A tlanta Biologicals is a premier global supplier of high quality life science research products. We specialize in the development and production of a full line of cell culture sera, serum alterna-tives, cell culture media, custom media products, cell culture reagents, media supplements, cell separation media, and cytokines. A high quality FBS product at exceptional value. Especially suited where special com- ponent testing, such as the hormone assay, is not required. It is suitable for many cell culture applications, and is comprehensively tested for performance and quality assurance. Lots are manufactured from US or USDA-approved origin material follow- ing stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures.
A high quality FBS product that is most widely used among cell culture researchers. An extensive biochemical profi le is provided in addition to comprehensive quality assurance testing. It is priced lower than FBS-Premium Select and FBS-Optima, and demonstrates superior performance with a broad spectrum of cell types. Lots are manufactured from USDA-approved origin material following stringent manufacturing This high quality FBS product meets the requirements of most cell lines and is suit- able for general applications. An extensive biochemical profi le and an extended virus test panel are provided in addition to comprehensive quality assurance testing. Each lot is manufactured exclusively from US origin material following stringent manufac- turing and quality control procedures.
The highest grade FBS available, suitable for the most demanding and sensitive cell lines. It is also widely used when a hormone profi le, an extensive biochemical profi le and/or an extended virus test panel is required, in addition to comprehen- sive quality assurance testing. Lots are manufactured from US or USDA-approved origin material following stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures.
Specialty Fetal Bovine Sera available from Atlanta Biologicals: Embryonic Stem Cell Qualified Fetal Bovine SerumFor applications utilizing embryonic stem (ES) cells, the success of the research is highly dependent on identifying a suitable lot of FBS. With Atlanta Biologicals’ ES Qualifi ed Fetal Bovine Serum, time consuming pre-screening of multiple serum lots is no longer required. We test our highest quality FBS lots for particular suitability for cultur- ing embryonic stem cells. The screening includes plating effi ciency, colony morphology and cytotoxicity assays. Selected lots must offer outstanding performance with embryonic stem cells while maintaining the cells in their Hybridoma Qualified Fetal Bovine SerumThis serum is ideally suited for culturing hybridoma and myeloma cells. High quality Fetal Bovine Serum is screened to identify lots that offer optimal performance with these cells. Hybridoma Qualifi ed lots must show superior growth promotion, exceptional clonal growth at limiting dilution, and a lack of cytotoxicity during the Insect Cell Qualified Fetal Bovine SerumHigh quality FBS is tested for optimal performance with insect cells. Lots that demonstrate superior cell yield, exceptional viability and lack of cytotoxity in cell culture systems using insect cells are selected as Insect Cell TET Tested Fetal Bovine SerumThe Tet systems are the most widely applied inducible gene expression systems. In each system, a tetracycline- controlled transactivator interacts with a responsive promoter to regulate expression of the gene of interest. Expression is controlled from outside by the effector substances tetracycline or one of its derivatives. The pres- ence of tetracycline or its derivatives in serum may interfere with these tetracycline-regulated gene expression systems. TET Tested Fetal Bovine Serum is specifi cally designed for use in Tet systems and cell lines. The tetracy- cline and tetracycline derivative contents of high quality FBS is measured, and only lots with undetectable levels are selected as TET Tested Fetal Bovine Serum.
Charcoal/Dextran Fetal Bovine SerumPre-selected high quality FBS is processed using a proprietary Charcoal/Dextran treatment proven to reduce the levels of many hormones, steroids and growth factors. Each lot produced is tested for various hormones and ste- roids before and after treatment to confi rm the effi cacy of the process. Charcoal/Dextran treated FBS is used in applications requiring lower levels of hormones, steroids or growth factors in serum, such as insulin and estrogen Dialyzed FBS is used in cell culture systems requiring a more defi ned environment of small molecules. Dialysis reduces the concentration of low molecular weight components such as nucleotides, amino acids, hormones, salts and various small proteins. Two different Dialyzed FBS products are available. The serum is dialyzed against physiological saline using either a 10,000 Dalton or a 12,000 to 14,000 Dalton cutoff membrane. The process is controlled by precisely monitoring the glucose concentration throughout the procedure. Exhaustive dialysis is not performed in order to prevent precipitation and inactivation of serum peptides.
Gamma Irradiated Fetal Bovine SerumGamma Irradiation is recognized as an effective method of inactivating viruses and other adventitious agents in se- rum. Even though FBS is stringently tested, low levels of common bovine viruses below the detection limits of cur- rent test methods may exist. Gamma Irradiated FBS is exposed to a 60Co source at a delivered dose of 25-35 kGy. Exposure of FBS to this dosage has been shown to remove up to 6 logs of many extraneous agents while preserving the growth performance characteristics of serum.
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Vascular Biology PP5.1 Animal and Experimental Models PP5.1-1 Clopidogrel improves endothelial function and NO bioavailability in congestive heart failure Vogt C1, Fraccarollo D1, Ertl G1, Bauersachs J1, Schäfer A1 1Medizinische Universitätsklinik Würzburg, Germany Background: Treatment of patients with coronary artery disease with clopidogrel not only inhibits platelet activation,

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Überblick / Auszüge der WADA-Liste verbotener Wirkstoffe und verbotener Methoden 2005Quelle: WADA, Montréal ( Wirkstoffe und Methoden verboten in und außerhalb von Wettkämpfena) exogen: 18  -homo-17 -hydroxyestr-4-en-3-on, Bolasteron, Boldenon, Boldion, Calusteron, Clostebol, Danazol, Dehydrochloromethyltestosteron, Delta1-Androsten-3,17-dion, Delta1-Androstenediol,

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