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Research activities:
Details of research papers published by Faculty/Residents in indexed medical journals in
last two years (give name of authors, title of paper, Journal name, volume, year of
publication and page numbers)
1. Practical CSF Cytology, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Indian J.Pathol Microbiol 2008;51:463.
2. Two unusual primary tumors of parotid, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Cytopathology 2008; 3. Aspiration cytology of Virchow’s node: an experience from a general hospital in India, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Cytopathology 2008; 19(S):86. 4. Seminoma of Undescended testis presenting as acute abdomen, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2009; 52:278-9. 5. Salivary gland tumors oral and surgical pathology, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Indian 6. Cytology of infective lesions, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Acta Cytol 2010; 54(S):370 7. The value of diagnostic cytology in resource poor settings, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Acta 8. Utility of Fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of infective lesions, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Diagnostic Hostopathology 2011;17:301-12. 9. High prevalence of Hashimoto Thyroiditis in a coastal district of India, Dr.S.Satyanarayana, Cytopathology 2011; 22(S):100. 10. Seminoma of undescended testis presenting as acute abdomen, Dr.Manisha Mohapatra, Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2009;52:278-9 11. Unusual tumors of breast, Dr.Manisha Mohapatra Proceedings of Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Cytologists; 2011:81.
General Medicine:
1. Sreeharry B, Pandey AK and Sreehari BM, et al: VO2 Max at various age groups in sedentary individuals. Biomedicine 2010;30(2):203-206 2. Pandey AK, Das A, Sreehari BM ,et al. Myocardial Performance in Newly diagnosed Asymptomatic Essential Hypertension. Accepted for publication in IJPP; 55(2) issue. 3. Pandey AK, Sreehari BM and Himabindu, et al : Clinico-Biochemical spectrum of hypokalemia. Accepted for publication in Biomedicine 2011; 31(2). DVL:
1. Lupus vulgaris and borderline tuberculoid leprosy: an interesting co-occurrence.
Rao GR, Sandhya S, Sridevi M, Amareswar A, Narayana BL, Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2011 Jan-Feb ;77(1):111. [DOI]
2. Large congenital melanocytic nevus with metastatic melanoma with a probable
Rao GR, Durga Prasad BK, Amareswar A, Vijaya KT, Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2011 Jan-Feb ;77(1):51-4. [DOI] 3. Herpes zoster motor neuropathy: a clinical and electrophysiological study. Gopal KV, Sarvani D, Krishnam Raju PV, Rao GR, Venkateswarlu K Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2010 Sep-Oct ;76(5):569-71. [DOI] 4. Pigmented basal cell carcinoma of the scrotum: an unusual site. Rao GR, Amareswar A, Kumar YH, Prasad TS, Rao NR
Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2008 Sep-Oct ;74(5):508-9.
5. Pruritic papular eruptions of HIV: a clinicopathologic and therapeutic study. Lakshmi SJ, Rao GR, , , Rao KA, Prasad PG, Kumar YH Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2008 Sep-Oct ;74(5):501-3. 6 Subdural haematoma; an uncommon presentation of thrombocytopenia in HIV G. Raghurama Rao, N. Subrahmanyam, A.Amareswar International Journal of STD & AIDS 2010 : 21 ; 443-445. 7. Vitiligo triggers Dermatology Times, January 2010 8. Sweet’s syndrome with sub acute intestinal obstruction. MVRJ Somayajulu, G. Raghurama Rao, A.Amareswar, N. Ramkoteswar Rao JAPI , September 2010. Vol 58 9. Efficacy, safety and tolerability of microsphere adapalene vs conventional adapalene G.Raghurama Rao, Sanjay Ghosh, Rachita Durat et al International Journal of Dermatology 2009: 48, 1360-1365. 10. Efficacy and tolerability of sertaconazole nitrate 2% cream vs miconazole in patients A.Sharma, D.G Saple, A. Surjushe, G.R.R. Rao et al What’s New in Dermatology, STD & Leprosy Apr – Jun 2009. Issue 59. 12. An open-label evaluation of the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Halobetasol ointment 0.05% in Indian patients with chronic dermatoses. D.G.Saple, Mahendra. M.Kura, G.Raghurama Rao Indian Medical Gazzette , November 2008 : Vol. CXL II ,No 11 , 409-414 13. Anthrax G. Raghurama Rao , David H. Walker Textbook of Tropical & Infectious Diseases, 3rd edition, edited by Dr. David H. 1) Satish Chandra.T, Sudhakar.M, Ajay Kumar.Y, Murthy P.S.N, PUBEROPHONIA; International Journal of Laryngology; 2011; (1) 2) Sudhakar.M; Satish Chandra.T, Ajay Kumar.Y; Murthy P.S.N; LARYNGEAL SCHWANNOMA; International Journal of Laryngology; 2011; 1 International Journals:
1) Pandey A.K., Asim Das, Sreenivas, Sreehari BM, Y.Himabindu, Astoush Kumar and G.Bhavani. Maternal Myocardial performance in various stages of pregnancy and postpaturam. Research journal of Cardiology, 2010, 3(1); 9-16. 2) Pandey A.K, Asim Das and Sreehari BM,Y.Himabindu ,Ch.Srinivas ,Astoush Kumar and G.Bhavaniet.Application of signal Averaged Electrocardiography and Ejection Fraction for prediction of cardiovascular Arrhythmic events.Reserch journal of cardiology 2010;3(1): 17-24. National/indexed journals:
3) Sreeharry B, Pandey A.K, and Sreehari BM, Y.Himabindu; Vo2 Max at various age groups in sedentary individuals. Bio medicine 2010; 30(2):203-206. 4) Pandey A.K, Asim Das, Astoush Kumar, Sreehari BM, G.Bhavani. And Y.Himabindu, Myocardial performance in newly diagnosed asymptomatic Essential Hypertension. Ac published in IJPP 2011; 55(2):110-118. Pandey A.K, Varsha Vijay Akhade, srihari BM and .Y.Himabindu; Clinico Biochemical. Profile of Hypokalemic patients. Accepted for publication in Bio medicine 2011:31(2). Ophthalmology:
1. Changing Demographic Profile of Patient seeking cataract Surgery 2. Incidence of Diabetes and Hypertension in Patient seeking free cataract surgery. Under publication –Journal of Epidemiology


Arbeiten aus dem pathologischen institut 1999

Publikationen aus dem Pathologischen Institut der Universität Würzburg in 1999 Avots, A., Buttmann, M., Chupvilo, S., Escher, C., Smola, U., Bannister, A.J., Rapp, U.R., Kouzarides, T., Serfling, E. CBP/p300 integrates Raf/Rac-signalling pathways in the transcriptional induction of NF-Atc during T cell activation Immunity 10: 515-524 (1999) Chirmule, N., Avots, A., LakshmiTamma, S.M.,

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Revista Relaciones Internacionales – Nº 41 (Segmento Digital) Instituto de Relaciones Internacionales ( IRI ) – Segundo semestre de 2011 - Introducción - Comisión de Relaciones y Culto de la Cámara de Diputados (mayo – noviembre 2011) Fuente: Secretaria de Información Parlamentaria del Congreso de la Nación Publicado en: Trámite Parlamentario nº 39 Sección: Parlam

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