North Central District
Health Department
Our services are offered to anyone who needs them, regardless of marital status, age, sex, race, handicap, or income level.
Medical Services
Pregnancy Tests
Planning Services
We provide:
Breast Exam
Planning your family? We can help.
Pregnancy testing
Pelvic Exam
Planning when to have your
Counseling on all available options
Pap Smear
children gives you more control of
Information on available resources
Blood Test for Anemia
your life. There are several safe,
Urine Test for Glucose & Blood
effective birth control methods
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Counseling Services
available to help until the time is
Contraceptive counseling:
right for you.
HIV Testing upon Request
Individual counseling regarding
Contraceptives available include
methods of birth control.
pills, condoms, diaphragms,
Sterilization counseling:
Fees for medical services and
IUDs, Norplant, Depo Provera,
Information, counseling, and
contraceptive supplies are
and other methods.
referral for sterilization for both
determined by your ability to pay.
men and women.
Infertility problems:
We accept medical cards, private
Information and referral to an
insurance, Visa and MasterCard.
appropriate physician or clinic.
Confidentiality — All Conversations and patient records are strictly confidential.
Education and
North Central
Outreach Services
District Health
Educational programs can be arranged
for groups, organizations, and schools.
215 10th Street
We have speakers, films, and other
Lewiston ID 83501
Our speakers are available to discuss:
333 E Palouse River Dr.
women’s health care
Moscow ID 83843
sexually transmitted diseases
105 115th Street
adolescent sexuality
Orofino ID 83544
teenage pregnancy
clinic services & operation
903 West Main Street
Grangeville ID 83530
132 N Hill Street
Kamiah ID 83536
Services are provided by certified
nurse practitioners and by public
health nurses.
We provide individual care to help
you make informed, independent

North Central District
decisions regarding your reproductive
Health Department
This brochure was funded by Title X and North Central District Health Department

Source: http://idahopublichealth.com/family/files/familyplanningservices.pdf


Original Paper Received: November 14, 2001Accepted: December 25, 2001 Natural Plasmid Transformation in Escherichia coli Suh-Der Tsena Suh-Sen Fanga Mei-Jye Chena Jun-Yi ChienaaDepartment of Microbiology, Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming Universityand bTaipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Key Words mids, a most frequent sequence was identified.

Microsoft word - patientone.doc

Patient One – John Star 11 MONTHS AGO NO SHOW TO PMD Also missed nutrition appt. # SIGNED BY PAUL HO, MD 11 MONTHS AGO 9 MONTHS AND 2 WEEKS AGO Follow Up 52 yo M w/ PMH of well controlled HTN and poorly controlled DMII. Reports recent fsg's as being between 87- 148. Reports taking Metformin 850 mg BID, but occasionally only taking the AM dose. He reports eating better, no fruit j

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