Service outline for customers

Ask Your Dr, your online doctor service
Service summary
Ask Your Dr Service
AAH is partnering with Dr Thom, an online medical service
provider, to offer patients access to a range of treatment
Services are aimed at patients who value the convenience or
lack of embarrassment that an online doctor service provides
Service launches autumn 2011

Services Offered
Each pharmacy determines which online services it will offer, how much it will
charge per service and whether it will offer in store collection of medicines, home
delivery of medicines, or both.
The services offered are prescription only medicines.
Malarone, Lariam (Mefloquine), Doxycycline for 1,2,3 or 4 week trips Healthy Living
Women’s services Cystitis treatment
Men’s services
Sexual health

• Opportunity to attract new customers & from outside of your community • Ability to increase your professional standing in the community as a • Enhanced professional interaction with customers Support Package
• Pharmacy starter pack including a quick start guide, how to prompt the service and promotional materials (poster, personalised patient leaflets, shelf edge cards). • Promotion within the All About Health magazine &
The service costs £28 per month with a 12 month minimum sign up period.

Potential return
An example: Erectile Dysfunction Service
paid to DrThom by the patient for 4 tablets trade price, assume Viagra 25mg is prescribed
2 x margin of ED service = £40.82
£40.82 - Monthly service cost = £12.82

12 services available, margins vary
* Market price for example only

How it works
Patients access the services via or via your All About
Health website.
1. The patient selects the service they require and creates an account for the 2. The patient completes an online questionnaire specific to that service and 3. A DrThom doctor assesses the online questionnaire and, if appropriate, 4. The customer can collect their medicine from your pharmacy or select mail order, processed by you via Royal Mail Special delivery 5. A fax is sent to the nominated pharmacy to alert them that a prescription has been authorised by a DrThom doctor and is waiting to be accepted by the pharmacy. 6. At the same time a text message is sent to the customer to advise them Doctors will assess consultations 8.30 – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm
Saturday. Transmission of the electronic prescription for dispensing will take up
to 2 hours.
The patient pays DrThom for all services online. All payments are tracked
centrally and you will be reimbursed monthly less the DrThom consultation fee
(£10) for each item prescribed.
DrThom, is the UK’s largest provider of regulatory-compliant online and remote
medical services. In 2006 DrThom became the first online medical service to
register with the Care Quality Commission. DrThom employs qualified UK-
based GPs who are experienced in general medicine and sexual health.


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