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GUTSY Newsletter
Issue 9 – North Wales and West Cheshire Summer
GUTSY is jointly organised by healthcare staff and a small steering group of GUTSY members. Many of the Steering Group have been trained by Macmillan in listening and responding skills. You can anything you would like to discuss at the meetings. You can find more information If you have
(Left to right) Brian, Linda, Bob and Michele
any ideas for the newsletter or website Also please let them know if you no longer
GUTSY Telephone Support Scheme
The GUTSY Telephone Support Scheme is now running providing support for patients and families across North Wales and Cheshire. It means that former cancer patients will be on the other end of the phone line for others going through the same experience. The scheme is backed by Macmillan in every Community, who trained the volunteers. GUTSY Telephone Support Group members,
accompanied by Mr Pye, Consultant Surgeon
and Anne Mart from Macmillan
Newsletter 1
Oesophageal Patients Association:
another source of support
Mr David Kirby, Chair of the Oesophageal Patients Association (OPA), and his wife surgical centre clinical team. During the a few former oesophageal cancer patients people may have about their condition or sharing experiences. Since then, the have Q: I had my oesophagus removed 2
years ago. I take Lansoprasole but
found reflex acid worse when taking.
Can I stop? A: Some patients get
acid, some don’t. Lansoprasole helps if profession for earlier diagnosis, better Grass and Ginger Cordial or Holland & registering, you will become a member and Q: Does the intestine work harder
following a gastrectomy? Three
weeks after coming out of hospital, I
ate bacon and onions with no problem.
I also have a potential hernia. I am
eating more, moving more, but getting
Other useful contacts:
cramps. I also get pains as soon as I
Stella Davies,Maelor Hospital:
drink after a meal. A: The intestine
can cause problems. You cannot eat as before. Eat less but more frequently, a Lizzy Pearce, Upper GI CNS,
Countess of Chester: Tel:
Q: Is it better not to drink with a
meal? A: Drinking adds volume and
Welfare Rights enquiries:
Newsletter 2
I had a full gastrectomy. I now
get severe hiccups when eating and
“guide” to my mouth gave problems and the sometimes have to stop eating. A: The
cause can vary. It may require a barium
meal to find out if there is a problem. done. The person who carried out the test Q: Is there any disadvantage to

taking Nexium 80mgs long-term? A:
stomach. There is no evidence so far that specialist; he did not say a word as to the Q: If patients are taking high doses
quite a bit of time had elapsed with only of medication, does this cause a lack
of iron? A: Iron deficiency is more
one test and no diagnosis. The specialist was babbling on, asking if there was anyone with me. He then asked me what I thought I had. So after 3 months of seeing my GP he had been iron deficient for some time. several times, two doctors at the Maelor, and a specialist, no-one was prepared to give me a diagnosis. I said “Cancer”, to which he replied, yes. That was the end of
Q: Has anyone looked at genetics?
the consultation. He did not say what they or I should do next, other than they had some moments of silence, I left. Should I A Patient’s Story
I first noticed a problem in 2009. I was I then had an appointment with Mr Baker; eating a burger and found it sticking in my gullet instead of swallowing easily. My GP treatment were available. He wanted more done, especially an endoscopy. I told my GP insisted that I should go. I attended the problems with gagging and arranged for it Maelor within a couple of weeks. I knew of symptoms, I realised I probably had the operation to remove the tumour either by Newsletter 3
keyhole, or by opening me up. I was to see the operation. Even though the risks are the chemotherapy specialist and Mr Baker would see me again after the treatment. was advised by a member to shave off any body hair as it made it less painful when November. This was a waste of time, it was pulling plasters off. I followed his advice more about filling in consent forms, being and it made changing plasters a doddle! I give a brief outline of what was to be done also shaved hairs from my chest before I and the side effects, and meeting with the had the chemotherapy, so had no problems Macmillan nurse who explained the process I had my operation in January 2010 at the I had to wait for an appointment at Glan virtually felt no discomfort afterwards. I was surprised to feel so good in myself. I why couldn’t I have had it all done at Glan was discharged after 7 days. This was only Clwyd on the one day? I had a line put in possible due to the skills of the surgeon for the chemo. Whilst waiting I overheard and his team, and the care and attention I a conversation between an elderly lady who received. From my initial appointment with was receiving treatment and a nurse. The my GP to having the operation it took six lady had oesophageal cancer and could not swallow tablets. The nurse was urging her wanted to give a me a possible diagnosis, or to swallow with something like yoghurt. what treatment I could have. I realise the Later I was also given drugs to counter the scenes. It must be stressful for doctors changed the tablets to liquid medicines. having to deal with patients’ reactions. Is that why they are cautious until they are without too much of a problem. I asked if future oesophageal patients would be to (1) the line had to be left in as I couldn’t remember what I had been told. After the possible; (2) for men to shave off their operation I think it would be been better bodily hair; (3) for husbands/wives on their for it to have been left in as staff had first visit to HDU to bring a toilet bag in for the patient. *Please note: new
evidence states not to shave before
surgery, as broken skin can increase the

I saw Mr Baker; he reiterated the risks of risk of infection.
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5


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