Sheila E. Peopples, MBA
(609) 238-0609
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Training Team Leadership Continuing Medical Education
Multinational Award Winner including Executive Vice President, Leadership Council and Marketing Excellence Awards
Cross Functional Team Leadership / Branding & Commercialization / Customer Relationship Management / Solution
Management / Sales Training and Mentoring / Start-up and Turnaround Strategist / Rainmaker Marketing Expertise /
Strategic Alliances / Diversity / Communication Skills / Marketing Strategy / Continuing Medical Education (CME) /
Adult Learning Theory / Community Service Facilitation / Product Development / Therapeutic Diversification / Return
on Equity / Presentation Platform / Project Management/Development / Team Building
Thorough, detail-oriented global sales/marketing management executive and educator who builds professional relationships and forms strategic al iances through tenaciousness and diplomacy. Navigates chal enging environments and forges inroads in uncharted territories through superior sales/marketing skil s. Multi-national y recognized through numerous awards. Respected team leader who effectively communicates and mentors employees. Workshop leader who is expert in communicating complex information to high-level professionals in the pharmaceutical and clinical fields. Possesses sensitivity to community issues. NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS:
Singled out by CEO to develop, design and create market segmentation program and customer awareness
strategy and implemented Strategic Education Learning Series (SELS) for launch of Sustiva resulting in
organization becoming more clinically competent and marketable resulting in receiving Executive Vice
President’s award.
(DuPont Pharma)
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop a promotional campaign that incorporated and projected
appropriate market sensitivities in building an image for Sustiva resulting in receiving Marketing Excellence
Award for branding and commercialization of Sustiva into the pharmaceutical industry and community
(DuPont Pharma)
Identified key clients and developed presentations to address strategic initiatives and generate revenue
receiving numerous awards for Diversification of Therapeutic Areas, Corporate Dedication, Strategic Thinking
and Community Service.
Expanded new business development to multiple commercial supporters through creation of platforms to
motivate healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes by implementing adult learning theory, conducting
presentations and working with cross-functional teams resulting in receiving Star Performer Award.
Coordinated efforts with global teams in Europe and Canada to identify key targets, taglines, promotional
campaigns and messages resulting in being awarded Product Launch Award. (DuPont Pharma)
Led sales team to victory to become Number 1 through team development and mentoring to facilitate
professional and regional goals resulting in Business Team of the Year Award and induction into the Million
Dollar Club.
(DuPont Pharma)
Ascend Media, Cherry Hil , NJ – (February 2009 – Company Closed September 2009)
Director, New Business Development
• Trail blazed new business opportunities in multiple therapeutic areas including infectious and autoimmune diseases
• Col aborated with offices of continuing medical education to provide accreditation for participants for live, online • Targeted and partnered with commercial supporters, grantors, non-profit organizations, institutions, federal agencies and other providers in multi-therapeutic areas to provide optimal and innovative educational forums for healthcare providers. Sheila E. Peopples, MBA
Symbiotix, Cherry Hil , NJ (AdvancMed Subsidiary – (2005 -2008) Company Closed December 2008
Director, New Business Development
• Transferred, applied and integrated CME-sales skil s techniques to drive promotional strategies.
• Expanded new business opportunities in multiple therapeutic areas including infectious diseases and respiratory
• Created and conducted capabilities presentations and structured educational plans aligned to complement • Researched clinical concepts and incorporated learning objectives for proposal and fact sheet development.

