Menu of Services
Eye & Lips Therapies
Javanese Body Massage
60 mins $160
Water Therapy
Refresher Eye Treatment
30 mins $55
Jamu Body Massage
60 mins $200
Steam Bath & Shower
30 mins $40
Lymphatic massage & eye mask to soothe and reduce puffiness Décleor Aroma Mosaic Facial Therapies
Hot Stones Body Massage
60 mins $200
Milky Hydrotherapy
30 mins $85
Eye Refiner Treatment
20 mins $85
Suitable for Dehydrated skin, Oily & Blemished skin, Ginseng Body Massage
60 mins $260
Salt Bath
30 mins $85
Using cryo-therapy to diminish dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles Sensitive skin, Mature skin and Dry & Aging Skin Oriental Healing Body Massage
90 mins $650
Aromatic Bath
30 mins $100
Aroma Essential Glow Facial
60 mins $160
RF Eye Treatment
30 mins $110
The ultimate treatment for natural weight loss & improved well-being, Instant lifting to the eye area & smoothens wrinkles Herbal Bath
30 mins $100
Reveals youthfulness and natural radiance incorporates unique massage techniques with application of 100% herbal products to work synergistical y to burn fats and clear toxins. Aromaplastie Facial
90 mins $220
Meso K Eye Treatment
30 mins $135
Hair Removal
The ultimate treatment with luxury caviar oxygenation Body Scrubs
Inclusive of a 100% natural multi-vitamin mask to boost skin fitness & immunity. Includes hands & back diagnostic massage. Lips Treatment
30 mins $135
Strawberry / Chocolate / Lavender / Ginger 30 mins $85
Aroma Bright Facial
75 mins $235
Exfoliates dry lips, leaving your lips plump and luscious Oats / Coffee / Lulur
30 mins $110
Upper Lip
Tightens, firms and brightens up dull and pigmented complexion Milia Treatment
30 mins $190
Aroma Expert Facial
90 mins $300
Removes white bumps or cysts without any scarring of skin Neem / Tiger Grass
30 mins $125
Ultimate precision facial with customised double masks for lasting Neck Therapies
Body Wraps
radiance. Includes hands & back diagnostic massage. Underarm
Facial Treatments
Décolleté Treatment
30 mins $85
Anti-Cellulite Cold Gel Wrap
30 mins $140
Resurfaces dry skin on the neck & chest area, complete with a mask Aloe Vera Wrap
30 mins $190
Clarifying Facial
60 mins $140
RF Neck Treatment
30 mins $130
A deep pore cleansing & purifying treatment Firms up flabby distensions in the jawline and neck area Jamu Wrap
30 mins $190
Refreshing Facial
60 mins $140
Ultrasound Neck Treatment
30 mins $150
Mineral Clay Wrap
30 mins $190
Soothes & calms sensitive skin Firms neck area with a  deep penetration of potent serums Body Wellness Enhancements
Imperial Dead Sea Facial
60 mins $150
Ears & Navel Candling
Herbal Compress
20 mins $85
Achieves hydration with mineral-rich mask Holistic Ear Candling
30 mins $110
Age Reversal Facial
60 mins $160
Thermal Anti-Ache Therapy
20 mins $85
Detox Navel Candling
30 mins $130
Thermal Mask
30 mins $85
Eyebrow Shaping
Acne Elimination Facial
60 mins $160
Hands & Feet Treatments
Tummy Wrap
20 mins $85
Reduces inflammation and clears blemishes General Information
Silky Hands Treatment
30 mins $65
Upper Back Boreh
20 mins $100
Collagen Booster Facial
60 mins $160
Refund, Exchange & Deposit Policy
A luxurious hand treatment with Swedish massage Products, spa treatment packages and deposits may be exchanged or refunded in full within 5 Hydrates & improves elasticity of skin’s collagen whilst toning Full Leg Boreh
20 mins $120
Pampering Feet Treatment
30 mins $75
working days after the date of purchase, subject to an administration fee of 5% charge on the Upper Back Beautifier Treatment
40 mins $180
refund value, upon presentation of the original sales invoice. We will only accept products for A luxurious feet treatment with Swedish massage Full Body Boreh
30 mins $180
refund or exchange which are unopened and in their original packaging. Refunds will exclude Detoxifies & clarifies spotty-dotty backs Decleor Aromatherapy Massages
Detox & Slimming
all discounts or complimentary treatments and used sessions of spa packages. Refund will Skin Refiner Facial
60 mins $200
not be granted for any ala-carte or trial services. Once treatment has commenced, the Using 100% natural massage balm with a meltingly soft texture that customer is liable for full payment. Renews and rejuvenates the skin with micro-peeling nourishes the skin and relaxes the mind and body Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
60 mins $200
A light massage to encourage lymph flow in the body, aids to Micro-current Lifting Facial
75 mins $200
Fatigue Buster Body Massage
60 mins $195
Insurance Coverage of Prepaid Packages
detoxify & reduce cellulite & skin problems We provide insurance coverage to customers for their prepayments. Customers are given Lymphatic lifting, toning & regenerating Boosts energy levels with ginger & pepper essential oils Elixir of Neem
75 mins $210
documentary proof of insurance coverage upon signing of prepaid packages. Golden Radiance Facial
75 mins $235
Aroma Spa Relax Body Massage
60 mins $195
Suitable for sensitive skin, complete with a 20-minute back massage Reservations
Reduces wrinkle & boosts radiance with gold serum Relaxes mind & body with neroli & frankincense essential oils Advanced booking is recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment. Tiger Grass Indulgence
75 mins $210
Please arrive at the spa at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Should Thalasso Facial
75 mins $300
Perfect Slim Effect Massage
60 mins $195
Ayurvedic herbs to purify the body, complete with a 20-minute back you be late, you may choose to receive the treatment for the remaining time booked or an Ultimate facial for whitening & firming using seaweed Tones and reduces the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks alternative treatment if available, subject to room and therapist availability. A 3-hour cancellation notice is required to help us reschedule your appointment, subject to space RF Age Defying Facial
75 mins $400
Sculpt & Firm Body Massage
60 mins $195
RF Body Shaping & Spot Treatment
40 mins $280
Using heat therapy to lift saggy skin & smoothen wrinkles Combats sagging skin and restores its tone and elasticity Improves cell function & lymph circulation with removal of 60 mins $410
Micro R Therapy Facial
75 mins $535
Massage Therapies
cel ulite by machine and cold gel massage 90 mins $530
We recommend that no jewellery be worn at the Spa. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought into our spa premises. Restructuring & filling agents with bio-active CO2 gel mask Vela Shape
60 mins $535
PTF Skin Rejuvenating Facial
75 mins $535
Swedish Body Massage
60 mins $150
Using medical grade machine to achieve instant inch loss after one We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ data and undertake Encourages collagen, reduces fine lines and pigmentation Deep Tissue Body Massage
60 mins $160
session.  Remarkable results in full body slimming & specific body not to divulge any of the customer’s personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the customer. Customer’s particulars are solely for the purpose of


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