Wi07_EIR_1.29.07:eir 1/29/07 11:40 AM Page 20 Looking for a good book to read in 2007? We In 2006, Ellen Wolff, the
Exeter faculty members, to learn which books have captured—and held—their interest Rick Schubart, Exeter’s Bates-
Icon by Brenda Silver; Call It Sleep by Henry Roth; Great Granny Webster by Caroline Gor- don; The Master: A Novel by Colm Toibin; and The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor.
Political Genius of Abraham Lincolnby Doris Kearns Goodwin; The World Is Flat [Updated and Expanded]: A Brief department, Peter Greer ’58,
History of the 21st Century by Thomas L. Fried- man; and State of Denial: Bush AtWar, Part III by Bob Woodward and The New American Mili- tarism: How Americans are Seduced by War by Andrew J. Bacevich—both of which, he notes, “should be required reading given the current Heart of Papua New Guinea byKira Salak; To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifetime Obsession by Dan Koeppel; cal, Don Foster, the Dr. P.
and Will in the World by Stephen Greenblatt.
Rich Aaronian, who
he read during his sabbatical include The Cul- ture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things by Barry Glassner; and Authentic Fakes: Religion and American Popular Culture by prisingly, his reading list features A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru by James F. Clements and Noam enjoyed The Articulated Peasant: Household Eco- Shany; Tropical Nature: Life and Death in the Rain nomics in the Andes by Enrique Mayers; 1491 by Forests of Central and South America by Adrian Charles Mann; The Fortune at the Bottom on the Forsyth and Ken Miyata: and Journey of the Pink Pyramid by C. K. Prahalad; and The Clash of Dolphins:An Amazon Quest by Sy Montgomery.
Civilizations: Remaking of the World Order bySamuel Huntington.
winter 2007
Wi07_EIR_1.16.07:eir 1/16/07 10:15 PM Page 21 Alumni/ae are urged to advise the Exonians in Review editor of their own publications, recordings, 1994—Emily Perez. “On My
films, etc., in any field, and those of classmates.Whenever possible, authors and composers are encour- Way to the Doctor” and“Maker, Collector” [poems] aged to send one copy of their books and original copies of articles to Edouard Desrochers ’45 (Hon.), the editor of Exonians in Review, Phillips Exeter Academy, 20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833. Alumni/ae interested in reviewing works by fellow Exonians are also encouraged to contact the editor 1996—Jasmine Dreame Wagner.
at the same address, or by email at edesrochers@exeter.edu. 1966—Henry Greenburg and Agi
1943—Gore Vidal. Point to Point
1971—Joyce Maynard
1944—Stuart G. Hibben. Aristocrat
Stories We Tell.” [essay] in The 1966—Peter S. Thompson, trans-
Honeymoon’s Over:True Stories of lator. Red Earth / Latérite: Poems Life of Paxton Pattison Hibben.
Maggie Dietz. “Anywhere,
1945—Chuck Harwood with
1981—Claudia Putnam
Ploughshares. (v. 32, no. 4, winter 1971—Joyce Maynard. Internal
American Journal of Poetry. (v. 5, Kristin Fogdall. “Space Needle.”
1981—Claudia Putnam
1952—Daniel Clement Dennett.
1974—Andrew Holtz. The Medical
L. Todd Hearon
1984—Evan R. Goldfischer
1952—Thomas Ehrlich and
1975—David Hodge. The Complete
L. Todd Hearon. “After the
Corpses.” [poem] IN Poetry. (v.
into Educational Capital. (Jossey- 1976—Thomas F.K. Jackson. From
L. Todd Hearon. “What Is Man
1952—Carl Ludvigsen. BRM
Struggle for Economic Justice.
1984—Evan R. Goldfischer and
1981—Jeffrey A. Meyer and oth-
1952—Carl Ludvigsen. The
Francesca Piana, contributor.
Threat to the U.N. (PublicAffairs/ 1994—Emily Perez. “The People
1984—J. Carlos Peinado and
1965—Robert Langan. Minding
1994—Emily Perez. “Units of
Ralph Sneeden. “Banish
1966—Carl Walter and Fraser
1989—Edward E. Curtis IV. Black
winter 2007

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