptor blockers (-blocker) are the first line treatment in LUTS/BPH patients, they canno

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MANILA OFFICE CEBU OFFICE Don Jose Avila corner Don Gil Garcia St. http://www.iprotect.ph Capitol Site, Cebu City 6000 Philippines PROTECTING MARKS OF OWNERSHIP & BEYOND Good morning to all. It is indeed my pleasure to be here today, and I hope my brief sharing with you will give you some useful insights on brand protection and more. I understand fully well that what is betw


point at extreme right of mantissa. if (*ibeta == 2 && !i) --(*maxexp);if (i > 20) --(*maxexp);if (a != y) *maxexp -= 2;*xmax=one-(*epsneg);if ((*xmax)*one != *xmax) *xmax=one-beta*(*epsneg);*xmax /= (*xmin*beta*beta*beta);i=(*maxexp)+(*minexp)+3;http://www.nr.com or call 1-800-872-7423 (North America only),readable files (including this one) to any serverPermission is granted for in

Curriculum vitae - lauro buoro

CURRICULUM VITAE - LAURO BUORO Lauro Buoro è il fondatore e il Presidente di Nice S.p.A. ed è altresì il Presidente di tutte le filiali commerciali di Nice S.p.A. ed è stato anche Amministratore Delegato di Nice S.p.A fino al 9 marzo 2009. A partire dal 23 giugno 2008 Buoro è membro del Consiglio di Amministrazione di Banca Antonveneta. 46 anni, è nato a Winterthur (Svizzera) e vive

Instructions to prepare a paper for the european congress on computational methods in applied sciences and engineering

European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering P. Neittaanmäki, T. Rossi, K. Majava, and O. Pironneau (eds.) COMPARATIVE IDENTIFICATION OF LINEAR MODEL OF MULTIFACTOR CHOICE Eduard G. Petrov , Atageldy O. Ovezgeldyev and Konstantin E. Petrov National University of Radio Electronics, Lenin Avenue, 14, 61166, Kharkov, Ukraine National University of the

Gabapentin for refractory chronic cough

Correspondence Gabapentin for AW and JAS are named inventors on a patent describing a novel method for cough detection, clinics in Yaita (Tochigi Prefecture) and refractory chronic cough owned by University Hospital of South Manchester and licensed to a medical device company. RA Techniques for the assessment of declares no confl icts of interest. Rayid Abdulqawi, Ashley Woodcock


Clinical effect of sulbactam/ampicillin on community-acquired pneumonia with positive Streptococcus pneumoniae urinary antigen test Niro OKIMOTO, Koichi UCHIDA, Tadashi KATOH, Hisataka TANAKAToshikiyo HAYASHI, Takeyuki KURIHARA, Naoyuki MIYASHITA Department of General Internal Medicine 1, Kawasaki Hospital, Kawasaki Medical School, 2-1-80, Nakasange, Kitaku, Okayama, 700-8505, Japan

Isopstar 15.p65

The 7th ISoP Annual Meeting took place inIt was almost impossible for the judges to decideBournemouth, England from 21-24 October 2007. which posters were best among almost 180 posters, asIt was attended by over 250 delegates from all overall were interesting and valuable! The winners whoreceived a one-year electronic subscription to thepresentations and discussions. Prof Saad Shakir

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Revista Relaciones Internacionales – Nº 41 (Segmento Digital) Instituto de Relaciones Internacionales ( IRI ) – Segundo semestre de 2011 - Introducción - Comisión de Relaciones y Culto de la Cámara de Diputados (mayo – noviembre 2011) Fuente: Secretaria de Información Parlamentaria del Congreso de la Nación Publicado en: Trámite Parlamentario nº 39 Sección: Parlam

The movements of gentoo penguins pygoscelis papua from ardley island, antarctica

ORIGINAL PAPER R.P. Wilson · B. Alvarrez · L.Latorre · D. Adelung B. Culik · R. Bannasch The movements of gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua from Ardley Island, Antarctica Received: 1 October 1997 /Accepted: 3 February 1998 Abstract The movements of gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) in Antarctica were studied by equipping a total of 37 birds captured at Ardley Island, Sou


Reimbursement Form Provide mobile phone number to receive confirmation of fax and email claims Please see reverse side for instructions and documentation requirements. A signed and dated reimbursement form must accompany every claim. Health FSA/Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) • Date of incurred expense (date service is provided, not paid) • Amount insurance paid, if applica




AIF Questionnaire Acute Intestinal Failure Special Interest Group Date Name Title Address Dear Sir / Madam Re: European survey of high output enterocutaneous fistula management The European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) has a special interest group which wishes to optimise both the provision and management of acute intestinal failure in Europe. The first

Microsoft word - 8. application of pharmacogenetics in dose

Dorota Tomalik-Scharte Application Of Pharmacogenetics In Dose Individualization In Diabetes, Psychiatry, Cancer And Cardiology 8. Application Of Pharmacogenetics In Dose Individualization In Diabetes, Psychiatry, Cancer And Cardiology Department of Pharmacology, University of Cologne , Clinical Pharmacology Unit, Küln, Germany 8.1 Introduction Following administration of any med

The vitamin d newsletter

The Vitamin D Newsletter May, 2006 This is a periodic newsl, a non-profit trying to end the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. If you don't want to get the newsletter, please, please, please, hit reply and let me know. This newsletter is not copyrighted. Please reproduce it and post it on Internet sites. Not yet signed up for t and follow the directions. This month we will start with a ques


