Housing & general equipment:

FussBudget Farm

Housing & General Equipment:
• A really really really good fence • Fresh Water • Grain and Hay Feeders • Shelter • Bedding (dusted with Diatomaceous Earth) • Loose Minerals and Free-Choice Feeder • Baking Soda Free-Choice Feeder • Collars • Leads • Small Dish Pan, Water, Bleach, Old Towels for Disinfecting Equipment Grooming:
• Scissors • Brush • Baby Wipes • Hair Clippers • Hoof Trimmers, Sharp Knife, File and Pick • Dawn Dish Liquid (if you just HAVE to wash a goat, rinse well) First Aide & Wound Care:
1 tsp orally for kids, 1 Tbls for adults (either dry or mixed with liquid and given as a drench) I also offer a Free-Choice Feeder • Milk of Magnesia (for constipation or bloat) 2.5 cc orally per 10# four times daily for up to two days 2 cc orally every six hours – treat with PROBIOS • Children's Aspirin (for pain, fever and inflammation) 1 81 mg tablet orally per 10# (crush mix with liquid) • Children's Benadryl (for allergies, stings, runny noses and cough) • Mineral Oil (a few drops in each ear for mite control) • Digital Thermometer (2) *Normal Temperature ranges from 101.5-103.5 • Vaseline • Q-tips • Tube / Feeding Kit • Drench Syringe • PROBIOS (after antibiotics, scours, stress or travel) • Nutrient and Energy Drench (nutrient supplement) 3 cc orally per 10# no more than 3 times a day • Electrolytes (for dehydration) follow manufactures dosage • Activated Charcoal (for poisoning and toxicity) follow manufactures dosage • Disposable Gloves • Peroxide • Alcohol (liquid and prep wipes) • Witch Hazel • Tea Tree Oil • Betadine • Neosporin • Diaper Rash Ointment (for small abrasions) • Hemorrhoid Cream (for swelling and topical inflammation) • Blood Stop (Clotting) Powder • Super Glue • Gauze and Bandage Tape • Feminine Sanitary Pads • Duct Tape • Blunt Bandage Scissors • Sharp Surgical Scissors • Disposable Razors (to clean around wounds) • 7% Iodine & Blu-Kote • Terramycin Eye Ointment (for pink-eye and eye injuries) Vitamin, Minerals, Vaccines and Wormers
• Health Records, Clipboard and Pen • 20 ga. 1/2 inch Needles • 18 ga. 1 inch Needles • Syringes (3cc, 6cc, 12cc, 20cc & 60cc) Two 2 cc doses IM or SQ (regardless of weight) again 3-4 weeks later – Annual Booster (One 2 cc dose)  Pregnant does should receive their booster 4 weeks prior to kidding  Kids from properly vaccinated does at 5-6 weeks of age again 3-4 weeks  Breeding Bucks should receive their booster 30 days before breeding • Pasteurella (Pneumonia) Vaccine OTC – Refrigerate 2 cc SQ again 2-4 weeks later - annual booster  First vaccination should be given after 4 months of age  Pregnant does should receive their booster 4 weeks prior to kidding • Penicillin G Procaine OTC – Refrigerate 1 cc IM per 20# daily not to exceed 4 consecutive days • Bio-Mycin 200 (Antibiotic used for hoof rot/scald, pink-eye, also effective 1 cc SQ per 20# daily for a minimum of 5 days  When treating Pink-Eye you can also put a few drops directly in eyes • Fortified B Vitamin Complex - Injection (for Thiamine B1 – 100 mg per ml) OTC  Pregnant does 4 weeks prior to kidding  Every 6 months to prevent Thiamine deficiency • Vitamin ADE & B12 Gel follow manufactures dosage • Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for Goats follow manufactures dosage • Ivermectin 1% Injectable - Administered Orally (does not kill tapeworms or liver flukes)  *If you plan to treat your dog orally for heartworms DO NOT use • Di-Methox/Sulfadimethoxine (for prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis) Mix 107 g packet with 3 cups warm water –dissolve 1 cc orally per 5# day one, 1 cc orally per 10# days 2, 3, 4 & 5  Stuff tastes foul, add sweetener to encourage goats to take drench • MFO Solution - Administered Orally (to treat hypocalcemia mainly in pregnant or • Tetanus Antitoxin OTC – Refrigerate • CD Antitoxin (enterotoxemia treatment - will require CD/T re-vaccination and again 3-4 • Epinephrine (In case of shock when administering other medications) Rx Only
• Small portable cooler and ice pack for carrying refrigerated vaccines to the goat area
Vet’s Phone Number
*ALWAYS consider bio-security; yours and your animals'. Wear gloves, clean and disinfect tools and equipment after each use. Properly dispose of contaminated gloves, swabs, needles, and used bandages.ect. If there is a chance of infection run off while cleaning wounds you may consider dousing the ground with a bleach solution. Some bacteria can live in the soil and infect other animals. I am not a vet and a first time goat (Nigerian Dwarf) owner to boot; I have compiled this list from several books and online research. Please, please be careful when administering any medication. Check and double-check dosages and administering technique.
IM - Intramuscular

SQ – Subcutaneous

Common fluid conversions:

Source: http://www.fussbudgetfarm.com/FBF_Goats/Goat%20Supply%20and%20Medication%20Check-List%20&%20Dosage.pdf


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