News from the British Columbia Naturopathic Association V O L . 1 0 / N O . 1 / W I N T E R 2 0 0 4 Next Generation: Fatter, Sedentary & Drug Dependent 2004; Globe & Mail, February 11, 2004.
known as Wellbutrin, Celexa, Luvox,Remeron, Paxil, Zoloft and Effexor.
could be a ‘smoking gun’ linking these adolescents is a major health concern.
“…We live in an obesogenic society and largenumbers of people are not going to be able tocontrol their weight until we make environmentalchanges that allow us to eat well and be active in Naturopathic doctors are licensed primary care physicians in BC—although not treated with that respect by the establishment. Naturopathic medicine offers BESOGENIC SOCIETY: One in which food is cheap and plentiful and activity has been engineered out of the complete medical process and is also more than willing to work with more conventional medicine.
Naturopathic medicine really shines in treating chronic degenerative disease, like hypertension, heart problems, A positive outlook can actually short-circuit the virus or chronic fatigue syndrome. Conventional medicine responsible for the common cold. Researchers at doesn’t have a lot to offer in the way of preventing or Carnegie Mellon University squirted rhinovirus (the curing chronic illness, but rather manages the symptoms.
cold bug) up the noses of 111 “happy” people as Conventional medicine is more for crisis intervention.
well as 112 “grumpy” people. Those individuals Naturopathic medicine helps to regain balance in the with the most positive dispositions were the least body to provide and promote optimum health.
likely to get sick. At the same time, individualswith a negative outlook complained about their Dr. Bob Van Horlick, a naturopathic physician health—even when they had no signs of actual viral practicing in Prince George since 1989, quoted in PG The cultivation, collection and manufacturing of herbal Women who work in the home are 54% more likely to supplements received widespread press recently with the develop cancer than career women, according to Michael World Health Organization’s (WHO) publication of a Good Dufresne, a leading researcher in environmental cancers.
Women and men who are averse to body odours are at The main objectives of the WHO guidelines are to: an additional risk because of the cancer-causing (1) contribute to the quality assurance of medicinal chemicals in hundreds of personal care products and plant materials used as the source for herbal medicines to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of finished Dufresne says “People are blindly being led in the use of [common household products]. They assume they are (2) guide the formulation of national and/or regional collection guidelines and collection monographs for A US research group reports that there are more than medicinal plants and related standard operating 100,000 synthetic chemicals in household use. Residues of more than 400 toxic chemicals have been identified in (3) encourage and support the sustainable cultivation and collection of medicinal plants of good quality in ways Cancer-linked chemicals are found in blush, concealer, that respect and support the conservation of medicinal facial powder, mascara, eye-shadow and lipstick.
plants and the environment in general.
Toothpaste, nail polish, shaving cream, deodorant, soap, While admirable in its efforts, the publication was tampons, shampoo and styling products also pose a buoyed by controversy—particularly the widespread use of herbal medicines and the contraindications associated Some of the many household cleaners that contain with unregulated use. However, in citing issues dangerous chemicals include: Lysol, Pledge, Tilex, Ajax, concerning herb use the problems arose not out of Palmolive, Joy, Sunlight, Shout stick and liquid Spray ‘N dosage, appropriate use or contamination, but rather deliberate misrepresentation on behalf of the “The industry and the regulators know the cancer risks associated with cosmetics but there is virtually no consumer knowledge,” Dufresne said.
received from patients at the BCNA is why their Excerpts from provocative research on the MD won’t approve a non-drug therapy. Insight shortcomings of evidence based medicine—commonly referred to as the “gold standard” in medical research: Physicians & Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) Policy “In the traditional understanding of clinical medicine, a medical intervention need only be effective in one individual in order to be considered an effective therapy. Despite The CPSBC begins by stating that even with the emphasis in modern health care economics of the most diligent search for information, “a demonstrating effectiveness across a population, clinical physician may remain relatively ignorant about medicine remains a personal undertaking, relating one unknown or untested preparations.” This, individual in need of healing with another who professes oddly, simply implies an accepted ignorance and promises to heal. To label an intervention clinically ‘ineffective,’ then, is to say that it will not benefit any well as the CPSBC’s own ignorance of the individual patient, or at least not any individual with a substantial research into non-drug therapies.
