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HOW DO LITHIUM POLYMER HOW ARE THEY MORE and this contributes to the batteries’ here with Diederick Stam.
gives the batteries high efficiency with this to a 80 per cent discharge in order to provide reserve power for peak it possible to realise an extremely high number (over 5,000) of charge/ is demanded and keeps the ‘reservoir’ the battery will last at least 10 years if some ‘spare’ energy left or it is able to 74 THE SUPERYACHT REPORT | ISSUE 132 ENGINEERS FOCUS | LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERIES Q&A FROM THE AUDIENCE
between cells at all levels of charge, and WHAT ARE THE COST IMPLICATIONS?
a cell differs by more than 5 millivolts, lower, but the efficiency is less. If you highest to the lowest cell and no energy discharge it, try a lithium battery pack is wasted. This balancing is always active packs is enormously high. With lead-acid least 14 kilowatts have to be put in. Four kilowatts every cycle is just disappearing. lifespan and efficiency of the batteries battery pack there is as little as a three The charging efficiency of the batteries WHAT’S THE LIFE CYCLE, EITHER IN
fuel into electrical energy is not a very installed as per the clients’ requests. For lead-acid batteries it will be nearly 1.5 example, if they want full silent periods lost, resulting in a considerable saving package will be different. Cycle lives of batteries vary from 1,500 to 5,000 cycles load. However, on board yachts electrical for a battery pack. The life span varies and depends on the installation, temperature and where the battery is positioned, but it in the evening heated. Large generators are installed that handle the peak loads ARE THERE ANY LIMITATIONS WITH
that occur for just 5 per cent of the day. LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERIES?
is controlled then it doesn’t matter if it is discharged quickly or slowly. This also applies to charging; as long as the temperature is within limits, in theory, a response of the energy storage system is CAN THERE BE A SITUATION WHERE

at a certain level. That’s why, in a good behind the peak shaving system is that in many cases the design of a ship is based battery. However, this is the same with a lead-acid battery; if it goes too low then it never regains the power that is lost. (air-con cycling, for example). So three 76 THE SUPERYACHT REPORT | ISSUE 132 ENGINEERS FOCUS | LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERIES to charge the battery system, resulting in one generator to run constantly at the preferred 80 per cent of full load capacity. • Genset off at night.
Using lithium polymer batteries on superyachts will result in fewer generator noise variations, reduce cold starts and save fuel and also reduce the need for maintenance. polymer batteries is that they give more freedom in the design and layout of a yacht. For example, the best location FUEL EFFICIENCY BY PEAK SHAVING WITH BATTERIES for accommodation on a sailing yacht is where the main engines are installed. BACKGROUND &
time. That is 63kW each. This is not the space can be used for an owner’s cabin FUTURE PLANS
on top of a compact and silent electrical in the bilge. Relocate the generators in fi rst lithium polymer battery that has a the front or the rear and the result will Lloyd’s Certifi cate. This battery is specially and guest can enjoy extra interior space overcome load stress (peak loads). It is and are being tested at the facilities of systems, fuel and cooling water systems, will install their lithium polymer batteries In the diagram above, fuel effi ciency by is the 33m yacht Inoui, a composite Briand and being built by Vitters Shipyard BV. Inoui is scheduled for delivery in May • The green line represents the optimal be partly electrical, which will result in • The straight red line represents the • The curved red line represents the shared load when a second generator is *In this situation, the charge capacity of batteries can be 1C/peak up to 2C, where generators running in ineffi cient load 1C = 1 x nominal capacity = 100A or • The green peaks represent power now supplied by the EST battery peak To comment on this article, email
issue132@superyachtreport.com with
subject: Lithium polymer batteries

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