A103 Rate Meter & Totalizer
Rate Indicators/Controllers
Scaled measurement of rate
or speed – plus totals… large
display with backlighting

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The A103 Rate Meters with Totalizer are extremely compact indicators Dimensions & Mounting: See dimensions figure. Panel Mount with
providing high-visibility readout of virtually any rate: gallons/minute, feet/minute, parts/hour, etc. – plus a total count. Easy to program input- Connections: Screw terminals
scaling, decimal point, and "dummy-zero" features assure maximum Operating Temperature: +32° to +131 °F (0° to +55°C)
Weight: Approximately 64 grams (2.25 ounces)
flexibility for any application. The A103 series also includes matching indicators for count totalization, elapsed time indication, simple speed OPTION MODULE SPECIFICATIONS
display (RPM) as well as models with a preset output for control by Option modules accessories provide a convenient integrated solution to count or time. All are in a uniform 36 x 72 millimeters bezel size applications that require AC or high voltage DC signals, and/or a package, enhancing your control panel with a family of devices that look voltage source for use with the A103's display backlight feature or external. Specifications for each option module feature follow, while A supertwist LCD display with thick 12mm (.47") high digits allows for specific combinations of features are listed in the "Models" table, below.
easy viewing at a glance and feature display-backlight capability by High Voltage Input: Allows A103 to accept 100 to 260 Volt AC/DC as signal input
simply connecting an external 12VDC supply.
Low Voltage Input: Allows A103 to accept 15 to 30 VAC or VDC as signal input
Powered by a long-life internal 3 volt battery, the A103 requires no AC Power Supply: Provides 10 - 20 VDC @ 50mA for display backlighting
and/or sensor. Requires connection to 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz ■ Matching totalizing and preset counters, elapsed time indicators, preset timers, and advanced feature rate indicators look great Model No.
■ High visibility LCD, 4-digit rate and 8-digit totals display with A103-009
A103 Rate Meter & Totalizer w/Pulse Output programmable decimal point and "dummy zero". Backlighting The following option modules attach to
the rear of the A103 :
■ Dual input scale multipliers for independent engineering unit Model No.
Low Voltage
High Voltage
■ Available with calibrated pulse output (A103-009) A103-A12
■ Long life 3 Volt lithium battery eliminates the need for external power A103-A17
■ Option modules provide additional functionality and added conve- A103-A19
■ NEMA 4X/IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments A103-A14
The A103 indicators are further enhanced by a series of quick-attachoption modules. These can provide a power supply for sensors and Replacement Battery: 605472-0001
display backlighting, and accept high or low voltage AC or DC input Panel Hole Punch: A103-A40
High Speed Input: PNP or square wave pulse; 10 kHz max (50% duty
cycle), 45 µsec min pulse width; Low State: < 1.0 VDC, High State: > 2.0VDC (28VDC max) Low Speed Input: NPN, Contact Closure; 30 Hz max (50% duty cycle), 12
ms min pulse width; Low State: < 1.0 VDC, High State: > 2.0 VDC Calibrator: Independent programmable input scale multipliers for rate (range:
0.001 to 9999) and totals (range: 0.0001 to 99.9999). Additional calibrator for pulsed output (model A103-009), see below.
Pulsed Output: Model A103-009 only. Isolated Photomos relay; 0.1 amp @
30 VAC/DC, >50Ω on resistance. Independent programmable calibrator scales input pulse rate by multiplier of 0.0000 to 0.9999 Power Source: Single or dual 3V Lithium battery; typical 5 years life w/single
Depth Behind Panel
Display: 12mm high, Supertwist LCD; 4 digits w/selectable decimal point and
"dummy zero" 5th digit; "Low Bat" indicator Panel Cutout: 33mm x 68mm(1.30" x 2.66")
Backlighting: Green Illumination over whole viewable area. Requires 10 to


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