But it also suggests that no matter how hard “Unfortunately, evidence based medicine lacks the ability an MD might try, they can’t find out the to determine that any particular intervention is ineffective.
Randomized, controlled trials that fail to demonstrate efficacy of an intervention across a population do not tell us that he intervention was never effective in a particular goes on to plainly state that it is unethical for MDs to recommend CAM to their patients, even “…The controlled clinical trial may be rejected as the if their patients explicitly ask for it. They write: primary method for obtaining medical knowledge in any medical metaphysics that incorporates the following tenet: There are recognizable, but non-measurable or non- should recall that, although some untested quantifiable, differences in the ways disease manifests in remedies may be harmless [are they implying individuals that are important for determining accurate useless as a therapy or non-toxic vis a vis drug diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. As a corollary, if illness can be viewed only in the context of the individual who is ill about a given herbal or other agent makes rather than as a distinct and disembodied concept of recommendation of that treatment unethical.” disease, then population-based studies are Even when a patient requests CAM their MD methodologically inappropriate. In par ticular, if may reject such treatment. And that MD has understanding perceptible but non-measurable aspects of the support of their college. Although the illness is of primary importance in healing, then the focus of research must remain on the individual patient and ignorant of CAM they suggest that “a patient’s preference cannot be sufficient grounds to “…When both the individuality of the patient and the select a given treatment,” and that “it is the individuality of the practitioner are seen as vital to the conscientious application of the experience healing process, the tools of evidence based medicine and knowledge of the physician that is essential designed to obscure these effects (e.g., blinding, in determining the patient’s best interest.” randomization, placebos) cannot be employed. Instead, It might be suggested that the best interest alternative methods of measuring outcomes and attempting of the patient would be core courses at medical to avoid bias have begun to be developed… school on the substantial research on andpharmacognosy of botanical interactions Excerpted from: Why Alternative Medicine Cannot be Evidence-Based by Mark R Tonelli, MD, MA and Timothy C Cardiovascular disease and the use of preventive Apitherapy is the medicinal use of honeybee medicine for heart health, are primary concerns for products, including honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly naturopathic physicians. Many NDs use diagnostic tools and bee venom. This practice is over 2000 years old and the world scientific literature contains more than Bee venom is a rich source of enzymes, peptides, and biogenic amines. There are at least 18 active components in the venom, which have pharmaceutical properties including melitten, apamin, adolapin, hyaluronidase, dopamine, serotonin, and mast cell degranulating protein to mention a few. Some of these compounds have strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects, while other enhance nerve condition, soften scar tissue and improve one’s mood and immune system. The exact mechanism of how bee venom works that is interpreted as a number that tells us about the vitality of the heart. From that information we can judge the Traditionally, bee venom was administered with live condition of the whole body system, such as how it deals bees by stimulating them to sting in the affected area with stress and high blood pressure.
and is still used this way by lay practitioners. Most Combining fitness evaluation and health heart index doctors nowadays inject the harvested venom by needle analysis we use aortic stiffness as an excellent indicator according to specific treatment protocols. Bee venom of core mobility. The effect of different types of exercises ointment is also available for topical use.
can be easily assessed without invasive measures. Stress This therapy is useful in a wide variety of medical is a great concern to health care practitioners. Chronic situations, however there are four areas that seem to be stress can lead to impaired health and exhaustion. Health Heart Index Analysis permits examination of several Arthritis and other systemic inflammation (rheumatoid physiological markers of stress. Heart rate variability will and osteoarthritis, gout, scleroderma, lupus, ankylosing tend to be lower than average for people with high stress spondylitis, ulcerative colitis, asthma, etc.); acute and levels because of sympathetic nervous system dominance.