Issue 2005/13 Title Clinical Eff ectiveness and Cost-eff ectiveness of Clopidogrel and Modifi ed- release Dipyridamole in the Secondary Prevention of Occlusive Vascular Events: A Systematic Review and Economic Evaluation Agency NCCHTA, National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment Mailpoint 728, Boldrewood, University of Southampton, Southampton SO16

Cv- domingos subtil

Curriculum Vitae NAME: Domingos Paulo Diz Pereira Subti Birthday: 08-12-1964 Born in: Bragança – Portugal Identity Card nº 6604200 ADRESS: Urbanização Villa Paulista nº 45 – Abambres – 5000-053 Vila Real Phone Number: 933204536/ 259325069/ 925483976 EDUCATION: Licenciatura em Medicina obtida em 1989 pela Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto. POSTGRADUATE TRAINING: In


CORRESPONDENCE Evaluation of publications – Role of impact factor I would like to express my views on the in a journal with low impact factor, both editorial ( Curr. Sci. , 2000, 78 , 1177– 1178) regarding evaluation of scientists according to the citation number of their tion of an article that is above the aver-age of a low impact factor journal. If we I still feel that the


International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences INT.J.PH.SCI.,SEP-DEC, 2010;2(3):680-686 ISSN 0975-4725 Original Research Manuscript Date of Submission: 29-06-2010 Date of Acceptance: 20-09-2010 Evaluation of iridoid glycosides from leave of Barleria Prionitis as an Anti-diarrhoeal Activity: an Ethnopharmacological study Sunil K. Jaiswal3*, Mukesh K

Jake j

Jake J. Thiessen, PhD Hallman Director, School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Jake Thiessen received his B.Sc. (Pharm) degree from the University of Manitoba in 1965. He went on to complete a Master’s of Science, and then moved to the University of California at San Francisco for his Ph.D. work in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. His academic specializatio


Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Last day to bring in orders for school photos. Open Evening for 2014 Reception Intake at 6pm Wednesday: Y3 Inspire Workshop for parents at 9am Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Thursday: Open Morning for 2014 Reception Intake at 9.30am Book Fair for parents in small hall from 3.15-4pm Book Fair for parents in small hall fr

Actos escolares es el tema

ACTOS ESCOLARES ES EL TEMA. Compilado realizado por Lucía Cáceres, de la clase 30 del posgrado en Ciencias Sociales: Curriculum y Prácticas en Contexto sobre la tesis de Maestría perteneciente a Cecilia Olorón de la Universidad de Paraná Ritual, tras ritual… Escolar, tras escolar… Si miramos los actos/rituales/escolares que se ordenan en los orígenes de la escuela

Jama patient page | lyme disease

The Journal of the American Medical Association INFECTIOUS DISEASES Lyme Disease L yme disease is an infection caused by a kind of bacteria (germ) called a spirochete. This bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi , is transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick. It is the most common tick-borne infection in both North America and Europe. Diagnosis is based on a variety of symptoms, phy

Gulf veterans' illnesses, 2000, defence committee, great britain. parliament. house of commons. defence committee, bruce george, stationery office, 2000, pdf ebook

Gulf Veterans' Illnesses, Defence Committee, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. DefenceCommittee, Bruce George, Stationery Office, 2000, 010228900X, 9780102289008, . . Secrets of the soil New Age solutions for restoring our planet, Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird, Jul 18, 1990,Gardening, 444 pages. Explores scientific and mystical developments that renew and enhance the soil, amongth


En los últimos veinte años me ha tocado el privilegio no solode ser espectador sino de participar en uno de los pasosmás importantes en la historia de la fotografía: el paso delo analógico a lo digital. Alguna vez se ponderarásuficientemente las profundas consecuencias que estehecho trae para la reconfiguración del ser humano. Enefecto, los hombres estamos más ligados de lo que se creea


MEGHÍVÓ A PTE BTK Pszichológiai Doktori Iskolája Elméleti Pszichoanalízis Programja – a Dinamikus Rövidterápiás Egyesület és Alkotóműhely (DREAM) és az Imágó Egyesület együttműködésével – PhD műhelykonferenciát szervez SZABADSÁG ÉS FANTÁZIA FERENCZI ÉS A TERÁPIÁS KAPCSOLAT címmel. A konferenciára a Magyar Pszichoanalitikus Egyesület megalakulá

Microsoft word - capitulo3.doc

G U I A L A B O R A L Y F I S C A L 2 0 1 2 : T R A B A J A R C O M O I N G E N I E R O 2. ASPECTOS BÁSICOS DE LAS FORMAS JURÍDICAS MÁS RELEVANTES QUE LA EMPRESA PUEDE ADOPTAR. TRÁMITES DE CONSTITUCIÓN 2.1. LA COMUNIDAD DE BIENES Y LA SOCIEDAD CIVIL 2.1.a. Comunidad de bienes La normativa que la regula es el Código Civil. Concepto Existe una comunidad de bienes cuando la

Microsoft word - staph. aureus (mssa, mrsa) pvl.doc

INSTITUT FÜR MEDIZINISCHE MIKROBIOLOGIE UND HYGIENE Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA, MRSA) mit Panton-Valentine-Leukozidin (PVL) Allgemeine Hinweise Ein kleiner Teil der Stämme von S. aureus besitzt den Virulenzfaktor Panton-Valentine Leukozidin (PVL). PVL ist mit bestimmten klinischen Bildern wie rezidivierenden tiefen Abszessen und anderen schweren Haut-Weichteilinfektion


How to Make Liquid Doxycycline • Something heavy to crush the tablet, such as a metalspoon, the bottom of a cup or glass or a hammer. • Measuring teaspoon(s) or regular eating teaspoon Dosage Chart Please read all instructions before you begin. You can find out how much medicine to give yourchild based on your child’s weight. Use this chart to find the amount for one (1) dose.


