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Hong Leong Finance Helps Customers Get Better Investment Value
ixed Deposit Promotion
Limited time promotion offers competitive rates of up to 1.32% p.a. Singapore, 2 December 2013 – Hong Leong Finance (HLF) is giving customers a stress-free
option to grow their wealth with its new Fixed Deposit promotion.
Customers, both individuals and companies, wil have a reason to cheer with HLF offering competitive deposit rates of up to 1.32% p.a. – one of the highest in town. Under this promotion, customers can invest S$30,000 or more, and choose tenures of either 12 or 24 months.
Please refer to Appendix A for more details on deposit rates.
As part of this promotion, HLF is also giving away three sets of gifts to al customers signing up for a 12-month tenure on this promotion with either fresh or existing funds. Customers who deposit between $30,000 to $99,999 will receive a Festive Gift Set of two bottles of New Moon Bird’s Nest with Snow Fungus, American Ginseng and Rock Sugar. Those who deposit between $100,000 and $199,999 wil be given a Joyful Gift Set comprising of three Lock+Lock storage containers. Finally those who invest $200,000 and more wil enjoy a premium set of three large Lock+Lock storage containers.
Applicants who sign up for the 24-month tenure fixed deposits will be rewarded with twice the entitlement customers on the 12-month tenure wil receive. The promotion, which starts from 2 December 2013, is a limited time offer. “We hope that by offering customers competitive rates with flexible options, customers are able to get greater value from their investments, enabling them to put their minds at ease and make time to enjoy their lives to the ful est,” said HLF President Ian Macdonald. Hong Leong Finance has a distribution network of 28 branches, the largest network among finance companies here. For the year ended December 2012, Hong Leong Finance reported shareholders’ funds of S$1.62 bil ion, deposits and balances of S$10.05 bil ion and net profit of S$77.6 mil ion. It was named ‘Domestic Finance Company of the Year’ in 2013 at the Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards and ‘Best Finance Company of the Year’ in 2013 by Global Banking & Finance. For more information, please contact:
9 R a f f l e s P l a c e  # 3 6 - 0 0  R e p u b l i c P l a z a  S i n g a p o r e 0 4 8 6 1 9  T e l : 6 4 3 8 0 8 8 0  F a x : 6 5 3 4 3 0 6 0 Appendix A
Fixed Deposit Promotion Interest Rates (12 & 24 Months)*
Interest Rates (p.a.)
Fixed Deposit
12 months
24 months
*This fixed deposit promotion is for a limited time period only. Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dol ar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance
Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.

Source: http://www.hlf.com.sg/download/20131202_ann.pdf


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