The Two Gulf Wars Follow Prophetic Timetable of Tishah B’Av and Purim – Source: Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew by Haim Shore, Chapter 16 “Special (For March 4, 2012 teaching – REV-193) Some years ago, I noted the link between the Gulf Wars and Purim, a significant date relating to the deliverance of the Jews from destruction. Haim Shore’s book, Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew, provides an excellent explanation of the remarkable link between the Gulf Wars and not only Purim, but also Tish B’Av (the 9th of Av). The following information is quoted from pages 255-258 of Shore’s book. “Two festivities in Jewish tradition signify two events of contrary symbolism. The first is Tishah B’Av (the ninth of the Hebrew month Av, corresponding, roughly to the month of August); the other is Purim (which usually occurs at the end of February or the beginning of “Tishah B’Av is the traditional date of the destruction of the first and second Jewish temples in Jerusalem (destroyed at 586 BC and 70 CE, respectively). Tishah B’Av has come to symbolize the worst catastrophes that befell the Jewish people throughout history.” Wikipedia “Tisha B’Av” -'Av [ From the 3rd century CE, the Jewish calendar has used the Anno Mundi epoch, Latin for “in the year of the world,” abbreviated AM or A.M.] • The First Crusade was declared by Pope Urban II on July 20, 1095 (Av 9, 4855 AM), killing 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland. • Jews were expelled from England on July 25, 1290 (Av 9, 5050 AM). • Jews were expelled from Spain on August 11, 1492 (Av 9, 5252 AM). • On August 1, 1914 (Av 9, 5674 AM), World War I broke out, causing unprecedented devastation across Europe and set the stage for World War II and the Holocaust. • On the eve of Tisha B'Av 5702 (July 23, 1942), the mass deportation began of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka [extermination camp]. “Purim is the polar opposite of Tishah B’Av. This festivity signifies Jewish salvation from disaster and celebrates redemption. … Purim commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from a malicious plan to exterminate all Jews living in the Persian Empire. … the story is told in the book of Esther, …. [which] recounts how the Jews were miraculously saved from the “In 1990, Tishah B’Av was on July 31. On the night between August 1 and 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait. This was the beginning of a chain of events, during which missiles were launched against the Jewish state. Anxiety about the possibility of chemical war-heads falling on Israeli population triggered distribution of gas masks. “Purim in the Hebrew calendar is always on the fourteenth of the Hebrew month of Adar, and Shoshan Purim (second day of Purim) is on the fifteenth of Adar. On February 28, 1991, the United States declared a cease-fire in the Gulf. This was on the fourteenth of Adar, the first of the two days of the festivity of Purim, the Jewish festivity celebrating the Jews’ rescue from Twelve years later, on March 19, 2003 (during the night between the 19th and 20th of March), the US and its allies began bombing Iraq in the Second Gulf War. On the Hebrew (Biblical) calendar, the date was the fifteenth of Adar, the SECOND day of PURIM. So we see that the FIRST Gulf War ended on the FIRST day of PURIM and the SECOND Gulf War began on the SECOND day of Purim, picking up where the First Gulf War ended!


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