A Paranoid’s Guide to HistoryINRECO doc #2Section 818.08pgPsychology DivisionSchizophrenia and its Neurological ConnectionsSchizophrenia is a multi-symptom, neural-psychologicaldisease with an elusive pathology. There have beenincreasing discussions as to the accuracy and functionalityof the term schizophrenia applied to such a wide rangesymptoms (Andreasen, 1999; Walters). One reason for

Microsoft word - info sheet_hapco germany.doc

HAPCO DEUTSCHLAND Info Sheet What is HAPCO Deutschland? HAPCO Deutschland is the German branch of HAPCO (Hygiene Absorbent Producers Committee), which represents the manufacturers of absorbent hygiene products and is a sub group of EDANA, the International Association serving the Nonwovens and Related Industries association. HAPCO Deutschland represents a majority of the production

Commonly prescribed medications from empire’s formulary

Effective August 2006 Commonly Prescribed Medications from Empire’s Formulary To assist you in making informed choices regarding your prescription drug plan, we are providing you with this abbreviated version of Empire’sformulary, our preferred drug list. Empire’s formulary is developed by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. This committee regularlyreviews and selects new

Microsoft word - 2010-s8.doc

COLLABORATIVE CREATION OF OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: TEACHERS IN THE NET GENERATION TAIBI, Davide GENTILE, Manuel FULANTELLI, Giovanni ALLEGRA, Mario Italian National Research Council Institute for Educational Technology, Palermo, Italy davide.taibi@itd.cnr.it, manuel.gentile@itd.cnr.it, giovanni.fulantelli@itd.cnr.it, mario.allegra@itd.cnr.it Abstract

Patient registration

Patient Contact Information  Single  Married  Domestic Partner Whom may we thank for referring you to our office ? Person responsible for payment of this account: Dental Insurance Information As dental care providers, we want to emphasize that our relationship is with you, not your insurance company. While the filing of insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend t

Purim assembly

I think I need some help here. I'm trying to think what to wear to a fancy dressparty on Thursday. I'll tell you about it. In year 5 we have recently been learning about space. We have learned about theway the Earth travels around the Sun in a journey that takes 365 1/4 days. Ofcourse, we call that length of time a year. We learned that as the Earth travelsaround the Sun the light and warmth of


Klaus Eckel: Ein Pflaster für die wunden Punkte der Welt26.09.2013 | 10:12 | von Sabine Hottowy (DiePresse.com )In seinem achten Programm „Weltwundern“ bespricht der Wiener Kabarettist paniertesPenicillin, panikaufgeschlossene Mütter und das Menschenrecht auf dieUrheberverletzung. Mit einem E-Piano unterm blauen Yuppie-Ärmel nimmt Klaus Eckel auf der Bühne Platz. Neben demschwarzen Bü


Interactions entre alcool et médicaments Compte tenu du nombre important de personnes consommant de l’alcool defaçon chronique ou aiguë et de personnes consommant des médicaments, lafréquence des consommations associées ne peut qu’être importante. Or cesdeux types de produits peuvent interagir avec des conséquences parfois dom-mageables. Les mécanismes des interactions éthanol-m

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24-25 Febbraio Italia – Addis Abeba. Partenza da Bergamo/Seriate in luogo e orario da definirsi con bus privato per Milano Malpensa. Partenza per Addis Abeba con volo di linea. Arrivo in nottata. Trasferimento in hotel. Pernottamento. Mattina libera. Pomeriggio (14:00) dedicato al a visita dei luoghi e monumenti piu` significativi del a capitale. Primo fra tutti si visitera` il Museo Nazionale,

Reproductive health center

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CENTER MALE PATIENT HISTORY I. IDENTIFYING INFORMATION Name_______________________________ Partner's Name_______________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________ Telephone Number – Day:( )______________ Date of Birth______ Partner's Date of Birth______ Duration of Relationship_______ Duration of Infertil


CE1 – CE2 Ce qui me paraît important à mettre en évidence : - la « libération » de Mme K au travers des illustrations (3 niveaux) : ? bulle bleue (esprit préoccupé) / tache noire (idées noires, elle broie du noir) / visage anxieux ? jusqu’à l’occupation pratiquement entière de la page par une immense tache ? disparition des bulles (une petite dernière au-dessus de sa têt

Un hashtag per la cultura, stasera #nottebiancatw - europa quotidiano

Un hashtag per la cultura, stasera #NotteBiancaTW - Europa Quotidianohttp://www.europaquotidiano.it/2013/07/10/un-hashtag-per-la-cultura-s. FEDERICA CANTORE 10 LUGLIO 2013 Un hashtag per la cultura, stasera#NotteBiancaTW Com'è nata e come funziona la notte bianca digitale Un hashtag per la cultura, stasera #NotteBiancaTWChe fate stasera? C’è la notte bianca su Twitter. Qualche gio

Medical technology

Medical Technology In General A person may observe that health care costs increase dramatically while monetary inflation remains relatively flat, in spite of many cost-containment programs. The reasons are numerous; one of the main reasons, however, is technology. Because technology is a major factor in driving up health care costs, it is treated with some thoroughness in the following p


19805 North Creek Pkwy, Bothell, WA 98011 SAMPLES WITHOUT CLIENT AND PATIENT ID WILL NOT BE PROCESSED I. Client Information (New clients complete shaded area) II. Patient Information (Complete shaded area or attach information) III. Billing Information A copy of the front and back of insurance card (including Medicare and/or Medicaid) and patient demographics/face sheet must be attached

