1)metastatic calcification may be seen in

M.P. PG-2010
1)metastatic calcification may be seen
8)antibody that can cross placenta to
protect foetus
2)radiological procedure for studing
vesico ureteric reflux is
9)frutose is biochemical marker of
function of
3)methotrexate is antagonist of
10)national institute of occupational
health is localed
4)aspirin inhibits
11)prefered biomarker for assesing
myocardial damage
5)how frequently should well water in
a village be chlorinated
12)immediate t/t of anaphylasis
6)in iron deficiency anemia,total iron
binding capacity
13)doc for cerebral malaria
7)free water clearance is
14)kayotype asso. with classic pattern
of klinefelter sydrome
M.P. PG-2010
21)iron prep. that can be given I/V
15)primaquine can cause hemolysis in
22)which of the follo. sign is + radio.
evidence of death of featus in utrero
16)serum level of drug is monitored
when p/t is on
23)segmentation contraction in small
17)H.pylori infection is asso. with
development of
24)all r true about REM sleep except
18)which nerve lesion could produce
condition where stimulation of right
cornea results in blinking of left eye
but not right eye
25)congenital anomaly, with which
oligohydramnios is asso.
19)nieman pcks ds. is d/t defi. enzyme
26)penicillin injection is recommended
case every 3wk for diagnosed case of
rheumatic heart ds. is example of
20)while removing a fish bone stuck in
throat,main trunk of internal
laryngeal nerve is severed.the bone
was stuck in
b)sinus of larynx c)vallecula of epiglottis 42433051,25853434,9811217431,9873314110
M.P. PG-2010
27)in multiple myeloma,on
cohort of 156 p/t of ischemic heart ds
eletrophoresis,M band is seen in
was taken.All of them were smoker till
region of
they experience heart attack. 75p/t
continue smoking after heart attack &
81p/t quit smoking. Out of those who
continued smoking 27 died & out of
those who quit smoking 14 died. what
is the risk ratio amongest those who
28)which of the follo. declaration
continued smoking & those who quit
prohibits the participation of regitered
medical practiitioner in torture
33)digoxin act on heart by
29)acute hypoxia at high altitude
increase pulmonary ventilation d/t
stimulation of
34)human genome project is an
intervention which canbe termed as
an example of
30)all follo. antibactarial agent inhibit
bacterial cellwall except
35)starling law of heart predict that
b)inc. SV.from right heart is balaced by 31)post kalazar dermal leishmaniasis
is caused by
d)dec. arterial pressure will inc. in stroke 36)which of the viral ds. is tick borne
32)a five year follow up study was
done to determine,whether or not
smoker' who had previous
heartattack,were at risk of dying after
5years,if they continue smoking or
quit smoking.For this purpose,a
M.P. PG-2010
38)in a village with a popu. of
5000,IMR is 100 & birth rate is
43)live vaccine except
30/1000 .Calcu. No. of dozes of measle
vaccine required for the No. of eligible
children in village ,if the wastage
factor for measle vaccine is two
44)ther is inc. risk of Acute
myocardial infarcttion in drug abuse
39)captopril exert antihypertensive
45)atrophy of intrinsic ms of hand,
sensory deficit on medial aspect of
forearm& hand ,& diminised radial
pulse on turning the head on affected
side could be b/c of
40)in bronchiectasis permanent
dilatation is caused by destrution of
46which of the follo. committee
promote concpt of urban primary
41)which group of factor is most imp.
health care
in patho. of ischemia
47)pain in acute inflamation is d/t
42)in case of appendicitis ,if the pain is
48)weakness in power grip in fracture
exacerbated on medial rotation of
at spiral groove of humerus is d/t
thigh,th position of appendix is
paralysis of
M.P. PG-2010
49)as per the central births and deaths
55)weil's disease is caused by
registration act 1969 what is the upper
limit in days for registering an event
56)the predominant feature of a
healing wound with separated edges
50)the earliest menifestation of
diabetic nephropathy is
57)whch of following section of the
code of criminal procedure(CrPC)
51)the most common tumour of
enumerates the circumtances in which
infancy is
a mahis trate's inquest is mandatory
52)perthe's test for varicose viens is
58)all the nematodes give birth to
meant to find out
larvae except
59)national institute of epidmiology is
53)all the following hepatitis viruses
are rna virus except
60)a new triage system was setup in an
emergency unit o f general hospital.to
54)meningiomas occur at all the
eveluate the new system,the wating
following sites except
time of p/ts was measured &
compared with the watijng time at a
comparable nearby hospi. for a period
of 6mon.the type of study(reseach
design) in above example
M.P. PG-2010
65)"cold turkey" is used to
describewithdrawal symptom from
physical dependence on
61)acco. to Transplantation of human
organ act 1994,the brainstem death of
a potential donor fom whose body an
organ has to be harvested must be
66)polyuria occurs in
satisfied by a board of all of the follo.
