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The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal The doctors prescribing the drugs don't know they don't do what they're meant to. Nor do their patients. The manufacturers know full well, but they're not telling. Ben Goldacre The Guardian, Friday 21 September 2012 18.00 EDT Drugs are tested by their manufacturers, in poorly designed trials, on hopelessly smal numbers of weird, unrepresentat

Human rights report

Careers in Human Rights Forum A presentation organised by the Special Institutions Careers Service, The Careers Group, University of London. Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, March 20th 2006 Notes by Susan Goldie, Careers Adviser, The Careers Group The forum took the form of short introductions by a panel of speakers, followed by an informal networking session. Yasmin Qureshi Is a b

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1500–1600 C – Kardiovaskuläres System 1 Are serum TSH levels associated with oxidized low density Usefulness of PATHFAST cTnI assay in detecting minor myocardial necrosis in unselected patients with troponin-positive as measured by imprecise troponin I assays 72-hour kinetics of high-sensitive cardiac troponin T and inflammatory markers after marathon running Lipopolysaccharide-


Dear Christ School Parents: With the summer quickly approaching, it’s already time to start thinking about the next school year. Christ School and GroupRx are working together with school families to have their medicines Pre-Packaged in individual dose packets. GroupRx is the pharmacy which will dispense your child’s medication on a daily or as needed basis and is in full compliance

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2010 Health Form Page 1 of 4 Camper Name Please complete and RETURN TO CAMP BY MAY 1st for all sessions. PLEASE PRINT. If enrolling after May 1st, please return ASAP. Camper Name : ___________________________________________ Session: ________________ :_____________________________ (For Camp Use) Age : _____________________ Birthday : __________________________ Gender

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Evaluation of New Bactericides for Control of Fire Blight of DESCRIPTION: Pears Caused by Erwinia amylovora PROJECT LEADER: Jim Adaskaveg - UC Riverside and Doug Gubler - UC Davis 2002 FUNDING: $7,000 FUNDING SOURCE: California Pear Advisory Board 'XCNWCVKQP QH PGY DCEVGTKEKFGU HQT EQPVTQN QH HKTG DNKIJV QH RGCTU ECWUGF D[James E. Adaskaveg and Doug Gubler, Department of Plant

Denominacion comercial

Camí Pedra Estela s/n 43205 Reus Telf. 977 75 72 73 Fax. 977 75 13 98 E-mail: cenavisa@cenavisa.com FICHA TÉCNICA: ALBENDAZOL 10 % SUMARIO DE CARACTERISTICAS DEL PRODUCTO 1.- DENOMINACION DEL MEDICAMENTO: Albendex 10% ALBENDAZOL 10 % 2.- COMPOSICION POR ML: Albendazol micronizado . 100 mg Excipientes idóneos, c.s. 3.- FORMA FARMACEUTICA: Suspensi

Paramedic technical certificate program

The information in this document is informational only and not intended to be contractual in nature. The college reserves the right to change, modify or alter without notice all fees, charges, tuition, expenses and costs of any kind; or any statement, written or verbal, in accordance with unforeseen conditions. The rules, regulations, and policies in this packet are based on present conditions an

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Survival Cooking Vikki & Patrick Cauldwel May 2006 There are three main things to consider when dealing with “survival cooking”, at least as What are you planning for? We are going to consider three different scenarios in which survival or emergency Your CERT team has been deployed If you are deployed as part of a CERT team, you will need to be prepared to provide your o

international journal of phytomedicine

International Journal of Phytomedicine 2 (2010) 363-372 Research article Phytoestrogens of Pachyrhizus erosus prevent Bone Loss in an Ovariectomized Rat Model of Osteoporosis Arief Nurrochmad1*, Fransiska Leviana2, Caecilia Govita Wulancarsari3, Endang Lukitaningsih4 * Corresponding author: Abstract The effects of the etyl acetate extract of root of Pachyrhizus A

Algebra 2

Exponential Growth and Decay Notes You are going to work for me for one month; there are 2 options from which you can choose to be paid. Which one would you choose? Option 1: $1,000 a day for 31 days or Option 2: $.01 on day 1, $.02 on day 2, $.04 on day 3, $.08 on day 4, etc.? Justify your response. Bacteria reproduce, or grow in number, by dividing. The total number of bacteria a

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Anexo 1 da Proposta nº 160/2013 Minuta do CONTRATO PROGRAMA O Município de Lisboa aprovou e está em curso o Plano de Investimentos Prioritários em Acções de Reabilitação Urbana (PIPARU), que vem sendo financiado por empréstimos contratados junto do Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana, IP, e do Banco BPI, SA e 1. A GEBALIS – Gestão dos Bairros Municipais de Li

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Exploring Issues of Philosophy, Principle and Conscience in Contemporary Health Care The Prostate This article was excerpted from Dr. Ronald Wheeler’s surgery, radiation, etc. ) which leave the individual with writing and reproduced with permission of the McAlvany continuing pain or other symptoms and a progressive Health Newsletter’s editor. slow slide toward prostate cancer,

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PRESS RELEASE Move 1200 L – Outdoor Inside Outdoor inside – no more, no less. Photographers, whose life takes place more outdoors than in, will love it: the Move 1200 with lithium battery. A lightweight athlete! Expressed in figures, that is 1200 Joules of power from about 6 kg, and all no bigger than a camera bag. And the price? Unbeatable, especially with

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Peter Doeve EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND UNIVERSITY DEGREES Studied Organization and Leadership and General Economics at the Free University of Amsterdam (Drs), Business Economics at the Erasmus University (through KUR) (Drs), with specialization in Business Administration. Finalized his dissertation at Alliant University & Preston University in the United States of America with


APhA-ASP CHAPTER NEWSLETTER Special Legislative Edition VOTE NOW FOR YOUR DELEGATE!!! Voting is taking place NOW through Tuesday evening to elect our delegate. Our delegate is our voice at both MRM and the APhA Na-tional Meeting in San Diego. Tonya Kelley, Paul Morales and John Meyers are running for the position and their profiles can be seen on the secure browser when you vote.


Effect of fluvoxamine on plasma risperidone concentrationsConcetta D’Arrigo , Gaetana Migliardi , Vincenza Santoro , Letterio Morgante ,Maria Rosaria Muscatello , Maria Ancione , Edoardo Spina a Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine and Pharmacology, Section of Pharmacology, University of Messina, Policlinico Universitario di Messina, Via Consolare Valeria, 98125 Messina, Italy



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Study supports traditional diabetes therapy claim A clinical trial by researchers at The University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute has shown that an extract of fresh olive leaves appreciably reduces some risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. A paper published today in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE presents results of the randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, crossove


The Swine Flu Propaganda Explained All the fear mongering nonsense about Avian Flu/Bird flu - and now swine flu -over the past few years was to condition the population that something big wasbound to break out sooner or later. Then, when they decided the time was right -like in Mexico City - they ramped up the media / government / experts to put usThe Japanese Ministry of Health has already e


Einsatz des Internet-basierten Tools www.cancerdrugs.ch in der HausarztpraxisInsomnie bei Krebspatienten Insomnie (Schlafstörungen) ist ein häufi ges, aber oft unter- schätztes Symptom bei von Krebs betroffenen Patienten und kann deren Lebensqualität deutlich beeinträchtigen. en nnte Schlafh ygiene ; dar Gemäss ICD-10 spricht man von Insomnie als einem Zustands- vor dem Ei

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July 22, 2012 CWIS 2012 Rhizome Sale Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that the Can-West Iris Society’s annual rhizome sale is now open. The primary supplier of the Siberian varieties is the Ted and Sonja Baker's Gardens on Salt Spring Island BC. These are a mix of the tried and true including several historic varieties, as well as some newer and recent introductions from the work


Book of Revelation A Door Opened to Heaven RV1213 “THE SEVEN TRUMPET JUDGMENTS” INTRODUCTION: “We are living in the age of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”… 1. …so Pastor Gabe Sylvia explained to us last week; an age in which: a. God grants to us heavenly vision via the Spirit and the Word, b. Spiritual warfare is the reality of Christianity: the church is, first and for


Antibiotic Audit Workbook Please complete this workbook and return to Antibiotic Audit Workbook Contents 1. Observe practice. 52. Set standards. 63. Collect information. 8 Introduction This workbook is a practical guide to carrying out an antibiotic audit in Primary Care. It is based upon suggested guidelines produced by Camden & Islington HealthAuthority

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LES ETATS GENERAUX POUR UNE MARTINIQUE PERFORMANTE Richard SAMUEL, Préfet, Coordonnateur national des États généraux de l'Outre-mer Bertrand de SAINT GERMAIN, Administrateur civil hors classe, Coordonnateur des États généraux de la Martinique Victor-Emmanuel VAUGIRARD, Professeur des Universités en Finances à l'Université de Strasbourg, Rapporteur général des États

1 novembre

MONITORAGGIO RAI 1- 30 NOVEMBRE 2003 TGR MARCHE + IL SETTIMANALE (IL TEMPO DEI SERVIZI È ESPRESSO IN SECONDI) 1 Novembre IL SETTIMANALE CRONACA/ALTRA: 300 (Sessantesimo anniversario del bombardamento di Ancona) CRONACA/NERA: 245 (Criminalità in diminuzione nelle Marche) AMBIENTE E TERRITORIO: 230 (Case di terra cruda nelle Marche) ECONOMIA: 185 (Concorso nazionale maîtres: vin

Idiopathic environmental intolerance:

Article, OHS Canada Magazine, January/February 2002 Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance We aren’t sure what it is, but we think we can help “Within minutes, Mrs. Smith was breathless, lightheaded, confused, and dissolving in panic; her condition deteriorated so dramatically that her daughter had to be asked to leave the room.” Scientists call it “idiopathic environmental intol


VIGÉSIMO QUINTO DOMINGO DO TEMPO COMUM 02/10/2011 1a LEITURA (ls 25.6-10) 3) Preparais à minha frente uma mesa, bem à vista do inimigo, e com óleo vós ungis minha O0 Senhor dos exércitos dará neste monte, para todos os povos, um banquete de ricas 4) Felicidade e todo bem hão de seguir-me por iguarias, regado com vinho puro, servido de toda a minha vida; / e na casa do S


My research interests focus on understanding, at a biochemical and structural level, the mechanisms that drive molecular machines. In particular my aim is to use cryo-EM in combination with image processing techniques to uncover conformational changes that play functional roles in protein translation (ribosome) and polyketide synthesis (PKS). Principle Investigator, CIC bioGUNE, Bilbao, Spain.

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J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 31 (1998) L103–L107. Printed in the UK LETTER TO THE EDITOR The binding of positronium to lithium Faculty of Science, Northern Territory University, Casuarina, NT, 0909, Australia Abstract. The wavefunction of the lithium positride (LiPs) ground state is calculated usingan ab initio approach which uses a Gaussian basis with r 2 correlation factors.

Stopping eating and drinking

VOLUNTARY STOPPING EATING & DRINKING This paper addresses questions about stopping eating and drinking as an option to hasten death. The U.S. Supreme Court has affirmed the right of a competent individual to refuse medical therapies and this includes food and fluids. This choice is also commonly accepted in the medical community. One of the advantages of this decision is that you may chan

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Antiemetika AKH-CCC-SOP Gemäß AKH PB „Dokumente u. Aufzeichnungen erstellen und lenken“ Pkt.6 1 GELTUNGSBEREICH UND ZWECK Diese SOP wird zur Begleitmedikation bei der Verabreichung von zytostatischen Chemotherapien verwendet und ist im Bereich des AKH/CCC gültig. Nicht-zytostatikabedingte Ursachen werden dabei nicht abgehandelt. 2 MITGELTENDE DOKUMENTE AKH CCC SOP Erst

Sin título de diapositiva

GUIDELINES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF LOWER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS Mark Woodhead , Francesco Blasi , Santiago Ewig , Gerard Huchon , Margareta Ieven , Ake Ortqvist , Tom Schaberg , Antoni Torres , Geert van der Heijden Theo J. M. Verheij ERS Task Force in Collaboration with ESCMID • Supplemental Information: Appendices 1-3 – Epidemiology , microbiology,risk factors

Fic_pha_017 observance tégrétol en psy

Observance médicamenteuse et psychiatrie FI CHE D'I NFORM ATI O N* *Informations non exhaustives sur le médicament ; parlez-en à votre médecin ou pharmacien pour davantage de renseignements. FORMES PHARMACEUTIQUES - comprimé à 200 mg blanc, - comprimé LP à 200 mg beige, - comprimé LP à 400 mg orange, - suspension buvable à 100 mg/5ml. Conserver votre médicament dans so

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SALA 01 – AUDITÓRIO ITAPEMA (CENTRO DE EVENTOS HOTEL PLAZA SÃO RAFAEL) ATUALIZAÇÃO 30set13 (3 apresentações orais com 15 minutos cada) (3 apresentações orais com 15 minutos cada) (3 apresentações orais com 15 minutos cada) “Mecanismos de toxicidade e proteção” “Sinalização Celular na Neurotoxicidade de Metais Pesados” “Avaliação toxicológica in vitro” Mediad


