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Material safety data sheet

3 October 2012 SAFETY DATA SHEET Section 1: IDENTIFICATION of CHEMICAL PRODUCT and COMPANY Product Name: Maxalac LC Intramammary Antibiotic Product Code: Recommended Use: An intramammary infusion to treat mastitis in lactating cows. Company Identification: Address: Customer Centre: National Poisons Information Centre: Emergency Telephone

The levonorgestrel intra-uterine system: therapeutic application in family planning

The levonorgestrel intra-uterine system: Therapeutic application in family planning Lucia Margaret Dolan , MB BCh, MRCGP, MRCOG, Specialist Registrar Obstetrics and Gynaecology ; Margaret Mulholland , MB BCh, BAO, MFFP, Family Planning Officer ; John Price , MD, FRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Institution: Ulster Commun

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Estarás de acuerdo conmigo en que muchas veces un nombre propio predispone a favor o en contra de una persona desconocida, sólo por el recuerdo que de aquel nombre tenemos de determinada persona que sí conocemos. Un ejemplo claro de ello es, en ocasiones, la disputa de los padres a la hora de elegir el nombre que pondrán a su futuro hijo. El juego cabalístico de las cifras es similar. Y ya,

Health benefits of red reishi mushrooms - yahoo! voices - voices.yahoo.com

Health Benefits of Red Reishi Mushrooms May 14, 2010 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites.."Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for centuries and has made numerous discoveries thatare now even currently being embraced by the Western world. Asian medicine believes that bystrengthening the body's immune system through the combination of the righ


TOIMEENTULOTUKIOHJE Jyväskylän kaupungissa 1.1.2012 alkaen 1 SÄÄNNÖKSET Laki toimeentulotuesta 1412/1997 (muutokset 29.12.2005/1218). Laki sosiaalihuollon asiakkaan asemasta ja oikeudesta 812/2000. Hallintolaki 434/2003. Sosiaalihuoltolaki 710/1982. Laki kuntouttavasta työtoiminnasta 189/2001. Laki lapsen elatuksesta 704/1975. Laki maahanmuuttajien kotoutumise

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24 JUST LABOUR vol. 8 (Spring 2006) DISABILITY DISCLOSURE IN THE WORKPLACE Robert D. Wilton School of Geography & Earth Sciences McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada INTRODUCTION n a recent Just Labour paper, Hatfield (2005) examines employers and unions’ duty to accommodate workers on the basis of disability, Ireligion, sex, race and family status. His i

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Dietary Considerations in Coumadin® Patients Coumadin® acts by impairing the utilization of Vitamin K. The liver requires Vitamin K for the manufacturing of certain key proteins in the native clotting mechanism. When Vitamin K is not made available, these clotting factors are not manufactured, and blood clotting is impaired. At the same time, oral intake of Vitamin K will thus counteract the

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January 4, 2011 Media Release Jasper County Sheriff’s Office 12/30/2010 @ 8:40 a.m., Gerrald R. Bogart, 57 of Nevada, MO, was arrested for Driving While Revoked at Hwy. 96 and CL 274 in Jasper County. 12/30/2010 @ 11:00 a.m., Billy L. Mills, 49 of Joplin, was arrested for Driving While Suspended at Hwy. 43 and Hwy. 171 in Jasper County. 12/30/2010 @ 11:00 a.m., Danny G. Watson, 57 of Jo

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MEDICATION SAFETY This series brings you up-to-date information about medication safety issues and strategies to prevent medicationerrors. It draws on Australian incidents and US experience, including (with permission) material from ISMP MedicationSafety Alert! a bulletin published by the US Institute for Safe Medication Practices <www.ismp.org>. This series iscoordinated via the C


Research Article: by John Andrews An Iridological Investigation in 50 Confirmed Cases for Possible Correlations Between Candida albicans Overgrowth, Candidiasis and Structural Markings Introduction It has been postulated that certain structural markings or pigmented signs like a central heterochromia, of various colourations, attest to the probability or, even, confirmation

January 09.pmd

EDITORIAL Treatment Strategies for Helicobacter pylori Eradication: Current Perspective All over the world anti-microbial based triplepractice. Resistance to metroindazole and clarithromycintherapy is the standard treatment but eradication ratesis much more important clinically and resistance to onehave declined to the extent that alternative or salvageof these agents leads to fa


OKTATÁSI MINISZTER TERVEZET! Tárgy: az érettségi vizsga részletes követelményeiről szóló40/2002. (V. 24.) OM rendeletmódosításáról Budapest, 2006. február VEZETŐI ÖSSZEFOGLALÓ Megjelent a Kormány 256/2005. (XII. 7.) Korm. rendelete az érettségi vizsgavizsgaszabályzatának kiadásáról szóló 100/1997. (VI. 13.) Korm. rendelet módosításáról,amely a


