Section 1 (15 MARKS)
16 Explain in your own words, in what ways were the Buddhist monks similar? [2] Fill in each blank with a suitable word.
Sharks attack humans, thinking they are sea lions. Write each answer in the space provided in the passage.
Megalodon eat people because of their colossal size.
The monks ___________________________________________________ Coffee is not just a caffeinated 1)____________; it is a culture in and of itself. and _________________________________________________________ .
(b) Below you will find four qualities listed. Which two qualities does Since the late 20th century, social groups 2)___________ from college aged youth to Megalodon possess according to the paragraph? [2] retired adults have 3)____________ around tables and in lounges to drink coffee while they 4)____________. The caffeine in coffee helps in keeping the conversation 17 What was the preferred mode of transportation for the writer? [1] Tick two boxes.
He preferred to ________________________________________________ .
While the coffee culture can be found all 6)____________ the world including in rural areas, the most 7)____________ places to find coffee drinking groups are in metropolitan areas. As a 8)____________, there has been an explosion of espresso stands, cafes, and coffee shops that can now be 9)____________ on every street corner 18 Choose from the meanings given the most suitable one for the words used in the in most urban areas. In the US, the most 10)____________ city that has taken a hold in passage. Put a tick in the box alongside the answer you choose. [5] the coffee culture is Seattle, Washington. One reason for this is that Seattle is where the original Starbucks establishment is 11)___________, as well as the Starbucks headquarters. 12)____________, dozens of competitors have cropped up, which has 8 Why are teeth all that is left of the Megalodon? [2] resulted in an overwhelming 13)_________ of high quality caffeinated drinks in this This is because ___________________________________________________ Oddly enough, coffee is not the only thing that keeps coffee drinkers fortunately Needlessly Possibly Unavoidably congregating in public places. The addition of free wireless Internet 14)____________ 9 What are the 3 items that are compared to sharks’ teeth? [3] at most coffee shops has increased the amount of people who meet at coffee shops on a regular basis. Often students and business professionals visit their local coffee establishments in order to connect to the Wi-Fi, as well as to 15)____________ a cup of wonderful extensive challenging supernatural coffee while socializing with one another in person.
Section 2 (65 marks)
NOTE: When a question asks you to answer in your own words, YOU MUST NOT COPY
10 Show your understanding of Paragraph 5 by filling in the blanks in the Passage A [25 marks]
following sentences. Write ONE word only in each blank. [5]
Megalodon had its day when it ruled the seas about 28 to 1.6 million years Both the Megalodon and the Great White have very powerful (i)___________ but due to its ago. That period of time is known as the Cenozoic Era, and Megalodon is size and humongous teeth, Megalodon can chomp (ii)______________ than the Great White. believed to have roamed the waters during the time span between the Late It could crush a human to pieces (iii)______________ it could catch one. One could Using material from paragraphs 2 to 5, write a summary of the writer’s experiences and Oligocene and Early Pleistocene periods. Today, we don’t really have much “shark ruling” going on. In much of the world, sharks have to deal with people (iv)______________ to survive an attack by a Great White v)_______________ definitely not and people have to deal with sharks. The two species don’t always have to be completely isolated from each other. In fact, some people are bold enough to Write your summary in not more than 130 words (not counting the words given to help swim in shark-infested waters. These deep sea enthusiasts, pretty much co-exist with sharks when they are on these underwater adventures. Of you begin). Do not write in note form. [20] course, the whole “shark biting” thing can change the dynamics very
Passage B [40 marks]
quickly, and give some reason to reconsider this risky practice. Begin your summary with the following line: We slip into Laos from Chang Klong in northern Thailand. An easy border But, think back…Imagine what it was like during those prehistoric times when the mighty Megalodon roamed the waters. That must have been an amazing crossing and a short boat ride later we wander into rugged Huay Xai. Cultural y,
Laos is heavily influenced by Thailand, so the transition is fairly seamless at The writer began in Northern Laos where he explored… sight. Though, it would probably be a safe bet to say that most people
walking the Earth during that time period wouldn’t really put themselves
first, but subtle differences reveal themselves over time.
in harm’s way by getting too close to Megalodon; especially without having
End of Paper
access to the types of scientific information that we can reference and enjoy Northern Laos is a great place to explore tribal culture and dip into the now. So, if they saw that humongous Megalodon, prehistoric men would most nation’s plentiful and yet untouched wilderness. Unfortunately the fervent demand for resources by countries like China continues to hack into Laos’ Answers:
likely run for their lives and stay far, far away so that they wouldn’t become fish food. But, were they right to think that way? The answer is, probably not.