Poverty, Prosperity, Progress - Devnet Conference POVERTIES AND SATISFIERS: A SYSTEMS LOOK AT HUMAN NEEDS Creating a New Democracy Katherine Peet and John Peet Summary Al systems have needs, whether the systems be people, families, communities, cities, economics or ecosystems. System needs are complex. They exist simultaneously, and must be addressed systemically and holistically,


SIDE EFFECTS Eplerenone Most Common ( e h - P L E H - r e h - n o n e ) Hyperkalemia, diarrhea, abdominal pain, diz-ziness, coughing, fatigue, flu-like symptoms. Classification(s): Aldosterone receptor Hyperkalemia is the primary risk; can result in de-creased renal function and serious, sometimes fa- tal arrhythmias. GI: Diarrhea, abdominal pain. Pregnancy Category: B


G\ekiX$J`cKDGifk\Zk`fe]fi:feZi\k\=cffij:li\j#J\Xcj#:_\d`ZXccp?Xi[\ej;ljkgiff]jpfli:feZi\k\=cffi@EKIF;L:K@FENorton Construction Products patented Pentra – Sil Liquid Hardener uses exclusive lithium chemistry to make the best concrete hardener and densifier available today. Concrete is exposed to harsh chemical, mechanical, and atmospheric elements that can cause the concrete t


body talk 10 reasons you might not know about why you should quit: 1It takes longer to recover from an illness and from surgery if you’re a smoker. Non-smokers are at an advantage when it comes to surviving life-threatening illnesses, and often survive in cases where smokers do not. Dr Mukansi says, ‘Smokers have increased post-operative wound complications, e


III. Abstracts 1. Haring Ch., Barnas Ch., Fleischhacker W. W., Mil er C., Unterweger B. (1986) Suicide among elderly people. Neurologija,Suppl. 35:135 2.Barnas Ch., Stuppäck Ch., Unterweger B., Haring Ch., Fleischhacker W. W., Hinterhuber H. (1988) Zotepine vs. Haloperidol in acute schizophrenia: Results of a double blind trial. Psychopharmacol. Suppl 96:205 3.Humpel Ch., Haring Ch., Auer B

A21 book

INCLUDES GUIDELINES ON • Annual review after surgery • Drug therapy during weight-loss David W Haslam Colin Waine Anthony R Leeds Medical Management During Effective Weight-loss National Obesity Forum www.nationalobesityforum.org.uk Medical Management During Effective Weight-loss National Obesity Forum © 2010 Reprinted with corrections © 2010 Medical Management Duri

Publikationen (original articles 2002 - 2005)

PUBLIKATIONSLISTE - Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für COPD 1.) Publikationen (Originalarbeiten) 1. Valipour A, Koller H, Kreuzer A, Kössler W, Csokay A, Burghuber OC. A case of primary tularemic pneumonia presenting with necrotizing mediastinal and hilar lymph nodes WiKliWo 2003, 115/196-199, IF: 0.9 2. Petkov V, Mosgöller W, Ziesche R, Raderer M, Stiebellehner L, Vonbank K, Funk GC


Packs of runners in their spandex pants and balaclavas moving like a day-glow amoeba as they pound out the miles of their training regime. On the run, conversations go to intimate places, especially on those long three-hour tromps all over town: training tips, what to eat before a run, what to eat so you don’t get the runs while on a run, best flavours of Gatorade, how annoying a spouse was,

Estudios cursados :

Dr. Marcelo A. Peche Médico egresado de la U.N.B.A (Matrícula Nacional: 95.039. Matrícula Provincial: 3627) Especialista en Gastroenterología . Título otorgado por la Escuela de Graduados de la Sociedad Argentina de Gastroenterología (S.A.G.E).- Fellow en Endoscopía Digestiva diagnóstica y terapéutica . Gastroentrology Unit. Haddassah University Hospital, Jerusalén – Israe


PEER REVIEW Prophylactic Intracameral Antibiotics in Cataract Surgery Editor: Ming Wang, MD, PhD, Clinical Reviewer: Baseer U. Khan, MD, FRCS(C), fellow of glaucoma and anterior segment at the University ofDirector of the Wang Vision Institute inNashville, Tennessee Panel Members: Y. Ralph Chu, MD; Nina Goyal, MD; Wei Jiang, MD; Baseer Khan, MD; Patty Lin, MD, MBA; Co-Edit


CHRIST CHURCH WEEKLY NEWS June 10, 2012 CALENDAR Today : 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist 9:30 AM Usher Training/Refresher (New Brick Nave)10:30 AM Holy Eucharist 3:00 PM Voices 21 Concert (New Brick—UL) 3:00 PM MDYPAA (Parish Hall—LL) 6:30 PM Recital/Hunter (New Brick—UL) The Bread and Wine for this morning’s services are given by April and Robert North in celebration of the

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Intel® Teach Elements Thinking Critically with Data Sources for Visualizing Data To view a large number of ways for visualizing data, visit A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods* at www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html. Note: Categories created by Ralph Lenler & Martin J. Eppler, www.visual- Data Visualization Sites for creating graphs, charts, and tables

Why are you here today

Robert V. Kolbusz, M.D. Why are you here today? (If you are not here for Acne or a Rash, fill out as many questions as you can from this Questionnaire.) Please DO NOT MARK ON ANY UNUSED QUESTIONNAIRES 3825 Highland • Suite 5C • Downers Grove, IL 60515 • 630-964-2000 Fax 630-964-2033 Robert V. Kolbusz, M.D. ACNE QUESTIONNAIRE PATIENT :________________________

Although the technical aspects of renal transplantation were first described in the early 1900’s, immunologic barriers to successful renal allotransplantation remained until the 1950’s and 60’s

Christopher Siegel, MD, PhD and Juan Sanabria, MD, MSc Although the technical aspects of renal transplantation were first described in the early 1900’s, immunologic barriers to successful renal allotransplantation remained until the 1950’s and 60’s. Several attempts at renal allotransplantation and xenotransplantation were made in the United States, Austria and France before the seminal tr

Pii: s0091-6749(99)70181-8

House dust mite avoidance for children with asthma in homes of low-income families Gail G. Shapiro, MD,a Timothy G. Wighton, PhD,a Tamara Chinn, RN,a Jon Zuckerman, BA,a A. Heather Eliassen, BA,a Joseph F. Picciano, BA,a and Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills, MD, PhDb Seattle, Wash, and Charlottesville, Va Background: Home exposure to high levels of house dust mite allergen has been shown

Nombre del docente o investigador

1. NOMBRE Martha Guadalupe Sosa Macías 2. FOTOGRAFÍA 3. CORREO ELECTRÓNICO INSTITUCIONAL: msosam@ipn.mx 4. ACADEMIA: Genómica Aplicada 5. REDES DE INVESTIGACIÓN: Red de Biotecnología del IPN, Red Iberoamericana de Farmacogenética. 6. RESUMEN DEL INVESTIGADOR: Publicaciones Internacionales: 6 Publicaciones Nacionales: 6 Capítulos de libros: 2 C

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For inquiries between 8am-10pm and for emergencies 24 hours call: 1-888-511-6222 St. Paul’s Hospital (SPH) Ambulatory Care Pharmacists: 604-806-8151. Please call two weeks in advance if booking a SPH pharmacy appointment with the receptionist at 604-806-8060. COMPLERA (RILPIVIRINE, EMTRICITABINE & TENOFOVIR) What is Complera? • Complera is a combination antiretroviral (ARV) a

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Colchicine Site Competitive Assay Kit CytoDYNAMIX Screen 15 ORDERING INFORMATION To order by phone : To order by Fax : To order by e-mail: Technical assistance : Visit the web page: CytoDYNAMIX Screen 15 Colchicine Site Competitive Assay Kit. (Cat. # CDS15) Table of contents Introduction Assay characterization and

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C.CLIN Sud-Est – Septembre 2004 Conduite à tenir en cas d’une épidémie de gale en établissement de santé Définition : la gale est une ectoparasitose (parasite externe) à Sarcoptes scabiei variété hominis qui vit dans l’épiderme humain, à l’origine d’une dermatose très prurigineuse et contagieuse. I. Contexte épidémiologique Le sarcopte a un aspec


You have three hours to complete the exam. Each question is worth 12 points, yielding a total of72 points. Your answers must be wholly contained in the space provided for each question to receivecredit. Be sure to write clearly and concisely. Answer all four of the following questions in the space provided. Lipitor is a statin that controls a patient’s cholesterol level and is under Pfizer’s


Kendall A, Dowsett M, Folkerd E, Smith I. Caution: Vaginal estradiol appears to be contraindicated in postmenopausal women on adjuvant aromatase inhibitors. Ann Oncol 2006 17(4):584-7. PMID: 16443612 Laumann EO, Nicolosi A, Glasser DB, Paik A, Gingell C, Moreira E, Wang T; GSSAB Investigators' Group. Sexual problems among women and men aged 40-80 y: prevalence and correlates identified in the Glob

Chpp and waters corporation

CHPP and Waters Corporation David Heywood – Proteomics Field Marketing (Americas)James Langridge – Director of Proteomics Business Waters Proteomics  Waters has been involved in proteomics since early 90’s R&D team constantly innovating and delivering new solutions for  Waters is committed to develop novel solutions for proteomics &  Waters is exceptionally we


GETTING THE MOST FROM GLENVALE FEEDBACK ON THE CONSULTATION REPORT The Day Hospital Manager has made arrangements to meet with staff, service users and carers from 10th July 2003. A letter has also been prepared for service users and carers to explain that they will continue to receive a service and to ask their views about the developments. Service Users and carers will also be ab

Question 1:


Antidepressants and breastfeeding

Antidepressants and Breastfeeding Question: What levels of prescribed antidepressants are present in breast milk? Response: A clinical protocol (1) for managing antidepressants in nursing mothers can be found at http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Protocols/Protocol_18.pdf. The following is a summary of antidepressant concentrations found in breast milk: Class: tri

Athar ansari, md

California Heart & Vascular Clinic Athar Ansari, M.D., INC. 790 W. Orange Ave, Ste. B El Centro, CA 92243 (760) 353-3222 Patient Prep for Adenosine and Exercise Stress Scans Absolutely no caffeine or decaffeinated beverages for 36 hours prior to the stress procedure, for example no sodas, diet sodas, chocolate, tea, coffee, even if they are caffeine free soda. Absolu

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CHECKLIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR DRUG DISTRIBUTOR / MANUFACTURER; MEDICAL DEVICE; COSMETIC ESTABLISHMENTS General Requirements: (ALL FORMS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED IN TRIPLICATE) _________ Information as to activity of the establishment _________ Notarized Accomplished Petition Form / Joint Affidavit of Undertaking _________ Photocopy of Business Name Registration with DTI (if single proprietor); with SEC


Original Paper Received: November 14, 2001Accepted: December 25, 2001 Natural Plasmid Transformation in Escherichia coli Suh-Der Tsena Suh-Sen Fanga Mei-Jye Chena Jun-Yi ChienaaDepartment of Microbiology, Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming Universityand bTaipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Key Words mids, a most frequent sequence was identified.


Pour traitement anti-inflammatoire : Celebrex (célécoxib)La Sun Life du Canada, compagnie d’assurance-vie, membre du groupe Financière Sun Life, s’engage à respecter la confidentialité des renseignements qui vous concernent. 1 | Important – À lire attentivement Veuillez noter que le fait de remplir le présent formulaire ne garantit pas que la demande sera acceptée. Il doit

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CONGREGAZIONE PER LA DOTTRINA DELLA FEDE ISTRUZIONE DIGNITAS PERSONAE SU ALCUNE QUESTIONI DI BIOETICA LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA INTRODUZIONE 1. Ad ogni essere umano, dal concepimento alla morte naturale, va riconosciuta la dignità di persona. Questo principio fondamentale, che esprime un grande « sì » alla vita umana , deve essere posto al centro della riflessio

Klein tabarrok.final

FDA efficacy requirements may do more medical harm than good. BY DANIEL B. KLEIN, Santa Clara University and ALEXANDER TABARROK, George Mason University than on-label. Thalidomide, for example, is an on-label treatmentfrom being sold in the United States unlessfor leprosy but is used much more often in the treatment of someforms of cancer and aspects of AIDS. In fact, most cancer

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LA PERSPECTIVA ECOLÓGICA DE LA INVESTIGACIÓN EN CIENCIAS La perspectiva ecológica aparece en el discurso y el accionar de la práctica investigativa de las ciencias sociales en oposición al enfoque experimental. Ella hace un llamado de atención sobre la necesidad de que la investigación en ciencias humanas debe hacerse en, desde, y para, el contexto real, natural (ecológico) donde tien


Cellulite localizzata alla regione laterale delle cosce Caso: C. B. a. 16 Patologia: cellulite 1°-2° regione laterale cosce la paziente giunge alla mia osservazione nell'ottobre u.s., richie-dendo consulenza per problemi legati ad inestetismo da cellulitelocalizzata alla regione laterale delle cosce. Lamenta problematica antiestetica. Nome: C.B. Clinicamente alla regione laterale del

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CLINICAL PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINE Status Epilepticus and Refractory Status Epilepticus, Management of Adult TITLE: and Paediatric Patients DATE OF ISSUE: ISSUED BY: SUPERCEDES: ISSUED BY: Purpose: To provide a guideline to assist physicians in the emergency management of patients with acute status epilepticus and refractory status epilepticus, both adults and pae