Microsoft word - aðgangsreglur rk útg 2-2008 frá 13.08.08.doc

Reglur um aðgangsstýringu, akstur og umferð um Reykjavíkurflugvöll Orðskýringar og gildissvið Reglur þessar gilda um akstur, umferð og aðgang að flugsvæði Reykjavíkurflugvallar og að sérstökum starfssvæðum, eins og þau eru afmörkuð í fylgiskjali 1 með reglum þessum. Ákvæðum reglna þessara verður ekki beitt gagnvart flugverjum og flugfarþegum í flutningaf

Microsoft word - curriculum_bogoni sept 2013 eng.doc

CURRICULUM VITAE Dott. Ing. Antonella Bogoni CNIT head of research area Via Moruzzi 1 56124 Pisa Italy Tel. +39 050 5492221 Fax. +39 050 5492194 e-mail: antonella. Bogoni@cnit.it CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) head of research area (digital and microwave photonics) at the Integrated Research Center for Photonic Networks and Technologie

Salto a un nuevo período de la cooperación

Salto a un nuevo período de la cooperación Por SONG XIA * China hoy 2009,10 *Song Xia es investigadora del Instituto de Estudios de América Latina, subordinado a la Academia de Ciencias Sociales de China. Medio siglo ha transcurrido desde que se firmara el primer acuerdo de cooperación económica y tecnológica entre China y Cuba, en noviembre de 1960, lapso en el que

Microsoft word - 2285d500.doc

Strategies for the Design and Fabrication of Improved Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films via the use of In-situ Growth Monitoring and the Exploitation of Photonic Band Gap Materials Martyn E. Pemble1, Justin C Costello1, Ian M Povey1, Dimitra Vernardou2* and David W Sheel2 1Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Lee Maltings, Prospect Row, Cork, Ireland Email: mailto:mart


Inhaltsverzeichnis 1. Einleitung 2. Vorgehensweise 3. Ergebnisse 3.3.5 Verbreitung von Resistenzen durch Antibiotikaeinnahme 4. Diskussion 5. Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis 6. Anhang 1. Einleitung Das Thema Antibiotika ist ein zeitloses Thema und betrifft jeden. Laut einer Schätzung der Paul-Ehrlich-Gesellschaft nehmen 80% der deutschen Bevölkerung mindestens e

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IDA Health and Travel Riverdale, GA 30274 Patient Name:__________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Age: ________ Sex: ______Race: _______ Ethnicity: _______________Mothers Maiden last name: _______________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________City: ___________________________State: __________Zip: ______

Rsa risk commission,

The Royal Society for the encouragement Risk and Enterprise of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Sir Paul Judge I believe that an understanding of risk is fundamental to living in a modern society. I also believe that a series of factors have given many people a distorted sense of personal risk. This is having a damaging effect on the government of our society and on our persona


REPORT FROM THE WORKFORCE ON EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Practice Guideline Series: Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Cardiac Surgery, Part II: Antibiotic Choice* Richard Engelman, MD, David Shahian, MD, Richard Shemin, MD, T. Sloane Guy, MD, Dale Bratzler, DO, MPH, Fred Edwards, MD, Marshall Jacobs, MD, Hiran Fernando, MD, and Charles Bridges, MD, ScD Baystate Medical

Doctor honoris causa : utc prof. klaus mosbach, the 'playboy' scientist

Doctor honoris causa : UTC Prof. Klaus Mosbach, the 'playboy' scientist Extrait du Interactions UTC, the research and innovation online magazine UTC's hall of Fame Doctor honoris causa : UTC Prof. Klaus Mosbach, the 'playboy' scientist Date de mise en ligne : Tuesday 9 July 2013 Description : "There is a huge world-scale promise for biotechnologies. They can change the way


In order for the children to have a fun and meaningful school life, we would like to ask foryour cooperation in providing information on your child's heath. This inquiry is intendedfor medical purpose, to examine the state of the heart examination, which is deemedimportant. If there are questions, please do not hesitate to contact either theschoolteachers or any doctors. We request that informatio

Microsoft word - n90909 aaahc iqi awards 2009 news release.doc

Media contact: Abbie PeGan 312-558-1770, ext. 153 apegan@pcipr.com Programs to Combat Depression in College Students, Reduce Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics Win Innovations in Quality Improvement Awards Awards Presented by the AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement Skokie, Ill. [Sept. 9, 2009] — A national initiative to identify and treat college students who suffer f


North Central District Health Department Our services are offered to anyone who needs them, regardless of marital status, age, sex, race, handicap, or income level. Medical Services Pregnancy Tests Planning Services We provide: ♦ Breast Exam Planning your family? We can help. ♦ Pregnancy testing ♦ Pelvic Exam Planning when to have your ♦ Cou

Contrato de servicios de chapea y limpieza

CONTRATO DE SERVICIOS DE CHAPEA Y LIMPIEZA ENTRE EL INSTITUTO HONDUREÑO DE ANTROPOLOGIA E HISTORIA E INVERSIONES MARROQUIN RUIZ Nosotros, VIRGILIO PAREDES TRAPERO, mayor de edad, casado, hondureño, Ingeniero y de este domicilio, con tarjeta de identidad Nº 0801-1964-00984; actuando en mi condición de Gerente del Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia (IHAH), nombrado

Microsoft word - tabletpress-machine.doc

Double Rotary Tablet Press Double Rotary Tablet Press CE Approved Double Rotary Mini Press - I Available i.e "D", "B" and "BB" Tooling Safety interlocking for Upper & Lower Guard Upper Roller with Penetration Adjustment System Control Panel with Separate display for Tablet Count and RPM Fixed Hopper with slide to control power flow Auto Lubrication with timer &


