Abstract deadline

Abstract Deadline
Abstracts will be accepted on or before 28th June 2012. Abstracts must be submitted via email
All authors are encouraged to carefully review the guidelines for abstract submission both in
terms of content and format.
How to Prepare Your Paper:
Abstract Content
The abstract of the work proposed to be presented should be typed according to the instructions
given below and submitted through E-mail on or before 28th June 2012. The abstracts should be
typed only in the prescribed format.
The following sections are REQUIRED and should be IN THIS ORDER.
Type the complete title of abstract in the Times New Roman using font size of 12 and in bold
Names of authors and address/es should be written below the title in the Times New Roman,
using font size of 12. The presenting author name must be underlined, This person is expected to
present the paper. If emergencies at the time of the conference prohibit the participation of this
designated author, the chair(s) of the conference must be notified as soon as possible. (Maximum
author should not be more than 4)
Type author(s) name(s) and institution with city, state, country and code. List email address of
presenting author.
Do not use titles; i.e. Dr., Ph.D., etc. Only affiliation of presentaing author should be mentioned,
Do not mention affiliations of co-authors.
Abstract should also be submitted in MS World Version 6.0/95 or a higher version. The text of
the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman using font size of 12 with title in bold. The
abstract should not be more than 250 words.

Model Abstract
Triacetin based self emulsifying formulation of a poorly water soluble drug
Pharmaceutical Division, University Institute of Chemical Technology, Nathalal Parikh Marg, Matunga, Mumbai- 400019, India. The present study deals with formulation of a Triacetin based Self emulsifying formulation of a poorly water soluble drug. Triacetin (Glyceryl Triacetate) is a water miscible solvent with high capacity for solubilizing lipophilic agents. This property of triacetin makes it an interesting excipient to work with especially in case of self emulsifying formulations as it can serve a dual purpose of co-solvency as well as an emulsification aid. The present research work describes a Self Emulsifying Formulation (SEF) of furosemide using triacetin as a co-solvent. Furosemide is a high loop diuretic with limited water solubility, which accounts for a low and variable oral bioavailability (20%-60%). Hence, the main objective of study was to formulate SEF of furosemide in order to achieve a better dissolution rate which would further help in enhancing oral bioavailability. Pseudo-ternary phase diagrams were plotted to check for the micro-emulsification range and also to evaluate the effect of triacetin on the emulsification behavior of the phases. The mixtures consisting of Maisine or Labrafac hydro (HLB value > 4) with surfactant (Tween 80), co-surfactant (PEG 400) and co-solvent (Triacetin) were found to be optimum formulations. Increasing triacetin concentration in the formulation resulted in a wider micro-emulsion existence field as compared to combinations containing no or lower amounts of triacetin. Particle size of the developed formulation was found to be (<100nm) with poly dispersibility index of 0.0876. Freeze thaw cycling and centrifugation studies were carried out to confirm the stability of the formed SEF. The formulation was found to show a significant improvement in terms of the drug release with complete release of drug within 15 minutes. Thus, Self microemulsifying formulation of furosemide was successfully developed. POSTER SPECIFICATION
1. The area provided for poster presentation will not be more than 1 meter wide by 1meter 2. The title of the poster should cover the full width of the poster. The title should be brief, informative and written in bold letters. The names of authors address/es should be written below the title in small letters. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. 3. The sizes of the letter should be such that a viewer can read it from 2 meter distance. The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation.

Source: http://www.biostudy.in/Abs2012.pdf

Inhaled therapy for copd

Guidance for Inhaled Therapy for COPD Breathlessness and Glossary SABA or SA Exercise limitation MA as required SABA = Short Acting Beta Agonist SABA: (may continue at all stages) LABA = Long Acting Beta Agonist SAMA = Short Acting Antimuscarinic LAMA = Long Acting Antimuscarinic ICS = Inhaled Corticosteroid MD I = Metered Dose Inhaler

Microsoft word - uk replagal pi mar 2012 final.doc

Replagal (agalsidase alfa) Prescribing Information : Please consult the Summary patient receiving Replagal. Extensive renal of Product Characteristics (SmPC) before Presentation: Concentrate solution for IV infusion. 1ml of concentrate for solution for infusion contains 1mg of agalsidase alfa. Indication: Long-term enzyme intracellular a-galactosidase activity. replacement therap

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