Corvettes and Caffeine January 5th, 2013
Corvettes and Caffeine January 5th, 2013
For the Ladies
'Great' time at Corvettes and Caffeine on Saturday, January 5th! 86 Corvettes, 190 cups of coffee, 8 dozen donuts and 3 dozen bagels! The weather was cold, but we had several PC's arrive 'in the dark', to make sure they got their 'usual' spot. Each Corvettes and Caffeine seems to be getting better and better, with lots of familiar faces and more and more 'new' Thanks to all our PC's for your support.
Scentsy Fragrance Products
Grace Adele Purses
C7 Released!!
The new C7 Corvette 'Stingray' was released on Sunday, January 13th. Lots of great information and pictures as well as several hours worth of technical information and interviews available. Check out our February Newsletter for more information.
Double D Jewelry
Diane Diehl, "Double D Jewelry", Corey Holland/Edward Jones
Oragami Owl Jewelry
Shoebox Swap Meet
We are seeing more and more used parts at our 'Shoebox Swap Meet'! This is a great opportunity to turn some of those old parts or collectibles into cash for your latest project. If it fits in your Corvette, bring it along to sell.
As the attendance increases, it is more important for you to 'RSVP'!! We base our Coffee and Donut/Bagel count (+/-), on the number of RSVP's We want to make sure everyone has Bling Cell Phone Covers
a good time and there is enough Coffee and Snacks for everyone!! Our next Corvettes and Caffeine is Saturday, February 2nd, 'Ground Hog Day'!! Hope everyone will be able to see their shadow! Once again, until it warms up, our start time will be 8:00 am. Please RSVP on our website, Click on the RSVP link on the blue bar, pick a date, fill in the info and send. We we will save a donut for you!! 'Preferred Vendor' to return to Corvettes and Caffeine!!
Lia Sophia Fashion Jewelry
One of our 'Charter' Preferred Vendors, Cindy Swan', will return to the February Corvettes and Caffeine. Cindy was at our first CaC with her 'Pampered Chef' products, and we are happy to have her back again. Be sure to check out all her great products.
advisor and excited to be part of our 'Corvettes and Caffeine'. Lia FaceBook Page
We have posted more pic's of our events on our FaceBook page. We are also linking them to our Corvettes and Caffeine website as well. Be sure to follow our events and 'Like' us on FB. Special Thanks !!
Every month, Ruth and Shelley, from New York Bagels and Bialys, supply us with our fantastic bagels. Delivered 'Hot and Fresh', they are a highlight of our Corvettes and Take Shape for Life
Newsletter Issues
It seems we are making progress with our newsletter issues. We have been able to make adjustments in our format and have had 'lots' for technical support and advice from some of our PC's. Be sure to add to your 'favorites' or 'safe senders' to continue to receive our postings.
Corvette Performance Arizona
CPAZ 'Gift Cards'!!
Corvette Performance Arizona is your stocking dealer for essentially all of your Corvette
parts and accessory needs, including all generations from C-1 to C-6. We offer the complete
lines from Corvette America, Mid America Motorworks, Corvette Central, and Eckler's, as
well as Paragon Corvette Reproductions and Zip Products, and a wide range of
Performance Parts from Summit Racing Equipment, JEGS High Performance and GM
Performance Parts. We also provide your best choice for engine parts for all Chevrolet
performance engines, and a complete line of repair and maintenance parts.
Cpaz 'Gift Cards' are now available in any In-stock and in town -- or by 'Priority' delivery to your home address!
amount requested!! Great for presents or for that 'Special Project'!! Corvette Performance Arizona
Call us:
local: 480-921-1200
toll-free: 877-303-1206
FAX: 480-921-1203
January Newsletter
Visit us (at our new store):
2318 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Our new January Newsletter has been published. More info on the new C7 and news from CPAZ. You can check out past email: Product and Pricing questions:
website. If you have any requests for information or something to contribute, Advertising, Club Links, and general inquiries:
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Monday Thru Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
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