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Volume 6; Number 4 February 2012 What’s new this month? Both tapentadol immediate release tablets (Palexia) and tapentadol prolonged release tablets (Palexia SR) have been designated RED-RED (see page 3). Atorvastatin chewable tablets (Lipitor) are designated RED-RED, although it is recognized that there are exceptional circumstances where they may have a limited role (i.e. hyperc


Clinical Rehabilitation 2006; 20: 656 Á667Contracture preventive positioning of thehemiplegic arm in subacute stroke patients: a pilotrandomized controlled trialLD de Jong Rehabilitation Centre ‘de Vogellanden’, Zwolle, The Netherlands, A Nieuwboer Faculty of Physical Education andPhysiotherapy, Department of Biomedical and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Leuven, Belgium and G Aufdem


1.1. Bachmann S, Goldschmid A: Fine structure of the axial complex of Sphaerechinus granularis (Echinodermata:Echinoidea). Cell Tiss Res 193: 107-123, 1978 1.2. Bachmann S, Goldschmid A: Ultrastructural,fluorescence microscopic and microfluorimetric study of the innervation of the axial complex in the sea urchin, Sphaerechinus granularis. Cell Tiss Res 194: 315-326, 1978 1.3. Bachmann, S: Di

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SEMANA PARROQUIAL – VISITA DE LA VIRGEN 16:00 hrs. Asamblea decanal para todos los Agentes Pas-torales, en el Templo de Maipú. Una vez ter-minado el encuentro, traslado de la Santísima Virgen desde el Santuario de Maipú hasta el Semana Parroquial Junto a la Virgen Del Carmen Sector Parroquial, en caravana de autos, para Con motivo de la Fiesta de la Visitación de

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Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Romuald Joachim Adamek A. Wissenschaftliche Orginal-Arbeiten als Erstautor R.J. Adamek, M. Wegener, G. Schmidt-Heinevetter, D. Ricken, M. Jergas: Milzruptur nach Koloskopie: eine ungewöhnliche Komplikation. Z Gastroenterol R.J. Adamek, M. Wegener, D. Ricken: Bedeutung der Langzeitmanometrie für die Diagnose des diffusen ösophagealen Spasmus (Leser-Zuschrift). Dtsch med

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AURANGABAD NASHIK Dongre Vasatigruha Ground, Gangapur Rd., Nashik SPACE APPLICATION FORM Aurangabad ð 2012 Kolhapur 20 Nashik 2013 (Display, Products, Service, Specialization) BOOTH CHARGES LOCATIONS SHELL TYPE (Rate per Sq. Mtr.) BARE TYPE (Rate per Sq. Mtr.) 2 Side Open Booths will be Aurangabad charged - 15 % Extra Kolhapur 3 Side Open Booths

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Information for patients Why does blood clot? When we cut ourselves, we bleed. To stop us from bleeding too much, the body triggers a protective mechanism and a scab forms on our skin. This is called the clotting process. Sometimes, a clot can occur inside a blood vessel inthe body rather than on the skin. When this happens,it can slow down the flow of blood in that part of thebody.

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Siri Beier Jensen, lektor, tandlæge, PhDAfdeling for Oral Medicin, Klinisk Oral Fysiologi, Oral Patologi & AnatomiDækker og beskytter underliggende væv og organerTæt barriere mod bakterier, svampe, viraSkal modstå:Store temperaturudsvingpH-ændringerMekanisk påvirkning ved tygning, synkning og taleSiri Beier Jensen, lektor, tandlæge, Ph.D., Afd. for Oral Medicin, Københavns


Tobacco User Additional Premium Q&A 1. When will this additional premium begin? The additional monthly premium will begin September 1, 2012. If you are a biweekly paid employee, it will be deducted from the first paycheck in September with a medical premium deduction. If you are monthly, it will be deducted from your October 1 paycheck. 2. Is this legal? A new state law, SB5, Sectio


Les principales complications de la MRC I.Les Troubles Minéraux Osseux de la Maladie Rénale Chronique (TMO-MRC) La chute du débit de filtration glomérulaire (DFG), qui caractérise la Maladie ayez ou pas une MRC varient selon l’âge de Rénale Chronique (MRC) s’accompagne d’une baisse de l’excrétion des 800 mg à 1 g chez l’adulte jeune à 1,5 g phosphates respons


