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Nepal's trade deficit widens by Rs 114 billion
growth of 5.7 per cent a year earlier.
a Nepal's trade deficit.
a Nepal ranks tenth in.
a Tourist arrival goes up
a GDP growth projected.
a India's FDI nearly double.
a Bhutan's apple exports.
Nepal ranks tenth in economic report
a Indian industrial output.
a Sri Lankan co spins.
a China economy expected.
a China's fixed assets.
a Japan's forex reserves.
a Japan's GDP revised.
a Thailand's economic.
a Economic growth in US.
a Russian economy to grow.
a US economy to cool, Fed to.
a Indo-Russia trade not.
a German economy may.
the present situation of the country.
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News & News
Tourist arrival goes up
1,500 tonnes this year. "This is largely industry sector in 2006 will also slowdown their apples to Indians," said an exporter.
control the price, according to exporters.
compared to the previous year's data.
17.4 per cent whereas the visitors arriving as the full effect of high oil prices are inflation will rise sharply to eight per cent GDP growth projected at
two per cent
West Bengal come to Jaigaon and theauction yard to buy apples," said Tshering Dorji of Kenpa Private limited.
India's FDI nearly double in
first four months
direct investment in the first four months year's amount, a report said recently.
Indian industrial output
07 increased by 9 per cent to 2.9 billion same period of the last fiscal year," growth will hinge on political stability and in the index of industrial production (IIP) solution to the conflict. However, the bank dollars in 2005-06," Nath said in New output, which rose by 13.3% in July.
dollars compared with 324 million dollars to three per cent since then, for two main said. This total did not include reinvested a steady inflow of workers' remittances.
Bhutan's apple exports
News & News
Japan's forex reserves
t h e C h i n e s e A c a d e m y o f S o c i a l hit record high
reserves hit a record 881.27 billion dollars month with a gain of 2.53 billion dollars and alloy industries by 19.5% and textile China's fixed assets investment
Sri Lankan co spins
growth drops 5.9%
textile projects in India
result of strict macro control policies by respectively, in integrated textile parks (SDRs) totalled 2.73 billion dollars while persons, SIMA will create a pool of small growth rate remains too rapid," director facilities in the ambitious textile parks Japan's GDP revised
scheme launched in 2005," CEO, cluster development initiative, IL&FS ltd andproject management consultant of the figure "still falls into the range of too rapid privileges offered under the textile parks "a reasonable range" and optimise orders, which exclude particularly volatile investment rose 29.8% in the first quarter and hit 31.3% for the first half, a three- per cent month-on-month fall after a jump to develop infrastructure facilities in the projects in energy-intensive and polluting r a i s e d t h e b a n k r e s e r v e r a t i o from an initial estimate of 0.8 per cent.
China's economy
expected to grow 10.5 %
0.2 per cent, unchanged from the earlierestimate, the Cabinet Office said.
points or 1.78 per cent to 15,794.38.
b o o m . A u t h o r i t i e s s h o u l d r a i s e interest rates "appropriately" and News & News
such as a terrorist strike or a hurricane might be enough to trigger a recession.
fluctuate sharply from month-to-month.
Thailand's economic
growth trails
Russian economy to
exports have resulted in Thailand trailing grow 6.6%
its Asian rivals in economic growth, Fitch Kudrin said in an address to Parliament.
will expanded 6% next year, he said.
German economy may
at 5.4 per cent for this year, with Vietnam forecast to grow by 7.8 per cent, followed expand 2%
months of the year. In 2007 Russia "will gain back the GDP it lost in the 1990s,as well as the nation's industrial potential," higher. "We will all be happy if it's 2% Economic growth in US
US economy to cool,
economic growth at the end of the year,"Merkel said in a speech to a business slows to 'stall speed'
Fed to cut rates
audience in Berlin recently. Fastereconomic growth is helping federal tax revenue grow, raising the possibility that 0.9% in the second quarter from the first, the fastest pace in five years, as export low after three straight declines. Markel's 2007, but the range of forecasts for base counterproductive, economists have said.
Union, for the first time since 2001.
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Indo-Russia trade not
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Following Business Opportunities have been received in the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of
Commerce & Industry (FNCCI). Interested Parties may contact with parties concerned.

Rubel Syndicate,
10. A.B.I. Steel
Ari Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Spangled, GP based color in Sheet / healthcare, OTC & herbal products, Coils; Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (C.R) in Sheets / Coils; Stainless Steel in Siepmann's Card Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Saad A. Qadeer
Hameed Electric Industry
Wash walnut (also called Soap Nut) Peter J.A. Stuart (Pvt) Ltd
Printed plastic cards by screen/offset/ magnetic stripe, Contract less Smart RGV Overseas
Shinhae Industries, Inc.
Trade Point (Baku) Azerbaijian
Fem Care Pharma Ltd.
Shaninick International
Concept Commodities
Ayurvedic products, Skin & Hair Care A. International
Sports Goods & Medical, Dental, Geo Hon Co. Ltd.
Surgical & Beauty Instruments and as well as kinds of Scissors and Forceps. 10. Dux International
Firdous Trading Company
A.G.M. Group
Surgical and Dental instruments and Hotsac imports
h÷sflts–@)^# (Oct/Nov-2006)

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