Chpp and waters corporation

CHPP and Waters Corporation
David Heywood – Proteomics Field Marketing (Americas) James Langridge – Director of Proteomics Business Waters Proteomics
 Waters has been involved in proteomics since early 90’s R&D team constantly innovating and delivering new solutions for  Waters is committed to develop novel solutions for proteomics &
 Waters is exceptionally well placed to transition protein or metabolite — Large clinical group— Excellent understanding of FDA submission process— Excellent understanding of how to support clinical applications— Assay for Tacrolimus (510K cleared) Waters participation in CHPP
partnership similar to
Current program is a well defined ―agreement‖ between Waters and a scientific laboratory / research centre COI Partner Benefits
 Priority access to Waters field service  Priority access to Waters applications and product development experts, Waters Senior Management  Open doors to advanced collaborative Waters Corporation
Collaborative Successes
— Developed & implemented Waters Tandem Mass Spectrometry protocols in numerous state labs and labs around the world for NBS. i.e. CDHS & PE, 15 systems, 8 private labs, >30 analytes, 550,000 samples per year.
 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Immunosupressants — Collaborated with numerous hospitals around the world to develop and commercialize a FDA 510K approved kit to monitor the levels of tacrolimus by tandem mass spectrometry. — Collaborated with University of North Carolina, developed UPLC chemistry and hardware to commercialize biggest advance in chromatography in 20 years. Improved speed, resolution and sensitivity of MS analysis.
— Collaborated with University of Indiana, Warwick and Cambridge University to commercialize the first highbrid mass spectrometry system incorporating ion mobility.
Waters Perspective on CHPP
— It is Waters’ belief that the CNPN provides this and is innovative in it’s current collaboration with industry partners  Core competences handled by expert labs with appropriate — Standardised platforms do not guarantee reproducible results We must not detract from disease centric proteomic research. CHPP (HPP) discoveries will enhance current projects.
Alignment of Interests
 With a focus on standards Waters is happy to support a project which aligns with our commitment to analytically robust experimentation — Waters strives to make purposeful innovations improving data accuracy and reproducibility (MSE & RP/RP 2D Chromatography)  Development of diagnostic solutions/kits — MRM and pseudo MRM diagnostic kits, accurate mass quantitation on — Clinical mass spectrometry business is extremely important to Waters (Massive investment in FDA compliance for IVD solutions) Outcomes for Canada and Waters
— Expert reference sites— Health of Waters Canada economy — Expert development guidance for Waters products o Clinical mass spectrometry business is extremely important to Waters (Massive investment in FDA compliance for IVD solutions)


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