Exclusive on Mango
Mango consumption
reduces the cancer risk

increased from Rs 1.74 billion in 2007-08to Rs 3.27 billion in 2011-12, thus show-ing an average increase of 18% perannum. Pakistani Mango is one of themost delicious products in the world,which is being exported in large quantitiesfrom Pakistan to Europe, Middle East &America by air and to the Gulf by sea inreefers containers.
mangoes may potentially have a positiveeffect on blood sugar in obese individualsand reduce cancer risk. The study, led byOklahoma State University’s NutritionalSciences Associate Professor Edralin Lucas,examined the effects of daily mango con-sumption on clinical parameters and bodycomposition in obese subjects. Mangocontains many nutrients and other bioac-tive compounds that can provide various These findings are the result of a single investigated. He said it is high in fibre, vitamins A and C, as well as other miner- als. In addition to the positive effects on slow. The main mango growing districts in body fat, blood lipids and glucose, it is not associated with serious side-effects such as negative effects on bone that is linked and Thatta. In the province of NWFP it is Blood sugar levels at the conclusion of the and non-cancerous breast cells. This study baseline in both male and female subjects.
Pakistan for well over two thousand years Table 1: Area, production and yield per
and the country is now the 6th largest pro- hectare of mango
Yield per
(000) Hectares (000 Tonnes) Hectare in Kg
Production of
privilege to grow early varieties of mango.
Subsequently, a new trend of growing late Source: Ministry of Agriculture Government of Pakistan.
plus. The high prices are paid for undam- Exclusive on Mango
Table 2: Province - wise production of Mango
export prospects, the area under cultiva- (000 Tonnes)
tion has increased over the few years from Punjab Sindh KPK Baluchistan
area, production and yield per hectare of 5 Year Avg:
mango are given in Table 1. Province-wise
production of mango are given in Table 2.
Types of Mango
Sindhri (Mango): This fine variety is
5 Year Avg:
large size, yellow in colour, fibreless, and very sweet in taste and has a pleasant fra- grance. This variety is available from the Source: Ministry of Agriculture Government of Pakistan
Chaunsa (Mango): This variety is pro-
cious. Fresh, firm and fibre less, it is avail- able after 15th June to the end of August.
with shares of 18% and 13% respectively.
$37 million if it succeeds in meeting the Sindh: Sindhri, Gulabkhas,
Punjab: Malda, Langra, Aman Duseri,
rent season starting from May 25, 2013.
The date has been fixed this year to avoid (VHT) plant – a pilot plant donated by the NWFP: Lengra and Samer Bahisht.
Baluchistan: Sindhri and Banganpalli.
Exclusive on Mango
Table 3: Export of Mango from Pakistan
acres. Certification is in process for eight Quantity
(Rs. Million)
ogy and ecology was missing. It is impor- Source: (i) Federal Bureau of Statistics, Government of Pakistan.
(ii) Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
have also adversely affected Pakistan’s mango is a perennial species offering con- tinuity of habitat for both pests and natu- Iran. It is important to note that Iran was how to protect their plants from pests and using biological and cultural control meth- midges. Identifying natural enemies of the able conditions for them, is a key priority valued at Rs 202.80 million to Iran alone.
over the last five years and local agricul- References
in South Korea ‘Taste of Pakistani Mango’ Taiwanese and Philippines’ mangoes hold- goes can capture a substantial share in the Table 4: Country-wise Export of Mango
years of sustained efforts by the govern- (Major Countries)
Quantity: 000 Kg
Value: Rs. 000
Pakistan’s mango farmers through infra- Country Quantity Value Quantity Value
certifications. This has led to increased mango sales of about $20.5 million, and a to international markets, said Ambassador $5.8 million in Pakistan’s mango sector, infrastructure and marketing assistance to 3,271,913
help farmers sell their products globally. Source: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

Source: http://www.foodjournal.pk/May-June-2013/PDF-May-June-2013/Exclusive-article-Mango-Dr-Noor.pdf


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