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Testing the effectiveness of
health care products
against viral infections
Inhibition of viral neuraminidase:
comparison of products with
Relenza ® /Tamiflu®
VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH
Is your product a neuraminidase inhibitor?
Acting in the same line like Relenza ®/Tamiflu® ?
The risks stemming from new, increasingly aggressive virus generations, such as birdand swine flu virus, demand the search for novel agents/products protecting from furthervirus infections and outbreak of epidemies.
Viral neuraminidase is involved in virus-cell interactions; hydrolysis of terminal sialic acidresidues located host cell receptors is instrumental in the penetration of virus particlesthrough the mucus membrane of the respiratory tract and release of virions from infectedcells [1-3]. Consequently, neuraminidase inhibitors such as zanamivir, (Relenza) oroseltamivir(Tamiflu) have been succesfully administerd in the control of influenzainfections.
In order to respond to the increasing demand for new inhibitors, VivaCell developed a specific assay to test your prospective neuraminidase inhibitor (nutraceutical, botanical, compound e.g.), enabling your company to thrive in this growing market.
Figure 1. Mechanism of action of neuraminidase inhibitors. Panel A: The role of neuraminidase
in the continued replication of virions in influenza infection. (Panel B): Replication is blocked by
neuraminidase inhibitors preventing release of virions from the surface of infected cells.
Moscona, A. (2005). Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Influenza. N Engl J Med 353: 1363-1373
[1] von Itzstein M (December 2007). Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery 6 (12): 967–74. doi:10.1038/nrd2400. PMID 18049471. [2] Palese P, Tobita K, Ueda M, Compans RW (October 1974). Virology 61 (2): 397–410. doi:10.1016/0042-6822(74)90276-1. PMID 4472498. [3] Liu C, Eichelberger MC, Compans RW, Air GM (February 1995). Journal of Virology 69 (2): 1099–106. PMID 7815489. PMC: 188682. Effects of neuraminidase inhibitors DANA and
Zanamavir (Relenza®) on Neuraminidase activity
from Influenza A virus
and bacterial sources
NA Clostridium perfringens
NA Vibrio cholera
NA Influenza A Virus
% Inhibition
Figure 2. Effects of the neuraminidase inhibitors DANA (N-Acetyl-2,3-dehydro-2-
deoxyneuraminic acid) and Zanamavir (Relenza) on neuraminidase activity from
Influenza A virus or the bacterial sources Clostridium perfringens and Vibrio
. Whereas DANA inhibits both neuraminidase from bacterial and viral
sources, zanamavir is mainly targeting viral neuraminidase activity. Data give proof
of the assay validity. Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) shows similar effects to Zanamavir
(not shown).
Inhibitory potential of botanicals/
nutraceuticals on Influenza A virus
Neuraminidase activity
Neuramin. -
Figure 3. Investigation of botanical extracts 1-7 concerning their capability to
inhibit neuraminidase activity from Influenza A virus. Except of extract 4, all
extracts inhibited neuraminidase activity. Extracts 1, 2, and 5 caused the strongest inihibition and might therefore be useful to protecting against flu infections.
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