chronic injuries (bursitis, tendonitis, sprain/strain, post Health heart index analysis provides the means to detect MVA, lumbago, pack pain, fibromyalgia etc.); the core mobility. The body core, oriented along the spinal neurological disease (very helpful in multiple sclerosis, axis and including the abdomen, thoracic cavity, spine and skull contents moves and stretches in a coordinated fashion. With aging, core mobility decreases affecting circulation and function of organ systems. The health heart index analysis allows rapid and objective assessment of fitness status. Exercise decreases blood pressure and improves the aortic elasticity. Cardiovascular risk is related to the function of the autonomic nervous system. This relationship is exploited with the use of the Health Heart given 2-3 timesweekly initially andthen as needed to “Heart Health Index,” Pieter Taams, MD, ND, who improvement. Chronic illness can require one to six months to achieve full benefit. Side effects are rare and “allergic reactions” are usually not seen, as most people are not “Apitherapy”, Garrett Swetlikoff, ND who practices in allergic to honey bees but to hornets, yellow jackets or wasps. Emergency medicines are always kept on hand.
High protein / low carbohydrate (CHO) diets are not what they appear to be. While most people lose significant weight,they are losing water weight and not actual fat weight. Also, science has repeatedly shown that high protein intake canlead to heart disease, osteoporosis, colon cancer, renal disease and be dangerous for diabetics.
But this only makes sense. The public already knows that having eggs, bacon, and cheese in significant amountsmeans a high intake of cholesterol and saturated fats which is never a good thing in the long-term.
Also, the brain is solely dependent on glucose/sugar to function. Glucose comes from carbohydrates primarily. Youmay hear many Atkins diet followers complaining of low sugar, dizziness, headaches, lethargy, etc. and this is why. Thebody requires glucose and there is no getting around it. Choosing healthier proteins do not compensate.
So while many people are “successful” in losing pounds they are also doing well in moving towards heart disease andblood sugar problems which lead to a whole cascade of health concerns.
The other misconception is weight loss is often confused with losing fat weight. While losing fat mass should be thegoal of weight loss plans this does not occur on high protein diets. Removing CHO from your diet results in a loss ofwater weight. Water is attracted to and binds to CHOs so as there is less CHO intake and less CHO being stored therewill be less water retention and more water excretion. The initial pounds that dieters will lose on a high protein diet areall water.
So if high protein diets cause the wrong kind of weight loss and if it leads you to heart disease, kidney disease, andcolon cancer – what diet plan do you follow? The best kind of “diet” is a common sense diet. That isone that makes sense for you. If diabetes is in your family or you participate in sports five hours a week or more or if you are breast-feeding you will have specific dietary requirements relative to your current health status. You need to be educated on which foods to include in your dietto ensure maximum nutrient intake and which foods to avoid which you may be sensitive to causing bloating, gas, headaches, skin flare-ups, etc. Once requirements are met then a diet plan can be designed for your weight loss goals along with natural supportive products and an exercise How will it impact cholesterol levels?Might it help prevent osteoporosis? If you are trying yet another diet plan and want to do it the What sort effect will it have on heart health? right way you should consider seeing a naturopathic doctor first. NDs are the experts in clinical nutrition—not just Is there a documented risk of disease associated with offering dietary advice but using specific foods to support your immune system, help you maintain good health and heal existing illness. NDs will tailor nutritional programs on an individual basis, monitor your success, and support your dietary needs with appropriate therapies and modalities suited to help you reach your optimal health.
Source: Dr. Rehana Budhwani, who practices in Burnaby; Biotherapeutic Drainage is a treatment method aimed at supporting the body’s natural routes of elimination and enhancing the cellular function of the organs and tissues within the body.
The body is constantly filtering out toxins from the water supply, air, food and environment. Non-organic processed foods may contain chemicals or preservatives that are filtered through the liver in order to be excreted. All medicationsare processed in a similar way. The human body has a limited capacity to breakdown and excrete these and otherunnatural chemicals. When that limit is surpassed the liver is no longer able to prevent harmful substances fromentering the bloodstream and affecting the rest of the body. Biotherapeutic Drainage helps to assist our body inoptimizing elimination.
Using the analogy of creating a garden, it is important to prepare the soil prior to planting the seeds. Attention must be paid to the condition of the soil, removing rocks, adding missing nutrients and preparing for proper water drainage.
This ensures that the garden has a solid foundation and enhances the likelihood that the seeds will survive and growinto healthy plants. Biotherapeutic Drainage follows similar principles in that it is utilized to ensure that the body’sfoundation is strong and balanced in preparation for further growth and enhancement.
