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Child Abuse Prevention
Mr. Roger Goodel , Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer National Footbal League 280 Park Ave. New York, NY 10017 Re: Suggesting your resignation as Commissioner of the National Football League
In light of your inaction in the face of hiring a known, documented, sex offender – Pete Townshend - as the entertainment for the Super Bowl half time show, I am respectful y suggesting that you consider resigning as NFL commissioner. Your actions violate the standards of an organization that has the privilege of being the focal point of mil ions of children who look to it and its players daily as role models I am making this suggestion for the mil ions of voiceless abused children in our society whose misery Townshend contributed to when he chose to pay to view images of child rape. You do realize that in supporting him, you, your sponsors and the NFL are directly validating his actions and thus contributing to the exploitation of these children. If he plays at the Super Bowl he may see his action as a personal victory, I see it as an unprecedented acceptance of a sex offender - a sad moment for children. Your immediate reaction on hearing of Townshend’s past should have been to suspend his contract just as you would a player or staff member of the NFL. As an administrator that is your duty - as a father you have a moral obligation - to avoid any legitimizing of a sex offender’s actions. Instead you have dug in your heels and attempted to justify and lend credence to a man with a clear, verifiable history as a sex offender; he was listed on the British Violent and Sexual Offender Registry for ONE CHILD INTERNATIONAL INC., 590 SW 9TH TERRACE – STE 2, POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA 33069, 561 350 5533
UNITED STATES – CANADA – EUROPE – SOUTH AFRICA - AUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND five years. A status he got it for confessing to committing a crime against children, specifical y ‘inciting to distribute child pornography,’ by paying for and viewing child pornography online. We may be (as your spokesperson Brain McCarthy put it on ABC last week) the lone voices standing against Townshend’s presence at the Super Bowl. So what? If another group joined our protest would you act then? How about two others? It was a poorly thought out argument – the issue is the hiring of a sex offender, not the number of people complaining about it. As an organization we speak for the unrepresented abused children of this country and abroad; the abused, abandoned, voiceless little ones among us. We have stood against what we see as rewarding an offender; a grave injustice by an organization who should have known better. An organization whose livelihood and whose sponsor’s livelihoods depend on the largess and support of a public audience. In retaining a sex offender you have also exposed your advertisers and sponsors to the blanket of negative publicity the hiring of Townshend has produced. Al of these sponsors CEO’s and Boards have been provided detailed information about Townshend’s sex offender past. These sponsors include: Burger King, Campbel ’s, Canon USA, Coors Brewing, Dairy Management Inc., FedEx, Frito- Lay, Gatorade, General Motors, IBM, Masterfoods, MBNA, Motorola, News America, PepsiCo: Diet Pepsi, PepsiCo: Tropicana, Procter & Gamble (Prilosec), Schering-Plough (Levitra), Southwest Airlines, This al started with a polite letter which I wrote to you back on November 16, 2009, giving you a heads- up on the baggage that Townshend was bringing with him. If you are wondering how the negative publicity got as far as it has, you need only look in the mirror at the person who could (and had the responsibility to) have stopped it long ago and hired an entertainer with a background that didn’t include
Evin M. Daly
Child AbuseWatch


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MAINE SCHOOL ASTHMA PLAN Child Name: To be completed by parent or school: Teacher:_____________________ Rm #:____ To be completed by parent: I authorize release of my child’s medical records and asthma plans from my child’s physician’s office to the school nurse. Parent or Guardian signature: _____________________________________________ Date:__________ Parent or

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