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Eisai London Research Laboratories Licenses OriGene’s FlagArrayTM for Genome-Wide
Functional Analyses

Rockville, MD August 1, 2005 – OriGene Technologies Inc. today announced that Eisai London Research
Laboratories has licensed OriGene’s FlagArray platform for high-throughput drug target discovery.
"We are pleased to formalize our relationship with OriGene,” said Yukio Nishizawa, PhD, Director of
Research for Eisai London Research Labs. “We believe OriGene’s FlagArray to be an innovative
technology that will prove an excellent platform for use in our discovery programs."

The OriGene FlagArray(s) are expression-ready arrays of full-length cDNA plasmids for use in high-
throughput, genome wide target identification and validation. The arrays allow scientists to easily query
thousands of genes and their roles in disease phenotypes and pathways. This platform has been used
by several leading pharmaceutical companies providing numerous discoveries. One example of the
power of this system can be seen in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2005, pp 1927-32.
"OriGene’s mission is to build the most comprehensive collection of human full-length cDNAs in
expression ready vectors and to apply this collection to systematic studies of human gene functions to all
researchers,” said Karl Kovacs PhD, Vice President of Alliance Management at OriGene. “We are
pleased to support the drug discovery and target validation efforts at Eisai with the FlagArray platform.
The ability to over-express and test the effects of thousands of proteins will provide important leads to
understanding complex intra-cellular interactions.”
About Eisai London Research Laboratories
Eisai London Research Laboratories Ltd. (ELL), a research-based drug discovery laboratory established
in 1990, is located within the fertile environment of University College London, UK. Its parent company,
Eisai Co., Ltd., Japan’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company, counts Aricept®, and Pariet® /Aciphex® ,
amongst its major developments. ELL’s multinational team is positioned at the start of the path that leads
from research bench to patient treatment. ELL is dedicated to creating innovative medicines, directed at
novel targets, to satisfy the increasing unmet medical need in neurodegenerative conditions such as
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis to enhance the quality of human life. In
this endeavour, the needs of the patient, their caregivers and families are paramount. For more
information about Eisai, please visit
About OriGene Technologies

OriGene provides innovative technologies for large-scale gene function analyses. OriGene’s flagship
product is the TrueClone Collection, a searchable source of over 24,000 human full-length cDNA clones
suitable for transfection and protein expression. More information about OriGene Technologies, the
FlagArray(s) and their other products can be found at the company’s web site at .
For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact:
Rich Hamer, Ph.D.
Business Development
OriGene Technologies 240-620-5781


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