natural beauty, while the traditional “slash-and-burn” agriculture used by many subsistence farmers scars the landscape and depletes the soil. Thankfully
many local and international organizations are fighting back. One way to Today, we know more about Megalodon’s diet, and, contrary to popular belief, many sharks, including Megalodon, survived on a primary diet of whales and support their cause is responsible ecotourism, so we join The Gibbon Experience for two days of trekking and zip-lining through the protected jungles of fish. We now know that sharks generally only attack people because they confuse them for large prey. So, to a shark, Mr. Diver looks like he would make Bokeo National Reserve. We share a hearty meal of cooked meats, stewed a delicious snack because the shark thinks that Mr. Diver is probably a sea lion! vegetables and sticky rice (a Lao staple) with our guides—all local young men working to protect the jungle instead of destroy it—and spend a magical
So, despite Megalodon’s colossal size, it may not have truly sought to kill humans. Like sharks of today, if they had a human-snack it was likely that the From the North we climb aboard the “slow boat” for two days journey down the Mekong River to Luang Prabang. These rushing waters are the lifeblood Let’s talk teeth…Because Megalodon’s body, like its other shark relatives, was for many of the Lao people. Surrounded by beautiful scenery we spy
composed of mostly cartilage instead of bone, teeth are some of the only fossils, or remnants, left from its existence. But, for paleontologists, who are fishermen with giant nets, small boats hauling goods and children
scientists that study dinosaurs and prehistoric times, the Megalodon fossils clamoring along the banks at every stop. They climb eagerly aboard our
that have been found can provide a significant amount of information about boat to sell drinks and snacks, hoping to bring some of our valuable tourist this mysterious creature. Their v-shaped teeth could measure just over 7 inches long (about the size of an iPad), and were serrated, which means that their edges were jagged like a steak knife. Its cousin, the Great White Shark’s In Luang Prabang, we really settle into Laos. Lazy mornings at modern coffee shops, a songthaew ride (imagine a modified pick-up truck with benches and teeth are considerably smaller at just about 4 centimeters long, which is a roof) to the picturesque Kuang Si waterfalls and a stroll through the
3 People think twice about coming in close proximity to Megalodon.
bustling night market where local women hock everything from handmade 4 flee from the area [1] and inhabit another place a distance away. [1] wood-carved trinkets to snake whiskey and kitschy hammer & sickle t-shirts. Both the Megalodon and the Great White have extremely forceful biting Peruse, bargain and enjoy.
5 opposite [1]to what many people think. [1] power. But, of course, no shark will ever be able to chomp like Megalodon could. With those humongous teeth and an enormous body, Megalodon could bite with a force of as much as 182,201 newtons (40,960 lbf). Nobody The quiet, walkable streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site are lined with would ever want to be caught in its mouth because with that much force, a traditional sprawling temple grounds and crumbling French colonial human would literally be crushed to pieces. A Great White has a pretty rough architecture. The city is teeming with young Buddhist monks, tucked
under matching orange umbrellas and smiling gently as we cross paths. We Megalodon ate whales and fish when they can’t find food.
biting force also with force around 18,000 newtons (4,000 lbf). With a Great White shark, there is some potential for escape and even for saving a bitten escape even further by bicycle on rural, rutted dirt roads to spy women Megalodon confuse people for large prey. limb. That was never the case with its big cousin! making paper by hand and weaving silk garments on giant looms.
Sharks attack humans, thinking they are sea lions. “Temples, Tourism and Triumph – A Journey through Laos” Megalodon eat people because of their colossal size.
“The Mystery of the Mighty Megalodon” from Horizons Magazine Issue 2 Passage B
Passage A
Read Passage B and then answer Questions 11 - 19. 8 Megalodon’s body is composed of cartilage [1] instead of bone [1].
Read Passage A and then answer Questions 1 - 10.
11 How did the writer reach Huay Xai? [2] 1 (a) Which word in the paragraph tells you that Megalodon was the most ferocious fish in the sea millions of years ago? [1] They had to ______________________________________________________ The word is _________________________________ and ____________________________________________________________ 11 They had to cross a border [1] and take a short boat ride. [1] 12 i) Hack into Laos’ natural beauty.
(b) Choose a word from the paragraph which has the same meaning as 12 What are the three effects of the demand for resources and the traditional 13 The writer was surrounded by picturesque [1] scenery and saw The word is _________________________________ “slash-and-burn” agriculture on Laos? [3] fishermen with huge[1] nets, small boats hauling goods and children shouting [1] along the banks at every stop.
2 What does the phrase “whole ‘shark biting’ thing” (line 10) refer to? 14 Peruse: Handmade wood-carved trinkets/ snake whiskey/kitschy It refers to __________________________________________________ enjoy : modern coffee shops/ Songthaew ride. (either one).
People those days “wouldn’t really put themselves in harm’s way by getting too close 16 The monks were carrying similar orange umbrellas [1] and smiled 13 “Surrounded by beautiful scenery we spy fishermen with giant nets, small boats hauling 3 Which one of the following sentences means the same as the sentence
goods and children clamouring along the banks at every stop” (lines 19-21). [3] above? Tick the sentence you choose.
Explain what the writer saw. Do not use any of the italicised words in your answer. People like getting close to see Megalodon.
The writer was __________________________________________________ People think twice about coming in close proximity to Megalodon.
• the tribal culture and dip into the nation’s plentiful wilderness • Demand for resources and agricultural techniques People don’t mind getting close to Megalodon if they are not harmed.
People don’t like giving way to Megalodon.
14 “Peruse, bargain and enjoy” (line 28-29). What do these words refer to? [3] • He took part in two days of trekking and zip-lining 4 In your own words, describe the reaction of prehistoric men if they saw
Seeing Megalodon would cause them to ____________________________.
• The children climb aboard to sell drinks and snacks 5 Explain in your own words, what the phrase “contrary to popular belief” means. • In Luang Prabang he spent mornings in coffee shops It means ______________________________________________________ .
• He experienced the night market where local women sell things 15 “The city is teeming with young Buddhist monks…” (lines 32). • He saw temples and French colonial architecture Tick the box which best explains what “teeming” means here. [1] • He took a bicycle ride and saw women making paper by hand.
It refers to _______________________________________________________ Content = 15 marks (although there are 19 points, students need only find 15) 7 (a) For each of the following statements, tick either T (true), F (false) or CT
Megalodon ate whales and fish when they can’t find food. Lungsuri lelaman www.mendaki.org.sg untuk
Megalodon confuse people for large prey. mendapatkan contoh kertas peperiksaan ini.

Source: http://www.mendaki.org.sg/upload_files/cuteeditor/Document/2012%20N%20Level%20English%20Paper.pdf


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