Publications List Poetry: Leylines of My Flesh (Touchwood Press 2002) A Tincture of Sunlight (in progress) Chastising the Rhubarb (in progress) Chapbooks: Never Call It Bird : The Melodies of AIDS. Passwords Enterprises 1998 Din Sommer Dale : Vivand Press 1999. Angel Alley : Jack the Ripper’s Victims. Passwords Enterprises 2004 Collaborative Fiction and Ghost-Writing: Legal

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David W. Evans VIKSNINS HARRIS & PADYS PLLP Practice Areas Pharmaceutical-chemical and biology patent prosecution and opinions Education University of Toronto, B.Sc. Chemistry and Biology, 1990 Bar Admissions United Sates Patent and Trademark Office, 1996 Canadian Intellectual Property Office, 1995 Professional Experience Viksnins Harris & Padys PLLP - Bloomi

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Glossar Kokainbehandlungen Übersicht über den Stand der Behandlungen von kokainbedingten Störungen Rudolf Stohler, Dr. med., Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich Toni Berthel, Dr. med., Integrierte Psychiatrie Winterthur Michael Herzig, Ambulante Drogenhilfe/Heroingestützte Behandlung der Stadt Zürich Peter Burkhard, Die ALTERNATIVE, Ottenbach Thomas Meyer, Dr. me

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Volume 87 Issue 20 The Vallejo Rotary Club A family of caring and Energetic Rotarians November 12, 2009 The club meets 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. Every Thursday Vallejo Rotary Club Meeting 11/12/09 Zio Fraedos of Vallejo Webster, and Bill Eisenhartacted as emcees. 23 Harbor Way Members were allowed to takethe controls of an ocean goingwhile experiencing dif

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Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting a Global Healthcare Menace: A New Technology Tool By: Alan Clock, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, XStream Systems, Inc. • The Issue • The Scope of the Issue • Current Measures to Fight Global Counterfeiting • Technology as a Solution • How Do You Protect Yourself as a Consumer? • Conclusions The Issue Counterfeit and


COMMUNE DE BEZIERS 34500 ANNEE 2012 Article 133 : liste des marchés conclus en 2012 en application de l'arrêté du 21 juillet 2011 (article 133 du code des marchés publics 2009) Publication de cette liste sur et http://beziers.achatpublic.com MARCHES DE TRAVAUX MARCHES DE 15 000 à 89 999,99 EUROS HT INDICATIONS OBLIGATOIRES Code postal Date du marché Attribut

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Samhällsföreningen Vassmolösa Byalag erbjuder härmed alla sina medlemmar gratis e-postadress (e-mailadress) under vår Internetdomän vassmolosa.nu. Det innebär att du och alla medlemmar i ditt hushåll nu kan få en egen e-postadress enligt principen förnamn.efternamn@vassmolosa.nu. Varför? Förutom att vi hoppas att våra medlemmar ska uppskatta denna service hoppas vi även att det


INFORMATIONS PRATIQUES AVANT DE PARTIR ET POUR VOTRE VOYAGE A MADAGASCAR… DÉCALAGE HORAIRE… … Madagascar est à GMT+3, c'est-à-dire : - en été, il y une heure de décalage (il est 12h00 en France quand il est 13h00 à Madagascar). - en hiver, il y a deux heures de décalage (quand il est 12h00 en France, il est 14h00 à Madagascar… Et oui, le soleil se lève à l’est). Dur

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Page 1 of 5 Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 607 House Rules The following rules are to be observed by owners of units of Village by the Grange. The term “owner” includes the owner or any other person occupying the unit with the owner’s approval, including members of the owner’s family, his/her tenants, their respective invitees and/or licensees. For the p


Mellandominanter och II-Vs Translation by Stefan Johnsson Inte all funktionell musik håller sig till enbart en diatonisk tonart. Faktum är att de flesta låtar gör utvikningar. Om du studerade avsnitten om Basic Forces (Naturlagar) är det inte svårt att förstå principen med Mellandominanter och Mellan-II-V, eftersom allt baseras på fallande kvinter, upplösande dissonanter och led


PRINCESS CRUISE LINES LTD. PRINCIPAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT Life and work at sea are different than on land and the Principal Terms and Conditions ofEmployment and Code of Conduct are designed as a guide to the types of behavior which areexpected and are not accepted. As an individual you have the right to perform your job to the best of your abilities, the right tobe treated fa

