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July 22, 2012
CWIS 2012 Rhizome Sale
Hello everyone,
We are pleased to announce that the Can-West Iris Society’s annual rhizome sale is now open.
The primary supplier of the Siberian varieties is the Ted and Sonja Baker's Gardens on Salt Spring Island BC. These
are a mix of the tried and true including several historic varieties, as well as some newer and recent introductions
from the work of many of the top hybridizers in the field. There is a price point for all budgets so everyone will be
able to participate.
In addition we have a selection of bearded varieties donated by CWIS members and friends from Miniature Dwarf
Bearded to Tall Bearded and most everything in between.
The rules and guidelines are basically the same as previous years, but there have been a few changes so please read
everything through carefully before you start looking at the sale listing and photos (see below for instructions on
accessing the photos).
In order to participate in this sale we have set out some guidelines to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible:
1. REQUIREMENT TO PARTICIPATE: Paid membership in the Society is required. The membership fee remains
at just $5.00 per year. The membership fee is to be included with your order. The only exception to this rule is for
people who joined up between September of last year and August of this year or those who have paid for multiple
years in advance. You and I know who you are. If you have any questions regarding your membership status, please
ask before ordering.
2. SALE PERIOD: The sale will run from Sunday, July 22nd to Saturday, July 28th 2012 or until the iris are sold
out, whichever comes first.
3. ORDERS: Send your e-mail order to B. J. Jackson at with "Rhizome Sale Order 2012" in the
subject line. This is important! In past years a few orders have been missed because they did not have the
correct subject line to alert me to an order's arrival.

Be sure to include a list of alternates just in case your first choices are not available. Also include your full
mailing address and telephone number in case we need to contact you about your order.

4. ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: Money Orders are accepted, no cheques or cash unless arrangements
are made with me prior to your order being placed. PayPal payments to (instant bank
transfer payments) may be used but we are not set up for credit card payments
. Administration charge of 10
per cent of your order will be added to cover PayPal fees. The PayPal website is located at It will
take a few days to set up for instant bank transfers if you aren't already a PayPal member.
5. RHIZOME AVAILABILITY: Some of the varieties are in extremely limited numbers (i.e. just one or two).
Confirmations will be sent out as soon as possible following receipt of your order. Please remember the Rhizome
Sale Committee volunteer their extra time and labour to us every year and we do have lives outside of iris, so it may
take a day or two to get back to you. Your patience is appreciated.
6. PRICING: Prices are shown beside the individual varieties in all cases. The prices may seem high for some of
these, especially the newer introductions but I can assure you that it will be hard to find a better price anywhere in
Canada if you can find them at all!
7. PHOTOGRAPHS: Most of the varieties listed have a link to the American Iris Societty's iris encyclopedia (aka
the iris wiki). Just click on the link and you will go to the particular variety. If clicking on the link doesn't work,
just copy and paste the link into your browser and you can view them that way. A few do not have photos on the
Wiki. For these, you can visit the internet web page Webshots and clicking on the album 2012 CWIS at:
If it doesn’t show up as a hyperlink, copy and paste the address into your web browser.
8. SHIPPING CHARGES: Postage charges are not included. Postage charges will be:
Manitoba delivery: $11
Saskatchewan: $13
Alberta, British Columbia and all other provinces: $15.
Large orders may incur additional postage costs.
Local Winnipeg delivery is available for $3. Those who elect this option will be given specific instructions as to
how to make arrangements to pick up their orders in the city when the confirmation is sent. There are no taxes or
other charges to pay!
In return for following these guidelines you will acquire some healthy and strong iris rhizomes at a very reasonable
cost. We cannot guarantee replacement should you happen to get a misnamed iris. We have taken every precaution
to ensure this doesn't happen but sometimes mistakes are made. We hope you understand.
Have fun and enjoy the process. We have tried to make it as simple as possible but if
you should have any trouble with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at
Here is this year's listing. Remember, some of the varieties are in limited supply so don't think about it for too long!
And, have some fun. That's what it is all about after, all is said and done!
*2012 Rhizome Sale List and Descriptions*

Hot Babe - (Donald Spoon, R. 2004). MDB, 6" (15 cm), Mid season. $4
Golden yellow self, maroon spot on falls.; beards golden yellow; ruffled.