Arbejde eller pension - processer på arbejdsmarkedet for SiDere August 2001 Finn Kenneth Hansen og Henning Hansen Arbejde eller pension - processer på arbejdsmarkedet for SiDere August 2001 Finn Kenneth Hansen og Henning Hansen Center for Alternativ Samfundsanalyse Centre for Alternative Social Analysis Linnés


Gamma Knife Surgery for Essential Trigeminal Neuralgia: New Treatment Strategy with Robotized Micro-Radiosurgery M. Hayashi1,2,3, T. Ochiai1,3, M. Chernov1, K. Nakaya1, M. Izawa1, T. Hori 1 and K. Takakura1, 2 1Department of Neurosurgery, Neurological Institute, Tokyo Women’s MedicalUniversity, Tokyo, Japan; 2Graduate school of Medicine, Institute of AdvancedBiomedical Technology & Sc


International Task Force for Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease Clinical management of risk factors of coronary heart disease and stroke Major recent drug trials Losartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypertension study International Task Force for Prevention of Coronary Heart DiseaseMajor recent drug trialsLosartan Intervention For Endpoint reduction in hypert

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Looking back on ten years of democracy, one of theRepublic of South Africa (1996) is the product of athings that most distinguishes the Mandela governmentnegotiated settlement, which, even whilst it allowedfrom the Mbeki government is the emergence of afor majority rule, left pre-1990 class relations largelymore focused and visible left opposition to some ofundisturbed. Rather than producin


Election Commission of India AC's Wise Candidates Details Uttarakhand Sl.No. Candidate Name Sex Category Complete Address Party Name Party Symbol Election Commission of India AC's Wise Candidates Details 2 Yamunotri Sl.No. Candidate Name Sex Category Complete Address Party Name Party Symbol Bhandarsyaun Tehsil - Chinyalisaur , Dist - Uttarkashi

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Carnosine Carnosine is a dipepeptide composed of Alanine and Histidine which occurs naturally in meats and accumulates preferentially in muscle, brain, eyes and nervous tissue. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR THE USE OF PHYSICIANS AND OTHER LICENSED HEALTHBenefits proven in studies with a dose ofCARE PRACTITIONERS ONLY. THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR PHYSICIANS AND OTHERLICENSED HEAL

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Patient One – John Star 11 MONTHS AGO NO SHOW TO PMD Also missed nutrition appt. # SIGNED BY PAUL HO, MD 11 MONTHS AGO 9 MONTHS AND 2 WEEKS AGO Follow Up 52 yo M w/ PMH of well controlled HTN and poorly controlled DMII. Reports recent fsg's as being between 87- 148. Reports taking Metformin 850 mg BID, but occasionally only taking the AM dose. He reports eating better, no fruit j

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RISICO’s van GRIEP (uit de CEASE opleiding van Tinus Smits/2009) De ziekte De griep is een jaarlijks terugkerend verschijnsel in de winter. Het virus wordt overgedragen door speekseldruppeltjes bij het hoesten of niezen. Slechts de helft van de besmette personen wordt daadwerkelijk ziek. De incubatietijd is twee drie dagen, dan verschijnen koude rillingen, hoge koorts, een verkoudheid


SPED Contábil, fiscal e Social - Empresas precisam estar preparadas paras as mudanças - Por Robson Lopes Bezerra SPED Contábil, fiscal e Social - Altere a realidade fiscal. Contábil e Social da sua empresa. Por Robson Lopes Bezerra Confira as mudanças que já estão valendo e as que entrarão em vigor em janeiro de 2012 - Diante de tantas mudanças é importante estes conh

Effects of medication in the rehabilitation of persons with substance-induced disorders:



Donald R. Woods, "Problem-based Learning: resources to gain the most from PBL," D.R. Woods, Waterdown, ON, ISBN 0-9698725-2-6, revised 1996 A. How to.move toward PBL A.1 Osterman feedback lecture, A-1 A.2 MPS-Osterman feedback lecture, A-4 A.3 Use feedback forms, A-11 A.4 Feedback forms, monitor, mark, A-13 A.5 Guided Design, A-16 A.6 Relaxed Guided Design, A-18


• In addition to a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, your doctormay recommend taking calcium and/or vitamin D supplements. by Janice Beatty, RN, BSN and Craig ButlerCheck with your doctor about the need for these supplements. What can be done to treat low bone mass? Following all of the above prevention measures is important in treating low bone mass, to help insure that there


Foglio informativo n. 201/021. Libretto di deposito a risparmio. Libretto nominativo. Informazioni sulla banca. Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna S.p.A. Sede Legale e Amministrativa: Via Farini 22 - 40124 Bologna. Tel.: 800.303.306 (Privati), 800.343.034 (Piccole Imprese), 800.714.714 (Imprese). Sito internet:Iscritta all’Albo delle Banche al n° 5466. Appartenente al gruppo bancario

Bill 31 submission

Submission to the Standing Committee on Community Services Bill 31: Mental Health Amendment Act I'm very concerned about the "unintentional consequences" of Bill 31. In terms of my special interest area, the collateral damage is very likely going to include an increase of both chemical and physical restraints, instead of adequate and appropriate care, for elderly persons whose dem

Microsoft word - treating a child with multipl090608-e

VOLUME: 20 PUBLICATION DATE: Apr 01 2007 Issue Number: 4 Treating A Child With Multiple, Mildly Pruritic Papules By Gary “Dock” Dockery, DPM, FACFAS An 11-year-old boy presents to the clinic with a chief complaint of multiple bumps on his right leg and foot. He reports the lesions have been present for almost two months and appear to be increasing in number and size. The boy did not see h


“ RELACION ENTRE EL TRATAMIENTO ANTIGIARDIÁSICO Y ESTADO NUTRICIONAL EN PREESCOLARES DEL ASENT AMIENTO HUMANO ALTO TRUJILLO DEL DISTRITO EL PORVENIR” Autores: Bazán Cayetano Johana, García Saucedo Sheyla, Campos Florián Julio Cátedra de Farmacología, Escuela de Farmacia y Bioquímica, Facultad de Farmacia y Bioquímica, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Perú. El present

Lamisil cr. 69678.indd

A erupção cutânea normalmente apresenta uma borda clara e pode melhora deve continuar. Se você não notar a melhora dos sintomas dentro de 2 semanas após o início do tratamento, consulte um médico. • Micose do corpo (tinea corporis) pode ocorrer em qualquer local do corpo, mas frequentemente é encontrada na cabeça, pescoço, rosto ou braços. Nor-Para auxiliar no tratamento, mant

Microsoft word - la_questione_cipriota.doc

LA QUESTIONE CIPRIOTA Alla ricerca di nuovi paradigmi interpretativi. Confederazione Nazionale dell'Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa Allo scopo di presentare ed analizzare la questione cipriota così come si è andata caratterizzando nel corso dell’ultimo cinquantennio, l’Italian Center for Turkish Studies in collaborazione con l’Istituto Paralleli, organizza ne


G L O S S A R Y O F Y I D D I S H A N D H E B R E W Bereishis: First book of the Torah. Called GenesisAdmor: Hebrew initials for: Adonenu MorenuVeRabenu (Our master, Our teacher our Rabbi). This is a title commonly used with ChassidicRebbes. Admor of Ger, Admor of Satmer etc. bucharim: Hebrew/Yiddish for young men who1. Hebrew literally ‘binding’ Refers to the binding2. Jewish schola

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Congratulations on your discharge from IPOP! This booklet has some important facts that will help you take care of yourself after treatment. Remember, even though your new immune system is working and you can fight infections, your body's immune system (infection fighting system) has not finished healing. That takes time. You should follow these guidelines for the next 6 months. You may, h


3 Kenntnis der endogenen Psychosen Schizophrenien: körperlich (noch) nicht begründbare PsychosenBegriff geprägt durch Eugen Bleuler 1911Frühere Bezeichnungen:Verrücktheiten, Dementia praecox (Kraepelin)Häufigkeit: 1% life-time-riskErkrankungsalter: Männer früher als Frauen, meist 18.-25. LebensjahrErgebnisse der Ursachenforschung: Zwillingsforschung:eineiige Zwillinge 25-85%, zweieiig


Governing the im/mobility of elderly travelers: the case of ‘free’ Department of Human Geography & Planning Bijdrage aan het Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk Governing the im/mobility of elderly travelers: the case of ‘free’ public transport ‘Gratis’ openbaar vervoer is momenteel één van de kernthema’s in het politieke en beleidsmatige discours rondom (personen)ver

Microsoft word - minutes_20130114

CHAMBER OF THE BOARD OF CITY COMMISSIONERS YANKTON, SOUTH DAKOTA JANUARY 14, 2013 Regular meeting of the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Yankton was called to order by Mayor Wenande. Roll Call: Present: Commissioners Carda, Gross, Hoffner, Knoff, and Sommer. City Attorney Hosmer and City Manager Nelson were also present. Absent: Commissioners Akland, Lowrie, and Woerne


(Code Number: 6421, First Section of the Tokyo Stock CONVERSION OF NISCA CORPORATION INTO A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF CANON FINETECH INC. THROUGH A SHARE EXCHANGE Canon Finetech Inc. (“Canon Finetech”) and Nisca Corporation (“Nisca”, together with Canon Finetech, “Both Companies”) are pleased to announce that they resolved at their respective board meetings held today to im


http://www.aafp.org/fpm/1999/0700/p27.html?printable=fpmReviewing the fundamentals can strengthen your ICD-9 coding and streamline thereimbursement process. Fam Pract Manag. 1999 Jul-Aug;6(7):27-31. When you talk about the work you do and the conditions you see, you usewords — patient visit, suture, Pap smear, sinusitis. When third-partypayers refer to the work you do and the conditions y

Branch information

Sites: Abandoned agricultural fields, farm field borders, utility rights-of-way, roadsides, canopy gaps, and bare ground created in forests or pine plantations following thinning or harvest. Can be found on almost any site or substrate. Soils: Located on any soil type, but primarily upland soils. Hydrology: Terrestrial. Vegetation: Canopy: By definition, these communities are early successiona

Medical history questionnaire

Name __________________________________________________ Date ____________ Date of birth _____________________ Date of last eye exam ______________________Referring Dr. ______________________________ Primary Care Physician __________________________What is the chief complaint regarding your eyes?_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Microsoft word - estatuto_cagmeditado.doc

CAPÍTULO II – Dos princípios e finalidades fundamentais.3 CAPÍTULO III – Do patrimônio e das finanças.5 TÍTULO III – DA ORGANIZAÇÃO GERAL .6 CAPÍTULO II – Do conselho de representantes de turma .7 Seção I – Disposições gerais.8 Seção II – Das atribuições especificas .9 CAPÍTULO I – DA COMISSÃO ELEITORAL .10 TÍTULO V – DAS DISPOSIÇOES ESTATUTÁRIAS .12


(Incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability) (Stock Code : 291) Letter to New Shareholders – Election of Means of Receipt of Corporate Communications In order to protect the environment, China Resources Enterprise, Limited (the “Company”) proposes that as a shareholderof the Company you may choose to receive its corporate communications (i) by electronic means through the Comp


Couples with recurrent miscarriage: What the RCOG guideline means for you Contents Key points A miscarriage is the early loss of a pregnancy. Recurrent miscarriage is when this happens three or more times. Around 1 woman in every 100 has recurrent miscarriages. Most couples who have had recurrent miscarriages still have a good chance of a successful birth If you have had recurrent m


Ecclesiastes 12:1-14 ‘Living for Today' Sunday 19th.April 2009-04-17We have just had Purim, Passover and Easter Sunday. Now we are back to Ecclesiastes - whether we have been good, bad orindifferent, we al die! Dead flies give perfume a bad name! Fools are put in high positions! What is twisted cannot bestraightened! I have seen the tears of the oppressed and they have no comforter! No wonder t

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Curriculum Vitae Name: En-lieng Lau Address: 5F.-3, No.3, Aly. 4, Ln. 32, Sec. 1, Xinguang Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei E-mail: enlieng@ntou.edu.tw Birth Date: May 15, 1968 Birthplace: Taiwan Citizenship: Taiwan Sex: Male Marital Status: married Education: 1991 B.S. in Microbiology (SoochowUniversity, Taipei, Taiwan) 1993 M.S. in Aquaculture (National Taiwan Ocean

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CHELAN-DOUGLAS RSN/PHP POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL To assess concurrence with admission decisions made by clinical staff and by peer reviewers for mental health cases. 1. To provide consistency in utilization management decisions and to meet accrediting body standards (URAC and NCQA), CDRSN provides for Inner Rater Reliability Studies. 2. At least annual y, the Medical Director and UM


BIOMIST® 4+4 ULV www.clarkemosquito.com For Use Outdoors as an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Application to Control Adult Mosquitoes in Residential andRecreational Areas. This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops orPermethrin (3-Phenoxyphenyl) methyl (+/-) cis,weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds whiletrans-3-

Fibromyalgia: practical treatments for the family physician

Perspectives: A View of Family Medicine in New Jersey Fibromyalgia: Practical Treatments for the Family Physician Richard N. Podell, MD Source: Perspectives: A View of Family Medicine in New Jersey (Written for Perspectives (4Q05), a journal of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians, and reprinted with permission.) Richard N. Podell, MD, Clinical Professor in the Department


