Tamoxifen FAQS
1. A reduction in ______ is one of the side effects of tamoxifen,2. When _________ ER alpha translocates to the cell nucleus,3. Tamoxifen is metabolized to endoxifen which binds to estrogen receptors in all cells including cancer cells that have them but differentially and prevents binding of estrogen,4. Cytochrome p450s with the acronym of ___ specifically CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 and CYP 2C9 are responsible for metabolizing tamoxifen to its most active form called endoxifen,5. Cancer of the ______ has been linked to tamoxifen use,6. Tamoxifen is metabolized into a molecule which is more active in inhibiting cell growth in cells and tumor cells called ______,7. Some of the effects of _______ include prevention of blood vessel damage and cardiac hypertrophy and bone loss and osteoblast survival and libido as well as fluid resorption from the colon and pain perception,8. Tamoxifen use carries with it a greatly increased risk for developing an estrogen receptor negative and more aggressive tumor,9. The ____ term effects of tamoxifen has caused many physicians to limit the use to about 5 years10. Any sequence of DNA which has unique sequence of base pairs that allows for detection and identification can be used to customize therapy programs,11. A drug which is similar to tamoxifen but with fewer side effects is ________.
12. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs combined with low CYP2D6 are at risk for ineffective tamoxifen therapy and these are Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac,13. Anticancer drugs as chemotherapy which are working at less than optimal values are said to be _________,14. A common drug in chemotherapy specifically used for estrogen receptor positive breast cancers,15. Blood-_______ growth into tumors is somewhat inhibited by treatment with tamoxifen and may relate to the estrogen receptor on smooth muscle cells,16. The metabolism of tamoxifen changes with levels of _______ D and thus varies with the season and probably also with supplements,17. During the winter months lower amounts of circulating vitamin D have an effect on the efficacy of tamoxifen,.Down1. The accumulation of _____ in the liver or fatty liver is also a side effect of tamoxifen,2. An anticancer drug also called Arimidex gave significantly better results than tamoxifen in terms of disease free survival but no mortality benefit,3. ________ inhibitors have been used in stead of tamoxifen in treating post menopausal breast cancer,4. Metabolites of tamoxifen ____ to the estrogen receptor many times better than tamoxifen itself,5. The original research and development of tamoxifen was as a _____________,6. This is the term used for tamoxifen's action on cancer cells and it refers to the fact that tamoxifen does not actually kill cancer cells therefore does not cure cancer but inhibits the growth of cells instead,7. __alpha and __ beta are localized to the cell membrane but ER alpha can be localized to the nucleus,8. Since about 20 percent of all meds are metabolized by the same enzymes as tamoxifen a full analysis of CYP2D6 is important,9. Tamoxifen can reduce cognition and ________ memory,10. A ________ is the chemical product resulting from the change in chemical structure by enzymes,11. About 80 ______ of all breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive and thus can be treated by tamoxifen - like drugs,12. The term for a drug that is metabolized to a more active compound is _______,13. Tamoxifen-sreduced bone __________ occurs when it binds to the estrogen receptor in osteoclasts in the bone, 14. There are risks associated with the long term use of tamoxifen just as there are benefits of which one benefit is a reduced risk of a recurrence of a ER positive tumor,15. Tamoxifen does not modify all estrogen activities thus it is referred to as a SERM or ________ estrogen receptor modulator,16. Glandular cells of the breast and smooth muscle cells are among the cell _____ which have estrogen receptors,17. Commercial names for tamoxifen are ______ and Istabal and Novadex,

Source: http://eh.uc.edu/mythfactchoices/crosswords/tamoxifen.pdf


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