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The Jewish Agency for Israel
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education
Israel Image Galleries
Virtual Israel - The Best Links to Flash, Ipix, Virtual Tours, etc.
I. IMAGE Galleries
The Jewish Agency for Israel

The Department for Jewish Zionist Education

Extensive index of historical and contemporary information on places around Israel,
multiple sites in Jerusalem:
Go Fish game
NB: graphics available here
Marketing Division Presentations
Aliyah, Jewish Communities, & Rescue with the Jewish Agency : Slide, print, gallery
& browse versions on
"Postcard" server collections:
Photos & profiles; slide presentation with music
Best of the Web by A-Z:

Arava movie
You can see a history timeline together with a guided tour of the Temple Mount and
historical Jerusalem on the Jerusalem Archeological Park. Onsite resources, too.
Aish Hatorah
Live Kotel /Wall camera, note in the Wall
Virtual Tunnel Tour - staged tour with audio, still images,
Jewish Connection to Jerusalem video (Windows Media) & print version
Alexander Muss Institute for High School in Israel
Virtual Tour in Flash 7 - loads the typical group tour schedule around Israel from
envelopes along a timeline, with information and a photojournal on each page. Great
to see young people in Israeli settings. Also Safety and Overview Video via


Fun interactive environment and graphics to tour Israel via personal computer - major
sites, basic background, some ipix, others enlargeable pix, lots of visuals!

Heights and big views, not nature!

Guy Shachar

Powerpoints for places, ecology and nature; permission required.
Haifa University, Friends of
Map-based virtual campus tour
Industrial Parks & Open Museums
Tefen, Omer, Tel Hai, Lavon [Eng/Heb]
360 deg interactive images from, 5 main geographical series
The Holyland Model is also captured on . The Virtual tour covers the
entire model in outline with small pictures & legend.
David's Citadel 360 deg
Jewish Virtual Library/JSource/AICE/US-Israel
Suitable for simulated Israel tripgame/exhibition. Work with about 30 information
panels with visuals, extended tourist-level information and additional background
links from
or set up individual pc stations to work with the tour from an interactive outline map
Detailed guided virtual tour of Rehavia

Chabad's virtual tour of the Second Temple, for IE4 and upwards. Outline clickable
for pictures and description.
Orion Center
Virtual Cave Tour - Dead Sea Scrolls, with information and additional resources
The Orthodox Union website provides 4 virtual Jerusalem tours, not only the Old
City: Kotel Plaza, Tunnels, with optional audio - requirement 28baud. Start here:
Virtual Jerusalem
Interactive, live streamed video from the Kotel, prayer in the
Kotel Cam - 360 deg interactive ipix - permanent image - sign in required
Images For Purchase:
Israel's Picture Library
Photos from Israel and the World, nature, sites, Shoah
Just Jerusalem, at the Jerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem History/Timeline - interactive, with outline Map, in flash presentation
Jerusalem Old City/Gates Tour, interactive, with information. Flash and ipix: Set this
to music and show it from a computer console, with an overhead projector: these are
Einhanet 360 deg. ipix of Jerusalem
Virtual Tour of Jerusalem, daytime collection, each in 360 deg ipix
Video clips of events and places in Jerusalem
VR Tours, also print versions [check first, to see if streaming works] in Real One
Jerusalem Lions 2002 - open the Catalogue (9 pages)!
2003 - Catalogue (2 pages)
Jerusalem by Night - enlargeable stills
Jerusalem Wall paintings - enlargeable stills
Interactive map
Virtual postcards
Online Maps
Israel Maps in Flash 5 presentation with background information and print version
Stills version
** Also: Films from the MFA, download or play from site - use General


Have fun (English!) with the interactive Emap of Israel
Walla Maps
Hebrew only


1. Graphics

Humourous Jewish; Israel campaign letterheads, downloadable
Decorative letterheads (photo image) for download here
Lots of downloadable Jewish graphics suitable for stationery animated
Downloadable, please read conditions requesting url be placed on graphic
Another site, similar conditions of use
Graphic images, with specified conditions [and
other pages here] Free Jewish symbol wallpapers, look good
Judaic graphics - some look familiar and may be (C), user beware
2. Stickers for sale

Tal Shahar - email your order.
There are a few online Israel bumper stickers for purchase
Also here, with Hebrew - four pages of bumper stickers for sale!!!!
One item here
More ideas, with a contact email, on this site
3. Free stickers to print
Shalom haver
Political stickers to 2005
All kinds of bumper stickers for download (for a regular printer)
4. Sticker Song
HaDag Nachash - the Sticker Song

Visuals for purchase

Online sales for Posters:
From Israel
From the USA: onefamily fund website says that Israel posters can be bought for
schools from
Rolnik 1 Israeli birds poster (two sizes),
unusual - all the bird names in Hebrew! posters and art prints (UK) Israel and Jerusalem, Maps (also
historical), Art, Soldiers (e.g. at the Kotel in 67, which is a reprint.)
Arutz 7 mall offers reasonably priced posters, modest series
For materials (small items) to distribute:
Couple of dozen posters for sale here, 3pp., not cheap!

Satellite Map of Israel (expensive!) 1 poster with shofar and Kotel 4 art print posters, general
There is a map of Israel for online purchase at . Carta Israel has a US
outlet (see the home page) .
Maps and posters on The maps are wall size. Click on
the lowest left box where it says Map of Israel to bring up this item. Unfortunately
this website does not allow you to access internal urls, except via the home page. You
can also email Toll free number, USA: 888 750 7021
Another wall map:
The satellite wall map is on sale and may be suitable for lower grades
A wall map from a US site, laminated, 3 sizes, much more expensive:
Flags (Israeli and US sites): hundreds of flag-based images with different designs,
worth looking at and printing off.
One of the best value online stores
Also good value and variety
A full range from small to large, with a little explanation you can print off!
Full size usable flags - full price http://www.flags-
Collection researched and compiled by Gila Ansell Brauner
The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, The Jewish Agency for Israel


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