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Fresenius Medical Care Announces Positive Results
from PhosLo CARE-2 Study

Bad Homburg, Germany
– Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA today
announced positive results from the PhosLo (calcium acetate) CARE-2 (Calcium Acetate Renagel Evaluation) study. The study demonstrated that when lipid levels are kept constant in both treatment groups, there is no difference in cardiovascular calcification between patients treated with PhosLo and those treated with Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride). The data refute the hypothesis that the calcium in PhosLo contributes to cardiovascular calcification. The findings were presented by Dr. Wajeh Qunibi, of the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio at the American Society of Nephrology’s Renal Week 2006 Conference in San Diego, The CARE-2 study was a randomized, controlled head-to-head comparison between PhosLo and Renagel with the addition of Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium), as appropriate, in both treatment groups to control LDL (Low Density Cholesterol) levels. The study found no statistically significant difference in the progression in cardiovascular calcification (CAC) between the two treatment groups after 12 months of treatment. Patients treated with PhosLo and Renagel achieved comparable reductions in Serum-Phosphorus and Calcium-Phosphorus product and even more importantly K/DOQI target levels were reached significantly faster with PhosLo. Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA, Corporate Communications, D-61346 Bad Homburg
PhosLo, Renagel and Lipitor are registered trademarks.
About PhosLo
PhosLo is administered orally, and when given with food, combines with dietary phosphate to form
insoluble calcium phosphate complexes that are eliminated from the body, thereby reducing
phosphorus absorption, helping to prevent excess blood phosphorus levels. Patients should have
serum calcium levels closely monitored and their dose of PhosLo adjusted or terminated to bring
levels to normal. PhosLo is contraindicated in patients with hypercalcemia. No other calcium
supplements should be given concurrently with PhosLo. PhosLo is well tolerated and has an excellent
safety profile. Nausea, hypercalcemia, and pruritus (itching) have occasionally been reported during
PhosLo therapy.

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's largest integrated provider of products and services for
individuals undergoing dialysis because of chronic kidney failure, a condition that affects more than
1,400,000 individuals worldwide. Through its network of 2,085 dialysis clinics in North America,
Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa, Fresenius Medical Care provides dialysis treatment to
161,433 patients around the globe. Fresenius Medical Care is also the world's leading provider of
dialysis products such as hemodialysis machines, dialyzers and related disposable products).
Fresenius Medical Care is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FME, FME3) and the New York
Stock Exchange (FMS, FMS-p).
For more information about Fresenius Medical Care visit the Company’s website at .
For more information about the CARE-2 study visit the website www.advancedrenaleducation.com.
This release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to various risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ
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economic and competitive conditions, regulatory reforms, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, uncertainties in litigation or
investigative proceedings, and the availability of financing. These and other risks and uncertainties are detailed in Fresenius
Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA's reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Fresenius Medical Care AG &
Co. KGaA does not undertake any responsibility to update the forward-looking statements in this release.
Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA, Corporate Communications, D-61346 Bad Homburg

Source: http://www.fresenius.com/documents/CARE-2-Study_211106-e.pdf


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