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Hydro glycolic extraction of guarana (Paullinia cupana). ax: 15 2102
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The aspect of skin and hair reflects the beauty of a person. Hair with a good care are hydrated, have a silky look, and a shiny and soft aspect. That often reminds the consumer of a good nutrition based in many fruits, natural products, rich with vitamins, mineral salts, water and several hydrating, tonic, stimulating and protective substances. liveira C
Guarana is a native plant from the Amazon area, especially the regions of Maués and Parintins. The Indians used that plant to treat headaches, fevers, and The first chemical examination of guarana seeds was made by the German botanist Theodore von Martius, who has insulated a bitter white crystalline FQ MKT_003 (03/04) - LT 000 – Rev. 00 – Em. Março/04 substance, with a physiologically stimulating action. That substance was named guaranine, and later identified as caffeine. Guarana seed has high caffeine content (from 2.7 to 5.8%) as teofiline and teobromine (Henman, 1982; Leung, 1980). Guarana also has tannins, amide and resinous substances (FAO, 1986). Small amounts of saponines, coline, and mineral salts are also present (Leung, 1980). The seed is globulous or ellipsoid, from 6 to 8 mm diameter, unevenly convex from both sides, smooth, shiny, with a dark purpurine or dark black color, presenting a large hilum, having a fleshy and whitish aril, withdrawn when the seed was desiccated; embryo without albumen presenting a short lower radicle and thick fleshy plain-convexes cotyledons. ax: 15 2102
Guaranine (caffeine), tannin, saponine, resin, fatty substance, glucose, etc. Traditional usage: Due to its caffeine, guarana is a stimulating substance that tends to make mental and muscular effort easier, decreasing motor and tlsales@
psychic fatigue, providing a comfortable and well-being sensation. There are also reports that caffeine moderately dosed produces an increased speed and clarity 3-0100 –
Guarana has been used as a digestive tonic, analgesic and aphrodisiac. Besides, for its tannin content, it is used topically as tonic and astringent. It is also used in cosmetic lines in treating auxiliary processes of cellulites for 2-2000 – F

Caffeine is known for acting in lipolyses process. el.: 55-11 2173-0103 – F
The definition of physical beauty undoubtedly passes through happiness, il – 04144
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and, most of all, health. That includes the appropriate physical exercises, relaxing, getting long with the surrounding environment, and especially, good Keeping a good body function is what makes us healthy; but such balance is The use of substances extracted from feeding has been applied in cosmeceuthical products to fight damages caused by external factors, especially With stress, hair gets damaged, more opaque, fragile, and dryer and with the colour changed. Climate conditions, constant changes suffered, the effects of liveira C
ultraviolet radiation, very frequent washes using aggressive surface-actives, damage the protective barrier of hair strings, making it dry, fragile and very uneven, presenting, short mobility and shine at the same time as a consequence. UNIPLANT GUARANA EG can be used as an active in hair products, for it has tonic and stimulating properties. Such properties might have a really fashion energy “claim” in current cosmetics. Tannins present in guarana also have a certain astringent character, helping cleaning and the possible removal of sebum FQ MKT_003 (03/04) - LT 000 – Rev. 00 – Em. Março/04 Used in hair (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and treatment masks, etc), skin care, and body care and bath treatment lines. ax: 15 2102
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el.: 55-11 2173-0103 – F
il – 04144
il – 18103-065 F
liveira C
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FQ MKT_003 (03/04) - LT 000 – Rev. 00 – Em. Março/04


HipertensiÓn pulmonar

HIPERTENSIÓN PULMONAR Martín Pedro Moya Resumen Hipertensión pulmonar (HP) es una severa y devastadora enfermedad. La secuencia de los cambios histológicos la podemos observar en la hipertrofia del músculo liso de las paredes arteriales, en la proliferación de la íntima, la trombosis in situ, la oclusión de los pequeños vasos y la formación de lesiones plexiforme


BRITISH SCOLIOSIS RESEARCH FOUNDATION The Role of Estrogens and Estrogen Receptors in the Pathogenesis of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) F. Moldovan PhD.1,2 , K. Letel ier B.Sc. 1 , F. B. Azeddine M.Sc. 1, G. Lacroix 1, DS Wang PhD. 1 , I. Turgeon B.Sc. 1 , G. Grimard M.D. 3, H. Label e M.D. 3, A Moreau Ph.D. 1, 4 1 Bone Molecular Genetics Laboratory & Musculoskeletal Malfo

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