HR standardsThe Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has unveiled arevised "Code of professional conduct", along with updated complaints anddisciplinary procedures.
The new code – based on consultation with the profession and drawn up by a steering group including senior members of the profession and experts on codes of professional conduct – will come into force for all CIPD members on Rosa has substantial experience acting for,and advising, employers and employees and The new code sets out member requirements under 4 key areas: has sat as a member of the Employment Tribunal. • professional competence and behaviour The CIPD board has alsoagreed to new complaints Pritti's specialism is acting for employees.
She has extensive experience of representing individuals, including directors and senior executives, covering a range of employment in greater ownership of theinvestigation process byCIPD members and with a wider group of professionals hearing disciplinary cases.
Any valid complaint regarding an alleged breach of the "Code of professionalconduct" will first be investigated by an investigation panel of CIPD members,selected from a pool with the necessary experience, capabilities and training Where the investigation panel determines that there is sufficient evidence of a breach of the code, the case will be referred to a hearing by a formal acting for both employers and employees.
She has experience in representing disciplinary panel consisting of appropriately experienced and trained commercial clients and individuals in various professionals, including CIPD members drawn from a "disciplinary pool".
Vicky Wright, chair of the CIPD's nominations and professional conductcommittee and immediate past president, said: "Our new code ofprofessional conduct is an evolution of our existing Code. But it also marks araising of the bar in terms of the maintenance and enforcement of clear,simple, rigorous standards in HR professional practice.” "Our new complaints and disciplinary procedures are crucial to ensuring thatthe CIPD has the tools and capacity to maintain and uphold the higheststandards in HR practice by its members.” Valiant House, 12 Knoll Rise, Orpington, Kent, BR6 0PG The revised code can be accessed in full on the CIPD website.
UK employers need to adopt age management policies Employers need to take proactive steps towards engaging and retaining their older workers, according to new research by Cranfield School of Management and NottinghamBusiness School.
The Employment Relations Challenges of an Ageing Workforce report, published on behalf of Acas, recognises that the proportion of the UK population aged 65 and over will risefrom 16% in 2008 to 23% by 2033.
New unfair dismissal rules meanthat from 6th April 2012, new UK employers need to tackle the issue by implementing age management policies in orderto retain the skills and expertise of older workers.
employees will need a longer time ofservice with you before they can An ageing workforce brings new challenges for employers including: claim for unfair dismissal. New employees who start work with you • training and support for career development.
before they can claim for unfair dismissal. Rules for your existing Author of the report, Dr Emma Parry says: “To overcome stereotypical attitudes towards older workers, companies need a supportive culture with policies and procedures that focus on supporting and capturing their skills and experience. And crucially managers needthe expertise and knowledge to deliver on these organisational aims.” For more information on developing age management policies, contact one of our specialist Injuries, Diseases and DangerousOccurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)Rules. These will change the What is your policy for the Olympic Games? With a likely increase in the number of requests for leave or flexible working around the time of the Olympics, employers need to establish a leave policy for the event and/or familiarise It is good practice to remind staff of the annual leave policy and of the procedure for takingtime off; including the amount of notice required. It is also important to inform employeesthat while each request will be considered, there is no guarantee that all will be approved. National minimum wage to increase by 1.8% Also, a consistent and fair response to multiple holiday requests over the Games periodshould be decided upon and communicated to staff. Will the organisation choose to grant holiday requests on a first come first served basis? Or will they look at introducing a Correct, up-to-date, policies and procedures on holidays, requests for leave, flexible working and unauthorised absence are the key to managing situations like these fairly andconsistently. The adult rate of the national minimum wage will increase by 1.8%, but youth rates will remainunchanged. The following rates come into effecton 1st October 2012: the rate for 18 to 20-year-olds will remain at £4.98 per hour Employers count the costs of workplace relationships the rate for 16 to 17-year-olds will remain at £3.68 per hour 43% of employers have experienced at least one issue as a result of a close personal relationship between employees, according to the latest XpertHR research. But, only 24% have in place a written policy on workplace relationships.
HR professionals responding to the survey said they wanted to see their organisations develop a definitive policy on workplace relationships with clear parameters and fair and consistent treatment of individualsinvolved in a relationship.
LawNet 2012. This newsletter summarises the law on issues which we believe may be of interest to our clients. It is not a comprehensive review of the subjects and accordingly is published without responsibility for loss occasioned to any person(s) acting or refraining from action as a result of the information published.


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