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The Rules have Changed The management of electronic research records is more important than ever before Michael H Elliott Published in Scientific Computing May 2007 A patent provides rights to an inventor to restrict The use of Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) the ability of others to make, use, or sell an technology has risen sharply in the past four years, invention. To obtain a pa


Ereção sem hora marcada é a nova meta dos fármacos São José do Rio Preto, 3 de agosto de 2007 Cecília Dionizio Nova dosagem do medicamento comercializado como Cialis, do laboratório Eli Lilly, chega às farmácias da Europa este semestre, com a proposta de atender a demanda de mais de 50% dos homens, entre 40 e 70 anos, que têm preocupação em manter ou atingir uma ereção. S


4:1 TSV Röddenau - VfL Biedenkopf (Mi., 19:00)4:1 Stadtallendorf - TG Breidenbach (So., 15:00)FSG Südkreis - Eintracht Stadtallendorf II 5:0 SC Gladenbach - SG EderTürk Gü. Breidenbach - Eckelshausen abgebr. SV Beltershsn. - VfL Biedenkopf (So., 15:00)FUSSBALL-KREISOBERLIGA NORD IM STENOGRAMMn Türk Gücü Breidenbach – SV Eckelshausen 0:0 abg. Breidenbach: Tökez – Yokaribas,

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Vernon A. Rosario, MD, PhD ADULT MEDICAL SCREENING Patient Information Chief Complaint Personal Medical History Do you receive regular medical care from a physician or clinic? If yes, please provide the following information: Name of physician or clinic: Address: CURRENT MEDICATIONS: MEDICATION ALLERGIES: Penicillin Have you ever had any of the following: Birth Defects If y

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Testing the effectiveness of health care products ( nutraceuticals/botanicals) against viral infections Inhibition of viral neuraminidase: comparison of products with Relenza ® /Tamiflu® VivaCell Biotechnology ©VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH Is your product a neuraminidase inhibitor? Acting in the same line like Relenza ®/Tamiflu® ? The risks ste

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Laudiston Valuers & Auctioneer SALE: 671S DATE: 09 March 2011 at 10:00 CABINET MAKER 1/27 ALLEN STREET MOFFAT BEACH QLD ______________________________________________________________________________ 1 Qty: 3 OFFICE CHAIRS ___________ 2 RICOM SPC 210SF MULTI FUNCTION CENTRE SERIAL #:7269200900 ___________ 3 Qty: 2 DELL PC COMPUTERS, MOUSE, KEYBOARD, FLAT SCREEN M


Antimicrobial Use in the Treatment of Calf Diarrhea Calves with diarrhea often have small intestinal overgrowth with Escherichia coli bacteria, regardless of the inciting cause for thediarrhea, and 30% of systemically ill calves with diarrhea have bacteremia, predominantly because of E coli. Antimicrobial treatmentof diarrheic calves should therefore be focused against E coli in the small


RISK ASSESSMENT ON THE VIDEX MECHANICAL ROOF BOLT RISK ASSESSMENT ON THE VIDEXMECHANICAL ROOF BOLT Contents Section 1 - Summary . . Section 2 - Objectives . Section 3 - Risk Analysis Method . Identification the possible system hazards. Determination of the level of risks. Definition and description of the system controls and barriers. Assessment of the acceptability of the c

Proposed new participant survey questions:

Participant Survey Questions: Today’s Date: ____/_____/_____ Important Note: This information is collected only for demonstrating how well Recovery Centers work. We are committed to protecting our visitors’ identities and anonymity. (Edited 8-28-12) Please answer all questions as completely and accurately as you can. Initials ____/____/____ Gender: male  female


DYNAPAR brand VEEDER-ROOT brand A103 Rate Meter & Totalizer Rate Indicators/Controllers Scaled measurement of rate or speed – plus totals… large display with backlighting All in the family - Other matching A103 series products in this catalog: A103 Totalizing Counters: Section 1 A103 Preset Counters: Section 2 A103 Time Indicators: Section 5 A103 Pres


What to do if and when you decide not to immunise. Once the decision is made that you do not want to immunise your child, one fact remains.you are still responsible for their health. So what can you do to keep them healthy? This paper discusses what you, as parents, can do to prevent illness in your children as well as yourselves. What can be done can be divided into 2 categories, the non-sp