CANBERRA FERTILITY CENTRE THE roLE of oEsTraDioL in fEMaLE naTUraL MEnsTrUaL CYCLEs. Oestradiol, also known as oestrogen, is a hormone which plays a central role in the oocyte maturation process, and also plays a secondary role in preparing the uterus for pregnancy. This hormone is found in both the blood and in the follicular fluid (around the oocytes). Levels of oestradiol vary througho

Hutchison china meditech ("chi-med") (aim: hcm)

China Biotech In Review: Chindex Buys Israeli Laser Company For $240 Million Shanghai Fosun Pharma (SH: 600196; HK: 02196), Chindex (NSDQ: CHDX) and a private equity partner willspend up to $240 million to buy 95.6% of an Israeli medical device company, Alma Lasers (see story). Alma,which had revenues of about $100 million last year, makes lasers and other products, primarily for aestheticp

Microsoft word - resume_kastanioti.doc

Head Nurse of Dept. of Cardiology at the Metropolitan Hospital Department of Economics at University Hospital Of Ioannina,Ioannina, Greece TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF KALAMATA, Greece as an Assistant Professor in Health Management Dept of Health Management and Administration, Lancaster University, United Kingdom, as a post-graduate student Training in special organizational, management a


"L'allergie à l'iode", Qu'est-ce au juste? Le Dr André Caron , immuno-allergologue, chargé d'enseignement clinique à l'université de Montréal, est chef du service d'allergie-immunologie, pavillon Notre-Dame du CHUM à Montréal. Il exerce également à la Cité de la Santé de Laval où il est chef du service d'immunologie-rhumatologie, et à la Polyclinique Médicale Concorde,

Cap. 6

PARODONTOLOGIA (SIdP - Società Italiana di Parodontologia) Introduzione Le linee guida, compilate dalla Società Italiana di Parodontologia, devonoessere lette e considerate nella loro interezza. È evidente che queste lineeguida non possono includere tutti i possibili tipi di terapia per ottenere risul-tati fra loro comparabili. Le procedure proposte sono quelle che hanno il sup-porto dell

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THE QUALITY QUANDARY America’s physicians write over three billion prescriptions a year for patients1—and they need to know that when patients fill those pre-scriptions, the drugs they take are safe. Physicians want their patients to be able to get those drugs at the lowest price possible. Patient safety and drug quality are the overriding issues, as physicians work with their patients to

Microsoft word - 1-regulamento cdo 2013

(Regulamento do Campeonato Divinopolitano de Orientação 2013) CLUBE DE ORIENTAÇÃO DE DIVINÓPOLIS - CODIV Rua Manoel Bandeira 100, Bairro Santa Luzia – CEP: 35501-199 Divinópolis - MG. Fundação: 21 de janeiro de 2010 CNPJ: 11.795.075/0001-22 Fones: (037) 88233628– (37) 3212 4506 (Enzio) www.codiv.org.br REGULAMENTO DO III - CAMPEONATO DIVINOPOLITANO DE ORIENTAÇÃO/2013


For the many families and teachers of school-aged children, head lice continue tocreate some concerns and cause minor frustration. Curtis School intends to outlineroles, responsibilities, and expectations of the school community to assist with treatingand controlling head lice in a consistent and coordinated manner. While parents havethe primary responsibility for the detection and treatm

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Bird flu, is a contagious disease caused by avian (bird) influenza virus. It is commonly seen in birds, but on rare occasions, can infect humans. There are 15 types of bird flu viral strains. The most contagious strains are H5 and H7. The type currently causing concern is the deadly strain H5N1. The widespread persistence of H5N1 in poultry populations poses risks for human health. Of the few

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Objectives for Training in Cardiac Electrophysiology Cardiology Training Program University of Calgary Medical Expert At the completion of the rotation the resident will: 1. be able to describe the phases of the cardiac action potential and the ionic currents that contribute to the cardiac action potential 2. be able to describe the anatomy and physiology of the components o

Hiv positive women and their babies

A Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services HIV Positive Women and Their Babies After Birth I am an HIV positive pregnant woman, and Terms Used in This Fact Sheet: I am currently on an HIV regimen. Will my Adherence: how closely you follow, or adhere to, your regimen change after I give birth? treatment regimen. This includes taking the correct dose


Einstein Bros. License Parter Ingredients Plain Bagel (enriched bleached flour (wheat flour, malt barley flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, high fructose corn syrup, salt, yeast, molasses, wheat gluten, malt barley flour, soy oil, contains less than 2% ascorbic acid, enzyme, L. Cysteine (an amino acid). Processed in a facility which also p

Programa de introducciÓn al derecho procesal-3º cunef

PROGRAMA DE INTRODUCCIÓN AL DERECHO PROCESAL-3º CUNEF PARTE PRIMERA: CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS DEL DERECHO PROCESAL CAPÍTULO I: LA JURISDICCIÓN Lección 1ª: La jurisdicción como función del Estado Los conflictos jurídicos.- Sistemas autocompositivos de resolución de conflictos: autotutela y transacción.- Sistemas heterocompositivos de resolución de conflictos: arbitraje y ju

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Besichtigung SSE Am Freitag, 25. September 2009 nahmen 39 CVO Mitglieder und der SCV Präsident an der vom Vorstand organisierten Besichtigung der Société Suisse des Explosifs (SSE) in Gamsen teil. Am Morgen begrüsste uns Herr Zimmermann Helmut, Direktionsmitglied SSE und stellte in einer mitreissenden Präsentation die Entstehung und den Werdegang der SSE vor. Eine Gruppe mit Yves Guggi

Tunja, 01 de septiembre de 2009

Tunja, 09 de febrero de 2010 Señores HONORABLES CONCEJALES Ciudad Ref. EXPOSICION DE MOTIVOS Respetados señores Concejales: En cumplimiento de las normas legales, presento a ustedes el proyecto de acuerdo “Por el cual se otorgan al señor Alcalde de Tunja facultades para contratar mediante el sistema de tercerización la gestión de los procesos correspondientes a las funciones d


Changes to the Altius Preferred Drug List will be based on recommendation from Altius’ Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and modifications may occur quarterly. Actual benefits on your plan may vary regarding drug coverage, copays, coinsurance, quantity limits, days supply, and prior authorization. This document is a brief list of the most requested preferred brand name and

Canine food comparison

Earthborn Manufacturer 1 → Precise® Blue Buffalo ™ Holistic® EUKANUBA Purina® Purina® Product → Brown Rice Food Chicken Select Adult Maintenance Ingredient ↓ Crude Protein (Min) Crude Fat (Min) Crude Fiber (Max) Moisture (Max) Arginine Linoleic Acid Methionine Phosphorus Selenium Vitamin A Vitamin E Ascorbic Aci

Cell-pid 2011 & 2012 publications

LIBRARY 2011 Publications Abeyewickreme, A., Thrasher, A.J., & Kinnon, C. 2011. Bone morphogenetic protein-4 (BMP4) up regulates key haematopoietic genes in differentiating embryonic stem cells treated with BMP4 short hairpin RNA. Br.J.Haematol. Epub. Almarza, E., Zhang, F., Santilli, G., Blundell, M.P., Howe, S.J., Thornhill, S.I., Bueren, J.A., & Thrasher, A.J. 2011. Correction

Lfp print head warranty terms

PF-O3 & PF-04 Print Head Warranty Terms & Conditions The Canon companies listed beneath these warranty terms warrant the print head of the PF- O3 and PF-04 series (“Print Head”) sold in the EEA and Switzerland to be in good working order under normal use and service during the warranty period. In the event that a Print Head is found to be defective within the warranty period,


Brief report Discontinuation of fucose therapy in LADII causes rapid loss of selectin ligandsand rise of leukocyte countsKerstin Lu¨hn, Thorsten Marquardt, Erik Harms, and Dietmar Vestweber Leukocyte adhesion deficiency type II administration of oral fucose. Parallel to to the decrease of selectin ligands. Selec- (LADII) is a rare inherited disorder of this treatment the lack o

Ley 33 de 1985

LEY 33 DE 1985 Por la cual se dictan algunas medidas en relación con las Cajas de Previsión y con las prestaciones sociales para el sector público. DECRETA: Artículo 1. El empleado oficial que sirva o haya servido veinte (20) años continuos o discontinuos y llegue a la edad de cincuenta y cinco (55) tendrá derecho a que por la respectiva Caja de Previsión se le pague una pen


CCS Information Service Cerebral Palsy Resources CCS Information Service Cerebral Palsy Resources This bibliography has been compiled from resources held by the CCSInformation Service and contains references to a wide range of books andjournal articles on cerebral palsy and parenting a child with a disability. Books and videos are issued for one month, with a renewal possible if the

Scientific programme

CAMPUS OF EXCELLENCE05 NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Date 11th June Moderator: Fabric-based sensors arrays for reconstruction and classification of body GRAN CANARIA posture and gesture Speaker: Danilo Di Rossi La astronomía que viene Speaker Francisco Sánchez Beyond Moore´s Law Speaker: Mateo Fiabilidad: un desafío para el desarrollo de sistemas inf

N° 5198

CHAMBRE DES DEPUTES HEURE D’ACTUALITE au sujet de LA SCOLARISATION ET DE L’ENCADREMENT DES ENFANTS ATTEINTS DE L’ADHS (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Syndrom) Här President, Dir Dammen an Dir Hären, Kanner mat engem ADHS-Stéierungsbild oder esougenannte Zappelphilippen ginn oft zu Onrecht stigmatiséiert. Si ginn en nët einfache Leidenswee, grad esou hiert Ëmfeld, hi

The sustainable agriculture network’s standards and additional criteria for coffee and banana apply to the mentioned cspa persuap crops

Conservación y Desarrollo, Ecuador · Fundación Interamericana de Investigación Tropical, Guatemala · Fundación Natura, Colombia · ICADE, Honduras · IMAFLORA, Brazil · Nature Conservation Foundation, India · Pronatura Sur, Mexico · Rainforest Alliance · SalvaNatura, El Salvador Prohibited Pesticide List (November 2011) Copies of this document are available for free in electron

[bold size 12pt]strict embargo: 10:00hrs

Monday October 6, 2008 GREEN LIGHT FOR FIRST UK LUNG CANCER SCREENING Scientists have received funding for the initial stage of the UK’s first national lung cancer screening trial, it was announced at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer A team led by professor John Field, director of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Research Programme, at the University of Liverpool, has

Storm phobias - proceedings - library - vin

Storm Phobias - Proceedings - Library - VINhttp://www.vin.com/Members/Proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=ME. Front Page : Library : Medical FAQs : Behavior : Storm Phobias Back to Behavior Back to Table of ContentsStorm phobias and noise phobias are frustrating for clients and vets alike. While many phobias cannot be completely eliminated, the severity of the disorder can be reduced in many cases

Ker315 93.99

Advance Access publication 29 October 2011Treatment of trigger finger: randomized clinical trialcomparing the methods of corticosteroid injection,percutaneous release and open surgeryEdson S. Sato1, Joa˜o B. Gomes dos Santos1, Joa˜o C. Belloti1,Walter M. Albertoni1 and Flavio Faloppa1Objective. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of CS injection, percutaneous pulleyrelease


Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advance Access published September 23, 2010 or possible neoplasm, and extensive workup showed no evidenceof vascular abnormality or CNS vasculitis. The patient had no riskfactors for HIV infection and past medical history was unremark-able. The patient was transferred to our institution for furtherUpon admission, the patient presented with slurred speech

Pii: s1010-7940(99)00293-6

European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 16 (1999) 469±470Overdose of tetracycline for pleurodesis leading to chemical burnsH. Chaugle*, C. Parchment, D.J.M. Keenan, G.J. GroÈtteDepartment of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Manchester Heart Centre, Manchester Royal In®rmary, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL, UKReceived 27 January 1999; received in revised form 12 July 1999; accepted 4 August


CNAM_LETTRE11-SR Mél 30/08/05 16:12 Page 1 11 Lettre d’information aux médecins Pour recevoir cette lettre d’information par courrier électronique : www.lettreauxmedecins.ameli.fr > 30 MILLIONS DE PATIENTS ONT CHOISI ET DÉCLARÉ LEUR MÉDECIN TRAITANT, i n f o r e p è r e SOIT PRÈS DES DEUX TIERS DES ASSURÉS Maîtrise médicalisée À mi-parcours, des résultats

Mi 3-2010.pdf

Eyaculación precoz La eyaculación precoz es inducida por una falta de control eyaculatorio en la fase del orgasmo durante la relación sexual. De acuerdo con la Organización Mundial de la Salud la eyaculación precoz afecta a 25 a 40% de los hombres en todo el mundo. La mayoría de los hombres sufre este trastorno en algún momento de su vida. Según el caso, el hombre eyacula antes de la

The adequacy of legislative and regulatory responses to the ft

LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY REPSPONSES TO THE FTC STUDY ON BARRIERS TO ENTRY IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETPLACE Good morning, Mr. Chairman, Senator Leahy and members of the Committee. My name is Howard M. Metzenbaum and I now serve as Chairman of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA).1 This testimony is also endorsed by Consumers Union,2 the publisher of Consumer Reports magazine. I apprecia

Dear parent/guardian:

