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Professor of Surgeurry
Department of Urology Medical School Shiraz University of Medical Scinces Personal:
Place of Birth: Iran
Date of Birth: March, 1935
Marital Stauts: married

Education and Professional Experience:

1958-1965 Medical School of Shiraz University, Iran, including 12 months
1965-1969 Residency in General Surgery at Shiraz university, including 12 months of Chief Residency. Passed Iranain General Surgery Board Examination in July 1969. Full-time member in the Department of Surgery, Medical School of Pahlavi University, Shiraz, with intertest in Urology. During this time I gained a vast amount of surgical and teaching experiences in the field of Urology. 1975-1979 A Senior Registrar of Urology at the Universtiy of Bristol main hospital This was the necessary training for specialization in Urology after full training and speciality in general surgery in the U.K. (I had passed Iranian board of genral surgery in Iran , which was accredited by GMC, 3 years Senior Registrar in Urology and MSc degree in tumor Immunology in UK) These qualifications accredited as Board certified Urologist in Iran. During this period I did very many operations, including both open and endoscopic surgery. In this period I also did 12 months of full-time laboratory research in the Urology Division of the Department of Surgery, in the field of Allograft Tumour transplantation, for which I was awarded the M.Sc. degree, after passing the necessary exams, from the University of Bristol. 1979- 1981 Member of the Department of Surgery a full time consultant, Division of Urology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran. Head of the Department of Urology University of Medical Sciences Vice- dean of medical school in Research affair for 12 years.
Membership of Organizations and Institutions:

1) Iranian Association of Urological Surgeons 2) Member of Iranian Ministry of Higher Education and Science Council for 3) British Association of urological Srugeons 4) Member of Iranian ministry of higher education and Sciences Council for 5) International Association of Urology. 6) Member of Research Council of Shiraz University of Medical Science 7) Member of Shiraz Univesity of Medical Sciences Council 8) Chief of Urology society of southern provinces of Iran 9) Member of Shiraz University graduate (Alumni) 10) Member of University of Bristol graduate (Alumni) 11) Member of Ureaupean Urological Socienty

9 ECFMG Cerificate 9 Appointed as a clinical teacher in Urology at the University of Bristol. I was also offered a permanent Universtity position upon the completion of my training there in 1978. 9 Member of the Editorial Board of the Iranian Journal of medical Science 9 Member of the Editorial Board of the Iranian Journal of Urology (Recently 9 Member of Cancer Institute of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Thesis supervision:

Supervision of 6 M D theses
26 theses of Urology speciality
1 Ph D thesis
1 M Sc thesis


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Research Projects:
1) Incidence of undescended testis in Shiraz school children. Khezri AA and 2) TB of GU tract Khajadehi and khezri AA 3) Coagulum pyelolithotomy Khezri AA and Homayoon K 4) The investigation of antigenic determinant of HLA system, bladder group antigens and some adhesion molecules in transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder Amirghofran Z and Khezri AA 5) Prospective study of smiple flap valve for continent diversion in adult cystectomized patient with bladder cancer or neurogenic bladder Khezri AA and Rastegari M (submitted) 6) A comprehensive review of patients with prostatic enlargement (syptoms, sign, 7) Effect of Captopril in Preventing of Renal Fibrosis 8) A comprehensive review of patients with prostatic enlargement (symptoms, sign, 9) Effect of captopil Gel affter internal Urethrotomy in Recurrence of Urethral 10) Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA-4) gene Polymorphism in patients with Superficial and muscle invasive bladder cancer. Institute of cancer Research Autologous Transplantation of tissue engineered Urotherlium into demuscularized ileal segments for experimental bladder wall reconstruction. Institute of cancer Research 12) Comparison of renal ischemia outcome between Preconditioning method and 13) 13. Incidence of clinical prostate cancer in male elder than 50y/o in Shiraz: a longitudinal prospective study. Institute of cancer Research
Presentation of papers and lectures in National and Internatioal Seminars and

1) Bladder replacement after radical cystectomy Ahmad E and Khezri AA First International Seminar, Teharn 10-14 November 1987. (This Procedure done for the first time in Asia. 2) Immunology in GU tumours Khezri AA, International Urological Seminar 10-14 3) Review of Fourniers diseases in Shiraz Taddayon A and Khezri AA, International 4) A GU survey on war injured paraplegic patients Eghbal M and Khezri AA, Second International Urological Seminalr Tabriz 1991 5) Experience with Indiana pouch in Shiraz Manaheji F and Khezri AA Third nternational Urological Seminar Tehran 20-23 November 1995 6) Reconstructive surgery on injured ureter Khezri AA and Shakeri S, third International Urological Seminar Tehran 1995 7) Repair of visco-vaginal fistula Ahmad E and Khezri AA, Third International 8) Tumour markers in GU malignancy Khezri AA, Third International Urological 9) Incidence of Urinary Stones in Shiraz AA. Shahabi Aski. 9 th Internation Geogrphyic Medicine Congress Shiraz 1996. 10) Bilatral E pididymal Metastasis as a manifestation of colon carcinoma Hesami .SM. Khezri . AA. 9 th Internation Geogrphyic Medicine Congress Shiraz 1996. 11) Preservation of normal ejaculation after TURP: Irani D. Khezri AA. 5 th national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 12) The Use of calfman II & Stamey techenque (a new method) for treatment of Urinary inconturency ofter prostatectomy 5 th national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 13) The use of Pubo-vaginal Fascial Sling in the Treatment of SUI in females Irani D. Khezri AA. 5 t national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 14) The use of dermal graft in peyronies disease Irani D. Khezri AA. 5 th national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 15) A new method of pyeloplasty. Shakeri S. Parvizi and Khezri AA. 5 th national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 16) Effect of BCG Thearapy in intersticial cystitis Irani D. Khezri AA. Heidari AM. Irani D. Khezri AA. 5 th national Urololgical congress Tehran. April 2002. 17) Speaker and Contribution in all Pannel discussion of National and Internation 18) Guest English Speaker at Last International Urological Congress held by European Urological Society Regarding gas in GU tract. April 2005. Tehran. 19) Incidence of Nutcracker syndrome in the patients with primary high grade and recrrent varicocele . Salehipoor. M, Khezri. A, et al. 9th Congress (International) Iranian Urological Association. Tehran June 6-9, 2006. 20) Ischaemic preconditioning protects the kidney form ischaemic reperfusion injury in dogs. Salehipour. M., MD., Khezri A., et al. 9th Congress (International) Iranian Urological Association. Tehran June 6-9, 2006. 21) Age specific reference levels of serum prostate-specific antigen and prostate volume and prostate specific antigen density in healthy Iranian men. 9th Congress (International) Iranian Urological Association. Tehran June 6-9, 2006.




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