310 Greenwich StreetSuite 15BNew York, NY 10013212-766-7340Pigeons: Environmentalists hate them (“invasive species”). New York City councilmembers loathe them (“Oy! Such poop!”). There's even a contingent of ostensibly serious rehabilitators who take the view that they aren't wildlife and aren't worth dealing with (hey guys! read your licenses.). All the same, pigeons are (with rats

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Elegant memo

F R E S N O U N I F I E D S C H O O L D I S T R I C T PARTICIPANTS OF THE FRESNO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE PLAN SUBJECT: EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE PLAN AMENDMENT 2012-2 __________________________________________________________________________________________ The Joint Health Management Board of the Fresno Unified School District has modified the Plan Document regarding

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THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN Accreditation Unit Annex (1) Updated: 2010-10-18 To the Accreditation Certificate No. JAS Med. – 002 Dated 2008-02-28 For Quality Medical Laboratory in Medlabs Consultancy Group/ Amman Scope of Accreditation Clinical Chemistry and Haematology Subgroup/ Parameter/ Sample type Test method Instrument Examin

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A twinning action for improving the medical care of haemophiliac patients in the West Algerian region Algeria counts 33 millions inhabitants, about 1200 haemophiliacs, and one recognised haemophilia centre in Algiers. Networking for medical care and proximity treatment were the main recommendations of a consensus conference, organised in 2002, in Algiers, under the auspices of the Algerian He


PRESS RELEASE No 95/13 Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH v DEMO Anonimos Viomikhaniki kai Emporiki Etairia Farmakon The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPs) 1 falls within the exclusive competence of the European Union A patent granted before the entry into force of the TRIPs Agreement for the process of manufacture of a phar


JTA DPIS Netbook Update Promotion Rules and Conditions Entry Requirements  Member must complete his/her member profile on JTA Membership Website as specified below, on or before Friday, December 16, 2011. Closing Date Draw Date Draw Method Winners will be chosen by random electronic draw of member numbers from the list of members satisfying the entry requirements at 1


Resolução do Caso Prático 37, da Coletânea de casos práticos “Direito Administrativo – casos práticos, de Fausto de Quadros, Margarida Cabral, João Tiago Silveira e Mafalda Carmona, AAFDL, Lisboa, 2002” (com os contributos do aluno Ricardo Sobral) No presente caso prático existe apenas um ato a analisar: o indeferimento do Presidente da Vejamos as questões que se col

Twgnbmip [report]

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Technical Working Group wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution made by Professor Pieter Treffers and Mrs Petra ten Hoope-Bender in preparing a background paper for the meeting. The Technical Working Group also wished to thank the following participants for their presentations during the meeting: Dr Raj Baveja, Mrs Stella Mpanda, Ms Delia S. Veraguas Segura.

Koralek, jenny

BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR PURIM Norman Berman Children Library Jewish Public Library PICTURE BOOKS Adelson, Leone. The mystery bear : a Purim story. New York : Clarion Books, 2004. Ashlag, N. L'histoire de pourim. Marseille : Ashlag-Yallouz, 1993. Blitz, Shmuel The ArtScroll children's megillah = רתסא תלגמ. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Mesorah, 2003. Cohen, Barbara. Here come the Puri


Human Values as Normative Propositions Behind Design of Pharmacotherapy Processes A conversational workshop jointly sponsored by: Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Joint Centre for Bioethics, Knowledge Media Design Institute Monday, March 12, 4:00-6:00 pm Leslie Dan Building, 144 College St, rm B150 to be followed by reception in Leslie Dan Bldg Atrium 6:00-7:00 pm co


Front. Phys., 2011, 6(4): 347–349DOI 10.1007/s11467-011-0226-8 PERSPECTIVE Gifts from the superconducting curiosity shop David Mandrus 1 , 2 1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996 USA 2 Materials Science and Engineering Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 USA Received October 16, 2011; accepted Novembe


City of Johannesburg SUPPLIER NAME: _______________________________________________ REQUEST FOR QUOTATION FOR GOODS AND SERVICES FOR THE CITY OF JOHANNESBURG Procurement Less than R 200 000 (Including Vat) (For publication on the City of Johannesburg Notice Board/s & Website) The City of Johannesburg requests your quotation on the goods and/or services listed hereunder and


THE JAMMU AND KASHMIR STATE LEGAL SERVICESAUTHORITY (LOK ADALATS) REGULATIONS, 2010. Short title and commencement .—(1) These Regulations maybe called the Jammu and Kashmir State Legal Services Authority(Lok Adalats) Regulations, 2010. They shall come into force from the date of their publication Definitions .—In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise“Act” means the Jammu a