EG-Sicherheitsdatenblatt Ameisenspray, 400ml ABSCHNITT 1: Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens 1.1. Produktidentifikator Weitere Handelsnamen 1.2. Relevante identifizierte Verwendungen des Stoffs oder Gemischs und Verwendungen, von denen abgeraten wird Verwendung des Stoffs/des Gemischs 1.3. Einzelheiten zum Lieferanten, der das Sicherheitsdatenblatt

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THERAPEUTIC DRUG MONITORING Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuisapothekers -- Commissie Analyse en Toxicologie HALOPERIDOL Geldt voor: Patiënten met psychotische stoornissen. Het is ook mogelijk haloperidol in een EDTA-buis te bepalen Mits consistent afgenomen (zelfde tijdstip) en afhankelijk van de doseringsfrequentie kan bloedspiegel 12-24 uur na de Bij depot preparaat zo d

Presence of a na+-stimulated p-type atpase in the plasma membrane of the alkaliphilic halotolerant cyanobacterium aphanothece halophytica

Presence of a Na1-stimulated P-type ATPase in the plasmamembrane of the alkaliphilic halotolerant cyanobacteriumAphanothece halophyticaKanjana Wiangnon1, Wuttinun Raksajit1 & Aran Incharoensakdi1,21Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand; and 2Center for Environmental Stress Tolerance inPlants, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University

How to prevent and treat diarrhea while you are traveling

How to prevent and treat Diarrhea while you are traveling Why might I get diarrhea while I am traveling? There are many infections people can get while traveling that cause diarrhea. Many of these infections do not affect the people living in the areas that you are traveling since they may have had them before (and are immune). People also get diarrhea while traveling from the stress of t

Performance enhancing medications in the swimming world

Safety Tip of the Month – May 2009 VSI Safety Committee “Have you thought about which medicines may keep you out of the pool?” USA Swimming (USA-S) adheres to the anti-doping rules of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (FINA). The anti-doping rules consist of regulations, developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WAD


This Summary of Benefits is a brief overview of your plan's benefits only. For more detailed information about the benefits in yourplan, please refer to your Certificate of Insurance or Evidence of Coverage (EOC), which explains the full range of covered services, aswell as any exclusions and limitations for your plan. In addition to dollar and percentage copays, insured persons are responsible

Biology 2006 assessment report

Assessment Biology GA 3: Written examination GENERAL COMMENTS The quality of the responses provided by some students was excellent; however, questions that required explanations or analysis still caused difficulty for most students. Often it was evident that students had not carefully read the question or referred to the information provided when answering questions. It is also imp

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Arzneimittelrückstände und hormonell wirksame Substanzen in Gewässern Arzneimittelrückstände in aquatischen Ökosystemen Nach dem derzeitigen Wissensstand sind Arzneistoffe aus der Humanmedizin wie Lipidsenker, Analgetika, ß-Blocker und Antiepileptika in Oberflächengewässern weit verbreitete Kontaminanten. Eine umfassende Risikoabschätzung über mögliche Auswirkungen von A

Emd aaas distribution - services policy for tas - template for airlines

Electronic Miscellaneous Document LH Distribution Policy Guidelines for Travel Agencies 16 MAY 2013 LH EMD distribution guidelines - Amadeus template proposal for Airlines – MAY13 LH EMD distribution guidelines - Amadeus template proposal for Airlines – MAY13 WHAT IS AN EMD? EMD stands for E lectronic M iscellaneous D ocument. An EMD allows you to sell and track the us

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Framställd på www.vulkan.seAnsvarig utgivare: Veronica Robin Min son David blev allvarligt sjuk när han var 8 år. Det var jobbigt för alla men jobbigast för honom själv såklart. När han var som sjukast bloggade jag på amelia.se under namnet Tröstlös/hoppfull. Det fungerade som terapi för mig som alltid skrivit mycket när jag mått dåligt. Jag bloggade om sjukdomen, behandlinge


Attenuation of Muscle Metaboreflex in ChronicBRUNO T. ROSEGUINI1, CRISTIANO N. ALVES1, GASPAR R. CHIAPPA1, RICARDO STEIN1,2, MARLI M. KNORST3,4,and JORGE P. RIBEIRO1,2,41Exercise Pathophysiology Research Laboratory, 2Cardiology and 3Pulmonary Divisions, Hospital of Clinics of Porto Alegre,Porto Alegre, BRAZIL; and 4Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Federal University of Rio Grande Sul

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