Balkana Baby - (C. Boswell, R. 1986). SDB, 9" (21 cm), Mid season. $3
Standards pale blue violet, pale gold to chartreuse midrib; falls maroon violet, 1/4" pale blue violet edge; blue tipped
beard. HM 1990.
Bantam Prince - (Chuck Chapman, R. 1999). SDB, 10" (25 cm), early. $3
Dark royal purple, falls with large black cherry spot, radiating lines; beards purple.
Blueberry Tart - (Chuck Chapman, R. 2002). SDB, 11" (28 cm), early. $3
Standards blue, dark violet red near base; style arms blue; falls reddish tan, brownish red central spot fading to blue
edge, short blue spear at end of dark blue beard; tailored, flared. HM 2005, AM 2008.
Cat's Eye - (Paul Black, R. 2002). SDB, 15" (38 cm), mid season. $4
Standards and style arms mauve rose; falls dark red texture-veined black, wide mauve rose band; beards old gold,
violet base; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2004, AM 2006, Cook 2008.
Comeback Trail - (Hooker Nichols, R. 1990). SDB, 12" (30 cm), early to late season. $3
Standards yellow, creamy undertone; falls cream, yellow edge, gold hafts; beards yellow, tipped orange; ruffled.
HM 1993, AM 1995.
Devoted - (Paul Black, R. 2005). SDB, 13" (33 cm), mid to late season. $5
Standards and style arms medium violet; falls wine red, medium violet rim, short white rays on each side of beard;
beards white at end, light yellow in throat, large; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. HM 2007, AM 2009.
Dragon's Den - (Chuck Chapman, R. 2002). SDB, 13" (33 cm), mid to late season. $4
Standards and falls dusty rose pink with darker center blending to dusty apricot edge; style arms dusty rose pink;
beards dark coral red, base blue. Nimble Toes X 92-062-1: (Triplicate x 87-27-06: (Solar Flight x Pulse Rate)).
Chapman 2002.
Fern's Magic - (Denise Stewart, R. 2008). SDB, 14" (36 cm), mid season. $5
Standards light straw yellow, lavender midrib; style arms darker yellow blended lavender; falls dark straw veined
butterscotch, light straw rim; beards mandarin orange in throat, lavender at end, bushy; slight musky fragrance.
Glamour Cat (Paul Black, R. 2003). SDB, height 13" (33 cm), mid season bloom. $5
Standards medium blue lilac; style arms darker; falls red violet shading to medium light red violet at edge, with
lighter center streak halfway from beard to edge, and red grape haft; beards white at end, yellow gold in throat;
ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.
Grape Cordial - (J. T. Aitken, R. 2000). SDB, 14" (36 cm), mid season. $3
Standards grape purple; falls purple undertoned yellow; beards violet and tan. HM 2003.
Green Halo - (Greenlee, R. 1955) SDB, 12" (30 cm), late season. $3
Standards pale olive green, F. same with deeper green-halo pattern. HISTORIC!
(See webshots for photo)

Ice and Indigo - (A. & D. Willott, R. 1990). SDB, 10" (25 cm), early. $3
Standards pale blue; falls pale blue with large deep blue violet spot; beards white. HM 1994, AM 1997.
Little Sighs - (George Sutton, R. 2007). SDB, 11" (28 cm), early to mid season. $5
Standards and style arms white washed chartreuse green; falls ¼˝ white edge, thumbprint chartreuse green veined
white and chartreuse olive; beards capri blue; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance.
Making Eyes (Barry Blyth, R. 1982). SDB, height 12-14" (30-36 cm), VE. $3
Standards creamy lemon; falls red violet, 1/8" creamy lemon edge; cream beard, gold in throat.