Pertussis Facts (from the New York State Health Department) Updated: January 2012 What is pertussis? Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a highly contagious bacterial infection that causes an uncontrollable, violent cough lasting several weeks or even months, It is caused by a bacterium that is found in the mouth, nose and throat of an infected person. Pertussis may begin with cold-like

Microsoft word - comesafety_del_d11_standardisationactivities_1.0.doc

COMeSafety_DEL_D11_StandardisationActivities_v1.0docTimo Kosch, BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH Abdel Kader Mokkadem, RENAULT Recherche Innovation General Secretary Project Coordinator Dr. Timo Kosch, BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH Revision chart and history log 20.12.2006 Updated version with partners Table of contents Introduction 1 List of actions and outcomes relat

Microsoft word - treatment of infertilit1.doc

TREATMENT OF INFERTILITY An Integrative Approach José Choy, MD; Natália R. Cordeiro, PhD. Associação Portuguesa de Acupunctura e Disciplinas Associadas Abstract Infertility is a new emerging problem in modern societies. Since II World War, History has been changing the meaning of reproductive success, enhancing the value of procreation in industrialized countries. Benedicti


Castrol Tribol 3020 Range Description CASTROL TRIBOL™ 3020/1000 fluid greases with TGOA™ were designed for applications which require goodpumpability of the lubricant and properties to withstand heavy loads. In gear units which are not sealed oil-tight and inlarge slow-speed bearings the CASTROL TRIBOL 3020/1000 greases provide for a sufficient lubricating film due to theirhigh base

Microsoft word - acido lipoico.doc

Ácido alfa lipoico (AAL) El “Antioxidante Universal” Por: Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Almanza El ácido alfa lipoico es una molécula pequeña compuesta de una cadena de ocho átomos de carbono y un radical disulfuro colocado en su parte final, actúa como un cofactor en diversas reacciones orgánicas favoreciendo que las células incrementen su producción de energía y se fac

Microsoft word - diabetes mellitus type 2 doh draft.doc

DIABETES MELLITUS TYPE 2 Lifestyle modification as part of initial management Measure HbA1c every 3 months depending on Have lifestyle modifications been successful? Consider oral hypoglycaemic agents Is there renal and/or cardiac dysfunctionConsider either metformin or a sulphonylurea Optimise dose of oral hypoglycaemic agent If patient on sulphonylurea and has normal renal


Infectieux - Informations & Publications - Manuel de neurochirurgie - SUPPURATIONS INTRACRÂNIENNES ABCÈS DU CERVEAU Les abcès du cerveau représentent 2% des lésions intra -crâniennes de l'adulte (8% en Inde), 17 % de l'enfant. 35%des abcès se développent avant l'âge de 15 ans. NEUROPATHOLOGIE Topographie . Voisine des cavités ORL ; multiples dans 30% des cas. Exce


The Old Testament in 39 minutes……… Why 39 minutes? By the end I’ll have revealed the answer. The first 5 books are the books of the Law Sometimes called the Torah, or the Pentateuch – for Jews it is the basis of their faith. For Orthodox Jews the laws are binding. Way back before the time of Jesus the Priests and Scribes etc would have committed all the Torah to heart - 199 pag


Principles and Practices in the Treatmentof the Mentally Ill/ Emotionally Disturbed Principles and Practices in the Treatment of the Mentally Ill/ Emotionally Disturbed Problems of the Mentally Ill/ Emotionally Disturbed The CSEA Examination Preparation Booklet Series is designed to help members preparefor New York State and local government civil service examinations. This booklet isdesi


Natural Remedies for Your Depression According to a World Health Organization study (2000), approximately 17-21 million Americans (roughly 10% of the country) are diagnosed with depression each year. Its many causes include prescription drugs, low/high blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, candidiasis, hypothyroidism, anemia, and sleep deprivation. If you suffer from chronic depression, consi


CLINIPATH PATHOLOGY TEST LISTING FACTOR ASSAYS Specimen Required: 2 x Sodium citrate tubes FACTOR V LEIDEN Specimen Required: 1 x Sodium citrate tube Patient must have written history of DVT or pulmonary embolism for the gene mutation analysis to be done under Medicare. FAD (VITAMIN B2) Specimen required: 1 x Lithium Heparin (NO GEL) FAECAL ELASTASE Specimen requir


REGIMENTO GERAL DO CEFET-BA QUADRO GERAL DAS CONTRIBUIÇÕES RECEBIDAS SOBRE O ESTATUTO DO CEFET-BA – proposta de alteração no artigo 1º, § 1º (professor Emílio): na redação deste parágrafo, suprimir a citação das unidades de ensino. SOBRE O REGIMENTO BLOCO 1 – CONTRIBUIÇÕES PONTUAIS Artigo 4 – proposta de alteração (professor Ricardo): trocar “empreende


INTERESSADA: Tricya Freimanis EMENTA: Regulariza a vida escolar da aluna Yasmin Freimanis Pazzine RELATORA : Marta Cordeiro Fernandes Vieira SPU Nº 09062909-4 PARECER Nº 0088/2009 APROVADO EM: 14.04.2009 I – RELATÓRIO Na condição de mãe, Tricya Freimanis, mediante o processo nº 09062909-4, solicita a este Conselho a reclassificação de sua filha Yasmin Freim

Microsoft word - wchs enrollment front page.doc

Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation Permission to Administer Medication and First Aid to Student School Year: 2009-10 This form is valid for one school year and must be renewed yearly. Student Name Home Phone Grade Student health alerts, medical conditions, or allergies: I am the parent/guardian of the above-named child whose date of birth is / / . I


RAPID COMMUNICATION GABA and Trk Receptor Signaling Mediates Long-LastingVIBHAKAR C. KOTAK,1 CHRISTOPHER DIMATTINA,1 AND DAN H. SANES1,21 Center for Neural Science and 2 Department of Biology, New York University, New York, New York 10003 Received 27 November 2000; accepted in final form 23 March 2001 Kotak, Vibhakar C., Christopher DiMattina, and Dan H. Sanes. Stimulation of MNTB affer


British Veterinary Camelid Society Proceedings of 2005 conference Ectoparasitic diseases of South American camelids Aiden P Foster PhD, DipACVD, MRCVS The most common causes of parasitic skin disease in camelids include:Easily identified by their characteristic shape and leading to pruritus with matted wool and alopecia in heavy infestations. There are 2 main types: Sucking lice

Microsoft word - 6.03.12 actividades día 8 día internacional mujer.doc

Actos, asambleas, concentraciones manifestaciones convocados por CCOO para celebrar el Día Internacional de la Mujer Las actividades que realizan las secretarías de la Mujer de CCOO de las Comunidades Autónomas y de las Federaciones servirán para denunciar el agravamiento de las condiciones de vida y trabajo como consecuencia de la crisis económica, de la destrucción de empleo


(A sensational blend of yellow peach fruit gelato with a chocolate nut centre encased in peach tinted chocolate and hand painted)Green Pears(Fresh pear gelato encased in tinted white chocolate with a chocolate fudge centre)Passion Splendor (Tangy passionfruit gelato encased in rich dark chocolate creates a taste sensation)Amore (This traditional favourite is a blend of baci gelato and hazelnuts

International ranger federation 5th world congress

"Land of brown heath and shaggy wood; Land of the mountain and the flood." International Ranger Federation 5th World Congress University of Stirling, Scotland, June 2006 The following is an account of the enthusiasm and friendship that made the 5th World Ranger Congress so memorable and a pleasure to recall. There were lots of colour - the irrepressible CMA/SCRA voluntee

Microsoft word - sondagepacterecherche.doc

Sondage sur le Pacte pour la Recherche Réalisé entre le 2 et le 9 décembre 2005 auprès de 500 PME innovantes technologiques 164 réponses traitées Résultats 84 % des PME jugent important que l’Etat mette en place des dispositifs favorisant l’accès des PME aux laboratoires publics . 83 % des PME sont favorables à la procédure CIFRE (convention industrielle de formation


Procédure N° 009 Rédacteurs Date Validation Dr A. BARONDEAU-LEURET, SAU Chalon/Saône Approbation Conférences d’actualisation SFAR 1998, pp 635-47Elsevier, Paris Sources Révision de la 3ème Conférence de consensus : Prise en charge des crises d’asthme aiguës graves de l’adulte et de OBJET : Préciser les éléments de gravité et la prise


Original Article Effect of Eucaloric High- and Low-Sucrose Diets With Identical Macronutrient Profile on Insulin Resistance and Vascular Risk A Randomized Controlled Trial R. Neil A. Black,1 Michelle Spence,2 Ross O. McMahon,1 Geraldine J. Cuskelly,2 Cieran N. Ennis,1 David R. McCance,1 Ian S. Young,2 Patrick M. Bell,1 and Steven J. Hunter1 The long-term impact of dietary carbohydrate typ

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ATENOLOL VS LOSARTAN EN PACIENTES CON SÍNDROME DE MARFAN. ENSAYO CLÍNICO En el Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, en Madrid, en coordinación con el Hospital Universitario Vall d'Hebrón, en Barcelona, se está realizando un estudio de investigación en pacientes con Síndrome de Marfan. El principal objetivo del estudio consiste en comparar la eficacia de Losartán frente a Atenolol


Dicas para driblar o medo de falar 1) Saiba exatamente o que vai dizer no início, quase palavra por palavra, pois neste momento estará ocorrendo maior liberação da adrenalina. 2) Leve sempre um roteiro escrito com os principais passos de apresentação, mesmo que não precise dele. É só para dar mais segurança. 3) Se tiver que ler algum discurso ou mensagem, imprima o texto em


repensando os valores Contemporâneos da efiCiênCiaCuidado, maternidade e temporalidade: repensando os valores contemporâneos da eficiência Care, maternity and temporality: rethinking the contemporary Maria Inês Garcia de Freitas Bittencourt Resumo: Este artigo busca refletir sobre o quanto a atenção e a preocupação com o bem estar físico e emocional do bebê transformaram o


HR standardsThe Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has unveiled arevised "Code of professional conduct", along with updated complaints anddisciplinary procedures. The new code – based on consultation with the profession and drawn up by asteering group including senior members of the profession and experts oncodes of professional conduct – will come into force fo

S385_nurul ilmi idrus_narkoba like the trending abuse of poli-prescription drugs

Center for Population and Policy Studies Gadjah Mada University ∴ Please do not quote or cite without permission from the authors 'Narkoba-like': The Trending Abused of Poli-prescription Drugs among Youth in Contemporary Indonesia Nurul Ilmi Idrus Hasanuddin University Introduction • Indonesia: one in Asia which has a long history of drug use. • BNN


Blackwell Science, LtdOxford, UKMMIMolecular Microbiology0950-382XBlackwell Publishing Ltd, 2004? 2004??Review ArticleThe mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan and related moleculesV. Briken, S. A. Porcelli, G. S. Besra and L. Kremer Mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan and related lipoglycans: from biogenesis to modulation of the immune response Volke

All newly approved drugs will default to non-preferred status until a full clinical review by the national pharmacy and therap

CIGNA Drug List Changes – Third Quarter 2009 CIGNA periodically reviews its drug list to promote continued effectiveness. Based on that review, the following changes have been made to the CIGNA drug list from July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009. Drugs marked with an (*), or (~) indicate that prior authorization, or step therapy is required, respectively. Note: This list includes selected b


Atlanta • Baltimore • Chicago • Cincinnati • Denver • Houston • Indianapolis • Los Angeles • New York • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • St. Louis • San Francisco • Seattle • Toronto The Childhood Liver Disease Research and Education Network strives to provide information and support to individuals and families affected by liver disease through its many research programs.