Reclast Receives US Approval As A Highly Effective Treatment For Patients With Paget's Disease Of The Bone Reclast (zoledronic acid) has received US regulatory approval as the first new treatment in nearly a decade for patients with a bone condition known as Paget's disease, estimated to affect about one million people in the US alone[1]. Reclast, which is marketed as Aclasta in other co

Microsoft word - dr rubin qa _2_.doc

Leading Expert Has Answers on Crohn’s Disease Related Media David T. Rubin M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and leading authority in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis is working with www.CrohnsandMe.com to help people understand the disease and how to best manage it. Below, read Dr. Rubin’s answers to some commo


PSYCHIATRIE LA PARANOÏA I - DEFINITION Terme très ancien, qui vient de l'antiquité grecque. Il signifie "autour de la raison". Il recouvrait alors toutes les formes de folie. Aujourd'hui il recouvre une pathologie particulière. Délire d'apparition tardive : entre 30 et 50 ans. Début progressif, insidieux. Mécanisme interprétatif. Synonyme : la folie raisonnant

Microsoft word - 13 medikamente_april 13.doc

Medikamente Wirkstoffname Wirkbereich Hinweise Aktiver Metabolit Therapeutisch substanz (ohne separate Komatös Berechnung) 6-Mercaptopurin Albendazol Allopurinol Alprazolam Amantadin Amiodaron Amikacin Amisulprid Amitriptylin Amlodipin Atenolol Medikamente Wirkstoffname Wirkbereich Hinweise Akti

Article-c siriwardhana et al (171-182)

C H E S M A L S I R I WA R D H A N A , S U W I N H E WA G E , R U WA N D E S H A B A N D U , S I S I R A S I R I B A D D A N A A N D A T H U L A S U M A T H I PA L A Disasters take place around the globe on a regular basis, creating challenges for various stakeholders responsible for managing the aftermath. Large-scale disasters bring about many challenges regarding human rights, resear

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Course in European Law (Prof. L. Hancher and Prof. A. Van Der Brink) PhD Program in Political Systems and Institutional Change XXIII Cycle IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca “Parallel importation is a good policy and is market” Do you agree with this or not ? Parallel Imports in the EU: a Debated Issue “Parallel imports”- also called gray-market imports - are products produced

Brief report concerning the outcomes of the two projects

Brief report concerning the outcomes of two projects First project: Psychic currents and defenses, its relevance in theoretical and The aim of the investigation consisted in rescueing the value of Freud’s concept of psychic currents in the theory, the clinic and the research. Freud (1918b) used the term “psychic current” broadly when he tried to explain the complexity of the ego stru


EMBASSY OF INDIA Saudi Arabia PO. Box 94387 Riyadh –11693 Tel: 4884189/4884206 Fax: 4884189 E-mail: com.riyadh@mea.gov.in India News Newsletter for the week ending 11.08.2012 IT spending in Indian manufacturing to double by 2016: IDC Manufacturing Insights Information technology (IT) spending in the Indian manufacturing sector is expected to grow toUS$ 8.78 billion

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"hold" - patient should not take

"HOLD" ­ Patient Should Not Take   Alphabetical Preop Medication Guide: not all-inclusive, refer to Anesthesia Preoperative Medication (anticoag-see guide) Acuprin (NSAID-see guide) (NSAID-see guide) (anticoag-see guide) (anticoag-see guide) acetylsalicylic acid (NSAID) Advil (NSAID-see guide) Aggrenox (anticoag-see guide) dabigatran (anticoag-see guid

Astra network online

CEE Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Rights No 8 (30) 2005 table of contents: http://www.astra.org.pl/30_issue.htm (1 van 7)16-1-2006 12:17:07 BURNING ISSUE - 2005 World Summit In this Burning Issues will provide you with diversity of information related to upcoming September Millennium Summit + 5 which is expected to be the largest gathering of world leaders in history. 2005


CopyrightAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written prior permission of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Requests to reproduce or translate IDF publications should be addressed to IDF Communications, Avenue Emile de Mot 19, B-1000 Brussels,by fax at +32-2-5385114, or by e-mail at communications@idf.o

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University Inventions that Changed the World Not only did these university inventions change the world by saving countless lives from diseases like diabetes and tuberculosis, they also made people sneeze less and smile more . and had the side effect of millions of dollars of income going back to the universities to fund further research, build laboratories and buildings and support fellowships


LESSON PLAN: Polite requests TIME: 55 minutes FOCUS: Polite Requests LEVEL: High Beginner After this lesson students will be able to make polite requests OBJECTIVES MATERIALS ‘Polite Requests’ worksheet, ‘Sentence Order’ worksheet, ‘Gap fill’ worksheet, ‘Polite Requests Flashcards’ A packet of sweets or a bar of chocolate. LANGUAGE Practice polite

N 465 - ets de declaracion obligatoria

ENFERMEDADES DE TRANSMISIÓN SEXUAL DE DECLARACION OBLIGATORIA Joaquín Granados Ortega, M.I.R. Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública Las enfermedades de transmisión sexual (ETS) suponen un importante problema de salud pública tanto por su magnitud como por sus complicaciones y secuelas, si no se diagnostican y tratan precozmente. Actualmente las ETS sometidas a vigilancia epidemiol

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AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Centre Ltd.) SK-CDOC-1.0-20120625 Encrypted DigiDoc Format Specification Document Versions Document Specifications AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Centre Ltd.) Version Specifications Modifications Added chapter regarding the use of padding methods Contents Encrypted DigiDoc Format Specification . 1  3.   General