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Quelle: http://www.medizin-unwahrheiten.de/die_aids_luge.html Ein exzessiver Lebensstil liess das Phänomen AIDS entstehen Hätte die US- Seuchenbehörde CDC die Krankengeschichte von fünf jungen Männern im Jahre 1981 richtig eingeschätzt, wäre wohl niemals der riesige Stein ins Rollen geraten, dessen Ausmass schnell bis in die entlegendsten Regionen Afrikas zu spüren war. Als zwischen Okt

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SPECTROPHOTOMETER Application note: A09-010A The quantitative determination of caffeine in beverages and soft drinks using UV wavelength spectroscopy Introduction Caffeine is a naturally occurring alkaloid which is found in the leaves, seeds or fruits of over 63 solutions with chlorinated solvents such as plants species worldwide. The most common dichlormethane and chlorofo

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Journal of Health Science , 53 (4) 443–449 (2007) Responses to Albendazole Treatment for Hookworm Infection in Ethnic Thai and Immigrant in West-central Thailand Malinee Thairungroj Anantaphruti, ∗ Supaporn Nuamtanong, Dorn Watthanakulpanich, Wanna Maipanich, Somchit Pubampen, Surapol Sanguankiat, Teera Kusolsuk, Chatree Muennoo, and Jitra Waikagul Department of Helminthology, F


Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium IC-P: Poster PresentationsBackground: Rosiglitazone, a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptorcopy. Because of their high iron content, plaques typically appear as hypo-[gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) agonist, has an anti-inflammatory effect in theintense spots on T2-weighted scans. One of the challenges in imagingbrain, decreasing interleukin-1[beta] concentration

_curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE Magna Cum Laude , 1973, BA University of Pennsylvania AOA Honor Society, 1977, U. Penn. School of Medicine Children’s Environmental Health Champion – award to Region IX Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit for work performed composing facts sheets regarding environmental hazards to children during and after wildfires, October 2008. Division of Occupational


J Epidemiol Community Health 2000; 54 :79–80 Treatment with ivermectin: what works in onecommunity may not work in anotherO E Onwujekwe, E N Shu, C C Ndum, P O OkonkwoNigeria is highly endemic for onchocerciasis, Study design and seven million people are infected, 40million at risk of infection and 0.2 million blindstudy sites with an estimated total populationfrom the disease.1 Disea

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Online Gold Rush Retail has long been the key touch point between goods manufacturers and end consumers. So it is no surprise that the sector has been vibrant and innovative, bringing such inventions to the market as: layaways; self service shopping; concept stores, in-store bakeries, factory outlet centres, loyalty cards; pop-up shops, airport retailing - even scuba diving in retail malls.


CURRICULUM VITAE MARCEL L. CORSTJENS Address: INSEAD Boulevard de Constance F-77305 Fontainebleau Cedex France Date of Birth : 02 September 1949 Nationality: Belgian Civil Status : Married, two children GRADUATE EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 1975-78 Ph D Business Administration (Marketing), UC Berkeley. First Prize, Doctoral Dissertation Competition, Assistan

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The Jewish Agency for Israel The Department for Jewish Zionist Education Israel Image Galleries © Virtual Israel - The Best Links to Flash, Ipix, Virtual Tours, etc. I. IMAGE Galleries The Jewish Agency for Israel The Department for Jewish Zionist Education Extensive index of historical and contemporary information on places around Israel, multiple sites in Jerusal

Ecrire a l'ombre de kafka

ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE KAFKA ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE - D'art en art - Arts/Artistes/Artisans - Recensions - Date de mise en ligne : samedi 10 novembre 2007 Description : Parution d'une anthologie de neuf auteurs juifs de langue tchèque, 1900-1941. Judaiques Cultures ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE KAFKA Neuf auteurs juifs de langue tchèque, 1900-1941 Au début du XXe siècle, de nombreux au

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Antimicrobial activity of Reboulia hemispherica Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of methanolic extract and phenolic compounds of a liverwort, Reboulia hemispherica Chetna Sharma, Anu Sharma and Meenu Katoch Dept. of Biotechnology, IIIM Jammu. Email: anu4botany@gmail.com Abstract Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of methanolic extract and phenol

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Confidential________________________________________________________________ Personal Reference for the Arava Program on Kibbutz Lotan The Center for Creative Ecology and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies Kibbutz Ketura, D.N. Eilot 88840, Israel, Tel: 972-8-635-6618, Fax: 972-8-635-6634 Email: info@arava.org Web Site: http://www.arava.org To the applicant : This


DJÓRABIT Kattebid er dødsens farlige og hvis du er blevet bidt af en kat - så SKAL du tage det meget alvorligt og forlange at dine omgivelser gør det samme! Kattebid er specielle, fordi de spidse kattetænder kan implantere mikrober dybt, selv om såret er lille. Risikoen for infektion er op til 85% og bakterier som Pasteurella multocida og Streptokokker kan give dig en utrolig a

