This technical description covers the technical characteristics and the required tests
for Programmable Display and Data Recorders to be installed in Transmission
These Programmable Display and Data Recorders will accept at its inputs analogue
DC signals for measuring, recording and displaying on TFT-display simultaneously at
least six (6) values, by selection, I, V, W, VAR, HZ and cosφ. All these data must be
stored to a detachable circular buffer for duration of at least 90 days.
The technical characteristics and tests of these Programmable Display and Data Recorders must be in accordance with DIN 43700, EN 61010, EN 60529, EN 50081-1, EN 5082-2, EN 61326. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Number of Inputs: Twelve (12)
Input Types: ± 20 mA DC, 4-20 mA DC & ±50 V DC for each
Inputs Accuracy
Voltage accuracy: ± 0.2% up to 10 V DC & ± 0.1% greater than 10 V DC
Current accuracy: ± 0.2% with external shunt resistor
Range: Four, by selection, programmable in steps up to 0.5 mA
Input Impedance: Current circuit < 10 Ω ± 5%
Digital indications and recording: Colored of at least 12 colors.
Display: Colored touch screen of high definition LCD (TFT) and of industrial
resistance. All settings, operations of the data recorder will take place via the touch screen. Screen size: At least 5.5” (diagonal)
Display analysis: at least 320 X 240 pixels (QVGA)
Screen update rate: Every 1 sec
Internal Storage Media: internal storage media at least 400 MB, for 12 inputs
and sample rate 1 sec, data storage for at least 90 days External Storage Media: PCMCIA at least 512 MB, possibility of extracting
Programming Port: Serial Port USB or RS232 or RS485
Communication Port: Serial Port RS485 Modbus RTU and
Clock: It will be of calendar function, adjusted manually as well as with a
program via a portable PC. Power supply via a lithium battery with life duration of at least 10 years. It will also have the possibility of automatic change of summer hour. Display Modes: 1. Numerical indicators in full screen displaying
2. Vertical or Horizontal charts. Chart speed for 1 mm/h up to 120 mm/h 3. Vertical Bargraphs 4. Horizontal Bargraphs 5. Maximum and minimum values. History Presentation: Values, date and time, channel and
Event Markers: Adequate number of event markers for limit monitoring,
Math Functions: Appearance and recording of values via mathematic
Auxiliary Voltage: 90 ÷ 260 V AC/DC 50 VA max
Security: Programming security codes in several levels.
Dimensions: 144x144mm
Construction: Flush-mounting back connected panel for panels of thickness
2-20 mm according to DIN 43700. The back case shall be made of galvanized steel or proper synthetic matrerial. Operation Temperature: -10° C ÷ 50° C
Accuracy and stability tests of the measured values. Electromagnetic compatibility tests for industrial environment according to EN 61326 Class B. According to EN 61010-1 category II, pollution degree 2. Test voltage between analogue input channels and earth 300 V DC or peak AC and 100 V DC or peak AC among the input channels. Protection class test of front part IP 55 and rear part IP 20. ROUTINE TESTS
Dielectric test of inputs and certificate print.
1. Detailed manuals for the operation and programming in English.
2. Along with delivery of the Programmable Display & Data Recorders it should be
also offered necessarily, according to the specified quantity by the inquiry,
PCMCIA cards.
3. Suitable software in Windows XP environment for programming the display and
data recorders, reading and processing the data of multiple use licenses. The
software will have the possibility of data conversion to excel sheets.
4. Suitable software in Windows XP environment for telemetering data via PSTN
modem of multiple use licenses.
1. Along with the technical offer, it must be submitted CE and ISO 9001 conformity
2. A sample from type tests certificates by an internationally recognized private
or state laboratory, has to be submitted with the technical offer.
3. All bidders must in detail refer to every single paragraph of the Technical
Description, otherwise it will constitute a sufficient reason for the rejection of the offer.

Source: http://www.admie.gr/fileadmin/groups/ADMIE_DAPM/407307/407307_EN_4.pdf


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