Building Respect for Human Rights
and a Happy Workplace Environment

Respect for Human Rights
The Kansai Electric Group wants to have a proper understanding of the human rights of each and every employee, and do what it can, as a business, to create a company and society free of discrimination and strongly against sexual harassment.
Human Rights Awareness
Basic Policy on Human Rights
Development for All Employees
In order to eliminate discrimination of all kinds including Japan’s dowa issue and recognize our social responsibilities as a workforce. In fiscal 2003, 23,145 persons took part in the program. Moreover, other workplace, building attitudes that do not tolerate discrimination and ridding society "Get a grip on discrimination by not feeling or saying anything discriminatory." Similarly, a variety of awareness activities eliminate forced labor and child labor, and against HIV carriers. We will continue to Jinken human rights awareness publications Promotional System
Kansai Electric Dowa Education Promotional Council Human rights education (fiscal 2004 plans)
Educational opportunities will be offered to all employees at least once a year. Programs will be organized by division and level.
In order to develop leaders for promoting internal education, people will be sent to A questionnaire will be used to understand the level of employee understanding of human rights issues. The data will be utilized in future activities and to create a happy workplace environment where human rights are respected.
As a part of awareness activities, seminars and a human rights slogan contest will be staged. Human rights awareness will be promoted by making these learning opportunities available to all employees.
If daily practices require improvement from the perspective of human rights, they will be quickly corrected to raise awareness.
Information, support and cooperation will be constructively provided to group companies in order to further enhance human rights awareness.
Safety and Sanitation Activities
The safety and health of our employees is one of the foundations for our existence as a company. That is why Kansai Electric is endeavoring to build a workplace where employees can work safely and maintain good health.
Safety and Sanitation Management
Safety and Sanitation Activities
Policy and Action Plans
In order to build a corporate environment where
Accident prevention measures and education
Dealing with the human factor
employees can work safely and maintain their health, To prevent occupational accidents, Kansai If an accident occurs, it is analyzed, measures Kansai Electric is endeavoring to eliminate accidents Electric has built a corporate environment are studied to prevent reoccurrence and then of all kinds and inject vitality into the workplace. with events and education for improving the those measures are developed horizontally Specifically, the company fully complies with the across the company. Moreover, all business Law on Industrial Safety and Hygiene and all sites impart human factor training at safety associated regulations, but on top of this, we have annual rate of on-the-job accidents is lower our own safety and sanitation management policy than the national average. Moreover, we will and action plans, and develop activities on our own.
continue to devise activities and dedicate an Driver s licenses required
increased effort to accident prevention.
Before anyone can drive a company vehicle, 2001 - 2004
they must go through training and testing. The Main Points of Kansai Electric s Policy on Safety
Accident frequency rate
company s system for ensuring safe driving and Sanitation Management
provides also for periodic follow-up, so that absolute safety is ensured when our vehicles 1. Preparation of a solid base for the management of safety2. Encouragement of activities that boost safety in Sanitation Related1. Promotion of mental healthcare for the age of competition Mental healthcare
2. Promotion of supportive measures that assist personal Mental healthcare is extremely important 3. Strengthening of foundations of our health support because of the growing stress in society. To *Accident frequency rate: Indicator of accident frequency widely used around the world. It is calculated as the number of total accidents resulting in missed days of work per 1 million working hours.
Safety and Sanitation Council Meetings
Accident severity rate
Support for personal health management
Every month, labor and management meet as the From the viewpoint of preventing habitual Safety and Sanitation Council to discuss matters diseases such as hyperlipemia and high blood concerning safety and sanitation. The meetings aim pressure, Kansai Electric provides health to build a corporate environment where employees guidance that encourages regular exercise and can work safely and maintain their health.
good eating habits, as well as support for those who want to quit smoking. These efforts Safety Activities of the Kansai Electric Group
are aimed at helping employees maintain and Accident severity rate: Indicator of accident severity. It is calculated as the number of total days of work missed because of accident per 1 A wide range of safety activities have been and continue to be developed in order to build a safety net around the Kansai Electric Group . This safety net serves the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved with us including personnel from Cross-Company Safety and Sanitation Conference
group companies, contractors and customers. More specifically, a meeting is held every year to promote the safety net. At this meeting, representatives from July and August as an activity for helping across the Kansai Electric Group share opinions on employees maintain their health in this hot how to eliminate accidents. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, personnel of a cooperating company were killed and injured when a secondary steam pipe ruptured at the Mihama Power Station this year. To focused on raising awareness of safety and prevent this and other kinds of accidents from sanitation, and build feelings of solidarity.
Cross-Company Safety and Sanitation Conference reoccurring, the cause and preventative measures Building Respect for Human Rights
and a Happy Workplace Environment

