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Aloe Christian Foundation
A non-profit organisation under Section 10 & 18A of the Companies Act How are we going to finance Aloe courses? Registration Numbers: NPO: 032-578 PBO: 930019201
Youth Day
Pray for our young people; speak to our young people; listen to our young people - yours and mine. Prayer requests to John Frye, Your church
…on a local and regional level - can you describe Aloe's outreach to the leaders, and recommend courses? Wednesday
Pray forTed and Joy Carr, in USA and Canada on a long ministry and fundraising tour. Give thanks for today's meeting of the committee/tutors with John and Jenny at Joyce's home: Thursday
Pray for Rev Frauke Ackermann, in Germany working for a month, and for her being able to Burundi and Rwanda
Melanie met Paul and Gloriose at the International Conference: pray for their work in these central African states. National
Ann Currie writes exams today and on 7th June: pray for confidence, peace and success. Joanna Zeiner/USA
Joanna is under stress right now - please pray for her relief, renewal and filling with the Holy Saturday
Fundraising: we ask God's guidance for Robin & National Executive as they seek more support. Are we doing our stuff? Western Cape
Please pray that our attempts to strengthen membership and make ways to bring the healing of KWAZULU NATAL
We remember the trained tutors: Diana Coke, Colleen Vietzen, Christine Jarvis, Sharon Farren and Sandra Maxwell.
Northern Ireland
Pray for those whom Andrew Bradley trained in "Listening for Life" (new course) in Belfast Western Cape
Aloe AGM this evening: for Jenny Frye (co-ordinator), reports, committee elections, & Melanie tel ing us about Acorn Conference Hong Kong
Linda Lui and her team need motivation and the filling of the Holy Spirit again: pray for them Pray for the committee: Joyce Sklar-Chik (chair), Sandra Parsons, Lindsay Thomson and Cheryl Give thanks for another term of schooling over, and pray for safety for learners and teachers during the holidays. Wednesday
New Horizons
Possibilities are opening up for Aloe in Kimberley & Potchefstroom, and the Carrs are setting Saturday
Pray for Archbishop Rowan Williams (Acorn patron) and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (Aloe patron) and their witness Thursday
Please pray for preparations fo the National Management meeting 1-4 July in Cape Town, and What is your vision for the Aloe Christian Foundation? What are you praying for? Please inform Ann or John. International/Acorn
Russ Parker's visit to us has been delayed to Nov 2012: pray for his visit to be realised in God's Give thanks for the office in Whitehill Chase and all the ministry that flows from them; and for the right funding Saturday
There is a feeling that God may be directing Aloe towards the broader healing ministry. Please Pray for Russ Parker leading a Conference on Going Deeper with Dreams at Whitehill Chase today Eastern Cape
Give thanks for the ten days of SOMA Mission to Port Elizabeth, and pray for openings for Wednesday
What does God want for your region that Aloe can help provide over the next 10 and 20 years? Ask God. uThekula
Give thanks for World Vision and Mama Dube and their partnership in training carers in listening Thursday
Please pray for those travelling to the National Management Meeting in Cape Town: safety and National/Gauteng
Please pray for John and Jenny going to Johannesberg today for a week with Gauteng Aloe and “Bringing the Healing of Jesus Christ to our broken world.” “Bringing the Healing of Jesus Christ to our broken world.”


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Macedonian Academic and Research Grid Initiative CERTIFICATE POLICY CERTIFICATION PRACTICE STATEMENT Document O.I.D: MARGI CP/CPS v1.0 1. INTRODUCTION .6 1.1 OVERVIEW .7 1.2 DOCUMENT NAME AND IDENTIFICATION .7 1.3 PKI PARTICIPANTS .8 1.3.1 Certification Authorities.8 1.3.2 Registration a

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