Transportation of dangerous goods regulations

TRANSPORTATION REGULATIONS OF IMPACT TO BATTERY COLLECTION AND TRANSPORTATION A publicly accessible version of the Special Provisions of the TDGR regulations is available at: Specific sections of note are as follows: Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations SOR/ 2001-286 Schedule 1 Special Provision 34 [for UN3090 and UN3091] (1) Lithium cells and batteries


International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, RPS e-PIC IPA covers material from 1970 and includes clinical and technical drug information, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical education, and legal aspects of pharmacy and drugs. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Electronic Pharmacy Information Coverage (RPS e-PIC)databases cover all aspects of pharmacy, it’s history, practice, manageme


Contents of the Nursing Kits NUR-101 Navy Blue Bag (Kit K1219A) Foley Cath Tray Cotton Ball/Hydroge 2 Required Gloves Surgeon LTX Free PF 7.5 4 Required Glasses Safety 1 Required Bag Plastic Drawstring 1 Required Thermometer Kit W/20 Sheaths 1 Required ISO Kit: Latex Free 1 Required Tote Navy Large 1 Required Irrigation Tray Piston S

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Nueva Revista del Pacífico Nº 54 [2009] Valparaíso LA VISIÓN EXISTENCIALISTA DEL MUNDO Y DEL HOMBRE EN EL TEATRO DE SAMUEL BECKETT The existentialist view of the world and man in the theatre of Samuel Becket HORTENSIA PADOVANI TORRES “Un mundo que puede ser explicado por razonamientos, aunque defectuosos, es un mundo familiar. Pero en un universo que súbitamente

Microsoft word - bidrx_prescriber_brochure_bidrxpb102809dp.doc

BidRxsm is a web-based, competitive, Ever have patients ask questions about their electronic marketplace (CEMtm) for all 4.5 prescription costs? Questions like: billion prescriptions filled in the U.S. annually. Prescribers get access to all drug How much will this drug cost me? products from all pharmaceutical Is there a different drug, cheaper but just as


Según la Asociación Nacional de Farmacias de México éstos son los antibióticos que se venden en México y que por lo tanto, a partir de abril ya no se podrán comprar sin receta médica ANTIBACTERIANOS SISTÉMICOS TETRACICLINAS Y COMBINACIONES  DOXYNONFLAM DOXICICLINA Cápsulas DERMATOLÓGICOS DARIER,  MICROMYCIN MINOCICLINA Cápsulas DERMATOLÓGICOS DARIER,  MINOCIN

Significant decision alert - no. 36

C A S E A L E R T , N O . 3 6 N O V E M B E R 6 , 2 0 0 8 Supreme Court Hears Preemption Arguments in Wyeth v. Levine On November 3, 2008, the Supreme Court offor its alleged failure to remove from Phen- Wyeth v. Levine , a case that many legal com-mentators have described as having the po-tential to reshape the landscape of pharma-Levine, the benefit of IV-push – fast

Microsoft word - asthma guidlines

Asthma and the competitive swimmer Introduction: One in seven children and one in 25 adults in Great Britain have asthma and the number isgrowing. Thus every swim squad or club will have a number of asthmatics and it is important forcoaches and club officials to have at least a basic knowledge of the condition. Asthma is a disorder of the small airways of the lungs, which become sensiti


Cortisol in de hoofdrol Cortisol heeft een hoofdrol als het gaat om chronische ziektes. De invoering van het kunstlicht heeft hier een cruciale rol. Vanaf het moment dat we hierdoor het dag-nachtritme naar onze hand kunnen zetten hebben we een chronische stressfactor voor ons lichaam gecreëerd. Niet alleen ná onze geboorte maar zelfs al daarvoor. Cortisol verhoogt het Wat is co


Companies That Do Test on Animals Frequently Asked Questions Why are these companies included on the "Do Test" list? The following companies manufacture products that ARE tested on animals. Those marked with a Ƈ observing a moratorium on (i.e., current suspension of) animal testing. Please encourage them to announce apermanent ban. Listed in parentheses are examples of products manu

Exelon is pleased to host the 19th annual configuration management benchmarking group conference in the chicago area june 24 -27, 2012

The 19th Annual CMBG Conference The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center June 24-27, 2012 Chicago, IL April 6, 2012 (2nd announcement) The deadline to register for the 19th annual Configuration Management Benchmarking Group Conference in Chicago, IL, June 24-27, 2012 will be here soon. If you plan to attend, please take a few minutes now to register for the conference and make travel


Case 1:10-cv-01005-RBJ-KMT Document 80 Filed 03/26/12 USDC Colorado Page 1 of 14Civil Action No. 10-cv-01005-RBJ-KMT TROY ANDERSON, Plaintiff, v. STATE OF COLORADO, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, SUSAN JONES, in her official capacity as warden of the Colorado State Penitentiary, and ARISTEDES W. ZAVARAS, in his official capacity as the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, Def


Evaluation of Canadian Bee Mortalities that Coincided with Corn Planting in Spring 2012 In the spring and summer of 2012, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) received a significant number of honey bee mortality reports from the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. A portion of these mortalities were determined to be asso


C Â M A R A M U N I C I PA L Acta da Reunião Pública da Câmara Municipal do Porto, realizada em 29 de Maio de 2001 PRESENTES: O Senhor Presidente, Eng.º Nuno Magalhães Car- doso, que presidiu, e os Senhores Vereadores Eng.º Orlando BarrosG a s p a r, Prof.ª Ernestina Miranda, Dr.ª Maria José Azevedo, Dr.ª MariaManuela Vieira, Prof. António Hernâni Gonçalves, Dr. José

Microsoft word - how to grow marijuana.doc

How to grow Marijuana courtesy of the Jolly Roger MARIJUANA Marijuana is a deciduous plant which grows from seeds. The fibrous section of the plant was (has been replaced by synthetics) used to make rope. The flowering tops, leaves, seeds, and resin of the plant is used by just about everyone to get HIGH. Normally, the vegetable parts of the plant are smoked to produce this "high," bu

Contrato de alojamento e prestação de serviços

ASSOCIAÇÃO BEIRA AGUIEIRA DE APOIO AO DEFICIENTE VISUAL ESCOLA DE CÃES GUIA PARA CEGOS – MORTÁGUA Rua da Albufeira, nº. 15 - Chão de Vento - 3450-333 Sobral MRT. Telefone: 231 920978 Fax: 231 920979 Nº. Contribuinte: 504 817 728 Contrato de Alojamento e Prestação de Serviços Primeiro Outorgante: A ABAADV, Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social com sede na

Avn foredrag klinisk#188780.cwk (tb)

Arno Victor Nielsens indlæg på konference om UDVIKLING OG IMPLEMENTERING AF KLINISKE RETNINGSLINIER, afholdt af DASYS, Århus Universitet på Herlev Hospital, 22.-23. sept. 2010vrangforestillinger kvit. Jeg led engang af den vildfarelse, at der da ingen ben er i at udøve sygeplejegerningen. Det kan enhver da, hvis man er udstyret med et omsorgsgen. Nu er jeg blevet klogere. Der er mange ben i


Ripar tire dall’unità Un progetto politico concreto deve ripartire dai temi cari allo spirito della sinistra Dopo la sconfitta elettorale della sinistra,abile alle istanze della società, che usa unliari e a livello meramente politico alla con-guardando ciò che succede all’interno deilinguaggio più moderno abolendo quei ri-divisione di scelte, deve rimanere la stradapartiti che hanno

Die macht des geldes

Die Macht des Geldes. Artikel aus der mexikanischen Tageszeitung "La Jornada" Mexikanische Gedanken zur Schweinegrippe Pandemie der Profitg(e)ier Auf der Erde sterben jedes Jahr 2 Mio. Menschen an der Malaria, die ganz einfach durch ein Moskitonetz geschützt werden könnten. Und den Nachrichten ist es keine Zeile wert. Auf der Erde sterben jedes Jahr 2 Mio. Mädchen und Junge

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Patient Instructions for Vascular and Interventional Radiology Center The following is a list of instructions for your procedure on _____________. 1. If you are having a procedure, we ask that you arrive 2 hours prior to the procedure to ensure that you get through admissions and the assessment center in time for your exam. There may be times when we are delayed due to emergent procedur


CODIGO DE ETICA CAPITULO I DISPOSICIONES GENERALES ARTÍCULO 1.- OBJETIVO. El presente Código tiene por objeto establecer el conjunto de normas y principios que regulan laconducta individual y colectiva de todas las Trabajadoras y Trabajadores de la Caja Petrolera deSalud en el ejercicio de sus funciones. ARTÍCULO 2º.- ÁMBITO DE APLICACIÓN. Su aplicación es de carácter o

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March 2005 Vol. 11 No. 5 The Development of Industrial Clusters Towards aThe aims of this study are to: (i) explore the factors contributing to thesuccessful formation of industrial clusters and the overall effects of industrialclustering on productivity; (ii) gain an understanding of the organization andnetworking of industrial clusters; (iii) examine the flow of human resources betweenclu


Central Arizona College EMS 240 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Catalog Description: Didactic and psychomotor skills training and validation in techniques of Advanced Cardiac Life Support according to the Current Standards and Guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA). Includes endotracheal intubation, ECG arrhythmia recognition, synchronized, unsynchronized and automated defibr

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YAO OLIVE LI Ph.D. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dept. Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Extensive research and teaching experience (~20 years) in the general area of food

Microsoft word - deftrevisedsubmitted.doc

A Framework For Learning with Multiple Representations DeFT: A Conceptual Framework For Considering Learning with Multiple Representations Shaaron Ainsworth School of Psychology and Learning Sciences Research Institute University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD, UK Email: Shaaron.Ainsworth@nottingham.ac.uk Abstract Multiple (external) representations can provide unique benefits


cermi.es FORO PÚBLICO Estas páginas son una ventana abierta a las tribunas nacional y autonómica, ACTIVIDAD donde se fraguan leyes, normas e iniciativas sociales que nos afectan PARLAMENTARIA PARLAMENTOS CONGRESO DE LOS DIPUTADOS SUBCOMISIÓN AUTONÓMICOS La Cámara rechaza el aumento de los El día 8 de mayo el equipo al que se presupuestos para nu

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UPDATES IN CARDIOLOGY DECEMBER 4, 2009 Drug-Drug Interactions Drug Interactions ƒ Pharmacodynamics (PD): „ What the drug does to the body ƒ Pharmacokinetics (PK): „ What the body does to the drug ƒ Primary source for drug interactions CYP-450 Enzymes CYP-2E1 CYP-1A2 Deficient in 7% of caucasions Adapted from Pharmacotherapy 15:848-998, 1995 Clopid

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COMMITTEE FOR THE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OF LISTED COMPANIES CODE OF CONDUCT TRANSLATION (for reference purposes only) Towards the end of 1998, I thought that a series of favourable conditions was existingin Italy for convening a Committee with the aim of drawing up a Report on CorporateGovernance of listed companies and drafting a Code of Conduct. The market capitalisation of th

Microsoft word - tilghmanfinalpaperj.doc

The Effect of Neuropathic Pain Damage to the spinal cord often results in neuropathic pain. Cyclooxygenase 2 This pain is experienced as a stabbing, burning shooting ortingling sensation. Allodynia (hypersensitivity to non-noxious Inhibitor Meloxicam on stimuli) and hyperalgesia (hypersensitivity to noxious stimuli)may also develop. The pain may be experienced at the level of Neur

Plan vip empresarial 2013 mc

PLAN VIP EMPRESARIAL Servicios con Cobertura Cantidad Cobertura Ambulatoria: • Estudios Laboratoriales de rutina (anexo I) • Estudios Laboratoriales especializados (anexo I) • Estudios Diagnósticos especializados (anexo III) • Ecografías Medicina Interna (anexo IV) • Honorarios Anestesiólogo en estudios diagnósticos o Procedimientos con médico de guardia:

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Kimberly S. Beasley, soprano Jacksonville, FL 32207 Education Northwestern University – Certificate of Performance in Voice, 2004 Valparaiso University – Master of Music in Church Music, 2000 University of Colorado – Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance/Music Theater, cum laude, 1995 Teachers: Sunny Joy Langton, Robert Harrison, Jean Greer Coaches : Sherrill Milnes

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae Seyed Ebrahim Eskandari MSc Researcher, Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases and Leprosy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 79 Taleghani Avenue, Tehran 14166, Iran Phone: (98-21) 897 0657 Fax phone: (98-21) 897 0658 Email: seyed7049@yahoo.com I. PERSONAL Name : Seyed Ebrahim Last Name : Eskandari Date and Place of

Omega blood testing dr tom gilhooly

Omega blood testing Dr Tom Gilhooly MB ChB Introduction Can one test change the face of medicine? Modern medicine has been dominated by pharmaceutical agents with little attention paid to any underlying nutritional imbalances which may contribute to or even be the cause of the “dis–ease”. The basis of nutritional medicine is to discover and correct imbalances which can reduce th

Dictamen 892/05

DICTAMEN ANTECEDENTES DE HECHO El día 20 de septiembre de 2005 tuvo entrada en este Consejo Consultivo la solicitud de dictamen preceptivo sobre el expediente de responsabilidad patrimonial iniciado como consecuencia de la reclamación presentada a instancia de Dña. xxxxx, representada por Dña. yyyyy, debido a los daños y perjuicios derivados de la asistencia sanitaria que le fue p

Cardiology assoc - forms console.xls

Cardiology Associates Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices I, __________________________________________, acknowledge that I have received a copy ofCardiology Associates' Notice of Privacy Practices. This Notice describes how CardiololgyAssociates may use and disclose my protected health information, certain restrictions on the useand disclosure of my healthcare infor


Neuromodulation im Zentrum Europas Programm 6. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neuromodulation (DGNM) 26. und 27. November 2010 im Amphitheater des Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) 4, rue Barblé L-1210 Luxemburg www.dgnm-online.de Liebe Mitglieder;liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,die 6. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft fürNeuromodulation


CODAL - SYNTO LTD GENERIC INDEX GENERIC NAME BRAND NAME A Acyclovir Amikacin Sulphate Amiloride Hydrochloride Amoxicillin Amoxicillin&Clavulanic Ampicillin Atenolol B Betahistine HCl Bezafibrate Bisacodyl Bromazepam Bromocriptine Mesylate Buspirone HCl C Captopril Carbamazepine Carvedilol New SYNTODILOL Cefaclor Cefazolin Sodi


Western News at The University of Western Ontario Reaching out to youth at risk A new study hopes to reach out to youth at risk for Type 2 diabetes and relatedcardiovascular disease through an exercise intervention that will put them back on theroad to good health. Lexi Howard, 13, is focused on leg lifts as she works out in the Exercise & HealthPsychology Lab in the Faculty of Health


La Esquizofrenia ¿Qué es la esquizofrenia? La esquizofrenia es un trastorno cerebral serio que afecta a aproximadamente2.2 millones de adultos en Estados Unidos, el equivalente a casi el 1.1 por ciento de lapoblación mayor de 18 años. Por lo general, las primeras señales de la esquizofreniasurgen en la adolescencia o entre los 20 y 30 años de edad. La esquizofrenia afecta la capacid