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www.jfmueller.ch / Biografie / Texte von JFM Autor: Josef Felix Müller anlässlich des Jubiläums 20 Jahre Aids Hilfe St. Gallen Appenzell „Kultur im Bahnhof“ St. Gallen, 3. September 05 Vortrag zur Ausstellung „Erklär mir Liebe“ Das Erklären der Liebe durch die Kunst ist sicher genau so schwierig wie die Kunst der Liebe. Johannes Schläpfer der Organisator dieser Ausstellung hat mich g

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Deepti Varma & Dr. Susan Jansen, Temple University,Philadelphia, PA and David J. Tognarelli, Jasco Inc., Easton, MD Rapid Profiling of Human Sex Hormones Rapid separation of human sex hormones in Biological Samples using the JASCO X-LC system Introduction: Hypertension is a serious problem among African breast cancer risk 3. Testosterone is a steroid hormoneAmerican po

Foods containing caffeine

FOODS CONTAINING CAFFEINE Baking Chocolate Chocolate Ice cream/Sundae/frozen treats DRINKS CONTAINING CAFFEINE Cocoa Chocolate flavored drinks Coffee and tea (brewed, instant, iced, or decaffeinated) Herbal teas Energy drinks (Full Throttle, 5Hour Energy, Red Bull, Rock Star, Tab Energy) Regular, decaffeinated and “caffeine free” colas/soft drinks/sodas Coke/Coca-cola PRESCRIPTI


Notfallberichte Undislozierte proximale Os Metatarsale-IV-Fraktur Fuss linksContusio capitis mit Penetrierender RQW Kinn Ossärer Aussriss Strecksehne DIG III rechts mit Subluxation des NagelsHandgelenkskontusion links vom 07.12.2011Nichtdislozierte Basisfraktur Metatarsale V Fuss linksKleiner osteoligamentärer Ausriss oberhalb des TalusAchil essehnenruptur links vom xx.xx.xxxx• Nasen


Information on the right of cancellation Right of cancellation - distance selling at your request outside the Bank or as distancePursuant to S17 of the Danish act on consumer agreements,selling: For instance if the agreement has been ente-you may cancel an agreement on financial services within ared into over the telephone, via e-mail o

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SPECTROPHOTOMETER Application note: A09-010A The quantitative determination of caffeine in beverages and soft drinks using UV wavelength spectroscopy Introduction Caffeine is a naturally occurring alkaloid which is found in the leaves, seeds or fruits of over 63 solutions with chlorinated solvents such as plants species worldwide. The most common dichlormethane and chloroform, a tech


Paediatric & Adult Orthopaedic Surgeon Please follow the advice of Dr Balakumar and the instructions given to you at the time of your pre-operative call by his assistant. The following instructions have been developed with your safety in mind. Children under 12 Years of Age1. Take nothing by mouth after midnight the night before surgery or 6 hours prior to surgery if in the afternoon. This


1. Arquitectura. La La arquitectura egipcia es arquitrabada. Por lo que respecta a la tumba señalar tumba y el templo. su tipología y la evolución de la pirámide desde el modelo escalonado de Zoser, en Sakkara, hasta la Gran Pirámide de Keops, en Gizeh. En cuanto al templo enumerar sus partes y dependencias, y reflejar su evolución desde los edificios al aire libre (Karnak y Luxo

Tendonitis guide

Tendonitis Healing Plan – based on the personal experience of pianist Noah Kellman 1. Make a list of everything you use your arms and hands for daily. Most of us don’t realize the extent to which we use our arms. This includes everything from making yourself breakfast to driving. For a musician, this might include hours of practicing, composing by writing or typing, and even things l


Contents Solvent extraction is a technique which has been highly developed within many nationalnuclear energy programs because of its suitability as a selective separation process for fissionproducts, actinides, and other radioactive substances. The technique is briefly described inseveral sections of this book (§§ 5.5.3, 9.2.6, 9.4.3, 15.7.4, 16.3.3, 21.7, and especially in21.6 on the Purex


¿Es usted víctima de violencia intrafamiliar? No hay razón para que usted deba soportar maltratos. (d) Relación informal de cuidado - existe entre dos personas si una de ellas es o fue dependiente Si una persona con quien usted mantiene una relación de la otra (un cuidador) que ayuda a la persona en una actividad del diario vivir (actividades de cuidado personal). Este cuidado person


DRUG CLASS EFFECT ON RECOMMENDATION/COMMENTS WARFARIN/MECHANISM Azole antifungals Increased response due to inhibition of Increased INR also reported with intravaginal and topical miconazole. Fluconazole ( Diflucan ) INR can be increased significantly with single doses of fluconazole. Itraconazole ( Sporanox ) Dose-related interaction, but can be seen with low

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