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Growth Promoter Array
State of the Art Biochip Array Technology
The abcd Biochip Array Technology is used to perform
simultaneous quantitative detection of multiple analytes from a single sample. The core
technology is the Randox Biochip, a solid-state device containing an array of discrete test
regions containing immobilised antibodies specific to different growth promoters. A
competitive chemiluminescent immunoassay is employed for the Growth Promoter Array.
Increased levels of analyte in a specimen will lead to decreased binding of analytes
labelled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and thus a decrease in the
chemiluminescence signal being emitted. The light signal generated from each of the test
regions on the biochip is detected using digital imaging technology and compared to that
from a stored calibration curve. The concentration of analyte present in the sample is
calculated from the calibration curve.
Ease of Use
Each abcd biochip contains an array of immobilised
antibodies and is ready to use. All liquid reagents are either ready to use, or require
simple dilution. Urine samples can be assayed after simple dilution, although a
column clean-up is required for nandrolone and stilbenes. The use of a
chemiluminescent signal means that no radioactive materials are involved. Results
are processed automatically using dedicated software. Only 100µl of sample is
required, and simultaneous analysis of 45 samples for the 7 drug residues means that Assay Procedure
315 test results can be obtained in less than 2.5 hours. 1. Centrifuge urine samples for 10 minutes and Assay Performance in Urine Following Simple Dilution
The growth promoter array can be used to assess urine samples following simple • The use of discrete test regions, containing highly specific antibodies, means that data can be obtained for 7 groups of growth promoters from just 100µl of urine. • Typical measuring range of 0-5 ng/ml. • Typical sample recovery at around 2 ng/ml of 88-121%. • Typical intra-assay precision at around 2 ng/ml of ≤10% and inter-assay precision of ≤11%. 8. Capture images using dedicated software.
Total assay time: <2.5
Table 1: Assay Performance in Urine Following Simple Dilution Throughput:
Specificity b
Clenbuterol d 100%, Carbuterol 104%, Salbutamol 70%, Methyl-clenbuterol 20%, Cimbuterol 54%, Terbutaline 22%, Mabuterol 41%, Pirbuterol 15%, Mapenterol 113% Trenbolone
17β Trenbolone d 100%, 17α Trenbolone 21% Kit Contents
17β Boldenone d 100%, 1,4 Androstadiene-3,17-dione 55%, 17α Boldenone 15%, Boldenone Glucuronide 15% - Multi-Analyte Conjugate Concentrate - Conjugate Diluent Stanozolol
Stanozolol d 100%, 16β Hydroxystanozolol 45%, Stilbenes
Hexestrol d 100%, Diethylstilbestrol 105%, Diethylstilbestrol Glucuronide 289%, Dienestrol 72% Zeranol d 100%, Zearalanone <0.4%, Zearalenone <1.4%, α-Zearalenol 10%, β-Zearalanol 5.3 % Ractopamine
Ractopamine d 100%, Ractopamine hydrochloride 100% Ordering Details
Dexamethasone d 100%, Flumethasone 57%, Betamethasone 31%, Kit name:
Dexamethasone-21-acetate 27%, Betamethsone-21-acetate 133% Cat. No.: EV3521
Nandrolone (19-NT) N/A c
17β-19-Nortestosterone d 100%, 17β Trenbolone 70%, Trenbolone acetate 109%, 19-Nor-4-Androstene, 3-17-Dione 143%, 17α-19-Nortestosterone 27%, 17β-19-Nortestosterone Sulphate 55%, (a) Limit of Detection (LOD) = Mean +3SD for 22 negative urine samples, results include 1/10 assay dilution factor. (b) Cross-reactivity against other analytes on the array is ≤1.2%, except for nandrolone which has 70% cross reactivity with Promoter Array is intended for screening of samples only. Positive results should be confirmed by another (c) Column clean up is required for analysis of nandrolone and stilbenes in urine. ABC® International Headquarters Randox Laboratories Ltd., 55 Diamond Road, Crumlin, Co. Antrim, United Kingdom, BT29 4QY Tel: +44 (0) 28 9442 2413, RANDOX G, Fax: +44 (0) 28 9445 2912, E-Mail Address:
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