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Professor Bunsen Burner was a notable Entomologist from Crank Castle University, Cucumberland.
He was dispatched to South America to study the many, as yet unclassified species of, for the wantof a better description, ‘bugs’ in the rain forests.
Although he was a man of some seventy years he was reasonably healthy and he had been chosenfor this project because of his predisposition to entomological excellence.
In the past he had given names to previously unknown species.
He settled in with a tribe of South American Indians and had presented them with a sum of moneyfor their help.
He had been given a tribal-one roomed-hut for shelter and study. Also he had been given a youngnative girl, about seventeen years old to do his cooking, cleaning and any other services he mayrequire. She was a beautiful, dark skinned girl who wore only a sarong tied in a knot just over herbosoms. The garment she wore followed the contours of her young shapely body with informativeaccuracy.
They had no common language between them only rudimentary sign language.
difference between yes and no but choose, sometimes, not to obey.
It rained often so not many people washed, yet he insisted of bathing once a week and she insistedin soaping him all over to which, in spite of his age, he objected very little, if at all.
She felt that the charge of looking after him was a 24 hours a day job and at night she slipped out ofher sarong and into bed beside him in case he required any other service during the night. This wasin pre-Viagra days so her night time services, apart from the odd glass of water, were not required.
He did however, like form time to time, and being something of an explorer, run has hand over hernaked body, in the interest of science.
To her he was something of a father figure and so she loved to kiss him about the head and face atregular intervals.
She went with him collecting entomological specimens and saw that he was fed properly and restedwhen he was tired. Some of the food they eat was not dissimilar to the specimens he collected forresearch, identification and classification. His mind was on the task in hand not the flavour of thecuisine so it was all the same to him whether it was bugs or caterpillars he ate. They had a nice linein snakes, roasted over a fire and seasoned with local herbs which he seemed to enjoy.
Time passed quickly and his collection of specimens grew and grew and he grew very fond of theyoung girl whom he called Oaka the name the chief called her.
However one day he was stricken down by a fever and was very ill. There was no Doctor forhundreds of miles and it was feared he would die. Oaka nursed him for days and days and he grewweaker and weaker.
These jungle tribes make their own medicine from plants they have used for hundreds of years.
The tribal chief said he should be given one of their rejuvenating portions.
medicine and he recovered astonishingly quickly He felt he had been saved from the jaws of He felt young again; strange awakenings grew within him, he felt as though he was twenty again.
Feelings he had not had for a very long time and for the first time in twenty years he was able tomake a tent. He looked in his little mirror and was astonished at what he saw. His white moustacheand goatee and darkened; hair had returned to his bald head; the lines on his face had gone and hisskin was smooth.
The medicine had turned the clock back to his youth.
The next time he went to bed and Oaka joined him in her naked-night-dress he made love to hervigorously, like a young man which delighted them both. He was able to resume horizontal dancing.
He really was rejuvenated!


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RISICO’s van GRIEP (uit de CEASE opleiding van Tinus Smits/2009) De ziekte De griep is een jaarlijks terugkerend verschijnsel in de winter. Het virus wordt overgedragen door speekseldruppeltjes bij het hoesten of niezen. Slechts de helft van de besmette personen wordt daadwerkelijk ziek. De incubatietijd is twee drie dagen, dan verschijnen koude rillingen, hoge koorts, een verkoudheid

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