medical experts except
67)daily requerment of water,in
litres,per person,per day,for all
purpose ideally
c)a neuorologist or a neurosurgeon to be 68)approx. calorific value of two slice
of bread,in calories
62)with referance to demographic
cycle INDIA is in which phase
69)contralateral deviation is a
charateristic of which
63)amplitude of accomodation
a)is defference b/w near point & far 70)fungus which cannot be grown on
64)for one case of measle,subclinical
artificial culture media
case(s)expected in community is/are
71)recruitment of follicle during each
monthly female sexual cycle is
primary d/t to action of

M.P. PG-2010
78)primary tumor of choroid is
72)follo. is non adaptive receptor
79)bacerial vaginosis d/t
73)founder of epidemiology
80)mucocele is more frequent in
74)tympenic note on percussion in
Traub space on chest wall is d/t which
81)bandl's ring is d/t
underlined structure
82)upto how many years,IUC
75)follo. r example of type II
device,Cu. T 380A,approved for use
hypersensitivity except
83)venous ulcer have
76)susceptiblity of oral mucosa for
multiple primary cancer is a
phenomenon k/w as
84false neg. Rinnes test
77)hep C virus is asso. with
85)spread of Ca cervix to upper 2/3 of
vagina with no ovious parametrial
M.P. PG-2010
involvement means that the stage of
cancer is
92)all r true about pheochromocytoma
86)a 30yr. old man having severe
bronchial asthma,being t/t with long
term of oral steroids develops a groin
pain & limp.what is most likely
93)neonatal hypoglycemia is defined
as blood glucose less than
87)generalized inc. in bone density can
be seen in all,except
94)lowest resting BP,in mmHg,to
dignose hypertention in Pregnancy
88)highest incidence of Ca oesophagus
is found in
95)atonic postpartum Hmrg is t/t with
all except
89)anaesthetic agent that is C/I in
presence of jaundice
96)recommended daily allowance of
Vit D in children
90)M/C complication of modified ECT
97)a sexually active male comes with
mutiple painfull ulcers,most likely
91)patch test is best readed
M.P. PG-2010
103)all of follo. r true about USG
findings in Complete hydatidiform
mole except
98)bone scan in multiple myeloma
a)multiple cysts can be seen in both the c)characteristic swiss cheese appearance 99)commonest cause of acut
Bronchioluitis in children is
104)secondary amanorrhoea is
defined as absence of menstruation for
100)a p/t presents with
malaena,hyperpigmentation over lips,
105)acetowhitening test is done for
oral mucosa & skin & his sister is also
having similar complait,diagnosis is
106)procedure with sealing the track
of liver biopsy needle to prevent
101)a 25yrs. old man develops
bleeding is k\a
heamoptysis. afew weeks later he
exprienced suden onset of acute rinal
failure. his urone examination showed
presence of mild
protienuria,heamatuia & RBC casts
,most likely diagnosis is
107)posterior scalloping of vertebral
bodies is seen in
102)all of follo. r components of
108)reactionary haemorrhage after
tetralogy of Fallot except
surgery ussually occurs
M.P. PG-2010
115)distribution of functional renal
109)transudate is seen in middle ear in
tissue is seen by
110)renal vein thrombosis is most
commonly associated with
116)the chemical composition of renal
calculi which are not visualised on
plain radiographs is
111)the most common of drug rash is
117)bare foot cultivation in volcanic
soil having silica leads to
112)50 yrs male had acute myocardial
infarction 4 days ago.now he
complains of substernal chest pain
118)definitive sign of phase i
with radiation into left arm and
anaesthesia is
jaw.most likely cause of the chest pain
119)blue sclera is ssen in all of the foll.
conditions except
113)in menopausal women ,the level of
120)all of the foll. are effects of
hypertension except
114)drug of choice for cycling Manic
depressive psychosis is
121)a two yrs old girl child is brought
to the out patient with features of
hand wringing ,stereotype
M.P. PG-2010
movements,impaired language and
127)AustinMoore hemiarthroplasty is
communication development, breath
a t/t of choice for
holding spells,poor social skills and
deceleration of head growth after six
months of age.the most likely
c)intracapsular fractures in geriatric age diagnosis is
128)a very birth weight is a newborn
whose weight in grams is less than
122)a malignant tumour of the eyelid
129)a 55 yrs old man with a 10 year
history of alchohol developed fatty
liver.which oo the foll. best explains
123)minimal 'starvation time'
the pathogenesis of liver disease?