Equal Opportunities of Employment and a Friendly Workplace
In line with related laws, the entire Kansai Electric Group undertakes activities that ensure "fair and impartial employment opportunities" based on individual abilities and suitability, and that "build a friendly workplace".
Thinking on Human Resource
Promoting Equal Employment
Employing the Elderly
Activation Initiatives
Opportunities for Both Men and Women
Improving Desire and Enthusiasm
Throughout the work cycle from hiring to In April 2001, Kansai Electric launched the e-Staff Program that rehires persons who Kansai Electric rebuilt the personnel system indifferent of gender. Particularly since on the concepts that "Things will change if 1986, following the enactment of the Equal you try," "You can do it if you want it," and Employment Opportunity Law, the scope of program started in 1996. Broader in scope, "Stability and security come from a hard day's work." Our activities are directed at aged 60 and over who still have a strong desire to work a place where they can apply about their work and their position as an accumulated, hence helping them to lead a more fulfilling life. Since the program's Training an Independent-minded Workforce
inception, we have rehired about 20 retirees harassment counseling services, as part of a every year. Kansai Electric wants to continue objective of improving disposition, attitude and skill, and acquiring and enhancing the Kansai Electric will continue to utilize our human resources indiscriminate of gender, award job opportunities based on desire and ability, and determine promotions based on Workers’ opinions Accepting opinions put forth from the workplace
I'm currently working in operations at a company that accepts opinions put forth from Control Center. We have three shifts over a frontline workplaces and that utilizes women restore trouble at substations. Recently, the changed, but it is important to upgrade soft shift do not feel afraid. I'd like to see a Osaka Kita Branch Office, Osaka Kita Substation, Kujo Control Center Workers’ opinions New desire
I was picked up under the e-Staff program opportunity to pass on the skill and know-how I learned to successors. I hope this program transmission equipment tests, which is was I was doing before retirement. Everyday, I accurately try to handle the job from the Kobe Branch Office, Hanshin Sales Office, Employing the Physically

themselves choose when to report to work, take care of children. Efforts are being which is meant to increase work efficiency. physically challenged. Two specific efforts have been to create an OA operator position family life, Kansai Electric gives half-days off directives in the Law on Promotion of Next and found Kanden L-Heart. As of June 2004, Generation Training and Support Measures enacted in 2003 and to better understand challenged, which surpassed the mandatory Retirement Options and Career Change Support
In 1996, Kansai Electric added a volunteer every effort to employ physically challenged retirement program from the perspective of Maintaining Stable Relations
persons as a means for encouraging their supporting the diverse lifestyle plans of between Labor and Management
autonomy and participation in society.
individual employees. Currently, employees Kansai Electric has a Union Shop Agreement Percentage of physically challenged
age 45 and over can choose when they want with the Kansai Electric Labor Union. For in the workforce
goal of "increasing company productivity that increase". Good labor relations have career change support program in 2001 to been built on strong feelings of trust. In efforts are made to understand one another Childcare and Nursing Support
In line with today's needs, Kansai Electric Support for Lifestyle Choices of
Main management confabs
employees both at work and at home. This Employees
includes leave of up to 3 years, more than Various Working Schedules
In order to support a comfortable lifestyle, Nursing Leave Law, so that employees may Kansai Electric operates a flexible holiday take care of small children or ailing family system. The company has introduced a long members and still have a job to return to vacation system for employees to refresh and enjoy themselves, as well as a flexible such as organizational restructuring, etc.
rehire employees who left the company to For a Barrier-free World
Kansai Electric founded Kanden L-Heart on visited the head office (Suminoe-ku, Osaka), toured the facilities and purchased plants.
Today, more than 80 persons are engaged in inside and outside the company. Since its



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