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Minneapolis, MN 55439
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Company Profile
vil Action Group, Ltd. is the largest full service legal support company in the world. Since 68, CAG has provided the highest quality service to almost every large law firm in the U.S. T his same superior level of service is provided to small and mid-size law firms, sole practitioners,
corporations, insurance companies, and governmental agencies, both nationally and
internationally. CAG was rated #1 by the U.S. Department of Justice for its technical
capabilities, business design, and experience. CAG is in a unique position to provide the
highest quality support services in today’s legal market because we are managed and staffed
by experienced lawyers, business executives, financial professionals, paralegals, and support
staff who understand the necessity of professionalism and proficiency in serving client’s needs.
CAG offers a wide array of legal support services under one roof and has earned the
reputation as the “go to” company for completing these tasks professionally, efficiently, and
cost-effectively. CAG services include:
National Service of Process
International Service of Process
Language Services—Translations and Interpreters
Medical Records Retrieval and Document Repository
Public & Private Records Retrieval
Investigations, Surveillance, Fingerprinting
Depositions, Court Reporting, & Videography
Litigation Services Financing
E-Discovery & Computer Forensics

Areas of Expertise
International Service of Process
CAG has almost 30 years of experience dealing with issues
relating to International Service of Process, in particular, the Hague Service Convention, Inter-
American Convention, Letters Rogatory, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, and collection of
Foreign Evidence. CAG has extensive knowledge and expertise in Country specific
requirements not listed in the reservations/declarations/notifications for certain Hague Service
Convention and Inter-American Convention countries; special requirements for certain Letter
Rogatory countries; and Country specific restrictions that can affect service of U.S. legal
documents in foreign countries; i.e., Japan's discovery restrictions, and Germany's objections
to U.S. split recovery statutes as they relate to punitive damages.

CAG's experienced translators can translate documents to and from almost any
language in the world. Whether one page or 100,000 pages, CAG can accurately
translate the document in a professional and expeditious manner. CAG can also provide high
quality, court-ready English transcriptions. CAG is a Corporate Member of the American
Translators Association

Document Retrieval With no call centers, CAG offers a boutique approach to client
communication, case interest, and service. CAG can retrieve all types of records, even those requiring authorization, including, but not limited to: medical records, itemized billing, radiology films/scans, pharmacy, employment, tax, workers comp, insurance, SSA, scholastic, and dental. CAG’s Medical Records Inc. division has 40+ years of managerial experience in record retrieval coordination and procurement.
Document Repository The CAG HIPAA / FBI compliant on-line document repository is a
valuable tool for accessing and sharing scanned images anywhere there is an internet connection. Our document storage platform uses a folder structure for easy navigation and is security set by user to cover the varying levels of access and usage.
National Service of Process and Investigations CAG has been providing fast, courteous,
and cost-effective service of process in every U.S. state since 1968. No other process
serving company can provide you with better nationwide service of process. In addition,
CAG’s investigative services can assist in locating defendants, witnesses and assets
nationwide. Our professional, licensed, insured private investigators use state-of-the-art
technology to investigate anybody, anything, anytime, anywhere!

Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Legal Computer Forensic Services, a division of
CAG, provides professional forensic services to the legal community, governmental entities
and the private sector. Our experienced digital evidence specialists, using the most
advanced forensic hardware and software, can assist in e-discovery; electronic evidence
recovery; computer forensic exams/reports; professional court testimony; data recovery;
internet/email abuse investigations; identity theft occurrences; and employee computer
analysis including supplemental evidential materials for civil cases, criminal cases,
employment matters and corporate security issues. We ensure compliance with the
collection, analysis, reporting, presentation and preservation of digital evidence.


CAG, through its various operating divisions, has provided support services in some of the
world’s largest litigation projects, including:
- Chinese Drywall - Honda ATVs
- Clerical Sex Abuse
- Securities Fraud
- BP Oil Spill
- Pedicle Screws - MCI Securities Litigation
- Artificial Sweeteners
- Toyota Recalls
- Seatbelt litigation - Norplant / Yaz / Ortho Evra
- Pharmaceuticals
- Breast Implants - Immunization
- Chocolate Price Fixing
- Sulzer / Zimmer Hip
- Silzone
- Ebbers / WorldCom Fraud
- Fen Phen / Redux
- Fosamax
- Showa Denko (L-Tryptophan) - Tobacco Litigation
- Pacemakers
- Avandia
- Bridgestone / Firestone Tire Tread Separation
- Mirapex
- Rezuiin
- Refrigerant Compressors Antitrust Litigation
- Genetically Engineered Rice & Contamination Litigation
- Asbestos & more!

The Civil Action Group of Corporate Entities
Civil Action Group, Ltd., APS International, Ltd., Medical Records, Inc., Legal Computer Forensic
Services, LLC, Civil Action Finance, Ltd., and Fingerprint International.
Civil Action Group, Ltd., 7800 Glenroy Road, Minneapolis, MN 55439


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