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Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corporation No. 607
House Rules
The following rules are to be observed by owners of units of Village by the Grange. The term “owner” includes the owner or any other person occupying the unit with the owner’s approval, including members of the owner’s family, his/her tenants, their respective invitees and/or licensees. For the purposes of this document, the terms “owner” or “resident” are used to describe owners. The rules are General standards/beautification
1. Flags, signs, advertisements and/or notices, including real estate or rental signs, may not be inscribed, painted, affixed or placed on any part of the inside or outside of the building, unit door or common elements. Glass notice boards are located in elevator lobbies and are used for the purposes of notifying residents of operational matters, and promoting community 2. No awnings or shades can be erected over or outside of the windows or balconies without the prior written consent of the board. On a seasonal bi-annual basis, the board will install and remove awnings on designated units situated on the top floors of the buildings and outfitted 3. Nothing shall be placed on the outside of window sills or projections, on the outside of balconies, on the outside of enclosed patio fences or on the outside of exterior doors facing any part of the podium terrace or facing any street side of the complex. Page 2 of 5

4. Residents shall not leave any debris, refuse or garbage in the common elements (including exclusive use common elements; e.g. patios and balconies). 5. Owners, their families, guests, or visitors to their premises can not create, or permit the creation of, any noise or nuisance which, in the opinion of the board or the manager, disturbs the comfort or quiet enjoyment of the units or common elements by other owners, their families, guests, visitors or persons conducting business with them. 6. Nothing may be thrown out of the windows or doors or off the balconies of the building. 7. No obstructions of any kind are allowed on patios and/or balconies. Flowerpots and potted vines are allowed to be kept on patios and/or balconies. 8. No tinted, colored or foil-lined window treatments that are affixed to the interior surface of any window pane(s) that are otherwise visible from the exterior of the condominium shall be placed or installed within any dwelling unit without the prior written consent of the board. Cardboard, paper or aluminum foil is NOT allowed. Any owner contravening these rules shall be liable to 9. Only seasonal furniture is allowed on balconies and patio decks and glass-enclosed patio vestibules for the townhouse dwelling units. No hanging or drying of clothes is allowed on balconies and patio decks and glass-enclosed patio vestibules for the townhouse dwelling units, and none of these shall be used for storage. 10. Balcony netting, for the purposes of obstructing access to pigeons, is permitted at the cost of the owner, but only of a material, design and method of installation that as approved from time to time by the corporation. Details can be obtained through the management office. 11. No television antenna, aerial, tower, satellite dish or similar structure and/or other electronic accessories may be erected on, or fastened to the common elements or any unit, without the Safety and Security
12. Residents can not do, or permit anything to be done, in his/her unit that will conflict with laws relating to fire and Fire Department Regulations, or that will increase the risk of fire or the rate 13. Residents will not obstruct or interfere with the rights of other residents, or in any way injure or annoy them, or disturb the comfort and quiet enjoyment of the units or common elements by 14. Residents will not engage in any activities that breach the rules and ordinances of the Board of Health or any statutes or municipal by-laws. 15. Owners shall not overload existing electrical circuits in their units. Page 3 of 5

16. Water shall not be left running unless in actual use. 17. Combustible or offensive goods, provisions or materials are not permitted to be stored in units 18. No one shall operate any type of vehicle, whether motorized or non-motorized (including bicycles, skateboards and roller blades) on any part of the concrete podium. Destruction of property
19. No one may harm, mutilate, destroy, alter or litter any of the landscaping work on the property, including grass, trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers or flower beds. 20. No one shall uproot existing plants, hedges, shrubs or trees, nor plant new shrubs, hedges or trees anywhere upon the common elements, including common elements, the exclusive use of Changes and renovations
21. No owner shall renovate, or permit any renovation to be done, in his/her unit other than painting and wallpaper, without the express written consent of the board. Renovation information packages, including applications are available from the Management Office. Renovation work, when approved, can only be performed Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. 22. The installation of dishwashers, garbage disposals/garburators, washing machines or clothes dryers is not allowed without the express written consent of the board. Owners must complete a Renovation Application Form (and have such application approved) before undertaking any 23. There shall be no decorating or painting done on any balcony area, patio deck, or exterior surface of enclosed patio fence, exterior door facing the concrete podium or street side, other than as expressly approved by the board in writing. Pets and animals
24. No animal, livestock or fowl other than a domestic pet shall be permitted within any unit or common element area, and no pet that is deemed by the board or their manager (in their absolute discretion) to be a nuisance shall be kept by any owner in any unit or in any part of 25. Owners of pets must adhere to the ordinances of the Board of Health, Animal Control or any statutes or municipal by-laws. For example, each owner must ensure they clean up after his or Page 4 of 5

her pet if it defecates within their unit or any common element area. Should a pet owner fail to clean up after his/her pet, then the pet shall be deemed to be a nuisance, and the owner of said pet shall, within two weeks after receiving a written notice from the board (or the manager) remove such pet, permanently from the property. 26. All pets must be on a leash or constrained when outdoors or throughout any/all common elements, and shall be accompanied by the owner or other person assigned responsibility for 27. No pet that is deemed by the Board or Property Manager, in their absolute discretion, to be a nuisance shall be kept by any Owner of any unit or in any other part of the property. 28. Anyone who keeps a pet on the property contrary to these rules (or any of them) shall within two (2) weeks of receipt of a written notice from the Board or the Building Management requesting the removal of such pet, permanently remove such pet from the property. Proper use of facilities
29. Auctions or garage sales may not be held in individual units or on the common elements, without the prior written approval of the board, which approval may be withheld in the board’s 30. The sidewalks, entry, passageways, walkways and driveways used in common by residents shall not be obstructed by any of the owners, or used by them for any purpose other than for entering and/or leaving their respective units. 31. Owners or their registered (with the management office) lessees are entitled to the use of the Lantern Club Facilities. An owner, or their designated lessee, may bring one guest into the Lantern Club to use all facilities during peak times with the exception of the Fitness Area. Owners/Lessees must obey all facility rules as listed below and posted in the club; failure to do so could result in the board of directors passing a resolution rescinding an owner’s/lessee’s Lantern Club Rules
32. One guest per owner or registered lessee during peak operating times (as determined by the board of directors) except in the fitness area where guests are not permitted. 33. Persons 15 years and under are not permitted in the fitness facility, and persons 14 and under are not permitted in the pool unless supervised by an adult. 34. During peak times, the use of Cardio Equipment is limited to 30 minutes maximum. 35. All weights must be returned to their proper location when you are finished using them. Do not Page 5 of 5

36. During the season, the pool is open 7 days a week. Pool hours are subject to change and will be posted in the facility. Swimming in the Pool after hours is strictly prohibited, 37. No Running on the Deck or Diving into the Pool. 38. Any loss, cost or damages incurred by the Corporation by reason of a breach of any rules and/or regulations in place/force, from time to time, by any owner, his family, guests, agents or occupants of his/her unit, shall be borne by such owner and may be recovered by the Corporation against such owner in the same manner as common expenses.


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