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COUMADIN NURSE General Summary of Duties Provides professional nursing care for clinic patients following established standards and practices. Anticoagulation testing, adjustments, and management. Supervision Received Reports directly to the Clinical Manager. Supervision Exercised Typical Physical and Mental • Varied activities including sitting, walking, bending, r


INTEGRARE, COME E QUANDO Lecitina di soia, lievito di birra, vitamine, selenio. ormai gli integratori alimentari si trovano al super, a fi anco di frutta e verdura. Servono a completare e migliorare l’alimentazione quotidiana. Ma sono veramente utili? E le controindicazioni? Non c’è dubbio: quello degli integratori alimentari è un vero boom. Tra compresse vitaminiche, soluzioni

Übersicht aller rabattverträge_stand 011010

Rabattverträge der AOK-Gemeinschaft und der AOK Niedersachsen Stand: 1. Oktober 2010 Rabattverträge der AOK-Gemeinschaft mit Gültigkeit für die AOK Niedersachsen Wirkstoff AciclovirAlendronsäureAlfuzosinAlfacalcidolAllopurinolAmiodaronAmisulpridAmitriptylinAmlodipinAmoxicillinAmoxicillin + ClavulansäureAtenololAzathioprinAzithromycinBaclofenBeclometasonBetamethasonBezafibratBic

X sito non fiction e special projects fkt2010

ISBN EDIZIONI RIGHTS LIST BACKLIST – NON FICTION / SPECIAL PROJECTS Giacomo Papi UNDER ARREST (Booked) | Accusare The XIX History in 366 Mug Shots non fiction / illustrated 208 pages | 2005 Rights sold to Alba Editorial (SPAIN) Seven Stories Press (USA) Granta (UK), Denoël (FRANCE) “A rogue's gallery of the great, the good and Ozzy” – THE OBSERVER “I


by automatically produced patterns by BACT– The aim of clinical trial is to investigate the efficacy and safety of the new treatment comparing with current – The US National Library of Medicine's bibliographic – The most popular information source for finding evidence– To what the new treatment shows greatness?– To construct the information extraction (IE) system from – To whom

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THE INFERTILITY SUPPORT NETWORK NEWSLETTER http://www.infertility-support.org.za August / September 2009 2009 – Issue 4 On a daily basis, each of us is bombarded by all types of influences – ranging from the people we meet and socialize with to the negative and positive experiences we did not plan for. Through it all, we need to extract the best from each experience so th

6th kavi rally

CONTENTS Vehicle ScrutinyEnclosuresDeclarationEntry Form "6TH KAVIGURU RALLY" Kolkata Ð Santiniketan May 31, 2003 Supplementary Regulations & Rules, Official Programme and Entry Form The “Sixth Kaviguru Rally ” is being organised by the Bengal Motor Sports Club (Promoter) and held under the International SportingCodes of the Federation International

Cronica del juicio del aÑo en el peru

ALBERTO FUJIMORI FUJIMORI-EX PRESIENTE DEL PERÚ REO CULPABLE DE GENOCIDIO, CORRUPCIÓN, DICTADURA. Los cargos por homicidio calificado, asesinato, bajo la circunstancia agravante de alevosía, lesiones graves y secuestro agravado CRONICA DEL JUICIO DEL AÑO EN EL PERU ESPECIAL DEL DIARIO LA PRIMERA La Primera , Lima, 08 de Abril del 2009 La rabia de la derecha César

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ============================================================================================================= SUPPLIER ADDRESS: MANUFACTURER ADDRESS: LAWRASON’S INC. 460 WYECROFT ROAD, OAKVILLE, ONTARIO. L6K 2G7 PHONE NUMBER: 905-842-8300 PHONE NUMBER =============================================================================================================

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Transport of Lithium Ion Batteries (< 100 Wh) with Implementation of the Exemption Regulations of the Dangerous Goods Act - Guideline for Manufacturers of Power Tools and Garden Machinery - Lithium ion batteries are classified as "Dangerous Goods" in international transport law. Therefore many regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods are re

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Institut für Raucherberatung & Tabakentwöhnung München Die Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung urteilte im Jahr 2000 in „Gesundheitsförderung Konkret, Raucherentwöhnung in Deutschland“ über Seriosität / Glaubwürdigkeit / Transparenz unseres „Die Langzeitergebnisse sind positiv zu bewerten. Zu Aufwand und Kosten gibt es klare und konkrete Informationen. Da


CIRCOLARE N. 2/E ______________ Roma, 28 gennaio 2011 Al Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze Dipartimento per le politiche fiscali Al Comando Generale della Guardia di Finanza Agli Uffici centrali di staff dell’Agenzia OGGETTO : Risposte a quesiti relativi all’obbligo di comunicazione delle operazioni realizzate da soggetti passivi IVA con operatori econom


PARTICIPACION EN PROYECTOS DE INVESTIGACION FINANCIADOS EN LOS ULTIMOS 10 AÑOS ______________________________________________________________ TITULO DEL PROYECTO: " Proyecto de estudio sobre los factores generadores de la litiasis renal, para su prevención " ENTIDAD FINANCIADORA : Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias de la Seguridad Social (Ref. 86/1035) DURACION DESDE:

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CURRICULUM VITEA ABDUL-AZIZ KHEZRI, MD Professor of Surgeurry Address : Department of Urology Medical School Shiraz University of Medical Scinces Personal: Place of Birth: Iran Date of Birth: March, 1935 Marital Stauts: married Education and Professional Experience: 1958-1965 Medical School of Shiraz University, Iran, including 12 months 1965-1969 Residenc


