Directorate of Distance Education
M.Ed Session 2010-2011
List of research problems and names of supervisors
For the conduct of thesis
Note: All the below listed students are directed to start working on their respective projects under the guidance of their concerned supervisors. They will have to submit a copy of the synopsis (research proposal) duly signed by their supervisor concerned, before starting working on the actual research project.
St: R.No.
Name of The Students
Approved problem
Name of Supervisor
Impact of environment and socioeconomic status of family on the achievement level of elementary school students A study on the role of School Head in the staff development and instructional Leadership A comparative study of the attitude of female students towards teaching profession, doing B.Ed and M.Ed through regular and distance Education in Gomal University Comparison of Standards, Difficulty level and language of Teacher made and computerized tests Comparative effectiveness of demonstration and Lecture method in teaching Biology at secondary level A case study of the University public school, Gomal University DIKhan Effects of Population growth on academic achievement of students at secondary level in District DIKhan A study of ICS student’ knowledge, anxiety and attitude towards computer Comparative study of the educational achievements of “entitled” and “non-entitled” students in working folk grammar school system Relationship of academic achievements and entry test scores of higher secondary students in the premedical group of BISE DIKhan Comparative study of effectiveness of Private and Public Secondary Schools in imparting quality Education in DIKhan Teachers’ perception on learning difficulties & development of English language skills among Secondary School students in DIKhan The effects of homework, drill work and oral work on the academic achievements of 10th class students in science subjects A comparative study of the methods of teaching employed by the teachers in Govt. and private secondary schools of DIKhan Impact of student centered activities in understanding science concepts at elementary level Analysis of the tendencies of 2nd year (FA/FSc part-II) female students towards ‘selective study’ and its impact on their achievements Attitude of stakeholders towards effectiveness of female teachers at elementary level of education in DIKhan A comparative study of effectiveness of Govt. Degree College and male Higher secondary school Paroa in perspective of students’ achievements. A study of the self-concept achievement and some other personality variables of the students at higher secondary level Effectiveness of collaborative/cooperative learning approach in teaching of science subjects at secondary level A comparative study of the Contribution of public and private schools in the promotion of education Application and analysis of total quality management in the colleges of DIKhan Comparative study of the performance of male and female secondary school administrators Perceived effects of switchover from Urdu to English as medium of examination in BEd regular and private programme Comparative study of the Performance of highly qualified and low qualified teachers in perspective of the achievements of secondary class students Economic support of education for middle class family female students in higher secondary classes and its effect on their results Application of teaching strategies and its impact on students achievement in public and private schools of DIKhan Opinion of Secondary class students in SWA about teaching effectiveness of their science and arts teachers in perspectives of produced results Perspectives of B.Ed regular and distance Education Students regarding administration and effectiveness of teaching practice programme A study of the education related problems of IDP’s placed in DIKhan A comparative study of the attitude and problems of M. Ed distance and regular students of Gomal university concerning conduct of Research Awareness of the public and private schools teachers regarding philosophy of applying uniform and Dress policies. A Case study of the ancient civilization of Dera Ismail Khan Relationship of the economic status of parents with career choices of their children Comparison of the views of male and female higher secondary students regarding SSC examination conducted by BISE DIKhan Comparative study of the attitude of MEd regular and Distance educations students of GU towards Research Comparison of the IQ level of 5th class students enrolled in Public A study of the facilities and utilization of computer labs in High and Higher Secondary Schools of DIKhan Higher Secondary School Teachers, Knowledge of computer and their attitude towards use of computer for teaching purposes Awareness and attitude of prospective students towards effectiveness of master level distance learning programmes in GU Behavioral tendencies of the students towards systematic curriculum development in the working folks grammar school system Comparative study of teaching English through computer assisted instruction and through conventional method of secondary level in DIKhan A study of the perceptions of parents, teachers and students towards the subject of Math and English at secondary level A comparative study of the formal and non-formal schools in the promotion of primary education in DIKhan A comparative study of government girls centennial model schools with GGHS of DIKhan Effects of the SST’s Educational Qualifications, length of service and age, on their teaching Performance
A comparative study on the parent outreach and teaching programme
in Gomal Special education center for Mentally retarded children in DIKhan A comparative study of the determinants of morale among male and female teachers in District Tank An Evaluation of the professional development of the elementary teachers in the province of KPK Impact of in-service training on the performance of primary school Comparative effectiveness of classroom management of male and female teachers as perceived by their students A study of the implementation of approved curriculum at primary level in DIKhan Performance based comparison of achievements of secondary school teachers coming through private, regular and distance education programmes. Impact of recent floods on primary education of the rural areas of DIKhan Analysis of the subject selection process i.e. through parents, aptitude or choice, among students at intermediate level in DIKhan Relationship between organizational climate and job satisfaction with the performance of teaches at secondary level in DIKhan A comparative study of the problems faced by the students of various distance education programmes offered by Gomal University and AIOU A comparative study of the workload of SST and CT teachers and its effect on their performance in secondary school of DIKhan Relationship of Secondary School Teachers’ awareness of and adherence to the “values inherent in fundamental duties”. Relationship between the study habits of students and their parental status at secondary school level Comparative study of the effects of poverty on the educational outcomes of rural and urban areas in DIKhan Correlation between the professional attitude and teaching behaviours …… Attitude of Gomal university students towards academic dishonesty of teachers Comparative study of the education based programmes offered by Gomal and Peshawar University KPK Perception of headmistresses about the mode and authenticity of home examinations in public and private schools of DIKhan Comparative study of the effectiveness of modular and traditional approach of teaching Physics at secondary level Impact of population growth on the educational standards of Pakistan Comparison of the management problems faced by female Institutional heads of Middle, secondary and higher secondary schools in DIKhan Effects of homework and parents participation on the academic achievement of students at secondary school level A study of the problems in teaching Science subjects to secondary level students in government schools of Paniala circle Case study of Masjod Maktab Schools in DIKhan District A comparative study of the facilities with students academic success in City, Qurtuba and St. Helen high schools DIKhan Comparative analysis of the performance of intermediate students enrolled in Higher secondary schools and colleges of DIKhan Attitude of primary school teachers and students towards use and management of Co-curricular activities in District DIKhan A comparative study of the role of public and private schools in enhancing education in Serai Norang A study of the causes of child labour and its effects on education in DIKhan Views of the Institutional Heads, Parents and Teachers regarding effects of political interference in the educational institutions A study of the appraisal of teaching Islamiyat and its outcomes at secondary level Comparative study of administrative role of public and private school heads as perceived by students, staff and colleagues Analysis of the facilities and utilization of science laboratories and libraries in public and private schools of DIKhan Perception of the stakeholders regarding political interference in appointments, promotions and transfers of teachers and its impacts on quality of education Perception of Elementary and secondary school teachers about effects of calculators usage on the performance of students in Mathematics Role of technical education in the enhancement of the economy of Pakistan Analysis of the application of modern techniques in teaching “Reading of English” and its output. Problems of Physically handicapped children enrolled in the Government Girls Schools of DIKhan A Comparative study of contribution of Mothers and Fathers involvement in the academic development of their children at


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