Elimination of metabolic breakdown products occurs through the breath, kidneys, intestines (supported by the liver) and skin. If the primary routes of elimination are not functioning optimally they will overload and create secondary routes ofelimination which typically involve the mucus membrane tissue of the body. This will result in an inflammatory process of thetissue—in the intestines (enteritis), urinary tract (cystitis), skin (eczema), respiratory bronchioles (asthma) and genitals (leukorrhea). Elimination needs to be balanced and continuous, otherwise our body will result in a build-up of toxins. Inchronic disease, often one or more systems of elimination are blocked or sluggish, which may result in an overload of theother systems. Muscle aches or fibromyalgia may indicate that the musculoskeletal system is overloaded. Tension, anxietyand insomnia may point to an overactive nervous system. Menstrual irregularity or infertility indicates hormonal systems areout of balance. The goal in Biotherapeutic Drainage, and naturopathic medicine in general, is to assist movement towards ahigher state of health balance.
The Unda remedies are considered Biotherapeutic Drainage and are complexed homeopathic formulations that originated in Belgium in the 1930s. Formulated on the basis of homeopathic, botanical, Chinese medicine andanthroposophical traditions, these powerful remedies are dilutions of plants, minerals and metals. The plants have anaffinity for particular organ and tissue systems and are the “carriers” of the metals and minerals, thereby directingtreatment to the appropriate system. The metals are in D6, D9 and D12 dilutions that are compatible with intracellularconcentration levels, thereby supporting various cellular functions. As a result, the Unda remedies are powerful andunique Biotherapeutic Drainage formulations.
Source: Dr. Lisa Polinsky, who practices in downtown Vancouver; see www.sageclinic.com Phenolics are the compounds which colour, flavour, perfume, preserve and/or are the reactive agent in foods, living organisms, supplements, drugs, chemicals, perfumes, pesticides, herbicides, dental products and such. Through phenolics, we perceive the world around us. In other words, phenolics are essential for: a perfume to give off a fragrance; an enzyme to react; a flower to have a specific colour.
Phenolics are the key concern in allergies, environmental sensitivities (such as: chemical, pesticide, herbicide and perfumes), food intolerance, endocrine imbalances, hypersensitivity, behaviour, ADD/ADHD, chronic degenerative disease processes and dental toxicity, to name a few. Food elimination programs are sometimes not fully effective, since the phenolic which the person is reacting to may be found in over 75 other foods. For people with food sensitivities, using desensitizing phenolic compounds allows them to regain a full diet; in a similar fashion, it allows people with environmental sensitivities to overcome them. For hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, these compounds will help to balance the system, by allowing the body to re-establish natural processes. Without question, phenolics are essential to life.
When used medicinally, they are given orally for a specified amount of time. Selected phenolics are used to help each patient treat their specific illness or allergy.
Source: Dr. Brian Gluvic who practices in Surrey; see www.villagehealthclinic.ca Is there really any “objective” truth out there for our Reasonable people want to access the state of the art, scientists to measure? The search for infallible data is not just the state of the science, of medicine. I have a subject to so many unreal conditions that it is always prone deep conviction that cancer can be overcome in many to the fallibility of statistical error and dispute. In fact all ways, at many levels. Just like the rest of life, it is a events have a context. Artificially removing context alters the meaning of the event and our experience of it.
I work from as much of a rational and scientific basis as Ican when it comes to anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, and other medical databases. My thoughts are informed bydata. However, I have emotions, feelings, and beliefs which interpret the expression of what I experience.
Some of my medical beliefs come from an empirical system which looks at the constitution and higher organization ofthe body. Some come from humanistic psychology. I do believe in energy healing. It seems there are medical truthsexpressed by whole people, whole foods, whole plants, and whole networks of living things which are just not gettingstudied, given the current interpretation of what is “scientific.” The era of focussing on chemotherapy drugs has had its run, the results have been very limited, have now reached aplateau, and it is time to try a new model.
I believe the plants and foods discussed in [Naturally There’s Hope], if tested by appropriate methods on humanbeings, will provide great progress in cancer care. We cannot let these treasures be turned into commodities andnihilistic medicines which do great harm. I do not support testing isolates, synthetic versions, and single agents. I donot support mouse abuse, or withholding safe treatments from cancer patients.
