STUFF to KNOW and BRING for an AIM Trip
 Climate: Two seasons - rainy season from May-October and dry season from November-April. The temperature varies little, upper 60’s to about 70 at night and mid-80’s to mid-90’s at the extreme part of the day. The coastal  Language: Spanish. Many of the national team with whom North Americans will be working speak some English. However, all ministry is conducted in Spanish.  Dress: The culture of Central America is more conservative than that in many churches in North America. Shorts are generally not accepted except as athletic attire, at the beach, or as pajamas. Earrings, piercings, and extreme hairstyles on men are not acceptable in Central America. Men do not wear their hair to their shoulders. DO NOT BRING EXPENSIVE OR SENTIMENTAL JEWELRYOR EXPENSIVE WATCHES. MEN ON A MINISTRY TEAM: Wear slacks or blue jeans, and ministry T-shirts. Modest shorts may be worn at
LADIES ON A MINISTRY TEAM: Wear skirts below the knee length and ministry T-shirts. Bike shorts are
recommended under the ladies’ skirts for modesty during the active mimes and dramas. Do not bring dresses since
they will be too hot with T-shirts over them. No skorts or capris for ministry. Slacks, jeans, and modest shorts may be worn at camp or on you free day. No piercings other than ear rings.
What to bring:
 A blood-washed heart, prepared for ministry. The spiritual warfare is too intense for those playing games, and we do not want spiritual shipwreck for those unprepared. Ministry will begin within hours of your arrival in El Salvador, so pray before arrival.  A valid passport; no visa is required with a USA passport. However, when you arrive at the San Salvador airport, you will have to buy a tourist card ($10.00 per person/good for up to 90 days upon request.) If you have a passport from a country other than the USA, please see your local consulate for obtaining a visa prior to travel.  A water bottle/jug/mug with a lid. Clean drinking water is available, but we ask everyone to have his/her own bottle full when we leave base. Refills during the day are available from the 5-gallon containers on the bus.  1 small container of powdered Gator-Ade per person (to make 2-1/2 gal)  250 small prizes/toys for giving away at programs  Each student should bring a game to play with the children, such as bubbles, Frisbees, jump ropes, balloons/pump for making balloon art, balls, face painting, illusions, spectacle group participation games, etc.  Personal toiletry items (including wet-wipes, sun screen, pocket size toilet paper, bug spray, Imodium A-D, pepto, etc), sunglasses, Bible, towels/wash cloths. Earplugs to block rooster noises and snorers.  Tennis shoes for ministry and for walking. Sandals are cooler, but they become quite uncomfortable on long walks in gravel or on rough terrain and are unsafe for ministry. You'll be doing lots of jumping around! A fanny-  A lightly packed suitcase. Extra large suitcases take up too much space on the bus. You will only need a couple of your own outfits for travel, free day and for training day. The other days will be in ministry shirts that we wash each day. No laundry facilities available accept for the ministry t-shirts.  A modest swimsuit (one-piece, modest shorts for ladies) A cover-up to/from the lake or beach is necessary for  Cash for souvenirs (as your budget allows). Nothing larger than a $20 is accepted in stores here. Traveler’s checks are impossible to change. $ for airport snacks, snacks at the Castle and souvenirs are optional for


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Minutes of meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING - OPEN SUBJECT: FORCE EXECUTIVE BOARD 6th JULY 2009 CONFERENCE ROOM 1 - HQ PRESENT: Julie Spence – Chief Constable (Chair)George Barr – for Head SDDKaren Daber – Head Safer CommunitiesMike Dyke - FederationJohn Feavyour – Deputy Chief ConstableMick Gipp - Divisional Commander – Central DivisionPeter Greenwood – Head of QATAndy Hebb – Divisional

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