Acid reflux in small children

Acid Reflux in Small Child
• Stomach Soothing Complex several times a day.
• Chewable Cal Mag - 2 or 3 times a day THE EXPLANATION:
The reason a 5 year old would have acid reflux is probably because of antibiotic use, which is disastrous to anyone's digestive system -- but especial y a child. I realize that they often blame it on other supposed causes, such as gastroparesis, or esophageal sphincter problems, and the like. But ultimately, those kinds of problems in young children are due to the inflammation resulting from the damage antibiotics do to the digestive tract.
Use of Zantac in a child to counteract a problem the doctor himself caused just shows the complete absurdity we've come to masquerading as medicine.
Zantac is known to have potential y severe neurological effects on anyone, but especial y young children whose brains are rapidly developing. Just take a look at one testimony of the effects of The purpose of Zantac is to interfere with the body's normal production of stomach acid -- which is ridiculous, since the body's normal production of stomach acid is NOT the cause of acid reflux. The way to health is never found by working against the Creator's design -- only in learning to work WITH the Creator's design.
STOP the Zantac immediately if you are taking this.
For immediate symptom relief, she needs to begin to give the child Stomach Soothing
Complex several times a day. To get it into a young child, this can be easily crushed and mixed
with mashed banana and fed with a spoon. Or it can easily be made into a tea. It make a delicious tea. I'd take a mug of water, put it into the microwave until it is boiling, take it out and drop 4-6 Stomach Soothing tablets into it immediately. (Don't boil the herbs. Just bring the water to boiling, take it out and drop in the tablets.) If the water is just almost boiling hot, the Stomach Soothing wil dissolve so fast it wil bubble up. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then add a spoon of raw honey and a scoop of Shaklee Performance. Once the tablets are completely dissolved, you can pour it over ice. It doesn't matter if you drink it warm or cold. It is delicious and most children wil drink it without a problem.
Just make this up every morning and had the child drink some of it several times a day -- or drink it immediately any time the child is having an acid reflux episode to calm it right down
Additional y, chewing the Chewable Cal Mag wil calm an acid reflux episode down very quickly.
And giving the child a Chewable Cal Mag two or three times a day wil greatly help prevent acid
Then I would also begin giving the child Liqui-Lea daily AND Optiflora to begin restoring
balance to the child's digestive system and reversing the damage done by antibiotics.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Acid Reflux in Small Child
Start out with a half teaspoon of Liqui-Lea several times a day and increase as the child gets The Optiflora capsule can often be swal owed by again mixing it in a little bite of mashed banana, or something similar. But if necessary, the capsule can be crushed and mixed with mashed banana or other food to get it into the child.
Additional y, I would change the child's diet to a more alkaline-producing diet. That means changing from processed and packaged foods and emphasis on dairy and meat to an emphasis on fruits and vegetables both raw and cooked. And absolutely eliminate al soft drinks, NutraSweet/aspartame, packaged fruit juices, and the like from the child's diet. (Packaged fruit juices are one of the worst things any child can consume, for a whole variety of reasons -- and yet they are marketed to parents in such a way that many parents think they are giving their children something "healthy" when they give them fruit juices in cute little boxes.) It is important to understand that just that just doing the symptoms relief with Stomach Soothing Complex and Chewable Cal Mag is not enough. Along with that, you must also take the steps to restore balance to the digestive tract with the Liqui-Lea and Optiflora for long-term reduction and ultimate elimination of the problem.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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