Clear Cell Line containing Benzoyl Peroxide by Marc A. Ronert MD PhD, Clinical Director Image Skincare Image Skincare offers products with many active, scientifically proven and researched key ingredients to achieve a certain result on the skin. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, not only one key ingredient, but an array of synergistically working ingredients, to target specific s


Nephrol Dial Transplant (2003) 18: 54–61Estradiol is nephroprotective in the rat remnant kidneyBalazs Antus1, Peter Hamar1, Gabor Kokeny1, Zoltan Szollosi2, Istvan Mucsi1,3, Zoltan Nemes2and Laszlo Rosivall11Department of Pathophysiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, 2Department of Pathology, MedicalUniversity, Debrecen, Hungary and 3First Department of Internal Medicine, Semme


Heteronormativity in Action: Reproducing the Heterosexual Nuclear Family in After-hours Medical Calls CELIA KITZINGER, University of York Heterosexism has become a recognized social problem since the rise of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgen- dered (LGBT) activism in the 1970s. One of its manifestations is heteronormativity: the mundane production ofheterosexuality as the normal, n

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SURVEY OF ASIA-PACIFIC COUNTRIES: THE USE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES IN MONGOLIA Mr. S. Enkhjargal Executive Director Room 323, National IT Park building, Baga Toiruu-49, Tel: +976 11 329902; 976-99129385 E mail: sukhbaatar@yahoo.com; secretary@ict.mn Website: www.ict.mn/midas Ms. L. Ariunaa, Civil Society Programs Director, Mongolia

Growing up and living with the stigma of epilepsy

Bolton Data for Inclusion The Action Research Centre for Inclusion (Sponsored by: The Barrow Cadbury Trust) Data No 15 : July 1997 Author(s) : Margaret R Lea Title : Growing up and living with the stigma of epilepsy Abstract : This essay is written in the first person because it is autobiographical. It is, in parts, from a child’s view, growing up and


Rethinking Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D Health & Life Sciences The pharmaceutical industry is facing a challenge to be productive. One of thesolutions to this problem is for the industry to better harness innovation todeliver more and better drugs through the pipeline. But what is innovation and how can it deliver higher performance throughmore valuable drugs? Historically, p

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE August 2007 NAME: DATE OF BIRTH : June 17, 1941 BIRTHPLACE: PRESENT BUSINESS ADDRESS: The Center for Diabetes & Endocrine Care 1150 North 35th Avenue Suite 590 Hollywood, Florida 33021 (954)-963-7100 PREVIOUS BUSINESS ADDRESS: 3700 Washington Street Suite 305 Hollywood, Florida 33021 (954)-963-7100 PRE-PROFESSIONAL EDUCATIO


Nigel Coventry Tourism Awards INSIDE TOURISM winners just announced! PO Box 1430, Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand. Subscription rates Tel/Fax 64-4-2987-747. on application. Email: nigel@insidetourism.com ISSUE 416 August 21st, 2002 If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, try-again lodge wins the Food stylist ly: “ For those who expect and enj

Acta de constitucion

Sistema de Gestión de Calidad F-RP-FA-12 INSAFOCOOP Proyecto de Estatutos ACTA DE CONSTITUCIÓN.- En (Dirección exacta del lugar en el que se celebrara la Asamblea) del Municipio de __________________Departamento de _____________________ a las ______ horas del día _____ de _______ del dos mil_____ Son éstos el lugar, día y hora señalados en la respectiva convocatoria para celebrar, c

Manual registro del dolor interdiÁlisis

SOCIEDAD CHILENA DE NEFROLOGÍA COMITÉ DE CUIDADOS PALIATIVOS DOCUMENTO DE ESTUDIO INSTRUMENTO DE EVALUACIÓN DEL DOLOR INTERDIALISIS - Autores Dr. Carlos Zúñiga S.M. - Dr. Hans Müller O. Coautores: Alejandra Rojas (E.U), Karina Toro (E.U), Fresia Flores (E.U), Evelyn Sandoval (E.U), Evelyn Rojas (E.U.) INTRODUCCIÓN En los pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica, el dolor

Wirkstoffliste tum humanmediziner version 2.1.xls

Wirkstoffliste Pharmakologie (Humanmedizin) Institut für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie (IPT)Technische Universität München Version 2.1 (gültig ab: 01.02.2012) Hinweis: Die Kenntnis von Wirkmechanismus, Indikation und Kontraindikationen, häufigen unerwünschten Nebenwirkungen sowie der Pharmakokinetik al er aufgeführten Pharmaka werden für die Prüfungen des Instituts für Pharmak


J. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol. (2001) 3(2): 179-184. Enterococcus faecalis MDR Transporters 179 JMMB Symposium Enterococcus faecalis Multi-Drug Resistance Transporters: Application for Antibiotic Discovery Deborah vR. Davis1, James B. McAlpine1*, Christopher class, the first members of which were discovered in 1953 J. Pazoles1 , M. Kelly Talbot1, Elisabeth A. Alder1, Abbie (Charney et

No job name

Dear Sir We read with interest the article ‘HotMoreover, the type of headache that they describebath-related headache controlled by topiramate’ byin their patient following a hot bath also seems toLee et al. (1) and wish to comment on some omis-have some features of migraine in terms of sever-sions in their article and also seek their response toity, throbbing nature, and the presence


Head Injuries and Helmet Laws in Australia and New Zealand Victoria was the first Australian State to introduce bicycle helmet laws, on 1 July 1990. Over the next few years, all other States passed similar legislation, because of threats by the Federal Government to reduce road funding if States failed to comply with a 10-point road safety program including bicycle helmet laws. New Zeal

