JTA DPIS Netbook Update Promotion
Rules and Conditions
Entry Requirements

 Member must complete his/her member profile on JTA Membership Website as specified below, on or before Friday, December 16, 2011.
Closing Date

Draw Date

Draw Method
Winners will be chosen by random electronic draw of member numbers from the list of members satisfying the entry requirements at 12:01am on December 17, 2011. One winning member will be drawn from each of the four JTA regions:
Winner Notification
Winning members will be notified by telephone call to the mobile number specified on their member profile. Three attempts will be made to contact the winning member within ten minutes, using that phone number.
Winning Criteria
 The winning member must answer when called at the provided number  The winning member must repeat the JTA motto ‘Unite and Serve’ and the DPIS tag line ‘Better Education Through Better Data’ when asked.  The winning member must be willing to participate in a prize presentation event  The winning member must allow his/her name and photographs of him/her to be used by  The promoters may, at their discretion, ask for verification of the accuracy of some or all of the data provided. If done, data will be verified as follows: o Name, date of birth, home address and mailing address verified by presentation of picture Id (Driver’s License or Passport)with additional documentation (e.g. marriage certificate) to support a name change, if required. Alternatively, home address and mailing address verified by presentation of any postmarked correspondence to that address. o School of Employment and Employment position verified by presentation of a current o Email address verified if the winner can provide the text of the email notification of winning sent to the provided email address. o Mobile phone number verified if the member is reached by it during notification of o JTA office, current and previous verified if the JTA’s records support the data provided. o Qualification verified if documentary proof can be provided.  Failure of the winning member to meet the above winning criteria will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prizes. Another winning member will then be drawn and offered the prize.
Declaration of Winner
The first winning member from each region to satisfy the winning criteria will be declared the winner for that region. The winning member from each region will receive:  A one year license for the DPIS School Management System for their school of employment, if employed by a primary school, or a primary school of their choice, if not employed by a primary school.
Conditions of Prizes
 The promoters take no responsibility with respect to warranty of the notebook computer and such matters must be taken up with the manufacturer.  The notebook computer might differ in colour and details from that pictured in promotional  The DPIS License is for the 2012-2013 academic year.  The winning school is responsible to ensure that suitable computer hardware is in place to  Should the winning school be unable to take up the DPIS License in the 1012-2013 academic year, it may be deferred for no more than one year to the 2013-2014 academic year.
Collection of Prizes
 Prizes not collected by January 5, 2011 will be forfeited. In this event another winning member will be drawn and offered the prize if they meet the winning criteria.  The winner will be required to participate in a prize presentation event and allow photographs of him/her taken during this event to be used by the promoters for promotional purposes.
<Download the Rules and Conditions here>
Sponsored by :
DPIS, better education through better data.
Authorized under Section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Source: http://www.jta.org.jm/sites/default/files/JTA%20DPIS%20Netbook%20Update%20Promotion%20Rules%20and%20Regulations.pdf

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