Over Easy
- (Carol Lankow, R. 1989). SDB, 11" (28 cm), mid season. $3
Standards white, green midrib; falls canary yellow, edged slightly lighter; yellow beard; slight sweet fragrance. HM
Pixie Princess - (Schreiner's, R. 1972). SDB, 11" (28 cm), early. $2
White with sharp 1/8" plicata border of blue; lemon-white beard. HISTORIC!
(See webshots for photo)

Red Heart - (A. Brown, R. 1966). SDB, 13" (33 cm), early. $3.50
Standards lavender-blue; falls bright oxblood red with 1/4" even border of lavender-blue; pale lavender beard. HC
1966, HM 1968, JC 1969, AM 1971. HISTORIC!
Spice is Nice - (A. & D. Willott, R. 1992). SDB, 12" (30 cm), early to mid season. $3.50
Standards ruffled khaki; falls flaring bright red brown; beards orange and blue.
Sunstrip - (John Weiler, R. 1986). SDB, 11" (28 cm), early to late season. $3
Standards bright full yellow; falls dark red mahogany with bright full yellow edge; yellow beard. HM 1989.
Toy Boat - (Paul Black, R. 1988). SDB, 10" (25 cm), early. $3
Standards white with blue tint; blue white styles; falls turquoise blue around beard becoming paler toward edge,
yellowish haft markings; mustard beard, ending in white; slight musky fragrance. HM 1993.
Tumbleweeds (Paul Black, R. 1986). SDB, 12" (30 cm), M. $4
S. ivory tan, rimmed grey; F. butter tan ground with diffused red brown spot; orange beard tipped blue; slight musky

Interim (Salsman, R. 1961). IB, 20" (51 cm), EM. $4
Standards white; Falls deep yellow. HISTORIC!
Susa - (Hans Peter Sass, R. 1933). IB, Height 24" (60 cm). $5
Early bloom season. Dark red bitone; Sass 1934 describes as "Velvety red purple self. HISTORIC!

Ace - (Lynda Miller, R. 1999). MTB, 22" (56 cm), mid season. $5
Standards white ground, deep violet overlay; style arms white, violet midrib; falls white ground, deep violet center
line, dots and solid border; beards pale violet, hairs tipped golden bronze; slight musky fragrance. HM 2001, AM
2003, W-W 2005. CWIS Best in Show 2011, 2012!
Freckle's Sister – (Chuck Chapman, R. 2009). MTB, 20" (51 cm), mid season. $6
Standards light tan, lightly freckled with small violet dots; style arms light tan; falls cream ground heavily dotted
violet, heavier near edge; beards yellow, white at end.
Merit (Kenneth Fisher, R. 1996). MTB, 20" (51 cm), Early bloom season. $5
Standards and falls with white central area surrounded by lavender spots, blending to brown border; beards orange.
Honorable Mention 1999; Award of Merit 2001; Williamson-White Medal 2004.
Designing Woman
(Joseph Gatty, R. 1989). TB, 36" (91 cm), early late bloom season. $6
Standards French lilac; falls aster, paling to iris and ageratum, faintly shaded buff on hafts; salmon to lilac white
beard; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Immortality (L. Zurbrigg, R. 1982). TB, 30" (76 cm), Mid bloom season. $5
Ruffled pure white; white beard; slight sweet fragrance. HISTORIC!

Supreme Sultan
- (Schreiner's, R. 1987). TB, 40" (102 cm), mid to late season. $5
Standards yellow; falls chrysanthemum crimson; yellow beard; ruffled and laced. HM 1990, AM 1992.
People's Choice Award Winner, CWIS 2010 Show!
Wabash. (Mary Williamson, R. 1936) TB, Mid bloom season. $5
From Cooley's Gardens catalog for 1938: "A new iris so far in advance of others of similar color combination that
they are simply not in the race. With clean white standards and bright purple falls, it might have been called 'Elk's
Temple,' so well does it call to mind the colors of that well known fraternal organization. The flowers are large and
are borne on well branched stalks reaching almost forty inches in height." (White and Dark Bicolor). Honorable
Mention 1937; Award of Merit 1938; American Dykes Medal 1940. HISTORIC!