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5. TREATING WOMEN’S ILLNESSES OVERVIEW In this module we cover the following topics: Herbs for treatment of infertility in women Phytoestrogens and their use in treating the effects of the Two of the widely used herbal medicines for treatment of infertility OBJECTIVE In previous modules we have looked at the principles of herbal therapy and we have learnt about the


Report written by: Anne-Charlotte Honoré, Milena Izmirlieva, Cameron Lockwood, Gaelle Marinoni, Tania Rodrigues, Ben Shankland and Sophia Walker. Under the supervision of Gaelle Marinoni: Project ManagerStudy Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Study MethodologyI. Research . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ade part4 for pdf

THUS FAR IN THE GUIDE, YOU HAVE LEARNED: The Model for Improvement, which can be applied toany area you want to improve. A step-by-step guide to using that model to work onreducing adverse drug events, with each of the basicsteps — setting aims, forming the team, establishingmeasures, and developing and testing changes —illustrated with examples. A group of change concepts that can be

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Information Technology: When is it Worth the Investment Stewart, Coulson & Wilson Information Technology: When is it Worth the Investment? Walter Stewart Sheri Coulson Robert Wilson California State University San Bernardino ABSTRACT As companies attempt to streamline work processes and reduce costs, analyzing the role of information technology continues to be


Recognition efficiency issues for freehand sketches Tevfik Metin Sezgin MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 200 Technology Square, Cambridge MA, 02139 USA 1. Introduction digital logic circuit sketches, if the user is sketching an RSflip-flop circuit composed of two N AN D gates and wires,Sketch understanding has received attention as an en-the editing behavior of the sketchin


Biologcal and Medical Aspects of Carbon Water-soluble modifications of fullerene C60 easy penetrate through cellular membranes I. Andreeva, A. Petrukhinab, A. Garmanovab, V. Romanovac, P. Troshind, O. Troshinàd, L. DuBuskee, and S. Andreevb aTimiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology, 127276 Moscow, Russia bNRC Institute of Immunology, 115478 Moscow, Russia cNesmeyanov Instit

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CURRICULUM-VITAE Dr. Md. Anwarul Haque, Ph.D, Post doc (Japan) Professor Department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Islamic University, Kushtia-7003 Bangladesh PERSONAL: Village- Gomastapur, Post Office- Gomastapur-6321, Upazilla-Gomastapur, District-Chapai Nawabgonj, Bangladesh. Department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Islamic University, Kushtia-70


Original Vol. 26 / Núm 3/ Julio-Septiembre 2007: 127-134 Quantifying soluble HLA-G in supernatants of cultured embryos as a marker of implantation potential in an assisted reproduction program S. Martí1, J. Ten2, P. Marcos1, M.J. Artacho1, F.J. Galán3, R. Bernabeu2,4, G. Rubio1 1Immunology, Department of Clinical Medicine, Miguel Hernández University, Sant Joan d’Alacant,

Zur differentiellen wirksamkeit von psychosozialen behandlungsmassnahmen bei alkoholabhngigen:

Zur differentiellen Wirksamkeit von psychosozialen Behandlungsmassnahmen bei Alkoholabhängigen: Ein methodenkritischer Vergleich von systematischen Literaturübersichten und Metaanalysen Heinz-Martin SÜß* * Professor, Dr. phil. habil. Dipl.-Psych. Dipl.-Inform., Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg Diese Arbeit ist Meinrad Perrez zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet. Sie wurde unterstü

Le paysage de la toxicomanie est en constante volution : les produits consomms, les modes de consommation s'adaptent au march conomique de la drogue et l'image des diffrents produits dans la population des usagers

Anesthésie et analgésie chez le toxicomane (1) Unité de traitement de la douleur - DAR CH de Mâcon Boulevard Louis Escandre 71018 MACON dPeronnet@invivo.edu (2) SAR hôpital Foch – SURESNES 75 Paris mChandon@invivo.edu L'accueil d'un patient toxico-dépendant en milieu chirurgical reste toujours difficile, mais l’évolution du regard porté sur les addictions a cependant profondéme

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Innomech develops powerful ‘track and trace’ technology for healthcare markets GB Innomech (Innomech), which specialises in the development of advanced automation systems, is helping develop a powerful new low-cost approach to uniquely mark pharmaceutical and related healthcare products and therefore improve product traceability. The technique will allow faster identification

013169 1.5

ZUSAMMENFASSUNG DER MERKMALE DES ARZNEIMITTELS<30 ml/min) oder dialysepflichtiger termina-dosis gesteigert werden, soweit verträglich. ler Niereninsuffizienz nicht angewendet wer-lung für 1 bis 2 Wochen zu unterbrechen,Es gibt bei der Behandlung von IPF keinendamit die Symptome abklingen können. relevanten Nutzen von Esbriet bei KindernJede Kapsel enthält 267 mg Pirfenidon. Photo

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CUERPO Y MATRIZ DE IDENTIDAD Centro Zerka T. Moreno El psicodrama considera al hombre un ser vincular en acción, cuya evolución individual se realiza en una secuencia de matrices de espacio y tiempo que lo contiene: 1) La matriz cósmica, en donde la existencia es espiritual o energética. 2) La matriz planetaria, (histórica), donde la energía espiritual utiliza la conjunción de ma


Indian Journal of Weed Science 45 (4): 247–249, 2013 Distribution of weed flora of greengram and blackgram in Haryana S.S. Punia*, V.S. Hooda, Anil Duhan, Dharambir Yadav and Amarjeet Department of Agronomy, CCS Haryana Agricultural Univesrity, Hisar125 004 Received: 12 October 2013; Revised: 23 December 2013 ABSTRACT To study the floristic composition of weeds in greengram, 50

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