Microsoft word - 46825067-1ccb-28096f.doc

2. A BRIEF REVIEW OF THE CURRENT DIABETES DRUGS Two of the largest selling drugs, to help control blood sugar, are Avandia® and Actos®. In the first six months of 2007 increasingly adverse reports were widely publicized about these as a result of new printed scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals: 1. Female Diabetics using these drugs have started to develop fractures of the hands

Hebrew(jewish) calendar application for java mobile phones

Hebrew(Jewish) calendar application for Java mobile phones Introduction Molad and 'Molad' Molad ( birth ) is a Hebrew word for new moon . While new moon causes superstitions and horror in the Christian world, for the Jewish culture Molad means new month, new year, new live. Despite scientific declarations of the Universal mortality, for me Molad symbolises the eternity of the Universe, li


BIJSLUITER: INFORMATIE VOOR GEBRUIKERS Crestor 5, 10, 20 en 40, filmomhulde tabletten 5, 10, 20, 40 mg Lees goed de hele bijsluiter voordat u dit geneesmiddel gaat gebruiken want er staat belangrijke informatie in voor u. - Bewaar deze bijsluiter. Misschien heeft u hem later weer nodig. - Heeft u nog vragen? Neem dan contact op met uw arts of apotheker. - Geef dit geneesmiddel niet

Allegra fairweather: paranormal investigator

My name is Allegra Fairweather and I’m a paranormal investigator. Do you have trouble with ghosts? Witches? Shapeshifters? I’m the woman to call. Just don’t call me a Ghostbuster. The last guy who did that ended up flat on his back with my boot at his throat. Okay, I overreacted, but I’m tired of my profession being confused with a movie—and a comedy at that. Real paranormal investigatio

Rural tourism and sustainable development in hungary

RURAL TOURISM AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN HUNGARY Rátz, T - L. Puczkó (1998): Rural Tourism and Sustainable Development in Hungary; In: D. Hall - L. O'Hanlon eds.: "Rural Tourism Management: Sustainable Options" International Conference, Scottish Agricultural College, Auchincruive, Ayr, Scotland, UK, pp.450-464Rural tourism is a segment of the total tourist industry which is p


Relación de Inscritos en el Registro de Matrícula Consular (RMC), residentes en el Perú, nacidos antes del 01-06-1992, que se les requiere para actualizar sus datos. Fecha Insc. Apellidos, Nombres 05/03/1996 Abarzuza Carrascosa, Iñaki 04/03/2002 Abella Castro, Maria Sol 12/03/1993 Abella Gordillo, Paolo 30/04/2004 Abt Díaz, Carlos Alberto 08/11/2001 Abugattas Lozada, Alessandra


Veterinary Usage of Neways Products James W. Ratliff, III, DVM, BS and Senior Diamond Ambassador, Neways Mineral Solution/Maximol : All dogs and cats need one or the other of these – the decision factor being age and health challenges as applied in humans. The best way to obtain intake is to add to the water supply. A general rule of thumb is to add one capful to two liters of water–


COMMUNAUTE DE COMMUNES DE LA HAUTE DEULE Siège : 42 rue Nationale – BP 22 – 59185 PROVIN Nombre de membres en exercice : 25 Date de convocation : 31 mars 2010 L’An deux mil dix, le 7 Avril, les délégués de la Communauté de Communes de la Haute Deûle se sont réunis au lieu extraordinaire de leurs séances (Provin), sous la présidence de Monsieur Gérard LEDRU, suite à

In der diskussion: der mdr-1 defekt

In der Diskussion: Der MDR-1 Defekt Im Sommer diesen Jahres erhielten bestimmt Einige von Euch genau wie ich die Information, dass die Universität Giessen das Geheimnis der Ivermectin (u.a.)-Empfindlichkeit der Col ieartigen enträtselt hat und al en Besitzern von Hunden der betroffenen Rassen kostengünstig einen entsprechenden Test anbietet. Hier ist zunächst für al e Interessierten noch


10217_revista club emas 13 30/12/11 08:21 Página 8 Espai compra verda FITXA COMPRA VERDA D’ELECTRICITAT 1. Categoria del producte 2.3 Avantatges del fet de tenir en compte criteris ambientals de compra d’e- lectricitat verda Contractació d’electricitat –Reducció de les emissions de gasos contaminants i gasos d’efecte hiverna-Des de no fa gaire, a l’Esta

Joodse feeste

Ouderdom: Voorskools – Graad 6 Tema: Joodse Feeste: Purim Teksvers: Ester Tyd van aanbieding: Een van twee opsies moet gekies word: 1. Die lesse word so na as moontlik aan die Joodse feeste behandel. Die voordeel hiervan is dat die kinders weet: ons les gaan oor die fees wat my Joodse maats nou vier. Die regte datums vir feeste kan voor in die meeste dagboeke gekry word. 2. Die les

Microsoft word - public2006conferencerosterbycompanymerged.doc

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS… This list represents sponsors confirmed at the time of printing. For information regardingyour sponsorship opportunities, contact Janet Tricker at (416) 860-1133 x25 orToll-free at 1(877) 213-7373 x25 or email: janet.tricker@cfla-acfl.ca. ABN AMRO Leasing, Division of ABN AMRO Bank N. V., Ca

Microsoft word - chemo_side_effects!1.doc

Common Chemotherapy Side Effects Every person does not get every side effect of chemotherapy, and some people experience few, if any, side effects. The severity of side effects varies greatly from person to person. How Long Do Side Effects Last? Most side effects gradually disappear after treatment ends because the healthy cells recover quickly. The time it takes to get over some si


Civil Action Group, Ltd. 7800 Glenroy Road Minneapolis, MN 55439 Phone: 952.831.7776 Tol Free: 1.800.328.7171 Fax: 952.831.8150 Company Profile vil Action Group, Ltd. is the largest full service legal support company in the world. Since 68, CAG has provided the highest quality service to almost every large law firm in the U.S. T his same superior level of servi


El cambio climático antropogénico Adaptación y mitigación vs. preparación y reversión No es mi intención disertar aquí sobre el cambio climático y sus causas. Pienso que existen estudios científicos suficientes que demuestran no solo las causas, sino las consecuencias desastrosas para el futuro de la vida en el planeta. La divulgación de estos estudios, deber de todos los que ya


DRAFT TEXT to be published in Organisational Systems: InternationalPerspectives on Research and Development, Berkeley, D. & Dikaiou, M. (Eds), Innovating social support. Examples and designs Centre for Innovation and Cooperative Technology1Organisations differ in many ways. Two extremes are especially interesting. Someorganisations are tyrannical. Their members are committed to strict rul


Negative Signs and Symptoms Secondary to Antipsychotics: A Double-Blind, Randomized Trial of a Single Dose of Placebo, Haloperidol, and Risperidone in Healthy Volunteers Juan Francisco Artaloytia, M.D. Objective: Despite the clinical observa- tion that antipsychotics can produce neg- Celso Arango, M.D. ative symptom scales: the Subjective Def-icit Syndrome Scale total scor

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DEPORTE ANTIDOPING Ley 24.819 Ley de preservación de la lealtad y el juego limpio en el deporte. Creación de la Comisión Nacional Antidóping y del Registro Nacional de Sanciones Deportivas. Controles. Derogación de los arts. 25 y 26 y 26 bis de la Ley N° 20.655. El Senado y Cámara de Diputados de la Nación Argentina reunidos en Congreso, etc. sancionan con fuerza de Ley: A

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California Code of Regulations Title 22, Division 4.5, Chapter 11, Article 4, §66261.33 List of Acutely Hazardous Wastes Substance Acetamide, N-(aminothioxomethyl) Acetamide, 2-fluoro Acetic acid, fluoro-, sodium salt 1-Acetyl-2-thiourea Acrolein Aldicarb Aldicarb sulfone Aldrin Allyl alcohol Aluminum phosphide (RT) 5-(Aminomethyl)-3-isoxazolol 4-Aminopyridine Ammonium picrate (R) Ammoniu


GAZZETTA UFFICIALE DELLA REPUBBLICA ITALIANA Serie generale - n . 238 Lo studio AD 2000, finanziato dal servizio sanitario britannico, merita una considerazione particolare in quanto ha il follow-up più lungo mai realizzato su pazienti affetti da AD in trattamento con inibitori dell’AChE (3 anni), ed è uno dei pochi RCT pubblicati ad avere considerato come outcome primario il ris


SISC Flex Plan HEALTH CARE AND DEPENDENT CARE EXPENSES *Please note, all "potentially eligible expenses" require a Certification of Medical Necessity form completed by your medical practitioner in order to be considered eligible for reimbursement. The letter must include 1. Medical condition/diagnosis 2. Specific recommended treatment 3. Duration of treatment. This letter must be sub

Medication guide

MEDICATION GUIDE See the section “ What are the possible side effects of FACTIVE? ” for FACTIVE® [FAC-tiv] more information about side ef ects. (gemifloxacin) 320mg Tablets What is FACTIVE? FACTIVE is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic medicine used to treat certain Read the Medication Guide that comes with FACTIVE® before you start infections caused by certain germs

Ddn scoglio

ADHD e psicofarmaci: bambini diversamente attivi In America ci sono 13 milioni di bambini che fanno uso di psicofarmaci come Ritalin e affini, e numeri simili si stanno raggiungendo in paesi come la Germania, l’Inghilterra e la Francia. E in Italia? Corriamo anche noi il rischio di avere tra pochi anni una generazione di giovani adulti cresciuta a psicofarmaci?


EX/134/10 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE One hundred and thirty-fourth meeting EBRD Offices, London, 11-14 September 2007 PROJECT TO DETERMINE THE PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND ORGANOLEPTIC PARAMETERS TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN FINE AND BULK COCOA PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT (PCR) Note by the Secretariat: The attached document is a summary of the Project Completion Report submitted by the P

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 The Cass County Board of Supervisors met at 8:30 a.m. with all members present: Frank Waters, chair; Duane McFadden, Charles Rieken, Gaylord Schelling and Mark Wedemeyer. Agenda upon motion by McFadden, 2nd by Schelling was approved. Minutes of February 6, 2014 upon motion by Wedemeyer, 2nd by Rieken were approved. County Attorney Daniel Feistner reviewed curre

Persönliche daten

Publikationsverzeichnis / List of publications Dr. med. Katharina Erb-Zohar Originalarbeiten / Original publications 1. Kleinbloesem CH, Erb K, Essig J, Breithaupt K, Belz GG. Haemodynamic and hormonal effects of cilazapril in comparison with propranolol in healthy subjects and in hypertensive patients. Br J Clin Pharmacol 1989;27(Suppl.):S309-S315. Belz GG, Essig J, Erb K, Breit


CIGNA Price Comparison Report Available Through You Pay/Plan Pays Savings/Year Astelin SPR 137MCG RITE AID PHARMACY 06413 you pay: $30.00/month CVS PHARMACY you pay: $30.00/month TARGET PHARMACY you pay: $30.00/month TEL-DRUG you pay: $20.00/month * save $120.00/year *You must purchase a 90-day supply (your cost $60.00) to

Eman ibrahim wassef

Medical report Name: Eman Ibrahim Wassef date of admission: 1/1/2011 Age : 48 years discharge: still in ICU treating doctors: prof. Hatem Amin Attala Concultant of anaethesiology prof. Magdy akel prof. Amin malty Consultant of ophthalmology prof. Hossam Elkafrawy Consultant of plastic surgery dr. Ehab naeem Consultant of ENT The patient was admitted to our hospital after the explosion acc


Wednesday, Oct. 10 9,00- 13.00 PRE-MEETING WORKSHOP (in collaboration with SIMFER) Controversies on motor rehabilitation and surgery 13,00- 14,00 Lunch (not provided) 14,00- 14,30 OPENING CEREMONY 14,30- 15,30 KEYNOTE LECTURES SESSION 1 S. Ali-Fatemi Cell-based therapy in cerebral palsy: hype or hope Alastair MacLennan CP: is it in your genes? Genetic susceptibility and pote


R&D Performance and Gatekeepers Nobuo TAKAHASHI Kenichi KUWASHIMA Masaki TAMADA (Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo) (Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba) Abstract There is a difference between Japanese pharmaceutical companies and Merck in the research and development style. The difference between both can be simplified down to th


Title Incremental Cost-Effectiveness (ICE) Statistical Inference from Two Unbiased SamplesAuthor Bob Obenchain <wizbob@att.net>Maintainer Bob Obenchain <wizbob@att.net>Description Given two unbiased samples of patient level data on costand effectiveness for a pair of treatments, make head-to-headtreatment comparisons by (i) generating the bivariate bootstrapresampling distribution

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En Logroño, a 15 de septiembre de 2009, el Consejo Consultivo de La Rioja, reunido en su sede, con asistencia de su Presidente, D. Joaquín Espert Pérez-Caballero, y de los Consejeros D. Antonio Fanlo Loras, D. Pedro de Pablo Contreras, Dª Mª del Carmen Ortiz Lallana y D. José María Cid Monreal, así como del Letrado-Secretario General D. Ignacio Granado Hijelmo, siendo ponente Dª Carmen O