Medical Communications Media, Newtown, PA - (2004 – 2005)
New Business Development/Senior Account Executive
• Developed pain management educational symposium and partnered with commercial supporters in Continuing
Medical Education forum to educate healthcare providers. • Created and conducted capabilities presentations to highlight organizational strengths, educational platforms, industry trends and established rapport in supporting corporate educational and strategic initiatives to generate revenue. • Provided live, online enduring educational programs to educate healthcare providers.
Workforce Development, Sel ersvil e, PA (2003 – 2004)
Trainer/ Consultant
• Conducted leadership development initiatives and cultural diversity workshops as consultant.
Yamanouchi Pharma America, Paramus, NJ Company relocated (2001 – 2003)
Director Marketing
Responsible for logo, branding and commercialization of international drug launch
Collaborated with cross-functional teams regarding logo, branding and commercialization of international drug
launch, YM905 a product for overactive bladder.
• Traveled global y to Headquarters in Japan and Europe to col aborate on pre-launch strategy in the United States
first, Europe, second and Japan, third for YM905 product for overactive bladder. • Developed marketing plan to establish corporate identity in the United States. • Coordinated international congresses, symposia’s and joined forces with clinical thought leaders to develop consumer profile, tactical plan and market strategy. DuPont Pharma, Toronto, Canada, Wilmington, DE (1997 – 2001)
Director Southern Business Unit (BUD)/Director, National Sales/Associate Director Education
Supervised, mentored and provided professional development for 14 Virology Product Specialists.
• Spearheaded team to be Number 1 national y, exceeded target market share of 20.5% and achieved 25.5% through
increasing cal s with top prescribers, implementing consultative sel ing skil s and adhering to the market strategy. • Prepared market for launch of newly approved product through development of market and sales strategy resulting • Supervised and mentored professional development of Virology Specialists. • Singled out by CEO to integrate company into specialty therapeutic arena, design and develop customer awareness and implement market segmentation program for marketing and sales teams in United States, Europe and Canada.
Previous positions held at Bristol-Myers Squibb- Senior Product Specialist, Corporate Trainer, Product Specialist in
promotion of antiretroviral, nutritional, cardiovascular and anti-infective for specialty and primary care product lines.

Masters Business Administration, (emphasis in pharmaceutical marketing)
ARCADIA UNIVERSITY (formerly Beaver College)
, Glenside, PA - Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
(Please see Addendum for Training Courses/Awards/Community Initiatives)

Sheila E. Peopples, MBA
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Corporate Initiatives
o Commercial Support/New Policy Updates (December 2007)  AdvancMed, LLC Corporate Forum  Revising Vision/Mission to Reflect Environmental Variables • The Future and Changes for MECCs (April 2008) o Excel ence in Continuing Education, Ltd. o Accreditation with Commendation/ACCME Criteria 16-20 o AdvancMed, LLC Corporate Forum o Adjusting to Internal/External Market Variables o Merger of AdvancMed, LLC into Symbiotix, Inc. • Leadership Initiatives
o Identifying Leadership Skil s (December 2007)  Todd Arwood Performance Partners  Choosing Your Attitude, Accountability, Have Fun, Be Present, Customer Focus  Moving from an Operational Manager to a Strategic Thinker (May 2009)  American Management Association (AMA) Certification  Developing Strategic Vision and Identifying Priority Issues  Influencing Stakeholders and Evolving Managerial Roles  Understanding Strategic Frame of Reference • Pharmaceutical: Executive Vice President’s Award (Market Segmentation Program/Customer Awareness
Strategy for Sustiva®); Leadership Council Award (#1 Sales Team in US/Product Launch of Sustiva® in Canada);
Marketing Excellence Award (Branding/Commercialization of Sustiva® in the US); Product Launch Award
(Product Launch of Sustiva® in the US/National Sales Meeting); Business Team of the Year Award (Southern
Business Unit Team Recognition for Achievement); Strategic Award Acknowledgement (Adherence to Strategic
Goals/Initiatives); Million Dollar Club Recognition (Sales Performance).
New Business Development: Rising Star Award (Diversification of Therapeutic Areas); Star Performer Award
(Expansion of New Business Development to Multiple Commercial Supporters); Service Award (3 Years
Dedication/Commitment to Business Initiatives); Corporate Citizens Award (Community Service).
Board Member – Mazzoni Center providing community/public resources including medical/legal for people
Past Board Member – AIN (AIDS Information Network) providing community/public resources for people living


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