Aqua Whispers - (A. Miller, R. 1987) siberian, 36" (91 cm), mid season. $6
Standards white, lavender base; falls lavender, veined violet blue, fine white edge, whitish blue signal. HM 1990,
AM 1992, Morgan-Wood Medal 1995.
At the Crossroads - (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, R. 2009). SIB, 32" (81 cm), mid season. $16
Standards smoky white veined soft violet, smoky yellow edge; style arms smoky white to yellow, hints of blue green
at midrib; falls pale smoky-purple washed, dappled and veined darker, purple strongest at signal which is gold
heavily veined dark purple; slight sweet fragrance.
Blue Pennant - (C. McEwen, R. 1971) SIB. (56± chrom.), 30" (76 cm), mid season. $6
Standards dark blue-violet, velvety; falls blue-violet, velvety; blue-violet blaze with yellow-white edging. HM 1973.
Cheery Lyn - (Anna Mae Miller, R. 1990) SIB, 37" (94 cm), early season. $7
Standards lilac with blue lines; style arms white; falls deep pink veined blue, white edge, green eye. HM 1995.
Cleve Dodge - (C. McEwen, R. 1968) SIB, diploid, 26" (66 cm), early to mid late season. $7
Standards and falls in shades or purple, lighter at edges, velvet texture; styles same. HM 1973. HISTORIC!
Coronation Anthem - (Robert Hollingworth, R. 1990) SIB. (tetraploid), 32" (81 cm), mid season. $8
Ruffled medium to deep blue, F. with large creamy yellow blaze aging to white; style arms lighter blue, tinged red.
HM 1992, AM 1994, Mor-W 1997.
Dreaming Yellow - (C. McEwen, 1969). (colchicine induced chimera). SIB, 31" (79 cm), M-L. $6
Standards white; falls creamy yellow; moderately ruffled. HM 1972. HISTORIC!
Echo The Wind - (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, R. 1999) SIB, 31" (79 cm), early to mid season. $8
Standards light blue violet, lighter edge, slightly darker veins; style arms pearly light blue, blue green midrib, yellow
tips; falls blue violet over yellow base, large yellow signal with deep blue veins, 1/16"-1/8" canary yellow petal rim.
Ego - (McGarvey, R. 1965) SIB, 32" (81 cm), mid to late season. $7
Blue self with haft pattern. HM 1967, JC 1968, Mor 1972. HISTORIC!
Frosty Rim - (G. Bush, R. 1979) SIB, 371/2" (95 cm), mid to late season. $7
Dark blue with narrow silver edge on falls. HM 1981, AM 1986. HISTORIC!