required in general anesthesia
b)decreased hydrolysis of fat in adipose d)increased beta-oxidation of fatty acids 124)Ilizarov's method depends upon
the principle of
130)all te features of CVS lesions in
tertiary syphylis except
125)trethovan's sign is diagnostic of
131)Manning's biophysical profffile
ecaluates all of the oll. fetal
parameters except
126)precaucious puberty in girls is
defined as puberty before the age of
132)loss of 1 gm of nitrogen in urine is
equivalent to breakdown of
M.P. PG-2010
139)nociceptive pain is a type of
133)M/C cause of stroke in young
women in INDIA among oral
contraceptive pills users
140)mallet finger is d/t
a)rupture of extensor tendon at the level b)rupture of extensor tendon at the level 134)follo. is not location of
141)complication of massive blood
transfusion include all except
135)in Ebb phase of metabolic
response to injury all of follo. occur
142) all but one is not a pre malignant
condition of penis
136)wegener's granulomatous ds.
almost always affect
143)bone mineral density is best
managed by
137) hadfield's operation refers to
144)Trivex is new technique used in t/t
138)migratory necrolytic erythema is
145)DOC for Absence seizure
M.P. PG-2010
152)commonest itracranial
menifestation of CSOM is
146)a symtom of Retinitis pigmentosa
153)visual acuity of infants is best
assessed by
147) La belle indefference is seen in
154)confabulation is typically seen in
148)common patho. change in blood
vessel in kidney in Benign
hypertension is
155)parameter used in APGAR score
include all of follo. except
149)specific gravity of urine is inc. in
all except
156)gynaecomatia is not asso with
150)phophorous-32 emits
157)a cerebral mass which appear
hyperdense on a non contrast CT
151)occurence of Neural tube defect
can be reduced by optimizing intake
158)which of follo. lab. studies is
helpful to diagnose cystic fibrosis
M.P. PG-2010
166)inc. radioisotope uptake is seen in
159)serological test of choice for
all of follo. except
167)''Double bubble' sign seen in
160)LBW is with birth weight
abdominal x-ray of a neonate is of
characteristic of
161)looser's zone r seen in
168)which one of follo. is the first
epiphysis to appear around elbow
162)chronic sinusitis in children is
usually confined to
169)reccurent spontaneous abortion in
first trimester is d/t
163)color of oxygen cylinder is
170)ectopic lentis is not seen in
164)half life Technetium ,in hours,is
171)M/C cause of inspiratory stridor
in new born is
165)commonest cardiac valve involved
in Rheumatic heart ds.
172)M/C organism causing septic
M.P. PG-2010
173)in response to surgical injury in
first 24-48hours,ther is
180)M/C site of blow out fracture of
a)inc. in glucagon& insulin secretion b)dec. in glucagon & insulin secretion c)dec. in glucagon & inc. in insulin d)inc. in glucagon & dec. in insulin 174)NREM sleep is asso .with
181)what is minimum interval b/w
administrtion of two live vaccines
175)t/t of persistent epithelial defect
182)all r true for Nueropraxia except
176)"Chritmas tree cataract" is seen
c)there is complete & sudden recovery 183)dinner fork diformity is seen in
177)an opaque hemithorax on chest
radiograph can be seen in all except
184)all except one is not a congenital
178)p/t receiving Ampicillin therapy
develop Pseudomembranous colitis d/t
185)Granulosa tumor arise from
179)papillary necrosis is seen in all
M.P. PG-2010
186)most effective hormonal means of
192)which of the follo. most sensitive
emergency contraception consist of
screening testis for acromegaly
187)in spinal anaesthesia drug is
193)percentage of xylocaine used in
deposited in b/w
spinal anaesthesia
188)OK 432 or Picibanil is
194)follo. r major feature to diagnose
a)sclerosant used to treat cystic hygroma Atopic dermatitis
c)specific agent for interstitial ds. of 195)M/C site for amoebiasis
189)25yr old man presented with
drooping eyelids,diplopia,tiredness &
dysphagia for solids & liquids n upper
oesophagus. which of the follo. terms
best describes this clinical condition
196)Adenomyosis is the presence of
endometrial tissue in
190)laser iridotomy is done by
197)which one of the follo. is
commonest deformity seen after
malunion of fracture Lat. condyle in
191)sleuder's neuralgia originates
198)malignant otitis extena is d/t
M.P. PG-2010
200)septal hematoma is more common
in children b/c
199)obesity is asso. with inc. incidence
of all, except
c)septal blood vessel have little support 42433051,25853434,9811217431,9873314110
M.P. PG-2010

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