November 16, 1995

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sia, the centrist political party. At a re- ernment partly shut for a second day.
like bustin’ loose!’’ His bewildered audi- opportunism, but no end was in sight.
steps to protect the country’s credit.
are wrapping themselves in national-ism and anti-Western slogans, theircampaigns have gone completely Holly-wood.
AT&T Offers Buyout to Half Its Managers ning to look like a Soviet propagandist’s sonalities, not political platforms,’’ said politics at Stanford University. “It be- Study Suggests New Drug Can Prevent Heart Attacks in Healthy Men group of men who received a placebo.
sociation meeting in Anaheim, Calif.
first heart attack,’’ said the study’s INTERNATIONAL
Bosnian Towns Become Focus of Peace Talks Briefly Noted
Fossil Find Surprises Scientists
justifiable,’’ said one official. “But there negotiations to end the conflict at a criti- This territorial conflict, officials said, week-old negotiations to a conclusion.
the end it became clear that it was not.
was to end the talks over the weekend.
territory adjoining Serbia be as cohesive this early species evolved into Homoerectus in Asia, not Africa, suggestinga more intercontinental character tothe early history of human origins.
Israel Detains Student as Part of Rabin Probe Violence in Haiti Grows
Shell Will Join in Nigeria Project
the police’s initial claim of a conspira- spite the repression that has raised anoutcry against the Government.
Suspense in Algeria: Voter Turnout, Not Who Will Win that if they can attract at least 60 per- cent of the eligible voters, officially 16 Arrest in Shevardnadze Attack
Freshmen Republicans Stand By Their Goals Briefly Noted
Atlantis, Mir Link in Space
ago, this is no time for faint hearts.
“Forget popularity,’’ declared Repre- Barry Diagnosed With Cancer
the largest single gift in the library’s Sloan-Kettering Blamed in Mishap
partment said Wednesday that “sys-temic deficiencies’’ at one of the na- Safety Panel Re-Examines USAir Crash, Jet Design tion’s leading cancer centers, Memorial a patient’s brain last May. State health Teen Held in Shooting; 2 Killed
the Federal Aviation Administration.
Marine Commandant to Get $45,000 Dining Room thing we want is to invite Senator Chafee over for lunch, find out the dining room is full and have to take him to McDonalds,’’ Secretary of the Navy. “You’d have great chiefs have their own dining rooms.’’ BUSINESS
Lloyd’s CEO Quits to Take Salomon Post
vs. Japanese
chief executive of Lloyd’s of London for Industrials
carry out its rebuilding plan, to replace Mr. Middleton as chief executive. Mr.
Lloyd’s — which is an association of in- traditional expertise — trading govern- ment-banking and equities operation.
action on cutting interest rates atWednesday’s meeting of its FederalOpen Market Committee and the debt Prudential Insurance Announces Restructuring squabble in Washington was unre-solved. In addition, four rounds of job cuts,’’ Mark Grief, chief financial officer, said. “It is about a host of inef- on the bellwether 30-year Treasurybond was unchanged at 6.29 percent.
4,800 milestone just two months ago.
a loss of 1.8 billion francs, or $371 mil- BUSINESS CONTINUED
N.Y.S.E. Most Active Issues
Vol. (100s)
ing less costly at the start of the holi- Nasdaq Actives
Foreign Exchange
Vol. (100s)
Amex Actives
economist at J.P. Morgan. “It’s debat-able whether the economy needs any Vol. (100s)
Savings to everyone, everywhere around the globe.
Special savings to your favorite part of the world.
.The latest calling rates to more than 280 places worldwide.
.Listing of AT&TAccess Numbers for when you are traveling internationally and wish to call the U.S. or country to country.
.High-tech services that will make your life easier.
Helpful hints for people on the road.
Simply go back to the TimesFax home page and click on the AT&Tglobe.
The Hot Restaurant Ticket in Vietnam: Peasant Food Hien, a 33-year-old tennis coach. “Dur- and maitre d’hotel, is a former army of- village, collected recipes from relatives, “This is pure Vietnamese food,’’ said CROSSWORD
T H I R T Y S O M E T H I N G 17 Ceremonial Reds’ Larkin Named Most Valuable Player
Briefly Noted
Showalter Gets Seven-Year Deal
seven-year contract as their manager.
Sampras Storms Past Becker
Becker, 6-2, 7-6 (7-3), in the secondround of the IBM-ATP Tour WorldChampionship. Sampras hit 11 servesover 120 mph and never faced a breakpoint against Becker.
New Proposal Offered to Baseball Players’ Union Martinez Moves on in WTA Tour
of their revenues on player salaries.
of salary arbitration for some players.
Tuesday’s Games
National Hockey League
U.S. Cities Following are the highest and lowest
Foreign Cities Following are the highest and
temperatures for the 22 hours ended 10 P.M. (E.S.T.) lowest temperatures and daily precipitation (reported in yesterday, the precipitation for the 24 hours ended 8 inches) for the 24 hours ended 10 P.M. (E.S.T.) yester- P.M. (E.S.T.) yesterday and expected conditions for day and the normal temperature range for this time of the year. *Not available. trc-trace.
Weather conditions: C-cloudy, F-fog, H-haze, I-ice, PC- partly cloudy, R-rain, Sr-showers, S-sunny, Sn-snow, Yesterday
National Basketball Association
A Bad Budget Bill Gets Worse
Of The Times
the much-touted “fire in the belly,’’ an effective political operation to raise until the day he stands for re-election.
Powell. That’s not a reflection on hischaracter or appeal. Anybody entering By WILLIAM SAFIRE
Houston fat cats and confessed: “. . . you will find it grueling. Besides, he is not ological struggle. Let’s try to find the I raised them too much, too.’’ From then “lurch to the left,’’ raising taxes and liberal oratory, but his refusal to meet, wanted Colin Powell to get in the race.
room. Their mistrust is fairly placed.
Ross Perot’s show in 1992, they don’t Fax is a daily
information, please contact Dan Barber.
Dan Quayle, the former Vice Presi- the left? I believe it was “the President’s dent, is writing a book on the Ameri- tax gaffe.’’ On Oct. 17, Mr. Clinton re-

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