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Carbon Sequestration as Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policy K.S Kavi Kumar Associate Professor , MSE Forest ecosystem has potential to capture and retain large volumes of carbon over long periods as trees absorb carbon through photosynthesis process. A young forest, when growing rapidly, can sequester relatively large volumes of additional carbon roughly proportional to the forest.s grow


Int J Colorectal DisDOI 10.1007/s00384-010-1066-7Porcine dermal collagen matrix injection may enhance flaprepair surgery for complex anal fistulaPierpaolo Sileri & Luana Franceschilli &Giovanna Del Vecchio Blanco & Vito M. Stolfi &Giulio P. Angelucci & Achille L. GaspariAccepted: 4 October 2010# Springer-Verlag 2010impact on incontinence [, ]. On the other hand, surgical

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H1N1 ‘swine flu’ document In response to parental concern we have put together the following policy document on the H1N1 virus, more commonly known as ‘swine flu’. Parents should try to separate some of the hysterical media coverage of this illness from the reality: that the H1N1 virus is not dangerous for normal healthy children. The symptoms are much less severe than normal

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(Published in Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (ii) of the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, dated the 19th May, 2006) National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority S.O. 758(E) In exercise of the powers, conferred by sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) of paragraph 9 and paragraph 11 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995, read with No. S.O. 637 (E) dated the 4th September, 1997 issued by the Government of

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INSULATARD® HM 100 UI/ml Penfill® 3 ml Suspensión de Insulina Humana Inyectable Venta bajo Receta Industria Danesa Presentación Insulatard® Penfill® es una suspensión acuosa, turbia y estéril de insulina humana isófana (NPH), de acción intermedia. Los cartuchos Penfill® 3 ml están diseñados para ser usados únicamente en combinación con los sistemas de administr

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Guiding Principles for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder The Attention Deficit Disorder Association Over the past two decades there has been an exponential increase of diagnosis and treatment research regarding Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), sometimes referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). As clinicians and researchers have

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Present: All the Justices WILLIAM WHITE, JR. v. Record No. 051737 In this appeal, we consider whether the defendant was improperly denied the opportunity to present evidence to a William White, Jr. (“White”) intended to present evidence of his insanity at his jury trial on charges of first degree murder, a violation of Code § 18.2-32, and assault and battery of a police officer, a viola


FOR IMMEDI ATE RELEASE PECO 2301 Market Street, S14-1 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-841-5555 PECO Prepared To Serve Customers During Record-Breaking Heat Wave PHILADELPHI A (July 21, 2011) - With triple-digit temperatures forecasted for the next several days, PECO is prepared to meet the electric needs of our customers and res pond if any situations do occur. Today's customer energy us

Minutes of meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING - OPEN SUBJECT: FORCE EXECUTIVE BOARD 6th JULY 2009 CONFERENCE ROOM 1 - HQ PRESENT: Julie Spence – Chief Constable (Chair)George Barr – for Head SDDKaren Daber – Head Safer CommunitiesMike Dyke - FederationJohn Feavyour – Deputy Chief ConstableMick Gipp - Divisional Commander – Central DivisionPeter Greenwood – Head of QATAndy Hebb – Divisional

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Information for Clinicians on the Treatment of Pertussis There are limited data to guide a choice of the duration of clarithromycin (Biaxin) for pertussis treatment and prophylaxis. Based on available information, treatment for at least 7 days is acceptable although further studies are needed. The CDC’s Guidelines for the Control of Pertussis Outbreaks (1) state: “Although in vitro stud

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List of Publications of Prof. Anjaneyulu. Yerramilli, Ph.D. 1. Application of WRF/Chem for simulation of surface ozone pollution in the central gulf coastal region (2010): Anjaneyulu Yerramilli1 , Venkata Bhaskar Rao Dodla1, Venkata Srinivas Challa1, LaToya Myles2, William R. Pendergrass2, Christoph A. Vogel2,Hari Prasad Dasari1,Francis Tuluri1, Julius M. Baham1, Robert Hughes1, Chuck Patric


CONNECTED 2010 – 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DESIGN EDUCATION 28 JUNE - 1 JULY 2010, UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, United States KEYWORDS: Design Education, Design Culture, Design Taxonomy, Design Communities, Cross-Cultural Design, Design Education Diversity programs, their curriculums don’t actually have much Today’s de

HipertensiÓn pulmonar

HIPERTENSIÓN PULMONAR Martín Pedro Moya Resumen Hipertensión pulmonar (HP) es una severa y devastadora enfermedad. La secuencia de los cambios histológicos la podemos observar en la hipertrofia del músculo liso de las paredes arteriales, en la proliferación de la íntima, la trombosis in situ, la oclusión de los pequeños vasos y la formación de lesiones plexiforme


Cholinergic blockade does not alter the nasalcongestive response to irritant provocation*Dennis Shusterman1, Mary-Alice Murphy2, Paula Walsh1, John R. Balmes1Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, U.S.A. Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco, U.S.A. Objective: To understand the mechanism underlying the nasal

Misa de sata juana de lestonnac en la clausura de los actos del iv centenario

MISA DE SANTA JUANA DE LESTONNAC EN LA CLAUSURA DE LOS ACTOS DEL IV CENTENARIO DE LA FUNDACIÓN DE LA ORDEN MONICIÓN DE ENTRADA: Celebramos hoy el aniversario de la muerte de Sta Juana; su vida larga en años, y pródiga en obras, es una existencia generosa, rebosante, como la medida asegurada del evangelio de Lucas. Es la historia de una elección y una fidelidad. De una alianza (LLA


CHIROPRACTIC THERAPY CENTER Phone: (713) 670-7760 Fax: (713) 670-7761 NUTRITION EVALUATION: 10/27/2011 PATIENT INFORMATION DATA USED FOR ANALYSIS Height: 5'6"Weight: 145Blood Pressure: 139 / 95O2 Level: 83%Heart Rate: 98 PRIMARY SYMPTOMS 1. Hypercholesterolemia (High Cholesterol)2. High blood pressure3. Tachycardia (High Heart Rate)4. Diabetes Mellitus PRESENTING SYMPTOMS All

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Public vs. Private: TRIPs and its Implications for the Third World Atula Samarakoon October 2007 Position Paper 1 IGD Project SPARC, Faculty of Arts University of Colombo Introduction This essay intends to shed some lights on the debate over the public-private ownership in the context of an emerging universal trade related legislative and legal mechanism. A bet


Interruption volontaire de grossesse Méthode médicamenteuse Sophie Omnès, Joëlle Boccara, hôpital Saint-Antoine, 184, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris. L’interruption volontaire de grossesse (IVG), légale en France depuis 1975,reste un problème de santé publique, compte tenu du nombre de femmes concernéeschaque année. La loi du 4 juillet 2001 a été élaborée dans le s

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ConsultGeriRN.org Please note: There are currently no contact hours associated to these post-tests. This post-test is to be used for review. When you feel that you have fully completed reviewing the materials on ConsultGeriRN.org regarding this topic, please do the following: 1. Print out the Post-Test. 2. Complete the Post-Test in pencil or pen. 3. Please be sure that your NAME, AD

Acidentes de trabalho com exposição a material contaminado hiv

PROCEDIMENTOS FRENTE A ACIDENTES DE TRABALHO COM EXPOSIÇÃO À MATERIAL POTENCIALMENTE CONTAMINADO COM O VÍRUS DA AIDS (HIV)* * Extraído do Boletim Epidemiológico AIDS - Ministério da Saúde - ano IX No. 03 Semana Epidemiológica 23 a 35 -Jul a Ago 1996. (Modificado pela Portaria MS 874, de 3 de Julho de 1997) A prevenção de acidentes de trabalho com objetos perfuro-co

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Congratulations on your discharge from IPOP! This booklet has some important facts that will help you take care of yourself after treatment. Remember, even though your new immune system is working and you can fight infections, your body's immune system (infection fighting system) has not finished healing. That takes time. You should follow these guidelines for the next 6 months. You may, h

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Une pratique d'Interruption Médicamenteuse de Grossesse en médecine générale Michel Cadart Quelques mots concernant ma pratique de médecin généraliste se rapportant à l'IVG Médecin au MFPF d'Avignon, j'ai dès la loi de 2001 été intéressé par la possibilité d'organiser des IVG dans le cadre de ma pratique. J'ai attendu 2004 pour l'envisager réellement. Cela semble long, ma

Pagb print championship

PAGB INTER-CLUB PRINT CHAMPIONSHIP RULES OF ENTRY Issue 19 - July 2013 Each Federation is invited to select and nominate Two Clubs and, in addition, may invite any of their clubs who were Finalists in the previous year. Each Club participating must have at least one representative present at the event. Printing and copying information is time consuming and costly so all communication


Acórdão do Supremo Tribunal de JustiçaUm testamento público, para além da ausência de outras formalidades, tem que serlavrado por notário ou agente consular com competência para o acto, deve ser inscritoem livro de notas próprias e dever ser manuscrito em letra de fácil leitura. É cerrado o testamento que é escrito e assinado pelo testador ou por outra pessoa a se

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Letters from Early Australia – Linguistic Variation and Change I Introduction 1 This study of Australian English in general and the language of letters from nineteenth century immigrants in particular developed from two different interests. The first was a personal interest in Australia and its history, linguistic and social, the second an explorer’s fascination with a field he kno


Effect of enteral feeding on lipid subfractionsin children with chronic renal failureJameela A. Kari1, Vanessa Shaw1, David T. Vallance2, and Lesley Rees11 Nephrourology Unit, Great Ormond Street NHS Trust, London WC1N 1EH, UK2 Department of Biochemistry, Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine, Hampstead, London NW3, UKReceived August 19, 1997; received in revised form December 19, 1997;


Corvettes and Caffeine January 5th, 2013 Corvettes and Caffeine January 5th, 2013 For the Ladies 'Great' time at Corvettes and Caffeine on Saturday, January 5th! 86 Corvettes, 190 cups of coffee, 8 dozen donuts and 3 dozen bagels! The weather was cold, but we had several PC's arrive 'in the dark', to make sure they got their 'usual' spot. Ea


WHMIS SYMBOLS AND DESCRIPTIONS The WHMIS system groups hazardous materials into six classes or categories based on the type of hazard which they represent. These materials are also called controlled products. Each category has its own hazard symbol and it is important that the worker be able to recognize these. A - COMPRESSED GAS A compressed gas is a material which is a gas at nor

Consent to hiv testing

INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION (IUI) Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a process by which washed sperm are placed through the cervical canal and released inside the uterus. This insemination technique allows for the placement of the most motile sperm closer to where the egg will be following ovulation. The liquid in which the sperm swim (seminal fluid) is extremely irritating to the uterus, so t


September IMMEDIATE ONCAP and BC Advantage Funds are winners of CVCA’s 2006 ‘Deal of the Year’ Awards TORONTO: Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA) is pleased to announce that BC Advantage Funds (VCC) Ltd is the recipient of the CVCA’s 2006 ‘Deal of the Year Award’ for the venture capital category and ONCAP LP is the recipient of the CVCA

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lunes 14 de marzo de 2011 Segunda explosión sacude planta nuclear en Japón El estruendo se percibió a 40 kilómetros de distancia, pero la operadora de la planta dijo que se mantienen en los límites legales los niveles de radiación de la unidad afectada. Foto: Reuters Notas relacionadas •Asegura Japón que hay 11 heridos por segunda explosión de planta nuclear Orga


Gatorade Sports Science 60 Institute ® CAFFEINE AND EXERCISE PERFORMANCE Terry E. Graham, Ph.D. Lawrence L. Spriet, Ph.D. Department of Human Biology & Nutritional Sciences Member, GSSI Sports Medicine Review Board Department of Human Biology & Nutritional Sciences KEY POINTS 1. Recent, well-controlled studies have established that moderate doses of caffei


Introduction Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease caused by the gram negative bacillus Vibrio cholerae . Although more than 100 serogroups exist, only two cause human disease: V. cholerae O1, of which there are two biotypes (Classical and El Tor) and V. cholerae O139 which emerged in 1992. Cholera is known to cause worldwide pandemics. V. cholerae O1, biotype El Tor accounts for most c


LA PROVINCIA VENERDÌ 25 OTTOBRE 2013 Dichiarazione Iva standardLa Ue vuole ridurre i costiVita delle imprese più semplice con la dichiarazio-ne Iva standard con requisiti uniformi in tutta Europa. È allo studio della Ue. Potrebbe ridurre icosti per le imprese fino a 15 miliardi di euro l’anno. Cargolux: ogni sabato volo in America centraleDalle Ferrari, alle Lamborghini fino al

Connective tissue g#1020563.doc

Champlain Periodontal Brian D. Huber, D.D.S., M.S. 37 Timber Lane Nevin Zablotsky, D.M.D. So. Burlington, Vermont 05403 (802) 862-1435 (800) 783-2526 POST-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOLLOWING GINGIVAL GRAFTING Discomfort: Some discomfort is expected and is usually controlled with the medications prescribed. While taking Medrol (steroid), do not take additional anti-inflamm


CONFEDERATION OF INDIAN PHARMACEUTICALS INDUSTRIES (ssi) CIRCULAR No. – 3 There are news that the Ministry of Health is going ahead to establish an independent National Drug Authority. There is a proposal to hire US FDA to advise the Government on how to modernize and overhaul the system for an effective drug control mechanism including training the personal. US FDA is also contemplatin

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