High Standards - (R. Hollingworth, R. 1986) SIB. (tetraploid), 44" (112 cm), mid season. $7
Standards dark blue purple; blue purple styles; falls blue purple, white and gold-yellow signal. HM 1989, AM 1992.
How Audacious - (Robert Hollingworth, R. 2009). SIB (tetraploid), 34" (86 cm), mid to late season. $15
Standards red violet; style arms blue violet, brown pink tips and edges; falls blue violet shading to red violet at edge,
cream wire rim, cream dashes over outer petals give plicata effect, yellow signal area covers half of petal.
Jewelled Crown - (R. Hollingworth, R. 1985) SIB. (colchicine induced tetraploid), 24" (61 cm), mid season,
Deep wine red, circular gold blaze on ruffled falls, fading to white. HM 1989. $7.50
Just Because - (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, R. 1994) SIB, 30" (76 cm), mid season. $8
Ruffled medium blue violet, very small white signal on fall; style arms with bluer midribs, turquoise side-ribs and
darker blue violet edge; slight fragrance.
Kilauea - (Marky Smith, R. 2006). SIB, 23" (58 cm), mid season. $12
Standards dark burgundy, slightly red, black veins; style arms darker burgundy, near black crests and midribs,
ruffled crests; falls 1 inch dark burgundy band at edges, small brighter red-violet area rimming base of signal,
downward black veins to edge, signal short, white eyelash divided by the black veins; ruffled. HM 2010.
Lady Vanessa - (R. Hollingworth, R. 1985) SIB, 36" (91 cm), mid season. $7
Standards light wine red; feathered styles lighter than falls, falls ruffled medium wine red, inconspicuous white
signal. HM 1988, AM 1990, Mor-W 1992.
Mesa Pearl - (Bob Bauer/John Coble, R. 1993) SIB, 30" (76 cm), late season. $8
Standards pale lavender veined blue; style arms near-white, turquoise midrib; F. pale lavender with darker veins and
lighter edge, small cream signal streak. HM 1997, AM 2000.
Miss Apple - (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, R. 2009). SIB, 26" (66 cm), mid season. $20
Standards medium red blended with yellow; style arms medium red, some violet; falls deep, rich red blended with
yellow, signal showy warm yellow, dark widely spaced veins; slight sweet fragrance. Sibling of Hot Sketch.
Nothing but the Blues - (Robert Hollingworth, R. 2007). SIB (dip.), 34" (86 cm), early to mid season. $15
Standards medium blue, some dappling; style arms very light blue, broad; falls medium to dark blue, signal small
white dashes; well ruffled.
Parasol - (Ho Shidara, R. 1999) SIB, 30" (76 cm), mid season. $8
Standards absent; style arms white; falls (6) light to medium lavender pink, small yellow green signal, multiple (6).
Introduced as "Haresugata". NOVELTY! Referred to as 'flatties'
Roaring Jelly - (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks, R. 1992) SIB, 36" (91 cm), mid season. $6 (Special Price)
Standards lavender grey with diffused red purple veining; style arms same, flushed blue aqua; falls shaded and
dappled throughout giving red purple maroon overall effect, signal white with dark veining and dark blue flush. HM
1995, AM 1997, Mor-W 1999.
Shaker's Prayer - (Carol Warner, R. 1989) SIB, 30-36" (76-90 cm), early to late season. $7.50
Standards violet; red violet styles; falls golden yellow at hafts, turning to white ground in center, overall delicate
lilac veining, solid violet edge.
Shirley Pope - (C. McEwen, R. 1979) SIB, 28” (71 cm), mid to late season $8
Standards red-purple; falls similar to standards with velvety texture; white signal. HM 1981, AM 1986.
Sprinkles - (Bob Bauer/John Coble, R. 1993) SIB, 32" (82 cm), mid season. $8
Standards lavender with distinct peppering around edge; style arms pale lavender edged darker, turquoise midrib,
crests peppered dark lavender; falls lavender ground evenly sprinkled violet lavender, lighter toward edge. HM
White Triangles - (B. Warburton, R. 1986) SIB. (28 chromosomes, diploid), 30" (76 cm), late season. $6.50
White with faint green hafts and pale yellow flush on midrib. HM 1991.
Species-X (SPX)
Light Shimmer - (Tony Huber, R. 2010). SPEC-X, 42" (107 cm), early to late season. $17
(Canadian Hybridizer!!!)

Standards violet blue veined darker; style arms, pink influence; falls violet blue veined darker, signal greenish
yellow bordered by purple lines. I. pseudacorus X I. shrevei. Purple based foliage that 'shimmers' in spring.
07ST5 (Tony Huber). SPEC-X, 42" (107 cm), early to late season. $10
Seedling similar to Light Shimmer but no purple based foliage.
HM = honourable mention
AM = award of merit
Mor, Mor-W = Morgan-Wood Medal, the highest award reserved exclusively for Siberian Irises within the AIS.
Award winning Siberian iris


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