STUDY TOXEX spag. drops
Results of a Multi-center Phase IV Study
N. Fronimos, M.D.

The Results of Treatment with a Homeopathic-Spagyric Complex Remedy

by N. Fronimos, M.D.
The Multi-center Clinical Application Study (a Phase IV study) by N. Fronimos, M.D.,
investigated the effects of treating excessive accumulation of toxins in the tissues of
the body in daily medical practice with the homeopathic-spagyric medication TOXEX
spag. drops
. The study involved 65 patients. The investigated parameters were
efficacy, tolerance, and safety.
The patient survey was performed according to age and sex. The average age was48 years. The minimum age was one year and the maximum age was 99 years.
Evaluation showed that the average prescribed dosage of TOXEX spag. drops for
adults was 20 drops 3 times daily and corresponded to the manufacturer’s
recommendations (PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH).
The medication's efficacy was evaluated separately by the treating physicians as well
as the patients. As a result, subjective and objective criteria could be included in the
study and, therefore, reflect conditions found in daily medical practice. All therapists
and patients (100%) came to the same conclusion, evaluating the medication's
efficacy as positive. Furthermore, 76.9% of the patients and 36.9% of the therapists
evaluated the therapeutic benefit as very good (Charts 4 and 5).
The tolerance of TOXEX spag. drops was evaluated exclusively by the physicians
to exclude subjective impressions. The preparation was evaluated, without
exception, as good. Tolerance is a decisive criterion for using a preparation in daily
medical practice. Undesirable side effects occurred in 4.6% of the patients for whom
the symptoms initially became more severe; however, this was due to the enhanced
healing response to the illness. The condition clearly improved in a few days and did
not impact the overall success of the treatment.
An important factor in treating chronic illnesses that are due to chronic tissueintoxication is the evaluation of the preparation during long-term therapy. Theclearly positive data showed that the remedy was very well-tolerated, even duringlong-term use over several weeks, by 32 adults [49.2%]. Altogether, this Multi-center Study showed that the tested medication is extremely effective for treatingacute as well as chronic intoxication of the human body in the daily medical practice. Introduction
The number of patients who see physicians due to chronic illnesses or allergicreactions has rapidly increased over the last few years. Symptoms range fromfrequent and often chronic susceptibility to infections, allergies to a host ofsubstances, and severe rheumatism, to new illnesses. The increasing number ofAlzheimer's, Parkinson's, Crohn's disease or ulcer patients are clear signs the humanbody is overwhelmed with illness-causing substances.
The effective treatment of these burdens has traditionally been, and continues to be,the domain of traditional complementary medicine, which includes homeopathy,phytotherapy, spagyrics and manual forms of therapy such as massage. Extractsfrom plants that are processed in a homeopathic, spagyric or phytotherapeuticmanner promote the excretion of substances that burden the body without, however,burdening the organism.
The medication examined in this study contains synergistically effective substances processed in a high quality homeopathic and spagyric manner that detoxify as well as stimulate the metabolism. The substances are combined according to the guidelines found in the monographs of the appropriate government commission in Germany (Commission D, BfArM). In addition, the holistic point of view is taken into account in combining the substances contained in TOXEX spag. drops.
The individual substances contained in this remedy have a proven positive effect on Septicemia/toxemia: Argentum nitricum, Echinacea, Ledum palustre
Inflammation: Bryonia, Echinacea, Clematis
Ulcers: Argentum nitrcum, Clematis, Galium aparine
Excessive tissue intoxication: Glechoma hederacea, Hydrastis canadensis,
Lymphatic system detoxification: Hydrastis canadensis, Clematis
Eczema: Clematis, Galium aparine, Glechoma hederacea
Focal infections: Glechoma hederacea, Galium aparine, Clematis, Hydrastis
In the presented study, the efficacy, tolerance and safety of a combination of thesesubstances were evaluated. The substances were manufactured in a homeopathicand spagyric manner according to the prescribed guidelines. (Method according toDr. P. Beyersdorff, Naturheilmittel GmbH, HAB 2000, Vorschrift 47a and 47b.) Survey Methods
The medical history of the patient and demographic parameters were documented with the help of a questionnaire. Age, sex, and therapeutic indications for the remedy as well as any other prescribed medications were recorded. In addition, the start and duration of treatment, efficacy, tolerance and final evaluation were also included. The dosage of the preparation as well as the duration of treatment were left to the discretion of the therapist.
Efficacy was evaluated separately by physician and patient. The following scores were used: “free of symptoms”; “improved”; “slightly improved”; “no effect.” Tolerance was evaluated and recorded exclusively by the therapist. The criteria for tolerance were as follows: "free of side effects"; "well-tolerated"; "in the case of longer use, very well-tolerated”; “moderately tolerated”; “not tolerated.” Any side effects that occurred during treatment were listed separately. Lastly, the course of treatment and evaluation of the preparation, as well as any adjuvant therapies, were Patients
A total of 65 patients took part in the Clinical Application Study; 37 (56.9%) were women and 28 (43.1%) were men. There was no significant difference in the efficacy or tolerance between the men and women. The distribution of the patients according to age can be seen in the fol owing chart: TOXEX spag. drops
Age distribution