It is essential to nourish, nurture, cleanse and heal every patient to the limit of our skill and knowledge. We do needdrug medicine to deal with emergencies, but we also need natural remedies to live in harmony with our biology. Howdid it come to be that safe and gentle therapies are only considered after the cancer patient is subjected to very harshmedicines and the advancing disease has wreaked havoc? How is it that we consider it normal to ignore generaltonics, nutritives and cleansers while undergoing stressful and risky treatments for cancer? The scientists feel a needto keep it simple, but the bigger priority for the patient is keeping alive—and whose life is it anyway? Life on this planet has found amazing ways to survive. By studying whole foods, whole plants, wholistic methods, andindividual patients, we can tap into a variety of new treatment concepts. Working with life-enhancing methods, not justcancer-killing therapies, we will survive the cancer epidemic.
.I urge adults to demand their sovereign right to free choice, to access treatments offered in good faith, which havelow risk of harm, and a history of therapeutic value. I understand we have sovereignty in what we believe as aninherent right due to us from our creation in spirit or divinity. We do not expect the science industry to be able or willingto bless all our options as proven to a high degree of certainty. Life is just like that, a little risky, and the consequencesare ours to bear. I do not give up the right to choose my health care to anyone else, not even my doctor. I have theright to be wrong and face the consequences.
Reasonable people want to access the state of the art, not just the state of the science, of medicine. I have a deepconviction that cancer can be overcome in many ways, at many levels. Just like the rest of life, it is a personal journey.
This article excerpted from Naturally There’s Hope: A Handbook for the Naturopathic Care of Cancer Patients by Dr. Neil McKinney, ND, RAc, who practices in Victoria. For order info contact Trafford Publishing by phone at 1 888 232 4444 or link to Trafford on-line at www.trafford.com Farmed fish loaded with toxins. BSE spreads from Europe to Canada to the US. Bird flu results in the slaughter of millions of domestic fowl. Pesticides in commercial fruit and vegetables, dioxins in eggs, dyes in processed foods,antibiotics in many meat products. An on and on. What’s left that’s “safe”? Actually, the sorts of diets that naturopathic doctors have been promoting for over a century are not only in vogue but are becoming the valid, healthy alternative: Fresh foods, organic and/or local, an emphasis on fruits and vegetablesand modest amounts of high quality protein.
The “Mediterranean diet,” an example of this, has been clinically shown as healthful and to promote longevity; it’s characterized by: an abundance of plant food such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals, nuts and legumes; oliveoil is the main source of fat; fish and poultry are consumed in moderate amounts; and there is a relatively low intake ofred meat.
In a recent issue of Maclean’s profiling the disasters plaguing commercial food production, a sidebar titled “dietary detox tips” provided five, common-sense (and very naturopathic) suggestions for healthy diets.
I First, buy locally. Farmers markets where produce hasn’t been shipped long distances and where, often, the grower is selling his or her own product,usually provide higher quality food.
II Second, buy organic. It’s more expensive, but the meat isn’t pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, the produce isn’t sprayed with chemicalsor grown with inorganic fertilizers and organic farmers are focussed on envi-ronmental responsibility not just crop volume. And, of course, there’s peaceof mind.
III Third, eat low on the food chain. 55% of pesticide residue found in the average diet comes from meat products, 23% from dairy. Fruit and veggies are only between 4-6% and grains a mere 1%.
Fourth, take time to cook. It’s not as convenient or fast as fast foods, but fresh foods aren’t as loaded with According to the Sierra Club of Canada, if you are limiting preservatives, additives and dyes that processed and your purchases of organic produce because of cost, you microwavable foods are. Also, microwaves deplete es- should focus on key fruits and vegetables—particularly if you’re serving food to children—as the items listed below Finally, wash and prepare food carefully. Rinsing are typically heavily sprayed with pesticides: veggies and fruits in water with a teaspoon of vinegar is Apricots; Bananas; Bell peppers; Cantaloupe; Cherries; Cucumbers; Grapes; Green beans; Lettuce; Potatoes; Some simple steps to ensure a healthy diet, limiting chemicals and unnecessary food additives.
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