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Lake County Adult Detention Facility
104 East Erie Street Painesville, Ohio 44077 440-350-5601 Sheriff Daniel A. Dunlap
_____________________________________________________________________ In an attempt to inform and\or help clarify what medications are commonly used at the jail prior to incarceration, the Jail Medical Department has created a few medication guidelines for prospective detainees to consider. Our mission is to maintain continuity of care in regard to medication management as much as possible while adhering to these guidelines. No “Over The Counter” medications: supplied by the jail if needed 1. Labels should be legible with the complete-correct name 2. Medication dispense date should be within the last 30 days 3. Medication should have been taken as prescribed-regularly 4. Dosing times should not be written—Take as needed Note: By adhering to the above guidelines, you will help prevent delays in processing and ordering of your medications. Some medications are not commonly used in this facility: 1. Narcotic pain meds–Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycodone, etc 2. Opiates–Methadone, Dilaudid, Codeine, Suboxone, etc. 3. Anti-Anxiety meds–Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, etc. 4. Sleep Aids—Ambien, Lunesta, Trazadone, Vistaril etc. 5. Muscle Relaxants—Flexeril, Soma, Valium, etc. 6. Medications with the high potential for abuse—Ultram\Tramadol, Trazadone, Vistaril, regular Seroquel, etc. Note: Upon entrance to the jail, if you are prescribed one or more of the above medications by your physician--the medication will be held and the jail physician will assess you on an individual basis to determine need and\or risk for withdrawal. 1. Follow guidelines for prescription medications 2. DO NOT bring: glucometer, test strips, lancets, or insulin syringes--these 1. Follow guidelines for prescription medications in regard to inhalers, 2. DO NOT bring your aerosol machine unless you have a documented need for aerosol treatments at least three times daily. 1. All medication samples should be labeled with the physician’s and\or agency’s name, current orders for dosing, your name, date dispensed, and number of pills dispensed on that date. 2. A note from your doctor, on official letterhead with his\her signature stating what med has been ordered with dosing instructions, is also very helpful. 1. You are responsible for obtaining your medication refills. 2. You will be notified by the Jail Medical Dept. approximately 7 days before 3. If for some reason you are unable to refill an ESSENTIAL medication, i.e.: prescribed for problems with heart function, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, etc--notify the Jail Medical Department and your need will be reviewed. 4. The Jail does not supply any type of inhalers, ie: Advair, ProAir, Flovent, Please DO NOT bring in medications that are not currently being taken. If you are only sentenced for a short period, please DO NOT bring in only enough meds for your stay—appears as though you do not take your medications correctly and will cause a delay in processing and ordering. All medications brought into the jail will be returned to you at the time of your Any questions and\or concerns in regard to your medications, please contact the Jail’s Medical Department at (440)350-5601 to speak with one of the nurses.


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NORTH CAROLINA RESPIRATORY CARE BOARD RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA IN RE: REQUEST FOR DECLARATORY DECLARATORY RULING MEDCENTER ) REVISED 7/12/2007 I, Joseph Coyle, as Chair of the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board (the “Board”), and based on a resolution by the Board of this date, duly adopted pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 150B-4, do hereby issue this declarator

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