The dosage was left to the discretion of the therapists. After results were evaluated,
it was determined that, in a significant number of cases (78.4%), the average
dosage was exactly the dosage recommended by the manufacturer of 20 drops 3
times daily. No extreme variations occurred; however, the dosage was adjusted to
the age of the patient.
TOXEX spag. drops
Prescribed dosage

Duration of treatment
The average duration of treatment was 36 days. The following chart shows that there is no single maximum value; however, treatment duration between 15 and 56 Toxex spag. drops
Duration of treatment
1-7 days
“ “
Of special interest is the relatively high percentage of short-term therapies (9.2%), indicating that the tested preparation takes effect quickly. A detailed evaluation of the data provided by the therapists shows that the duration of treatment with TOXEX spag. drops was extremely dependent upon the symptoms. According to
information provided by the therapists, it was not necessary for the patients to take the remedy for a lengthy period of time beyond the disappearance of the symptoms.
This indicates that the medication has a deep effect and, in addition, that the symptoms were completely relieved in all cases that were included in the study.
p. 6
The indications listed in the following table comply with those listed by themanufacturer. Emphasis was placed upon the following symptoms during the study:susceptibility to infections, ulcers, septicemia/toxemia, and chronic infections of theupper respiratory tract. Multiple choices were possible.
This table demonstrates that the tested preparation is also helpful for acute
conditions, and, as a result, TOXEX spag. drops are not just indicated for chronic
Chronic infections of the breathing passages 16 Table 1
The efficacy of the tested preparation was evaluated separately by physician and
patient. This was done in order to obtain data under conditions as close to those
found in daily medical practice as possible. The following scores were used by both
very good = free of symptoms
good = improved
Charts 4 and 5 show the clear agreement of practitioners and patients regarding the
efficacy of TOXEX spag. drops. As a result, there is complete agreement by both
practitioners and patients confirming the efficacy of the remedy and the subjective
well-being of the patient.
TOXEX spag. drops
Evaluation of efficacy by the physician

very good
TOXEX spag. drops
Evaluation of efficacy by the patients
very good
Chart 5
Onset of Therapeutic Effect
In the field of complementary medicine, the question always asked by therapists is,
“How quickly does a medication become effective?” A fast-acting remedy plays an
important role in patient compliance. Without patient compliance, successful
treatment is not possible. Information was gathered as to how quickly symptom
relief began to be experienced for 39 patients (out of 65).
Table 2 shows clearly that the effects of the tested preparation took place within
the first two weeks
in the case of 92.3% of the patients evaluated. The fast
healing effect of TOXEX spag. drops shows that the remedy can be used
successfully in the daily practice.
Onset of therapeutic effect
p. 9
Tolerance of the preparation was evaluated exclusively by the treating physician.
Multiple answers were possible. The following scores were possible:
well-toleratedduring longer use, very goodnot tolerated In Chart 6, the evaluation of the therapists is presented as a graph.
TOXEX spag. drops
Evaluation of tolerance by the physician
well-toleratedduring longer use, very goodnot tolerated The TOXEX spag. drops preparation was extremely well-tolerated. This is
particularly worth noting because the distribution of patients ranged from one to 99 years of age. The test results imply that this remedy is extremely well-tolerated from the smallest child to the oldest adult. This confirms the importance of this remedyfor use in the daily practice.
No undesirable side effects of the remedy were observed in any patient during thestudy. In the case of 3 patients (4.6%), the symptoms became temporarily moresevere before definite improvement took place a short time later.
The presented study clearly proves the efficacy and safety of TOXEX spag. drops
for treatment of excessive accumulation of toxins in the daily practice. It also shows
that the remedy is well-tolerated.
The efficacy of the preparation was evaluated independently by both the physicians
and patients overwhelmingly as “very good” or “good.”
very good
physicians 39.6%
By including the subjective evaluation of the patient, the results were made morerelevant. For the potential therapist, this provides considerable additional objectiveevidence regarding use of the remedy in daily practice. This is because the successof the treatment ultimately depends, in large part, on the extent of patientcompliance and their evaluation that the therapy is effective.
The fast healing effect (Table 2), as well as the high degree of tolerance (Chart
6), as demonstrated by the data in the study, supports compliance to a great extent
and helped to ensure the excellent therapeutic results obtained in this study. The
absence of side effects was also documented in this report, proving the tested
remedy is safe and can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms.
Furthermore, the structure of the Multi-center Clinical Study enhances the value of the presented research because no standardized group of patients influenced the outcome. As a result, the clearly positive results regarding the use of TOXEX spag.
drops is understandable by every therapist and can be implemented in their own
In conclusion, TOXEX spag. drops represent an exceptionally effective, well-
tolerated and reliable preparation well suited for treatment of acute and chronic
accumulation of toxins in the body as seen in the daily medical practice.
About the Study Author:
Nikolaos Fronimos, M.D., is a general practitioner in Europe.



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